Wood Double Vanity Ideas Functional & Stylish Double Vanities

Wood double vanities can make a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom. With the right design, they can save space, add storage, and create a beautiful focal point. Here are some ideas and tips for choosing and incorporating a wood double vanity into your bathroom.

What is a Double Vanity?

A double vanity refers to a bathroom vanity that has two sinks instead of one. Double vanities usually consist of:

  • A long vanity cabinet or two separate vanity cabinets.
  • Two sinks and faucets.
  • A large vanity countertop that accommodates both sinks.

Some key benefits of double vanities include:

  • More Functional – Two people can use the bathroom at the same time. This avoids fights for sink space!
  • More Storage – A double vanity provides more storage space for toiletries, makeup, hair products, etc. The two sink cabinets offer ample room to organize.
  • Space Saver – Believe it or not, a double vanity can save space compared to having two single vanities side-by-side. The shared countertop reduces the overall footprint.
  • Added Style – A double vanity makes a dramatic style statement. The wider countertop acts as a beautiful focal point in the bathroom.

Why Choose a Wood Double Vanity?

There are several reasons why wood is a great material choice for a double vanity:

  • Warm and Inviting – The rich, natural graining of wood adds warmth and texture to the bathroom. Wood exudes a timeless, inviting appeal.
  • Stylish Versatility – From modern to farmhouse, a wood vanity suits many decor styles. Staining allows you to customize the color.
  • Durability – Hardwoods like oak and maple resist moisture and everyday wear-and-tear. Wood vanities are built to last.
  • Ease of Maintenance – With proper sealing, wood vanities just need occasional wiping down. Minimal upkeep is required.
  • Value – Solid wood construction provides long-lasting value and quality. Wood vanities are a worthwhile investment.

Double Vanity Design Considerations

Here are some key points to consider when planning your wood double vanity:

Spacing and Clearances

  • Give yourself adequate space between the vanity and toilet, shower/tub, and doorway. Code requires 21″ clearance in front of sinks.
  • For two users, allow at least 48″ of total vanity length. Make sure there is 24″ of counter space per sink.
  • Standard depth from wall to front of vanity is 19-21″. Deep vanities work for larger bathrooms.

Traffic Flow and Access

  • Avoid blocking or restricting doorways and passages with vanity placement.
  • Allow enough clearance for bathroom doors to open fully without hitting vanity.
  • Make sure there is enough space around the vanity for two people to comfortably move and access sinks.

Plumbing and Electrical

  • Consult with plumber on faucet spacing on countertop and sink/drain rough-in spacing.
  • Make sure there is access to plumbing lines for repairs. Consider wall-mount faucets.
  • Account for outlet spacing to accommodate grooming appliances. Lighting above each sink is ideal.

Cabinet Size

  • Measure space carefully. Separate vanities allow more flexible placement than a long double cabinet.
  • Standard double vanity cabinets are 60-72″ wide. Make sure cabinets fit with your sink size.
  • For small bathrooms, consider a 36-39″ vanity cabinet per sink. This allows you to stagger placement.

Choosing Double Vanity Cabinets

Your double vanity cabinetry plays a big role in the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. Here are some cabinet options:

Separate Vanity Cabinets

Using two individual vanity cabinets allows you to customize each sink space separately. You can opt for:

  • Two matching cabinets in the same style and finish.
  • Complementary cabinets in different styles or colors.
  • Mismatched vanities like an antique cabinet combined with a modern one.

With separate vanities, you can place the cabinets apart at various distances, depending on room size and traffic flow.

Continuous Double Vanity

This features one long cabinet supporting both sinks. The most common widths are:

  • 60″ – Ideal for average-sized bathrooms. Allows comfortable leg room when seated.
  • 72″ – Provides expansive countertop space for large bathrooms.
  • 48″ – Compact option that maximizes space efficiency.

Look for double vanity cabinets with smart inner storage design like drawers, shelves, and pull-out organizers.

Custom Built-In Vanity

For a bespoke fitted look, have wood vanity cabinetry built right into the bathroom walls and floorplan. Custom cabinet sizes, cabinet door styles, and wood stain choices allow you to integrate the vanity seamlessly.

Stylish Double Vanity Design Ideas

From traditional to modern, here are some inspiring double vanity designs to consider:

Timeless Light Wood Vanity

Create a timeless look with a light oak or maple vanity. Choose painted cabinetry for a casual cottage feel or stain the wood for a more refined style. Accent with marble or quartz countertops and porcelain sinks. Add vintage-style oil rubbed bronze or satin brass fixtures for a classic touch.

Modern Espresso Vanity

Make a bold modern statement with a dark espresso vanity atop a sleek white quartz countertop. Square sinks and matte black hardware keep the look minimalist and contemporary. Built-in LED vanity lighting creates a functional focal point.

Rustic Farmhouse Vanity

Capture cozy farmhouse charm with a reclaimed wood vanity in a gray wash finish. Rough-hewn barn doors on the cabinets reinforce the rustic vibe. Round apron-front sinks suit the style. Pull the look together with ceramic knobs, wire basket drawers, and accent shutters.

Richly Grained Double Vanity

Choose a wood with striking natural grain like oak, walnut, or teak. Stain it a darker hue to highlight the depth and patina of the woodgrain. Accent with oil rubbed bronze faucets, turned legs, and framed mirror.

Mix-and-Match Distressed Vanities

Give an old world feel with two mismatched vintage-style vanity cabinets. Look for units with worn paint finishes and visible wood distressing for visual interest. Whitewash one cabinet and stain the other for contrast. Top with a reclaimed wood countertop.

Choosing the Right Sinks for Your Double Vanity

With your vanity cabinets selected, now you can choose sink basins to pair with your style and setup:

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed below the countertop creating a sleek, contemporary look. Popular choices include:

  • Stainless steel – Durable, easy to clean, and has an industrial modern vibe. Can show water spots.
  • Enameled ceramic – Glossy finish that resists staining and etching. Provides a built-in shine.
  • Solid surface – Seamlessly integrates sink and countertop as one material for a streamlined look.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks sit on top of the counter like a bowl. The exposed sink design makes a stylish statement. Considerations:

  • Allow height for comfortable use and correct faucet placement.
  • Match the sink shape and material to your vanity style.
  • Small vessel sinks may have limited water capacity.

Pedestal Sinks

This classic look features a basin atop a freestanding pedestal base. Ideal when mounting each sink to the wall separately. Provides an ornate focal point.

Corner Sinks

These take advantage of unused corner space. Great for small bathrooms with tight floorplans. Also allows for his-and-her separation.

Choosing the Right Countertop

Select a countertop material that pairs beautifully with your wood vanity cabinets:


The elegance of granite counters beautifully complements traditional wood vanities. Pros:

  • Timeless, classic material with upscale appeal.
  • Rich natural patterning that makes each top unique.
  • Extremely durable and heat/stain resistant.

Downsides are cost and porousness requiring yearly sealing.


For old-world glamour, opt for luxurious marble countertops with dramatic veining. Works well with antique-style vanities. Keep in mind that marble stains easily and requires regular sealing.


With the look of granite/marble but more durable, low-maintenance quartz is ideal for wood vanities. Pros:

  • Does not need regular sealing.
  • Resists chipping, scratches, and stains.
  • Available in wide range of patterns/colors.
  • Nonporous.

Butcher Block

For farmhouse or rustic styles, try wood butcher block counters. Warm and inviting on wood vanities. Use waterproof end grain but needs oiling.


Budget-friendly laminate comes in endless colors/patterns for an easy coordinating. Go for a wood-look laminate to complement wood cabinetry.


Add dimension with a mosaic, subway, or decorative tile countertop. Use natural stone tiles to match a wood vanity. Not the smoothest surface.

Creating Double Vanity Storage Solutions

Take advantage of all the storage potential of your double vanity with these solutions:

  • Drawers – Opt for vanities with large pull-out drawers. Use organizers and dividers to neatly section toiletries and supplies.
  • Cabinet Pull-Outs – Look for smart inner storage like til-out hampers, corner lazy susans, and slide-out cabinet organizers.
  • Baskets – Woven baskets fit neatly into cabinets to stash items. Use different sizes to corral everything.
  • Trays – Use trays on top of vanities or in cabinets to section items. Lucite trays allow visibility of contents.
  • Jars and Canisters – Use glass jars, ceramic canisters, or lidded buckets to hold bathroom items like cotton balls and Q-tips.
  • Under Sink Storage – Install pull-out drawer organizers or shelf units under each sink to fully use the space.

Get the Lighting Right

Proper illumination is key for double vanity functionality and ambiance:

  • Overhead Ceiling Fixtures – Use two matching flush or semi-flush lights over each sink, or one wide linear light spanning entire vanity.
  • Sconces – Mount stylish sconces on each side of the mirror for bright task lighting.
  • Vanity Strip Lighting – Install under-cabinet LED strip lights to illuminate countertops and faces.
  • Puck Lights – Add battery-operated puck lights inside cabinets to spotlight interiors and contents.
  • Windows – Strategically place windows to draw in natural light. East-facing windows provide ample morning brightness.
  • Dimmers – Use dimmers for overhead and vanity lighting to adjust brightness levels and create mood lighting.

Double Vanity Mirror Ideas

The mirror is a key part of your double vanity design:

  • Oversized Mirror – A large rectangular mirror spanning the vanity provides symmetry. Extending to the ceiling gives the illusion of height.
  • His & Hers Mirrors – Place two separate mirrors over each sink station for personal grooming zones.
  • Round Mirrors – For a vintage vibe, flank the vanity with round mirrors. Hammered metal frames or distressed wood frames enhance the old-world style.
  • Backlit Mirrors – For optimal visibility, look for mirrors with built-in LED backlighting around the perimeter.
  • Tri-fold Mirrors – Try unique extended mirrors that fold out and zigzag across the wall. Offers views from multiple angles.
  • Mirrored Cabinets – Install mirrored medicine cabinets above each sink for concealed storage and reflection.

Double Vanity Backsplash Ideas

An optional backsplash provides protection from water splashes while also creating a decor opportunity:

  • Tile Backsplash – Use a tile pattern that complements the vanity, like subway tiles or mosaic sheets.
  • Marble Slab – For natural elegance, install a polished marble backsplash. Looks striking against dark wood vanities.
  • Wallpaper – Try prepasted wallpaper or peel-and-stick wallpaper for an easy backsplash alternative.
  • Beadboard Paneling – Give a country feel with beadboard wainscoting as a backsplash. Paint it white for contrast against wood vanities.
  • Mirror – Use small mirrored tiles or acquire a sheet of two-way mirrored acrylic. Reflects light and adds spaciousness.
  • Stone Veneer – For organic texture, apply faux stone veneer panels. Use natural stacked stone or brick patterns.

Finishing Touches

Add the little details that pull your double vanity design together:

  • Artwork – Hang a decorative mirror or wall art piece above the vanity to amplify the decor.
  • Decorative Hardware – Upgrade basic cabinet hardware to knobs and pulls that accentuate your chosen style.
  • ** Plants** – Set potted plants atop the vanity or in wall alcoves to bring in lush greenery.
  • Pendant Lights – For contemporary flair, hang matching pendant lamps over each sink.
  • Towel Storage – Fit towel bars, hooks, and standing towel ladders into the vanity area.
  • Accessories – Display perfume bottles, trays, framed photos, ceramic vessels, or vases as countertop decor.

Wood Double Vanity Benefits

To summarize, key perks of incorporating a wood double vanity in your bathroom design include:

  • Added style, beauty, and visual interest with natural woodgrain.
  • Versatile look that suits traditional to contemporary decor.
  • Durability and longevity that makes wood worth the investment.
  • Two sinks allow comfortable shared use and separation of grooming areas.
  • Expansive countertop space to spread out toiletries and get ready.
  • Ample built-in storage within cabinets and drawers keeps bathroom organized.
  • Space efficiency compared to two single vanities.

With the right layout, fixtures, and accents a wood double vanity can be both stylish and supremely functional – providing a beautiful centerpiece to build your bathroom design around for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Double Vanities

Here are answers to some common questions about wood double vanities:

Q: What size bathroom is ideal for a double vanity?

A: As a general rule of thumb, a bathroom should be at least 6 x 8 feet to comfortably fit a double vanity. For larger bathrooms, opt for a wider 60-72 inch double vanity. Smaller rooms can accommodate a 48-54 inch compact double vanity.

Q: What’s the best way to divide up double vanity cabinet storage?

A: It helps to allocate storage on one side for “his” items and the other for “her” items. You can use small bins and organizers to separate toiletries. Some couples prefer two medicine cabinets for privacy.

Q: Should both sinks in a double vanity match?

A: It’s common to use matching sinks for a cohesive look. However, it’s fine to mix styles or materials to reflect each person’s taste. Just make sure the faucets coordinate to tie the look together.

Q: How much space should I leave between the two sinks?

A: Its best to allow 6-12 inches between the two sinks so each person has some countertop space and elbow room. For a more intimate feel, 4 inches between sinks can work.

Q: Should I get one long double vanity or two individual vanities?

A: It depends on your space and preference. One long cabinet provides a unified look. Individual vanities allow more flexibility in placement and using different styles. Assess your bathroom layout to determine what will fit best.

Q: Is a wood or stone countertop better for a double vanity?

A: Stone counters like granite and marble pair beautifully with wood vanities for an elegant, timeless look. But wood butcher block and wooden countertops also coordinate well for a rustic or cottage style double vanity.

Q: What depth should I choose for a double vanity?

A: Standard depth is usually 21″. But a deeper 25″ – 27″ inch vanity can provide more usable top space in a large bathroom. Just make sure you have room for cabinet doors to fully open without hitting walls.

Q: What should I know before installing a double vanity?

A: Before installation, make sure there is adequate plumbing rough-ins for water supply, drains and ventilation. Electrical outlet placement to power grooming appliances is also key. Having all utilities aligned properly will make hooking up the vanity much smoother.


With their spacious countertops, abundant storage, and flexible placement options, wood double vanities offer form and function to spare. Take time to assess your needs, bathroom layout, and style preferences. From choosing complementary sinks to smartly organizing cabinets to decorating with beautiful finishing touches, a wood double vanity provides the perfect creative opportunity to design a bathroom you’ll adore.