White Shower Tile Ideas Create Bright and Fresh Atmosphere

White shower tile is a timeless and classic choice that can brighten up any bathroom space. The crisp, clean look of white tile gives bathrooms a fresh and airy feel, while still remaining simple and elegant. When paired with the right accents and designs, white shower tiles can create an inviting atmosphere perfect for starting your day.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to utilize white tiles in your shower design to craft a bright and fresh atmosphere. We’ll look at tips for selecting white shower tiles, popular patterns and layouts using white tile, how to accent white tile showers, and ways to make a white tiled bathroom shine. With the right approach, white shower tiles can be contemporary, vintage, rustic, or minimalist. Read on for plenty of inspiring ideas!

Choosing the Right White Tiles for Your Shower Area

When selecting white shower tiles, there are a few key considerations to get the look you desire:

Tile Shape

White tile for showers comes in several shapes, including:

  • Square tiles
  • Subway tile
  • Hexagonal tile
  • Penny tile
  • Rectangular tile
  • Octagon tile

Square, subway, and rectangular white tiles are the most common. Squares give a classic, balanced look that fits many bathroom styles. Subway tiles have a vintage vibe and come in easy-to-install standard sizes. Rectangular tiles lend a clean, contemporary look.

Penny tiles, octagons, and hexagons can add visual interest and be used to create patterns when mixed with squares. Select tile shapes that suit your design aesthetics and installation needs.

Tile Size

Standard white tile sizes range from 1-inch to 12-inches square. Smaller tile sizes like 1-inch mosaic tiles or 3-inch subway tiles have an old-world, classic look. Larger 6-inch or 12-inch tiles create a sleek, spacious aesthetic.

Determine the tile size based on your design goals and proportions of your shower space. Smaller tiles suit small, vintage bathrooms, while larger tiles work better for big, modern showers. Combining different tile sizes can add great contrast.

Tile Finish

White shower tiles come with gloss, matte, or textured finishes. Gloss tiles have a shiny, wet-look that reflects light well. Matte or honed finishes provide a soft, muted effect. Textured tiles like crackle-glaze, stone, or moroccan-inspired tiles add visual depth.

The tile finish impacts the overall vibe. Glossy white tiles feel fresh and bright, while matte finishes are more subtle. Combine finishes for contrast. Use glossy tiles on the shower floor and matte on the walls, for example.

Tile Material

White shower tiles are commonly made from:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Stone like marble or travertine

Porcelain and ceramic are the most popular options. Porcelain is more durable, water-resistant, and stain-resistant making it a great choice for showers. Ceramic tiles provide a classic decorative look at a lower cost but are not as hardy.

Natural stone like marble, travertine, or pebble tiles give an elegant, spa-like feel. Glass tiles add a touch of brightness and visual appeal. Choose material that fits your bathroom design style, uses, and budget.

Grout Color

Grout fills in the spaces between the shower tiles. Though white tile is classic, white grout can actually make the tiles look dirtier over time as it becomes discolored. Instead, use an off-white, light grey, or very light beige grout color for a brighter, cleaner white tile look in your shower long-term.

Popular White Tile Shower Patterns

Choosing interesting tile patterns is key to creating a stylish white tile shower. Here are some favorite ways to lay out white tiles:

Stacked Subway Tile

Stacking rectangular white subway tiles vertically creates clean, modern lines. Use tiles with thin grout lines in a matching pale grey for a streamlined look. Stack subway tile in a zigzag, herringbone or brickwork pattern for added visual interest.


The classic brickwork pattern created by offsetting rows of square tiles gives a timeless, vintage look. Use glossy, square white tiles and regular grout lines for bold brickwork style.

Hexagonal Tile

Interlocking small hexagonal white tiles forma a honeycomb pattern that packs visual punch. The hexagon shape combined with the classic color creates an eye-catching result. Mix with solid white tiles for contrast.

Penny Round Mosaic

Tiny penny or coin round tiles in white create an intricate mosaic look. Use matte tiles and matching grout to minimize busy-ness. Penny mosaics have an antique yet artistic vibe.

Shapes and Patterns

Geometric, floral, or abstract designs using multiple shaped white tiles are modern and chic. Combine circles, diamonds, arrows, dots, or uneven shapes to form patterns. Use just a few colorful tiles to accent the white base.

Mini and Maxi Mix

Mixing large and small format white tiles adds appealing contrast. Pair 6-inch squares with tiny 1-inch mosaic tiles or combine 12-inch tiles with 3-inch subways. Aligning mini and maxi tiles creates clean lines.

Neutral Color Mixing

Adding in grey, beige, black, or tan tiles with white keeps things fresh but neutral. Use these colors to create stripes, borders, geometric designs, or irregular patterns.

Faux Groutlines

Using tile inserts to mimic grout lines in solid white tile spreads gives the look of distinct tiles with cleaner lines. Great for contemporary or minimalist bathrooms.

Vertical Stacking

Stacking elongated tiles vertically makes the shower feel taller. Works well with subway, rectangular, or decorative recessed tiles. Keep grout lines thin.

Use any of these eye-catching white tile patterns alone or combine designs, like penny mosaic tile accents within stacked subway tiles. Get creative!

How to Accent and Decorate White Tiled Showers

White tile provides a beautiful crisp, clean backdrop. Adding thoughtful accents and decor takes the design to the next level:

Metal Fixtures

Sleek metal showerheads, shelving, and trims create an edgy accent against white tiles. Choose stainless steel, matte black, bronze, or chrome for contemporary appeal.

Natural Textures

Natural accents like stone shelves, bamboo fixtures, woven caddies, and wood trims add organic contrast to white tile. Keep the rest minimalist.

Colorful Grout

Take white tile up a notch by using dark gray, bold blue, or vibrant green grout. Only do accent sections or stripes of color for a pop.

River Rock Floor

A pebble floor is an on-trend accent for white shower walls. Use smooth river rocks for a spa vibe.


Place braided palm, bamboo, or succulents in the shower or corner shelves. Greenery livens up white tile beautifully.

Patterned Shower Curtain

Hang a shower curtain with bright colors, shapes, botanical prints, or even a Moroccan tile design to pick up on tile patterns.

Bold Trims

Use solid black, navy, or terra-cotta tile inside niches, shelving, or borders as a bold accent.

Textured Floor

A geometric art deco pattern, terrazzo, or mosaic tile floor makes white walls pop above.

Textured Niche

Add an eye-catching carved stone, crackle glaze, or pebble tile niche as a focal point.

Keep accents minimal and strategic for a clean look. The right details can make your white tile design truly spa-like and peaceful.

Making White Tile Bathrooms Feel Bright and Fresh

All-white bathrooms run the risk of feeling sterile or cold. Here are top tips for ensuring your white tiled bathroom feels bright and welcoming:

Proper Lighting

Well-placed lighting ensures an all-white bathroom feels airy and bright rather than dark and icy. Use overhead ceiling lights, wall sconces, and natural light from windows or skylights. Install dimmers to set just the right mood.

Textured Tiles

Glossy tiles paired with textured stone, crackled, or pebble accent tiles make white bathrooms feel more grounded and welcoming. The blend of textures adds depth.

Warm Metals

Warm brass and bronze fixture finishes create a cozier vibe than cool silver tones in an all-white space. Go for gold! Matte black fixtures also feel striking and cozy.

Organic Accents

Bringing in some greenery, rattan baskets, driftwood, bamboo, or other natural elements prevents white tile from feeling too sterile.

River Rock Floors

The movement and earthiness of pebble floors with white walls strikes the perfect balance of clean and organic.

Wood Vanities

A rich wood vanity adds warmth to balance crisp white tile. The mix of materials makes the space feel welcoming.

Colorful Art

Hang vibrant art, add colorful tiling accents, or paint one wall an energetic hue like emerald green to enliven white tile.

Soft Textiles

Fluffy bath mats, cozy towels, and shower curtains in natural hues make for a serene, spa-like vibe against white tile.

With the right mix of materials, textures, colors and lighting your white-tiled bathroom can feel perfectly fresh and peaceful rather than stark.

Inspiring White Tile Shower Ideas

Here are some gorgeous examples of white tile used creatively in shower designs:

Modern Gray and White

A sleek shower with a combination of matte white and gray porcelain tiles stacked horizontally. Chrome fixtures and minimalist gray grout lines keep it contemporary.

Modern gray and white shower tile

Image Source

Vintage Subway Tile

A subway tile shower in glossy white arranged in a brickwork pattern. hexagon floor tiles and a clawfoot tub create a perfectly vintage vibe.

Vintage white subway tile shower

Image Source

Spa Retreat

This luxurious walk-in shower features rectified glossy white tiles with accent stone niches, a river rock floor, and linear drain. Matte black fixtures add edge.

White spa shower tile

Image Source

Moroccan Tile Accent

A minimalist white tiled shower brightened up with a decorative Moroccan-inspired ceramic tile border and matching niche.

White tile shower with moroccan tile accents

Image Source

River Rock Shower Pan

A nature-inspired design featuring a white subway tile shower surround and pebble tile floor for organic contrast.

River rock shower floor white tile walls

Image Source

Bold Black Trim

Glossy white tiles paired with matching black wall and shelf trim and black fixtures for a dramatic accent.

White tile shower black trim

Image Source

Herringbone Pattern

A unique herringbone pattern with rectangular white wall tiles and coordinating mosaic marble shower floor.

White herringbone tile shower

Image Source

White shower tile ideas open up many gorgeous and serene design possibilities. With creative tile patterns, thoughtful accents, and the right textures and colors, white tile bathrooms can feel super fresh.

Use combinations of tile shapes, varied patterns like herringbone, penny mosaic, or stacked bricks, and natural stone accents to craft your bright white-tiled shower oasis. With so many inspiring looks, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Tile Showers (With Answers)

Here are the answers to some common questions people have about designing a shower with white tile:

Is white tile too plain for a shower?

White tile doesn’t have to be plain for a shower if you select an interesting tile shape like hexagons or a decorative pattern. You can also mix in other tile colors and textures so that the white acts as a classic neutral backdrop rather than the dominant look.

What color grout should you use with white shower tile?

Lighter grout colors like off-white, light grey, or soft beige work best with white tile. Avoid bright white grout, which can make the tiles appear dingy over time. Darker grout colors can also create a nice accent, but handle staining more.

Should you use different tile on shower walls vs floor?

Using a different tile, color, or pattern on the shower walls versus the floor helps define the spaces while adding visual interest. Many designers recommend using brighter, glossier white tiles on the floor and soft matte tiles on the walls.

What natural accents work well in white tile showers?

Natural textures from stone, pebbles, driftwood, bamboo, greenery, rattan, and wood all complement white tile beautifully. Use sparingly as accents for a clean and organic look.

What color metal fixtures look best with white tile?

Sleek metals like stainless steel, chrome, nickel, and anodized aluminum pair nicely with white shower tiles. Brass and bronze finishes add warmth. Avoid brightly colored fixtures that may clash.

Should you match niche tiles to shower tiles?

For a streamlined look, choose niche tiles that coordinate with your primary shower tiles. Keeping the palette consistent creates a polished finished effect. Use niches as a spot for fun accents like decorative or colored tiles.

How do you prevent white shower tiles from yellowing?

Use good quality porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone tiles rather than poor quality tiles that yellow easily. Porcelain is very resistant. Ensure tiles are sealed properly during installation. Use antimicrobial cleaners and regularly scrub off soap scum before staining occurs.


White tile is a versatile choice for creating a bright and fresh shower space. To avoid a flat or boring look, pay attention to the grout color, mix up tile sizes and shapes, incorporate natural accents, and use varying textures.

Accenting white tile with river rock floors, steel fixtures, or pops of color through grout lines or mosaic details can make the space contemporary and invigorating. Balance the classic white palette with plenty of lighting and just the right organic touches, like wood, greenery, stone, and bamboo for a spa-like ambiance.

With limitless pattern, accent, and color combinations possible, a white tiled shower can work with any design aesthetic. Use these white tile ideas to craft your own gorgeous, on-trend shower oasis.