White Bathroom with Gold Fixtures – Charm of the Shiny Accents

A white bathroom accented with shiny gold fixtures creates an elegant, glamorous look that is both timeless and sophisticated. The contrast between crisp white and rich gold is visually striking, adding warmth and luxury to the space. Gold bathroom hardware and accents have seen a major resurgence in recent years as designers embrace vintage inspired looks. While an all-white bathroom has a clean, spa-like feel, the addition of gold adds character and sparkle. This combo flatters both traditional and contemporary styles. Read on to learn more about achieving this chic look in your own home!

Why White and Gold Works Well in Bathrooms

There are several reasons the white and gold color scheme translates so beautifully for bathrooms:

  • Timeless and classic: The white and gold pairing has endured through changing trends and decades, giving it a timelessly elegant look. It evokes luxury and glamor. This combo works well in both vintage inspired and modern bathrooms.
  • Crisp and clean: White bathrooms have a clean, bright feel. The gold accents add visual interest and keep the space from feeling too clinical.
  • Light and airy: White naturally makes spaces feel open and airy, which is perfect for a room like the bathroom that you want to feel inviting yet calming. Gold adds just enough contrast without darkening the ambiance.
  • Spa-like: White is associated with the spa, lending a similar relaxing vibe. Gold accents add a touch of luxe.
  • Cohesive: It’s easy to tie gold hardware finishes together with white walls, tiles, cabinetry and fixtures for a polished, pulled-together look.

No matter the size or style of your bathroom, white and gold make a gorgeous pairing that feels upscale yet timeless. The gold adds just enough personality.

Choosing Gold Fixtures and Hardware

Gold bathroom fixtures and hardware serve as glamorous focal points against the white backdrop. Here are some tips for selecting pieces:


Gold faucets make a style statement. Look for high-quality pieces that will hold up over years of use. Options include:

  • Two-handle widespread faucets
  • Single-handle faucets
  • Vessel faucet sets
  • Wall-mount faucets
  • Freestanding tub fillers

Matte black and oil-rubbed bronze are also trending finishes that pair well with white.

Shower Heads

Upgrade your shower with a wall-mount gold shower head. Rainfall-style shower heads are popular choices that mimic spa experiences. Complete the look with a gold shower arm.

Bathroom Sinks

Vessel sinks are ideal for showing off gold faucets atop the counter. Consider also gold sink drains and stoppers. Undermount sinks disappear seamlessly into the countertop.


Gold lighting adds ambiance and ties the look together. Try sconces, pendants, chandeliers and vanity lighting. Swap out dull chrome for gold on existing fixtures. Dimmer switches create mood lighting.


An ornate gold mirror frame makes a stunning statement over the vanity. Lean into the glam factor with sunburst mirrors or framed with LED bulbs.


The little touches count too! Gold bathroom accessories to consider include towel bars, robe hooks, toilet paper holders and cabinet hardware.

Additional Accents and Touches

Beyond the flashy gold fixtures and hardware, a few additional details can enrich the elegant white and gold bathroom aesthetic:

Wood Tones

Wood introduces natural warmth. Floating wood shelves, cabinets and vanities in dark stains pop against white walls. Distressed wood adds vintage character.

Marble and Stone

Marble or stone countertops, tiles and backsplashes provide natural contrast and texture. Whites, creams, grays and subtle gold veining look luxurious with gold accents.


Use white towels and gold bathmats to carry the color scheme through. Fold towels over gold bars and hooks. Hang sheer white curtains.


Plants bring life and freshness. Ferns, succulents, bamboo and orchids complement the palette. Set plants on shelves or in gold planters.

Wall Art

Canvas prints, framed photos or vintage posters give personality. Black and white botanical or architectural prints work well.

By carefully selecting gold fixtures and hardware as focal points, and layering in these additional details, you can create a glamorous white and gold bathroom retreat.

Design Styles for White and Gold Bathrooms

The white and gold scheme adapts well to a range of aesthetic styles:

Glam Bathroom

Lean into the glitz and glamor with an ultra-luxe look featuring statement gold fixtures, marble, metallics and abundant sparkle.

Modern Bathroom

Keep a contemporary white bathroom fresh and current with gold hardware, sconces, accessories and sleek furniture silhouettes.

Traditional Bathroom

Incorporating gold accents into an all-white classic bathroom adds warmth. Ornate carved wood, Roman shades and vintage styled lighting amp up the traditional vibe.

Transitional Bathroom

Gold hardware nicely modernizes a transitional style white bathroom. Add natural wood tones and textures for balance between old and new.

Farmhouse Bathroom

Crisp white shiplap walls and weathered wood vanities are elevated with gold hardware. Add vintage inspired mirrors and lighting.

Whether you prefer an airy spa bathroom or an old Hollywood glam powder room, the white and gold palette brings beauty and elegance.

Tips for Installing Gold Fixtures

Part of achieving the perfect polished white and gold look is properly installing high-quality hardware and fixtures. Here are some tips:

  • Carefully read manufacturer’s installation instructions. Don’t cut corners.
  • Use silicone sealant on sink basins, backsplashes and around countertops.
  • Consider hiring a plumber for complicated installations like freestanding tubs.
  • Clean fixtures after install to remove any marks from packaging, fingerprints, etc.
  • Use clear caulk between the backsplash and wall. Apply caulk in a straight, consistent line.
  • Attach towel bars securely using anchors for drywall, tile or studs.
  • Use plumbers putty or plumber’s tape when installing drains and stoppers.

Take your time and do it right the first time to get years of enjoyment from your shiny new gold fixtures. Proper installation also prevents leaks, damage and other issues.

Caring for Gold Finishes

To keep gold bathroom fixtures, faucets and accessories looking their sparkling best:

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe down gold surfaces. Avoid abrasive cleaners.
  • Rinse soap scum after use to prevent buildup. Avoid letting soap dry on surfaces.
  • Polish regularly with a product made for cleaning metal. Brass polish also works on gold.
  • Rinse and dry after cleaning. Ensure no residue is left.
  • Address tarnish right away. Use a brass/silver polishing cloth.
  • For sink drains, remove and clean regularly. Prevent buildup of hair, toothpaste, etc.
  • Never use bleach, ammonia or other harsh cleaners on gold finishes.

With regular gentle cleaning and polishing, your gold finishes will maintain their luster and shine. Be sure to clean any overspray from white paint immediately. Take care to avoid scratches and dents during cleaning. Follow manufacturer care instructions.

With the right care, a white and gold bathroom will retain its classic glamorous style for years of enjoyment. The warm gold pops beautifully against crisp white. Follow these tips to create this iconic, elegant look in your home. Which gold fixtures will you shine the spotlight on? Get creative mixing metals, textures and shapes. The possibilities are dazzling!

Frequently Asked Questions About White and Gold Bathrooms

What type of gold finishes work best in bathrooms?

Polished gold, satin gold, or unlacquered brass work well. Avoid extremely shiny finishes, which may feel overly flashy. Oil-rubbed bronze offers a more muted gold tone.

Should all the gold fixtures match?

It looks most cohesive if gold finishes match, but mixing and matching can also create an eclectic vibe. Just ensure the tones complement each other.

What color grout should I use with white tile?

White or very light gray grout keeps the focus on the tile. Avoid gold grout which may look dated. Match the caulk color to the grout.

Can I mix gold and chrome hardware in my bathroom?

Yes, blending metals is on trend. Just follow the 60/30/10 rule – 60% dominant metal, 30% secondary, 10% accent. Make sure finishes work together.

Is gold bathroom hardware hard to maintain?

Gold generally holds up well to moisture and everyday use with proper care. Avoid super shiny lacquered finishes that can tarnish or fade more easily.


A white and gold bathroom combo oozes vintage glamor and elegance. The light colors keep the space feeling open and airy, with gold accents adding visual interest and plenty of shine. For a look that’s luxurious yet relaxed, clean yet character-filled, this is a color scheme that endures. Pay attention to the details during installation and care to ensure your gold finishes gleam for years. With its timeless appeal and versatility, the white and gold bathroom trend is sure to remain popular for the long haul.