White Hexagon Backsplash Tile – Modern Shape with Timeless Color

Backsplashes are an integral part of any kitchen design. Not only do they protect the walls from splashes and stains, but they also add visual interest and personality. Hexagon-shaped tiles are currently trending for backsplash designs, with white being a popular color choice. White hexagon backsplash tiles have a clean, modern aesthetic while still being a timeless and versatile option.

Why Choose Hexagon-Shaped Tiles?

Hexagon tiles have been used in home design for ages, but they are currently experiencing a revival. Here are some of the reasons hexagon-shaped tiles are a great choice for backsplashes:

  • Visually interesting. The six-sided shape provides more visual impact than traditional square tiles. The unique shape catches the eye and adds geometric flair.
  • Works with many styles. Hexagons are versatile and can blend in with numerous design aesthetics from modern to farmhouse. Their repetitive geometric pattern has universal appeal.
  • ** Allows creativity**. Hexagons can be installed in creative patterns like honeycomb designs, offset bricks, or a combination of shapes. This allows for personalized designs.
  • Dimension. The shape gives the illusion of depth on walls, adding dimension and edge compared to flat backsplash tiles.
  • Light reflection. The multiple angles of the hexagon reflect light beautifully, brightening up kitchens.

Overall, hexagon tiles add more visual punch and interest than basic backsplash tiles. If making a design statement is the goal, hexagon tiles do the job well.

Why White Hexagon Tiles are a Superb Choice

White hexagon tiles make for an excellent backsplash choice for several important reasons:

  • Clean look. White has a pristine, clean appearance that suits kitchens. The tiles will maintain their fresh look even in a busy cooking space.
  • ** Brightens kitchens**. The white color reflects light extremely well, making kitchens appear larger and more brightly lit.
  • Neutral palette. A white backsplash acts as a neutral backdrop that will work with any cabinetry, countertops, floors, and decor choices.
  • Works with any color scheme. From bold colors to pastels to metallics, white hexagon tiles complement every color scheme equally.
  • ** Suits any style**. Modern, traditional, farmhouse, or contemporary—white hexagons are versatile enough to be used in any style kitchen.
  • Timeless. White backsplash tiles have been popular for decades and will always remain a classically elegant option that does not fade in trendiness.

How to Design With White Hexagon Tiles

When planning a kitchen backsplash using white hexagon tiles, here are some tips to follow:

Selecting Tile Type

  • Porcelain, ceramic, or glass tiles all make great resilient backsplash materials. Consider the budget and desired level of durability.
  • Glossy, matte, or textured finishes provide different visual effects. Think about the overall kitchen aesthetic.
  • Smaller 1” or 3⁄4” hexagon tiles can be used to create intricate patterns. Larger tiles around 4” are bolder.
  • Square, rectangular, or octagon complementary tiles can be added for contrast.

Planning Tile Layout

  • Offset brick patterns are a popular layout with rectangles running in a zigzag formation. This gives more movement than straight stacks.
  • Try a horizontal honeycomb pattern for an organic look, or vertical stacks for clean lines.
  • Mixing in some contrasting black, gray, or colored tiles adds interest. Limit this to 20% or fewer tiles.
  • Install tiles from the bottom up and from one focal point outward for the most seamless appearance.

Grouting and Finishing

  • White grout keeps the color clean and consistent. It will need more frequent cleaning however.
  • Dark grout like black, gray, or brown makes the white tiles stand out while hiding stains better.
  • Matte or sanded grout has an attractive, subtle texture. Glossy grout is bolder.
  • Grout lines can be thin 1/8” lines or dramatic 1⁄2” lines depending on the look you want.
  • Consider applying a grout release or sealer after installing so the tiles resist staining.

Adding Character

  • Use white tiles in finishes like glossy crackle, frosted, or faux marble for added dimension.
  • Introduce glass or Clear Glass tiles for shiny pops of translucency and visual depth.
  • Add some penny tile details or geometric shapes for a statement accent area.
  • Vary the tile size in distinct sections of the backsplash for interest.

The Beauty of White Hexagon Tiles as Backsplash

What makes white hexagon tiles so desirable for backsplash use? Here are some of the reasons they shine in kitchen backsplash applications:

Light and Bright – The whiteness makes kitchens feel open and airy. Light bounces off the glossy tiles, giving the space more luminosity. This also helps illuminate countertop tasks.

** Clean Look** – White hexagons simply look clean, with their fresh color and geometric shapes. Even after heavy kitchen use, they maintain a tidy, nearly polished appearance.

** Texture** – While smooth, many white hexagon tiles have subtle textures for visual depth. This makes an attractive background for kitchen decor and accessories to pop against.

** Pattern Potential** – From mesmerizing honeycomb designs to neat brick layouts, white hexagons offer countless ways to create patterns with dimension and visual impact.

Neutral Palette – White tiles let the other kitchen elements like cabinetry, countertops, and hardware shine. The neutral white backdrop enhances other decor.

Timeless Appeal – Unaffected by changing trends and seamlessly blending into any style, white hexagon tiles have enduring good looks perfect for long-lasting backsplashes.

Unique Benefits of Hexagon Shape Tiles

Beyond just their whiteness, hexagon-shaped tiles offer advantages other shaped tiles cannot match:

  • Complementary Angles – Hexagons fit together in interlocking angles, creating a tight seamless surface and clean uniform look.
  • Dimensionality – The multifaceted shape makes backsplashes appear less flat and one-dimensional compared to square tile designs.
  • Versatile Patterns – Hexagons can be installed in diverse arrangements from perpendicular stacks to angled designs like herringbones.
  • Organic Look – Interlocking hexagons form natural honeycomb patterns, ideal for a free-flowing organic style backsplash.
  • Play of Light – Light dances across the multiple edges and angles of each hexagon in ways that enhance their striking faceted geometry.
  • Distinct Edges – Grout lines between hexagons appear more prominent and crisp compared to squares for added definition.
  • Sense of Movement – Offset and angled hexagon layouts make backsplashes feel more dynamic, with shapes seeming to march across the wall.

No other tile shape matches the unique visual effects possible with the six-sided hexagon. This versatile polygon combines geometric precision with organic fluidity for memorable backsplash style.

Creative Ways to Use White Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles invite creativity and originality. Here are some inspired ways to put white hexagon tiles to use for spectacular backsplashes:

Utilitarian Honeycomb – Cover the entire backsplash area in a honeycomb pattern of white glossy ceramic 1” hexagons separated by thin gray grout lines. The organic design feels industrious yet artistic.

Moroccan Chic – Use faux white marble hexagon and octagon tiles in varying sizes placed closely together and bordered in decorative accent tile stripes. This creates an eye-catching Moroccan-inspired mosaic.

Farmhouse Funky – Alternate white crackled glazed ceramic hexagons with sections of white rectangular subway tiles and charming pops of black hexagon accents. The combo feels both cottage rustic yet modern.

Geometric Glass – Combine off-white opaque glass hexagons with transparent glass hexagons and squares. The modern geometric play of matte and shiny finishes refracting light feels sleek.

**Penny Tile Punch **- Outline sections of white penny tiles with a border of glossy white hexagons laid in perpendicular lines rather than offset. The contrast provides visual punch.

Textural Transition – Use large white hexagon porcelain tiles on the backsplash, transitioning to smaller stone-look hexagons lining the range. The varied textures add intrigue while unifying the space.

Hexagon Highlights – Accent a neutral backsplash with clusters of white hexagon tiles as insets around mirrors, shelves, or artwork. The hexagons draw attention as artistic highlights.

With thoughtful color, size, texture, and placement choices, the possibilities for white hexagon tiles are infinite. A white hexagon backsplash will never fail to impress.

Pairing Countertops with White Hexagon Backsplashes

One consideration when planning a kitchen backsplash design is how well it pairs with the countertops. Here are some top countertop materials that complement backsplashes made of white hexagon tile:

Quartz Countertops

The natural-stone look of quartz in white or light gray is the perfect neutral match for white hexagon tiles. Quartz also resists staining well which keeps the space looking clean. Matte finishes enhance the subtle hexagon textures.

Marble Countertops

Elegant white or gray marble countertops heighten the upscale ambiance created by the white hexagon tiles. The soft veining in the marble pairs well with glossy tile finishes. Just be sure to seal the marble properly.

Concrete Countertops

The matte grayish tone of concrete countertops plays well off of crisp white hex tiles. Concrete’s organic appearance complements laid-back textural hexagon designs well. The durability also suits active kitchens.

Butcher Block Countertops

The warmth of wood butcher block offers an inviting contrast to cool white hexagon tiles. Combining the two materials creates a more eclectic, uniquely personalized kitchen vibe. Protecting the wood properly is a must.

Tile Countertops

For the most cohesive look, extend the backsplash tile onto the countertop itself as one continuous surface. Matching white hexagon tiles on the countertops align everything seamlessly.

Keep in mind scale, texture, sheen, and style when pairing countertops with white hexagon backsplash tile. The goal is to strike the perfect balanced contrast.

Stylish Backsplashes Using Hexagon Tiles

For inspiration, here are some examples of stylish backsplashes handsomely decorated with white hexagon tiles:

Sophisticated Modern

The epitome of refined contemporary style, glossy white porcelain hexagons covering the entirety of the backsplash emanate crisp sophistication. The sleek honeycomb arrangement has clean lines but fluid organic allure.

Sophisticated glossy white modern honeycomb backsplash

Photo by alejandro ruiz on Unsplash

Farmhouse Chic

A blend of modern and cottage styles, this backsplash features glossy crackled white ceramic 1” hexagons bordered with white subway tiles and eye-catching black hexagon accents. The mix exudes farmhouse chic style with engaging contrast.

Farmhouse chic backsplash with white and black hexagon tiles

Photo by Benjamin Suter on Unsplash

Textural Modern

Combining large glossy white ceramic hexagon tiles on the backsplash with smaller stone-look hexagons lining the range creates varied texture. The continuation of the hexagon motif makes the design cohesive.

Textural modern backsplash with large and small white hexagon tiles

Photo by William Fox on Unsplash

Geometric Glass

This glossy backsplash features an artful blend of off-white opaque glass hexagons and transparent clear glass smaller hexagons and squares. The play of matte and shiny finishes is brilliant.

Geometric glass backsplash with white and clear hexagon tiles

Photo by Sixpenny woodworking on Unsplash

The unique hexagon shape allows for truly distinctive backsplash designs no matter your preferred style. Let white hexagon tiles add visual dynamism and a touch of geometric magic to your kitchen.

Incorporating Other Colors with White Hexagon Tiles

While brilliant on their own, white hexagon tiles also pair beautifully with color accents and details. A few judiciously chosen colorful hexagons or complementing wall paint add personality. Here are some perfect color combinations:

Blue and White

Crisp navy blue hexagons styled amongst white hexagons makes a vibrant nautical statement. Soothing sky blue hexes provide more subtle contrast.

Blue and white hexagon tile backsplash

Photo by Loren Joseph on Unsplash

Black and White

For bold contrast, combine matte black hexagons with glossy white ones. Or, outline sections of white hexagons with black hexagon borders. Stunning graphic impact.

Black and white hexagon tile backsplash

Photo by <a href=”https://unsplash.com/@bensjberg