Where to Install a Towel Bar and Other Bath Accessories

Determining where to install towel bars, toilet paper holders, and other bath accessories can transform a functional bathroom into a stylish, convenient space. With some planning and strategic placement, you can maximize your storage, make your daily routine easier, and add decorative flair. Here are some tips on where to install key bath accessories.

Choosing the Right Height and Location for Towel Bars

Towel bars are essential bathroom elements that need to be placed appropriately for both aesthetics and utility.

  • For standard towel bars, install them so the bottom of the bar is about 48 inches above the finished floor. This places towels within comfortable reach.
  • Position towel bars to align with the location you step out of the tub or shower. Install the bar 24-30 inches from the opening so towels can be easily grabbed.
  • Consider his and hers towel bars on each side of the shower/tub opening for couple’s baths. Place the bars at the typical 48 inch height.
  • For towel warmers, install above the toilet tank with the bottom of the bar about 26 inches above the floor. This allows towels to drape over the warmer neatly.
  • In small baths, install a space-saving towel ladder over the toilet tank with the bottom rung about 26 inches high.

Strategic Placement for Toilet Paper Holders

The location of your toilet paper holder can make bathroom routines smoother.

  • Traditionally, toilet paper holders are installed on the wall to the right of the toilet, about 26 inches above the floor. This places them comfortably within reach.
  • An alternative is installing the holder on the left wall, behind the toilet tank. This creates a sleeker look by hiding the holder.
  • For easier access, mount the holder on the vanity wall closest to the toilet at the standard 26 inch height.
  • Corner mounts that place the toilet paper diagonally in the corner are another space-saving option.
  • For a decorative look, install a toilet paper holder on a nearby shelf or vanity countertop. Just make sure it’s easily reached from the toilet.

Optimal Spots for Robe Hooks and Hand Towel Rings

Strategically place robe hooks and hand towel rings to make post-bath routines more convenient.

  • Install robe hooks on the back of the bathroom door about 48 inches above the floor. Opt for double hooks for his and hers robes.
  • Place a towel ring holder conveniently next to the vanity sink, about 40 inches high, to access hand towels easily.
  • Mount an additional towel ring holder on the wall near the shower or tub opening so a hand towel can be reached when stepping out.

Height and Location for Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars provide helpful support and balance points in the bathroom. Proper placement is key.

  • For toilet-side grab bars, install horizontally on the wall behind the toilet. Place the bar 33-36 inches above the floor.
  • Position vertical grab bars on the wall nearest the toilet. Mount with the bottom of the bar about 26 inches from the floor.
  • In showers and tubs, install grab bars 33-36 inches above shower floors or tub rims. Place them to align with entry and exit points.
  • Opt for an L-shaped bar on the wall opposite shower and tub controls for balance when reaching.
  • As a safety measure, ensure bars are properly screwed into wall studs and can support up to 250 pounds of weight.

Finding the Right Spot for Wall-Mounted Bath Accessories

Take full advantage of vertical wall space when mounting shelves, cabinets, and other bath accessories.

  • Place wall-mounted corner shelves near showers or above toilets for handy storage. Install about 48-60 inches high.
  • Mount medicine cabinets above sinks. The bottom of the cabinet should be about 44-48 inches above the vanity.
  • Install wall cabinets with bath accessory storage 48-60 inches above the floor for easy access.
  • Place decorative floating shelves and wall accents at eye level, about 48-60 inches high, to enhance visual appeal.

Achieving Balance and Convenience with Accessory Placement

Aim for balanced, coordinated placement of accessories for both aesthetics and daily convenience.

  • Cluster items like towel bars, rings, and hooks near their point of use. Don’t scatter them randomly.
  • Take symmetry into account. Place matching his and hers accessories at the same heights on opposite walls.
  • Mix up materials and finishes for visual interest. Just be sure items coordinate.
  • Include open shelves or wall hooks to conveniently store rolled towels.
  • Leave sufficient clearance around toilets, showers, tubs and vanities so accessories don’t interfere.

Careful planning of where you position towel bars, toilet paper holders, grab bars, and other essential accessories can make your bathroom both beautiful and highly functional. Follow general height guidelines, focus on convenience, and add your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Installing Bath Accessories

Where should I install the towel bar in my bathroom?

The best height to install a towel bar is 48 inches above the floor. Position it close to the tub or shower opening for easy access when stepping out. Allow 24-30 inches clearance from the tub/shower entrance.

Where is the best place to put the toilet paper holder in a small bathroom?

For small baths, install the toilet paper holder on the wall behind the toilet tank to save space. Another option is placing it on the vanity wall nearest the toilet for easier access.

Should robe hooks go on the back of the door or the wall?

For convenience, install robe hooks on the back of the bathroom door about 48 inches above the floor. Opt for two hooks for his and hers robes.

How high should I place a towel ring near the bathroom sink?

Install a towel ring holder next to the bathroom vanity about 40 inches above the floor. This allows easy access to hand towels when at the sink.

What is the standard height for grab bars in showers?

Properly installed grab bars improve safety. In showers, position horizontal bars 33-36 inches above the shower floor. Align with entry and exit points.

Where should I put a corner shelf or wall cabinet in my small bathroom?

Make use of vertical space by mounting corner shelves or wall cabinets 48-60 inches above the floor. This provides easy access for storage.


Strategically installing towel bars, robe hooks, toilet paper holders and other essential accessories makes your bathroom both beautiful and highly functional. Follow general height guidelines based on ergonomics and convenience. Focus on coordination, symmetry and proximity to bathroom fixtures. And be sure all accessories are properly secured to reinforcements in the wall for safety and durability. With smart planning, you can create a bathroom that is tailored to your personal style and daily needs.