Unique Bathroom Vanity Ideas Creative & Functional Vanity Designs

Your bathroom vanity is one of the most important features in your bathroom. Not only does it provide storage and a place for you to get ready, but it also makes a major style statement. With so many options for vanities these days from materials to colors and more, you can really customize your space. If you’re looking for a vanity that is as stylish as it is functional, consider some of these unique vanity ideas to make your bathroom pop.


When selecting a new bathroom vanity, there are a few key factors to consider. First, think about the size and layout of your bathroom. Measure the space available for your vanity and look for options in standard widths like 24″, 30″, 36″ etc. Next, consider your personal storage needs. Do you need a single sink or double? Lots of drawers and cabinet space or more open shelving? Finally, choose a vanity style and material that aligns with your personal design taste. From sleek modern vanities to traditional wood pieces, your options are endless.

Get inspired by these creative vanity ideas that offer both form and function. A unique vanity can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. With smart storage features, striking silhouettes, and custom materials there are so many ways to make your vanity stand out. Read on for a roundup of some of the most innovative vanities that are sure to suit your style!

Unique Materials for Bathroom Vanities

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom vanity a focal point is to use unique materials. Instead of always opting for wood, laminate, or porcelain try something totally different like:

Metal Vanities

Metallic vanities really shine and bring an industrial edge to bathrooms. Stainless steel, bronze, brass, and powder coated options make a bold statement. Go for a hammered metal look or sleek metal cabinets. Mixing metal vanity legs or accents with other materials like marble or stone countertops also looks striking.

Pro Tip: Make sure metal vanities have an anti-rust protective finish to withstand moisture.

Stone Vanities

Natural stone vanities like marble, granite, limestone, and travertine lend an air of luxury. The veining patterns and colors in the stone are beautiful. Stone surfaces are also extremely durable and easy to clean. Just be aware that porous stone can stain from makeup or hair dye.

Pro Tip: Use sealants on the stone regularly to protect the surface.

Concrete Vanities

Get a custom look with concrete vanities. Concrete can be stained, molded, and stamped to your exact design. It’s durable and has an organic, raw feel. Concrete pairs well with wood tones and matte black metal accents.

Pro Tip: Concrete scratches more easily than other materials. Use a protective sealer and avoid placing hot items directly on the surface.

Tile or Mosaic Vanities

Make a statement with a tile or mosaic vanity. Tiny glass, stone or ceramic tiles can be arranged in eye-catching patterns. Use uniform tiles or mix colors, textures, and sizes. Tile surfaces hold up well against moisture too. Just note grout lines may need more cleaning maintenance.

Pro Tip: Choose small, light colored grout lines if aiming for a seamless look. Dark grout stands out more.

Unique Shapes and Silhouettes

Bathroom vanities come in all different shapes and sizes these days. From curvy contours to asymmetric angles, there are lots of options beyond just a basic rectangle tabletop and cabinet. Consider one of these unique vanity silhouettes:

Angled Vanities

Angled vanities with a trapezoid or wedge shape make great use of corner areas. The slanted profile fits perfectly against converging walls. Floating angled vanities with open space underneath have a light, contemporary vibe.

Pro Tip: Measure carefully to find an angled vanity that fits your bathroom’s dimensions.

Curved Vanities

Curved vanities soften the look of any bathroom with their sweeping arcs and rounded edges. Go for a gently curved apron front, oval legs, or fully circular basin and countertop. Curved vanities feel fluid versus rigid.

Pro Tip: Allow extra space around a curvy vanity for opening drawers and doors.

Asymmetric Vanities

Asymmetric vanities have an off-centered basin placement. This creates visual intrigue with the uneven negative space on either side. The look is modern, artsy and unique.

Pro Tip: Make sure plumbing lines up properly when installing an asymmetric vanity.

Octagonal Vanities

Octagonal vanities have an eight-sided shape for a cool geometric look. The faceted design stands out from classic rectangle vanities. Octagons make great use of space too.

Pro Tip: Use octagonal mirrors and light fixtures to complement an octagonal vanity.

Ovals and Egg Shaped Vanities

Move beyond the rectangle with oval and egg shaped vanities. Their curved, elliptical forms feel organic and soothing. Go for a full egg silhouette or incorporate oval details like legs or drawer fronts.

Pro Tip: Look for oval basins that actually match the vanity shape (not just round basins placed in an oval top).

Creative Types of Bathroom Vanities

In addition to unique materials and shapes, consider unexpected styles of vanities to spice up your bathroom.

Open Bottom Vanities

Open bottom vanities have space left open rather than cabinets underneath. This lightens up the look visually and physically. Try metal legs or side/back panels to support an open bottom vanity.

Pro Tip: Make sure to coordinate plumbing and conceal it if choosing an open bottom option.

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities that detach completely from the floor and walls create a minimalist, airy aesthetic. They seem to hover in place. Use floating vanities to give the illusion of more square footage.

Pro Tip: Make sure your wall studs can support the weight of a floating vanity.

Live Edge Vanities

Live edge vanities showcase the natural edge of a slab of wood for a raw, organic style. Each piece is entirely unique. Use live edge wood as a full vanity or combine it with more refined materials.

Pro Tip: Look for wood types like maple or walnut that show distinctive grain patterns.

Fireplace Vanities

Fireplace vanities incorporate functional fireplaces right into the vanity design. Imagine enjoying flickering flames while you get ready! Opt for electric rather than gas for safety near water.

Pro Tip: Vet these through your local permit office and install with extreme care. Follow all fireplace safety recommendations.

Built-In Vanities

Built-in vanities fit seamlessly within surrounding cabinetry or walls for a polished custom look. Take measurements and work with carpenters to construct your perfect built-in vanity.

Pro Tip: Include interior organizing features like pull-out trays or drawers when planning a built-in.

Creative Bathroom Vanity Storage Solutions

Since bathroom vanities are primarily about function, take some time to consider smart storage solutions. Look for ways to personalize your vanity for maximum organization.

Pull-Out Trays

Install pull-out trays in vanity drawers or cabinets to neatly corral all your toiletries. Trays keep items visible and easy to access versus stacked.

Pro Tip: Opt for soft close glides for smooth tray operation. Trays can be removed for cleaning too.

Drawer Organizers

Use drawer organizers to section off items within vanity drawers. Look for stackable bins, compartments and trays in sizes that fit your vanity. This solves endless rummaging.

Pro Tip: Label drawer organizers so you can quickly find what you need.

Towel Ladders

Incorporate towel ladders placed directly on the countertop or mounted to the side of the vanity. This provides easy access to hand towels or washcloths without taking up drawer space.

Pro Tip: Opt for stainless steel, bronze or wooden ladder styles. Avoid plastic-looking materials.

Tilt-Out Hampers

Keep laundry sorted with tilt-out hampers built right into your vanity cabinetry. Hide dirty clothes behind cabinet doors. Just swing open to toss in clothes.

Pro Tip: Install two hampers – one for lights and one for darks to stay organized.

Charging Stations

Stay powered up with charging stations – USB ports or plugs -incorporated in your vanity design. Conveniently charge electric toothbrushes, razors or makeup tools as you get ready.

Pro Tip: Make sure electrical is safely installed and wires are concealed.

Mirror Cabinets

Mirror cabinets double your storage with shelves and compartments behind the looking glass. Stash medications, cleaning supplies and hair tools out of sight but within reach.

Pro Tip: Look for anti-fog mirrors so storage items don’t compromise visibility.

Slide Out Trash/Recycle Bins

Never misplace a trash can again with slide out bins built right into your vanity cabinetry. Hide garbage (and smells) away instantly. Different size openings accommodate recycling too.

Pro Tip: Position trash openings near the sink area for easy disposal while washing up.

Stylish Double Vanities for Two

If more than one person is using your master bath, consider a double vanity. This allows you to each have your own personal sink space. But double up in style with one of these unique designs:

Double Sinks in Single Vanity

One shared double vanity with two sinks feels more unified than two separate vanities. Opt for two same sized basins or mix a larger and smaller one.

Pro Tip: Allow 18-24 inches of counter space between sinks so you can comfortably use them together.

Offset Double Vanities

Offset vanities place the two sinks on diagonal corners rather than right next to one another. This layout maximizes space in the room.

Pro Tip: Make sure plumbing and drain lines conveniently accommodate the diagonal sinks.

Different Height Double Vanities

Different height vanities suit couples where one person is much taller than the other. Opt for two separate vanity cabinets. Install the surfaces at customized heights best suited to each user.

Pro Tip: Make sure the height difference still allows for comfortable eye contact during conversation.

His and Hers Double Vanities

Play up gender differences with “his and hers” double vanities. Select distinctly different styles tailored to masculine and feminine tastes. Differ finishes, shapes, colors and details.

Pro Tip: Incorporate personalized organization features in each “his” and “hers” vanity.

Split Level Double Vanities

Split level vanities place sinks at two different heights in one continuous surface. One user enjoys countertop space while the other has sink access.

Pro Tip: Good for bathrooms with a sloped ceiling. Put the lower sink on the lower ceiling height side.

Creative Bathroom Vanity Color Schemes

White and wood toned vanities are classics, but don’t be afraid to make a colorful splash! Bold or unexpected hues keep your bathroom feeling fresh.

Black Vanities

Black vanities feel crisp and modern. A black silhouette pops against lighter walls and surfaces. Lacquered black finishes have a sophisticated sheen. Matte black feels more industrial.

Pro Tip: Contrast black vanity hardware with satin brass or antique nickel finishes.

Navy Blue Vanities

Navy blue vanities lend a nautical vibe with their deep blue hue. Pair navy cabinets with warm woods, white marble, and brass accents. Crisp and timeless.

Pro Tip: Incorporate underwater creatuire themes and art for a fun beachy style.

Green Vanities

Green vanities range from pale celery to deep emerald. Play up the color with floral patterns and decor. For a bold punch, opt for a glossy lacquered sage or lime green finish.

Pro Tip: Avoid looking too “matchy-matchy” by mixing green vanity with neutral walls.

Metallic Vanities

Metallic vanities in silver, gold, bronze, copper and more infuse shine. Hammered metal finishes diffuse the shine for a glam yet industrial look.

Pro Tip: Layer metallics, like a gold vanity with bronze hardware. Mixing metal types and finishes creates depth.

Unexpected Color Combos

Get creative with unexpected color combos like navy and peach, pale purple and yellow, or soft pink with black. Vivid duos make the vanity an unforgettable focal point.

Pro Tip: Tie the vanity colors together with smaller accents like towels, art and accessories.

Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

An eye-catching backsplash protects the wall behind a bathroom vanity while providing personality. Consider one of these backsplash alternatives:

Tile Backsplash

The most classic choice – a tile backsplash – still delivers. Subway tiles, mosaics, marble, and glass varieties make a big decorative impact.

Pro Tip: Use dark grout lines with lighter tiles and vice versa for best contrast.

Stone Slab Backsplash

A stone slab backsplash makes a sleek statement with gorgeous veining and texture. Opt for striated patterns or book-matched marble for symmetry.

Pro Tip: Use waterproof adhesive and sealers to install stone on walls.

Wallpaper Backsplash

Wallpaper backsplashes infuse pattern and color through scenic motifs, floral prints or geometric shapes. Use the full wall or just a centered panel.

Pro Tip: Opt for vinyl wallpapers that resist moisture better than paper.

Mirror Backsplash

A mirror backsplash visually doubles the space and light in your bathroom. It reflects the beautiful vanity too. Mirrored tiles or a full mirrored sheet both dazzle.

Pro Tip: Use tempered glass for safety and avoid frameless mirrors that show messy edges.

Painted Backsplash

Beyond just painting a whole accent wall, consider a painted backsplash with decorative shapes. Paint stripes, blocks, diamonds or even floral designs.

Pro Tip: Use semi-gloss paint that holds up to moisture and cleans up easily.

Wood Backsplash

Warm up the space with a wood backsplash. Tongue and groove planks, weathered barnwood or patterned wood panels create cozy rustic texture.

Pro Tip: Use marine wood sealants and allow space between planks for ventilation to prevent warping.

Unique Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas

With the right lighting, your vanity area can be both practical and beautiful. Illuminate the space and your face perfectly as you get ready.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights dangling above the vanity provide both task and ambient lighting. Go for a single statement pendant or align multiples.

Pro Tip: Hang pendants at least 30″ above the counter or have them professionally adjusted to an ideal height.


Sconces on the wall beside the mirror deliver great facial lighting. Go for single arms or bilateral pairs. Mixing metal finishes like brass and chrome feels fresh.

Pro Tip: Place sconces approximately 60 inches from the floor to light faces properly.

Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights illuminate the countertop work area beautifully. Opt for slim LED strip lighting. You can even find some with color changing options.

Pro Tip: Look for “plug and play” under cabinet lighting that doesn’t require an electrician to install.

Mirror Lights

Mirror lights either beside or along the top of the looking glass provide perfect visibility. Great for putting on makeup or precision grooming.

Pro Tip: Dimmer switches give you adjustment over the brightness as needed.


For serious glam, install a chandelier above the vanity space. Choose something with candle vibes to play up the drama. Just don’t hang too low over the counter.

Pro Tip: Make sure the chandelier body and chain lengths work for your ceiling height.


Skylights allow natural light to pour right onto the vanity area. This saves energy during the day. Just supplement with task lighting as needed.

Pro Tip: Diffuser skylights prevent glare and overheating while still letting light stream through.

Bathroom Vanity Storage FAQs

Sorting out vanity storage can be tricky. Consider these tips to stay organized and maximize the space.

What are the best ways to organize bathroom vanity drawers?

Some top tips for organizing vanity drawers include:

  • Using clear acrylic drawer organizers to separate items into compartments. This makes everything visible at a glance.
  • Opting for organizers with adjustable dividers so you can customize the space.
  • Choosing soft close glides for drawers to prevent noisy slamming.
  • Lining drawers with anti-slip mats to keep items in place.
  • Labeling drawers and compartments so everyone knows where items belong.
  • Designating drawers for categories like medicines, makeup, haircare, first aid etc.
  • Installing pull out trays to access items in the back without digging.
  • Adding a felt liner to top drawers to safely store delicate jewelry and accessories.

What should you not store under a bathroom vanity?

It’s best to avoid storing these common items under your bathroom vanity:

  • Cleaning chemicals or products with strong fumes – keep these in a separate closet or cabinet away from moisture.
  • Any medications that require refrigeration like insulin.
  • Valuable personal documents and paperwork better kept in a home office.
  • Linens and towels – better to use