Top Tile Trends – What Are the Hottest Trends for Tiles?

Tiles are a classic and timeless way to add beauty and functionality to any space. As trends come and go, tile designs continue to evolve and offer fresh new looks. Knowing the latest tile trends can help inspire your next home project or remodel. This article will explore some of the hottest tile trends right now and showcase the most popular styles, colors, textures, and patterns being used in 2023 homes. Read on to discover the top tile trends to watch this year!

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles remain one of the hottest trends due to their timeless beauty and endless style possibilities. Stone surfaces like marble, travertine, slate, and limestone offer depth and rich texture that instantly elevates any space.

Popular natural stone tile trends include:

  • Marble – Prized for its elegance, marble tiles add a touch of luxury. Carrara and statuary marble are ever-popular choices. Consider large-scale marble tiles to make a statement.
  • Travertine – The earthy, rustic beauty of travertine brings warmth. Its natural pits and holes add charming character. Travertine comes in tan, brown, rust, gold, and gray shades.
  • Slate – Available in shades of blue, black, and gray, slate has an undeniably modern look. Its inherent cleft texture provides visual interest. Use slate tiles in bold patterns.
  • Limestone – Subtly textured limestone tiles have organic appeal. Pale creams, beiges, light grays, and subtle earth tones suit both traditional and contemporary spaces.

One of the biggest advantages of natural stone tiles is that no two pieces are exactly alike, giving surfaces beautiful one-of-a-kind qualities.

Large Format Tiles

Bigger is better when it comes to tile sizes. Oversized and large format tiles are highly popular right now. Large tiles help create a seamless, expansive look because fewer grout lines are required. This gives spaces a clean, modern aesthetic.

Some of the most popular large format tile sizes include:

  • 12×24 inch tiles
  • 16×32 inch tiles
  • 24×48 inch tiles
  • Plank lengths up to 6 feet long

Larger tiles suit many design styles but pair particularly well with modern, industrial, or minimalist decors. Use them to make small rooms appear bigger. Large format tiles work best on floors but can also be an impactful choice for walls and backsplashes.

Bold Patterns and Shapes

Patterns take center stage in many of today’s top tile trends. From geometrics to moroccan-inspired shapes, patterned tiles make a statement and add eye-catching flair. Some leading patterns include:

Geometric Tiles

Geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, diamonds, octagons, and herringbone patterns bring bold, contemporary style. Mix and match geometric tile designs for interest. Use them in vivid colors or neutrals.

Moroccan/Encaustic Cement Tile

Encaustic cement tiles teleport you straight to the streets of Morocco. These iconic tiles feature intricate patterns and saturated hues. Use them to craft unforgettable backsplashes or floor designs.

Fish Scale/Scallop Shaped Tiles

Fish scale and scallop tiles offer free-flowing whimsy. Their organic shapes and undulating lines add natural inspired beauty to kitchens, baths, patios, and more.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles remain a classic backsplash choice. Go for modern twists like exaggerated elongations, stacked layouts, herringbone designs, or pops of color.

Mixed Material Tiles

Mixing up your tile materials creates depth and visual interest. Using a blend of different tiles adds more character than sticking with just one material. Mix porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, and stone tiles together to design one-of-a-kind installations. Using tile inserts, mosaics, and accents alongside larger tiles also boosts the wow factor.

Bold, Saturated Colors

Vivid, saturated colors are replacing neutrals and pastels in tile trends. Homeowners are embracing bolder hues like emerald green, sapphire blue, eggplant purple, burnt orange, and ochre yellow. These dramatic shades make a powerful impact. Colorful tile backsplashes and accent walls are especially popular.

In addition to bold brights, deeper dramatic shades like navy blue, charcoal gray, and black are also on trend. Use these moody hues to create an edgier, sophisticated look.

Wood Look Tiles

Wood-look porcelain tiles continue to gain popularity for their warmth and natural appeal. Thanks to porcelain’s durability, these wood-look tiles can handle moisture and wear better than actual hardwood. Mix different plank sizes, arrangements, and wood grain patterns for custom designs.

Morandi Colors and Textures

Taking inspiration from the muted color palettes of famous Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, “Morandi colors” are a top trend. These are subtle, neutral hues like cream, gray, light brown, sage green, and terra cotta. Often blended together in a single tile for texture, this look is soothing and earthy.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is making a major comeback beyond just flooring. Terrazzo tiles offer the same poured and polished look in a tile format. Vivid Terrazzo backsplashes and feature walls add artful style. Mix marble chips, glass fragments, quartz, or other aggregates for one-of-a-kind designs.

Textured Tiles

Tiles with pronounced textures provide depth and tactile appeal. Options like 3D tiles, ribbed tiles, wavy tiles, hand-painted tiles, crackle tiles, and woven tiles all catch the eye. Use textured tile accents as artistic focal points.


Mosaics never go out of vogue. These artistic tiles arrangements showcase tiny pieces of glass, stone, or ceramic fitted together to create images, patterns, and designs. Modern twists on mosaics include oversized shapes, metallics, 3D tiles, and attaching mesh backing for easier installation.

Matte Finishes

Glossy tile finishes are giving way to more muted matte and honed finishes. These soft, subtle finishes better hide wear and feel fresh. Textural matte tiles also provide grip for bath and shower surfaces. Matte tiles suit both modern and traditional aesthetics.

Porcelain Slabs

Get the look of natural stone for less with porcelain slabs. Porcelain tile technology now allows for large format slabs up to 5 feet wide with stunning realism. Porcelain slab countertops, backsplashes, walls, and floors appear beautifully seamless.

H106 Experts Predict These Hottest Tile Trends Will Reign in 2023

The tile trends for 2023 highlight natural textures, oversized formats, bold colors, and statement patterns. By tapping into these top trends, you can craft a tile installation that feels fresh, current, and totally suited to your personal style.

Here are the tile styles and colors that interior design experts agree will be the hottest looks for the coming year:

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles in materials like marble, travertine, and limestone have persisted in popularity over the years due to their timeless elegance. For 2023, expect stone surfaces to remain in high demand. Neutral creams, tans, and gray shades blend seamlessly into any design aesthetic.

Popular stone tile finishes like matte, leathered, flamed, and brushed add subtle texture. Large-format stone slabs and tiles will allow designs to flow smoothly with minimal grout lines breaking up the surface.


Terrazzo is poised to make a big splash beyond just flooring. Look for terrazzo tiles in mortar-inspired hues as colorful backsplashes or wall designs. Aggregates like marble, glass, quartz, and mother of pearl add visual pop and dimension. This handcrafted look feels fresh and artisanal.

Morandi Color Palettes

Soft, cozy neutrals inspired by the works of Giorgio Morandi, like cream, light brown, sage, and earthy terra cotta will gain traction in 2023. Blended color mix tiles with subtle texture give spaces a calm, comforting aura. These muted shades relax the eyes in a world filled with overly bright colors.

Textured Tiles

Tiles boasting pronounced 3D textures, like woven textures, hand-painted designs, crackle finishes, ribbed patterns, and undulations will provide depth and visual drama. Using textured tiles to create artistic accent walls or backsplashes will be a top trend.

Bold Geometrics

Geometric shapes lend an adventurous, avant-garde edge to tiling. Look for hexagons, triangular designs, starburst-shaped patterns, diagonals, zigzags, and modern takes on Moroccan motifs to emerge in 2023. These cutting shapes catch the eye. Mixing matte and glossy finishes provides contrast.

Vivid Colors

After years of neutrals dominating, vibrant jewel tones like deep teal, emerald, mustard and burnt orange will satisfy cravings for color. These daring, saturated hues enliven spaces. Use vibrant tiles in kitchen backsplashes, powder bath floors, or as striking accents against neutral walls.

On the flip side, dark sophisticated hues like black, charcoal and navy blue will also rise in popularity. These dramatic shades feel posh and elegant.

Oversized Tiles

Huge format tiles will become even more prevalent in 2023. Extra-large tiles enhance the feeling of spaciousness by minimizing grout lines. Porcelain tiles in giant sizes like 36×36, 48×48 and even oversized planks are hot commodities. Maximize this on-trend look by laying tiles using the stack or grid layout patterns.

Wood Look Porcelain

Porcelain tiles mimicking natural hardwood floors and walls will maintain their relevance thanks to their realistic textures, grains, and color variations. Mixing wide and narrow plank sizes and playing with angled layouts will be on trend. Durable, water-resistant wood-look porcelain works especially well in kitchens and baths.

Using Natural Stone Tiles to Add Timeless Appeal

Natural stone tiles remain coveted for their enduring elegance and style versatility. Stone comes in a diverse array of types, cuts, finishes, colors, and costs.

When working with natural stone tiles, consider:

Stone Type

  • Marble – Classic and refined, ideal for low traffic floors and walls
  • Travertine – Earthy, rustic charm perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Slate – Modern, sleek appeal; durable and water-resistant
  • Limestone – Subtle Old World character; stains easily


  • Honed – Matte, soft finish hides wear; low slip
  • Polished – Glossy and reflective finish; enhances veining
  • Leathered – Characterful texture mimics leather
  • Brushed – Subtly textured, casual finish

Tile Size

  • Mosaics – Intricate designs and artistic motifs
  • 12×12 inches – Versatile size, easy to work with
  • 16×16 inches – Minimal grout lines
  • Large format – 24×48 inches or bigger; seamless look

Stone Color

  • Neutrals – Beiges, tans, grays; versatile and timeless
  • Whitewashed – Softens colorful stone; Scandi-chic
  • Bold Hues – Emerald, sapphire, rich browns; make a statement

Stone Cuts

  • Herringbone – Vintage parquet look
  • Hexagon – Honeycomb pattern
  • Chevron – Zigzag style
  • Basketweave – Interlocking square pattern
  • Subway – Square rectangles; classic


  • Flooring – Strong, durable, enduring
  • Backsplashes – Neutrals suit any kitchen; easy to clean
  • Showers – Withstands moisture; natural grip
  • Accent Walls – Dramatic focal point
  • Countertops – Stain resistant options like quartzite

With myriad options, natural stone tiles offer time-tested, lasting beauty. Choosing stone with texture and variation avoids a flat, unnatural appearance. Blend stones and sizes for a dynamic look that highlights the depth and uniqueness of natural stone.

Achieving a Sophisticated Look with Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are dominating trends with their sleek, modern aesthetic. By limiting grout lines, these oversized tiles create seamless expanses that feel fresh and contemporary. Using large tiles conveys an updated sensibility.

Here are tips for capitalizing on the large format tile trend:

Select the Right Tile Size

Popular options include:

  • 12×24 inch
  • 16×32 inch
  • 24×48 inch
  • Plank tiles 3 feet+ long

Go bigger in large open concept spaces. Use smaller scales in tight spaces.

Stick With Rectangles

Large format rectangular tiles align better than square tiles, preventing lippage. Long clean lines create visual space.

Focus on High Quality Porcelain

Porcelain tiles offer durability and realism in huge sizes. Choose rectified edges and smaller grout joints.

Use Grid Patterns

Laying tiles in straight vertical and horizontal stacks highlights grand scales. Offset tiles slightly for interest.

Minimize Grout Lines

Use grout in matching tones. Consider groutless tile systems for ultra seamless looks.

Consider Slab Dimensions

Giant porcelain slabs 5 feet wide make stunning countertops or wall features.

Establish Transition Zones

Use mosaics, inlays, or bands of small trim tiles to transition to adjacent rooms.

Pay Attention to Flatness

Any dips or warps in the floor will telegraph. Ensure the substrate is perfectly level.

Choosing the right large format tiles and proper installation avoids unsightly lippage and uneven tiles. Done right, oversized tile achieves a polished, expansive effect.

Incorporating Striking Patterns and Geometric Shapes

Playing with eye-catching tile patterns adds bold personality to your space. From polka dots to chevrons, patterned tiles make for memorable designs.

Here are some ways to utilize patterns and geometric shapes:

Make a Subway Tile Statement

Jazz up requisite white subway tiles with slim black framing strips, herringbone layouts, or stacking.

Paint a Mural

Commission a professional tile mural depicting landscapes, abstract art or customized scenes.

Craft Your Own Pattern

Interlock patterned encaustic cement tiles by hand for DIY style.

Play Up Period Architecture

Use era-appropriate patterns like Art Deco geometrics or Victorian penny tiles.

Start with a Focal Point

Make the backsplash or fireplace surround the star with an intricate mosaic or graphic print tile design.

Mix and Match Patterns

Varying patterns in one space can feel busy. Stick with 2-3 complementing motifs.

Border on Drama

Frame a room, backsplash or accent wall with tile that packs pattern around the perimeter.

Consider Scale

Oversized floor patterns balance bold colors and shapes. Smaller applications, like bathroom floors, can handle busier patterns.

Contrast Old and New

Juxtapose vintage patterns like chevron with modern colors and textures for contemporary charm.

Use White Space

Let graphic tiles in black and white or other high contrast shades breathe against plain surrounding tiles.

With limitless pattern and shape options, tile opens doors to creativity. Bold tiles make ordinary surfaces extraordinary.

H106 Blending Materials and Textures Creates Custom Tile Designs

Rather than using a single tile material like ceramic or porcelain throughout, designing with a thoughtful blend of mixed tiles adds character and allure. By combining stone, metal, glass, ceramic, cement and more, you can achieve true one-of-a-kind style.

Here are tips for coordinating mixed tiles in your space:

Contrast Natural and Manmade

Pairing natural stone tiles with sleek modern cement or porcelain types creates visual interest through textures and colors.

Use Tile Inserts

Dotting glass, metal or ceramic mosaic tiles throughout a limestone wall or travertine floor adds pops of color and shine.

Design a Showstopping Backsplash

Mixing complementary subway, mosaic, marble, and ceramic tiles elevates a backsplash into a focal feature.

Combine Sizes

Balancing large and small format tiles adds scale variation and avoids monotonous surfaces.

Feature Artisan Tiles

Handmade cement encaustic tiles, hand-painted Spanish tiles, crackled moroccan tiles or other specialized styles make artistic accents.

Make Borders POP

Framing floors, walls or backsplashes with mosaic, marble, or metal trim tiles finishes spaces with panache.

Organize by Zone

Use stone in one area, wood-look plank tiles in another, and mosaic accents in transitional zones.

Pick a Color Theme

Unifying mixed tiles through analogous or contrasting color schemes imparts cohesion.

Focus on Shape

Repeating diamond, arabesque, or rectangular forms across various tiles builds consistency.

Mixing tile types adds handcrafted personality while still allowing cohesive designs. Steer clear of an overly busy patchwork look for the best blend.

Injecting Color With Saturated Bright and Moody Dark Tiles

2022’s tile trends revolve around saturated color. Whether opting for vivid brights or deep, dramatic shades, color creates ambiance and excitement. Here’s how to use punchy color tiles to enliven your space:

Make a Vibrant Backsplash

Draw the eye to the kitchen by tiling the backsplash or stove wall in emerald green, cobalt, rich yellow, or other lively hues.

**Contrast with Cabin