Top-Rated Kitchen Organizers on Amazon – We Asked Kitchen Pros and Professional Organizers What They Buy

Kitchen organization is crucial for any home cook. A well-organized kitchen not only looks great but also makes cooking much more efficient and enjoyable. However, with so many products available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

That’s why we asked professional organizers and kitchen design experts for their recommendations on the best kitchen organizers you can buy on Amazon right now. From drawer dividers to spice racks, they shared their top picks for keeping your kitchen tidy based on decades of hands-on experience.

Read on for their advice on the top-rated kitchen organizers that are worth your money for getting your kitchen in order.

Best Drawer Organizers

Cluttered, messy drawers are one of the biggest problems in disorganized kitchens. Drawer organizers are a simple and affordable way to instantly fix that. Here are the best ones to get your utensils, gadgets, and other items neatly sorted.

Utensil Organizers

“A good utensil organizer that’s adjustable and expands is key. You can customize it to fit everything from large ladles to small paring knives.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

When it comes to effectively organizing cooking utensils, adjustable dividers are crucial so you can customize the space around your specific needs. These top utensil organizers fit the bill:

  • OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer – This is one of the most popular and highest-rated utensil organizers on Amazon. The adjustable dividers and soft, non-slip exterior make it a versatile option. It’s also durable and easy to clean.
  • Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Utensil Organizer – With moveable compartments and space for up to 24 utensils, this organizer from Joseph Joseph provides customizable storage for all different types and sizes. The stainless steel rods allow for maximum airflow and hygiene.
  • Sorbus Kitchen Utensil Organizer – For extra large utensil storage, check out this expandable organizer from Sorbus. It has moveable dividers and over 20 compartments of different sizes to accommodate everything from whisks to tongs.

Gadget & Lid Organizers

“Nothing is more annoying than a pile of loose lids and cups. Get them sorted in a dedicated drawer organizer.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

Keep lids, cutting mats, baking pans, and other awkward kitchen items neatly organized with these top gadget organizers:

  • YouCopia StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer – With adjustable dividers, this can hold round and rectangular lids of different sizes. Stackable design allows you to easily add more room when needed.
  • simplehuman Cabinet Organizer – Get sleek custom organization with this adjustable stainless steel organizer with removable bins. Fits mugs, gadgets, spices, pans, and more.
  • DecoBros Pan and Lid Organizer – This divider fits inside drawers to neatly organize cutting boards, baking sheets, silicon mats, pot lids, and other cookware accessories.

Utensil and Gadget Drawer Organizers

“Look for an organizer that’s large and expandable enough to sort all your cooking tools in one drawer.” – Marie Kondo, KonMari Media

For a single solution to organize all your cooking utensils, gadgets, and more, these extra-large expandable organizers are recommended:

  • Hoojo Kitchen Drawer Organizer – This bamboo organizer has 7 removable and adjustable dividers that can be configured for large and small items. Stains wipe right off the durable bamboo.
  • clearSpace Large Bamboo Drawer Organizer – Made of 100% natural bamboo, this organizer has moveable dividers and over 20 compartments of various sizes. Reviewers love it for fitting a ton of utensils.
  • Homemaid Living Premium Bamboo Drawer Organizer – With a sleek look and space for over 40 pieces of flatware and utensils, this flexible, quality bamboo organizer is a great option.

Best Cabinet Organizers

Unorganized cabinets full of expired food, dishes, or appliances you never use are an inefficient use of space. These cabinet organizers recommended by the pros help maximize every inch.

Food Storage Organizers

“Avoid food getting lost in cabinets by storing items in clear bins by category – pastas, grains, canned goods, etc.” – Peter Walsh, Organization Expert

See what’s inside and organize food by type with these top food storage organizers:

  • OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set – This complete pantry organizer set comes with matching food containers in a variety of sizes with snap-tight airtight lids.
  • IRIS USA Pantry Organizers – Available in multiple sizes and configurations, these clear storage bins help separate snacks, cereal, pasta, and more. Airtight seals keep food fresh.
  • Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organizer Kit – With a starter kit of BPA-free clear bins, this modular system allows you to mix and match containers to fit your needs. Lids provide an airtight seal.

Cabinet Shelf Organizers

“Maximize vertical storage with risers, racks, and platform turntables for easy access. Stackable shelves also allow you to go to the back of cabinets.” – Marie Kondo, KonMari Media

Make the most of cabinet vertical storage with these space-saving organizers:

  • SimpleHouseware Cabinet Shelf Organizer – Provides extra storage space for spices, cans, or other small items. Risers elevate items for visibility and create more capacity.
  • Lynk Cabinet Shelf Organizer – Adds extra removable shelves to cabinets. Installs without hardware or tools. Rolls out smoothly for easy item access in the back.
  • Spicy Shelf Expandable CabinetShelf Organizer – Creates adjustable dividing shelves within existing cabinet space. Each shelf can be customized to different heights.

Pot & Pan Organizers

“Get pans stacked vertically so you can easily grab the one you need.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

Stop messy piles of pans in cabinets with these top-rated organizers:

  • SimpleHouseware Pan Organizer Rack – Organizes pots, pans, lids, and baking sheets vertically for quick access. Can be mounted inside or outside the cabinet.
  • DecoBros Pan Organizer – This pull-out cabinet rack neatly stores pans, lids, and cutting boards. The chrome finish gives it a sleek look.
  • YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Cookware Rack – With adjustable dividers and 18 different configurations, this organizer provides a custom fit for pans, lids, trays, and more.

Best Countertop Organizers

Countertop clutter is a constant kitchen battle. Keeping go-to items neatly corralled in countertop organizers is a pro tip for order.

Knife Blocks

“A nice wooden knife block not only stores knives safely but looks great on countertops.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

Store sharp knives securely and in plain sight with these quality wooden knife blocks:

  • HomeHero Stainless Steel Knife Block – With a sleek stainless steel finish, this block stores up to 15 knives neatly displayed on the countertop.
  • Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Knife Block – Holds up 16 knives in a compact acrylic stand with stainless steel accents. Transparent design lets you see what’s inside.
  • Shenzhen Ginkingdom Knife Block – Made of natural, eco-friendly bamboo, this organizer stores up to 20 knives for safe and easy access.

Fruit Bowls

“An attractive fruit bowl encourages healthy snacking.” – Marie Kondo, KonMari Media

Display fresh fruit elegantly while keeping it easily accessible with these top fruit bowls:

  • FineDine Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl – With a sleek, contemporary design, this fingerprint-resistant bowl neatly corrals fruit in a compact countertop display.
  • Greenco Ceramic Fruit Bowl – This stoneware bowl with high gloss ceramic finish includes banana hooks for storing individual pieces of fruit stem-free.
  • Clear Acrylic Fruit Bowl – This plastic bowl has a lid to keep fruit enclosed but visible. The elevated base allows airflow and stacking.

Spice Organizers

“Carousel spice racks or countertop organizers with angled tiers make spices effortlessly visible and accessible.” – Peter Walsh, Organization Expert

Grab spices easily as you cook with these top countertop organizers:

  • YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStand – This rotating stand has 3 height-adjustable shelves that hold over 40 spice jars visible and accessible.
  • OXO Good Grips Spice Organizer with Flip Lid – Angled racks neatly display spices and seasonings. The flip-up door seals tightly for storage.
  • Home-it Adjustable Spice Rack – With adjustable height shelves, this countertop organizer neatly stores up to 18 spice bottles right on the counter.

Best Wall-Mounted Organizers

Utilize vertical wall space for extra storage without taking up valuable countertops. Mounting rails, racks, and shelving on walls and inside cabinets keeps items visible and accessible.

Wall-Mounted Pot Racks

“Get pots and pans up out of cabinets by mounting a rack on the wall.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

Free up cabinet space by storing pots, pans, and lids on a wall-mounted rack:

  • Greenco Wall Mounted Pot and Pan Rack – Hangs over the counter or stove to display cookware for easy access. Can hold up to 11 pots and pans.
  • SimpleHouseware Wall Mounted Pot Rack – 2-tier rack mounts to the ceiling or wall. Features S-hooks for hanging utensils, towels, or other kitchen items.
  • Cuisinart Advantage Steamer Set and Wall Mount – Includes a 2-tier pan rack and steamer insert. The wall-mounted rack stores everything together neatly.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

“Extra shelving on walls, in cabinets, or even above cabinets provides space exactly where you need it.” – Peter Walsh, Organization Expert

Take advantage of wasted wall space with these top mounted shelving options:

  • Floating Wall Shelf – Multiple sizes and configurations available. Mount individually or combined for customized storage. Good for spices, oils, utensils, etc.
  • Cabinet Door Mounted Storage Rack – Makes use of cabinet door space for extra storage using hooks, racks, and baskets. Great for cutting boards, pans, towels, and more.
  • Wall Mounted Wine Rack – Frees up counter space by storing wine bottles vertically on wall-mounted metal racks. Available in various sizes.

Rail Shelving Systems

“Rail and track systems make it easy to mount shelves exactly where you want them.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

Get flexible, customizable extra shelving with these rail mounted systems:

  • Rubbermaid Configurations Rail System – Adjustable rubber tracks can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or at angles to hold shelving and accessories.
  • AKRO-MILS Mounting Rail System – Versatile steel rails mount directly to walls or cabinets. Shelving, baskets, and hooks attach securely.
  • Seville Classics Shelf Track System – Aluminum tracks and clips allow fully adjustable positioning and repositioning of shelves and accessories.

Best Under-Cabinet Organizers

Don’t let that out-of-sight space under cabinets go to waste. Use it to neatly store cooking tools, spices, or house supplies. Mounting organizing racks provides easy access to items right within reach.

Under-Cabinet Pan Racks

“Keep pans readily accessible under cabinets yet off the counters.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

These top under-cabinet racks neatly store pots, pans, and lids right where you need them:

  • SimpleHouseware Under Cabinet Pan Organizer Rack – Mounts securely to keep pans, lids, and trays stored under cabinets and off the counter.
  • DecoBros Under Cabinet Pan Rack – Hanging rack keeps pans accessible yet off counter space. Safely stores multiple pans, lids, and cutting boards.
  • Bonnlo Under Cabinet Pan Lid Holder Rack – Designed specifically for organizing up to 12 pan lids under cabinets. Keeps lids easily accessible.

Under-Cabinet Utensil Racks

“Use wall space under cabinets to store frequently used utensils like spatulas within arm’s reach.” – Peter Walsh, Organization Expert

Keep cooking utensils right where you need them with these under-cabinet racks:

  • SimpleHouseware Under Cabinet Utensil Rack – Mounts to keep cooking tools readily accessible yet off the counter while cooking. Mesh design allows drainage.
  • mDesign Under Cabinet Utensil Holder – Sleek metal construction. Stores up to 5 kitchen tools within reach under cabinets.
  • DecoBros Under Cabinet Utensil Rack – Easy under-cabinet mounting. Hanging design neatly organizes ladles, spatulas, grilling tools, and other utensils.

Under-Cabinet Spice Racks

“Slide-out trays keep spices organized and visible under cabinets for easy sprinkling while cooking.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

These top under-cabinet racks keep seasonings organized and accessible:

  • YouCopia Under Cabinet Spice Rack – Holds up to 30 spice bottles on 3 slide-out trays. Trays pull out for easy access to spices while cooking.
  • simplehuman Under Cabinet Pull Down Spice Rack – Features elegant stainless steel construction and smooth pull-down motion for accessing spices.
  • Rubbermaid Under Cabinet Organizer Rack – Provides under-cabinet organization for spices, small cans, or other kitchen items. Open design for visibility.

Best Drawer Dividers

Dividers keep everything sorted in drawers – from silverware to cooking utensils to paperwork. Here are the top drawer dividers recommended by pros for getting organized.

Silverware Dividers

“Dividers to separate and organize silverware help eliminate sorting when unloading the dishwasher.” – Peter Walsh, Organization Expert

Neatly organize silverware and prevent it from getting jumbled together with these top drawer dividers:

  • Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Cutlery Organizer – Features adjustable compartments and non-slip bases. Provides customized storage for utensils.
  • simplehuman silverware organizers – Durable stainless steel construction. Removable dividers accommodate different configurations.
  • ORNAMIN Cutlery Insert – Flexible silicone dividers keep flatware separated in drawer compartments. Fits a variety of drawer sizes.

Tool & Utensil Dividers

“Keep gadgets from getting damaged and tangled by using dividers in tool and utensil drawers.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

Prevent cooking tools from scratching each other and keep them neatly organized with these drawer dividers:

  • Homemaid Living Bamboo Drawer Dividers – Natural bamboo dividers slide into drawers to create compartments for gadgets, tools, utensils, etc.
  • Lynk Cutlery Dividers – These adjustable steel dividers have coated wire separators to protect utensils from getting scratched.
  • Smart Design Expandable Drawer Divider – This flexible divider expands from 17 to 25 inches wide to fit different drawer sizes. Protects utensils and tools.

Office Supply Dividers

“Even non-kitchen drawers benefit from dividers to store things neatly – utilize them in desks, nightstands, and more.” – Marie Kondo, KonMari Media

Beyond the kitchen, dividers help organize office supplies, craft storage, and other drawers throughout the home:

  • Honey-Can-Do Bamboo Drawer Dividers – Use in office, bathroom, bedrooms, etc. Set includes 4 bamboo dividers that slide into place to create compartments.
  • Lynk Vela Adjustable Drawer Organizers – Steel dividers adjust from 5 to 12 inches wide for a custom fit in different size drawers. Great for office supplies.
  • MIXPRI Bamboo Drawer Dividers – Natural bamboo dividers with adjustable width from 17 to 22 inches wide. Includes non-slip feet.

Best Turntable Organizers

Turntable lazy susans provide effortless access to items stored in corners of cabinets or pantries. No more rummaging to find what you need.

Pantry Turntables

“Swivel organizers are great in corner pantries and cabinets to easily access items at the back.” – Becky Rapinchuk, Clean Mama

These top turntables organize canned goods, boxes, and other pantry items:

  • YouCopia Crazy Susan Turntable – Spins 360 degrees with non-slip feet to reach everything. Available in 11 and 22-inch diameters.
  • Copco Basics Pantry Lazy Susan – Low-profile turntable provides easy access to items in the back of pantries. Measures 11.75 inches in diameter.
  • Anchor Hocking Cabinet Rotating Shelf – Glass surface allows visibility. Measures 11 inches with a high 21.5 inch height.

Cabinet Corner Turntables

“I love a two-tiered lazy susan for storing stacks of plates or pans in a cabinet corner.” – Marie Kondo, KonMari Media

Maximize cabinet corners with these two-tier turntables:

  • YouCopia Two Tier Turntable – Upper level rotates separately from bottom to provide easy access. Me