Tiled Range Hood Add Personality to the Hood with Stylish Tile Desings

Adding personality and style to your kitchen is easier than you think. One of the best ways to make a statement is with a Tiled Range Hood. Tiling your range hood is an affordable and customizable way to incorporate your personal style into this focal point of the kitchen. Whether you prefer traditional subway tiles or handmade artisan tiles, there are endless design possibilities. Read on to discover how tiling your range hood can completely transform the look of your kitchen.

Why Choose a Tiled Range Hood?

There are many great reasons to consider a Tiled Range Hood for your kitchen:

Visual Impact

A range hood is a dominant feature in most kitchens. Tiling gives you the opportunity to make it a true showstopper. Bold colors or patterns will bring life to the entire space. Tiles add texture and dimension that painted range hoods simply cannot achieve.

Complement Other Finishes

Tile on the range hood can effortlessly match or complement the backsplash and countertops. Tiling allows you to carry a design theme throughout the kitchen for a cohesive and custom look.

Affordable Option

Quality tile is very affordable, especially compared to other hood materials like stainless steel or copper. The tile itself is inexpensive, and labor costs are low since most range hoods have a simple rectangular shape that is easy to tile.

Easy to Clean

The smooth glazed surface of tile resists grease buildup. Just wipe down with a damp cloth to keep your range hood looking fresh.

Durable Material

Tile is an incredibly durable material that can withstand decades of daily use above the heat and splatter of the range. It won’t dent like stainless steel hoods sometimes do.

Customizable Designs

With endless tile shapes, colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you can create a completely custom look. Accent with decorative tile trim or mosaic tiles to make your design truly one-of-a-kind.

Design Inspiration for Tiled Range Hoods

If you’re on the fence about a Tiled Range Hood, the following gorgeous designs will help inspire you!

Bold Bright Colors

Don’t be afraid to make a bold color statement with your tiled range hood. Bright pops of color like red, orange, turquoise, or even rainbow hues can bring life to a neutral kitchen. Keep the rest of the kitchen subdued to let the range hood shine.

![Red tiled range hood]{Red and white tiled range hood in modern kitchen with pops of red accents}

Go Neutral

Stick with neutral tiles like white, beige, gray, or black for a clean, timeless look. Vary the tile size, shape, or material for visual interest. Neutral range hoods beautifully complement most color schemes.

![White subway tile range hood]{White subway tiled range hood against blue kitchen wall}

Pattern Play

Make a geometric, floral, or nature-inspired statement with tile patterns. Consider Moroccan fish scale tiles, classic hexagons, or hand-painted tiles depicting vines, leaves, or flowers. Mix and match patterns for an eclectic effect.

![Patterned tile range hood]{Range hood tiled with ornate blue and white Moroccan-style tile}

Rustic Farmhouse Tile

For a cozy farmhouse vibe, use unfinished terracotta tiles or classic white subway tiles. Trim with natural materials like wood or wrought iron for added rustic appeal. Distressed wood beams on the ceiling will nicely complement a farmhouse range hood.

![Rustic tile range hood]{Rustic white subway tiled range hood with exposed wood beams}

Modern Metallics

Combine the sleek look of stainless steel with the warmth of tile by using metallic tiles. Silver, gold, copper, and bronze tiles create a modern industrial chic aesthetic. Use mosaic tiles to create eye-catching geometric designs.

![Copper tile range hood]{Modern copper metallic tiled range hood against crisp white kitchen}

Mix and Match Tile

For the fearless designers, get creative mixing and matching tile colors, textures, and designs on your range hood. Using multiple tile materials can result in showstopping range hoods that steal the spotlight.

![Eclectic mixed tile range hood]{Range hood with assorted hand painted artisan tiles}

Now that you’ve seen examples of the many gorgeous design possibilities, it’s time to pick the perfect tiles to bring your range hood vision to life!

Selecting Tile for Your Range Hood

With endless tile options available, choosing the right materials for your range hood can seem overwhelming. Keep the following guidance in mind while shopping for tile:

Heat Tolerance

Select tile rated for high temperatures since the range hood is located above the heat of the stove. Stone, porcelain, and metal tiles withstand heat best. Avoid plastic based tiles.

Grease Resistance

Small mosaic tiles or tiles with very smooth surfaces resist grease buildup best. Textured or hand-painted tiles require more frequent cleaning. Porcelain and metal tiles are easiest to keep clean.

Moisture Resistance

The range hood environment contains moisture and steam, so be sure tile is rated as water and moisture resistant. Porcelain and natural stone tiles hold up best.

Weight Considerations

Heavier tiles like natural stone or large format tiles may require reinforced walls for proper support. Check your range hood manual for weight limits.

Cost Factor

Porcelain, ceramic, and mosaic tiles tend to be the most budget friendly options. Hand painted tiles or natural stone cost more.

Aesthetic Goals

Choose durable tiles that can also achieve your desired style, whether modern, rustic, colorful, or neutral. Spend time looking at tile options to find the perfect match.

With the right tile choice that fits both your budget and style goals, you’re sure to end up with a showstopping Tiled Range Hood!

How to Tile a Range Hood

Tiling a range hood is a manageable DIY project for many homeowners. Follow these key steps for a successful installation:

Gather Supplies

You’ll need tile, tile adhesive, grout, grout sealer, tile spacers, tile cutter, trowel, sponge, buckets, safety gear, and cleaning supplies. Ensure all products are rated for high heat areas.

Prepare the Surface

Clean and lightly sand the range hood surface for proper tile adhesion. Wipe away any grease, grime, or old paint. Fill any holes or imperfections with spackle.

Plan Tile Layout

Dry lay a few tiles on the range hood surface before installing to ensure your desired layout. Measure and mark where cuts will need to be made.

Apply Adhesive

Use a notched trowel to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive according to manufacturer’s instructions. Only cover sections where tile will soon be placed.

Set the Tiles

Carefully press tiles into the adhesive one by one. Use spacers between tiles to ensure consistent spacing. Pay attention to alignment.

Cut Edge Tiles

Measure and mark tiles that need cuts around edges or the exhaust opening. Use a wet tile saw or tile cutter to make straight, clean cuts.

Let Adhesive Cure

Allow tile adhesive to fully cured per manufacturer directions before grouting, usually 24-48 hours. Test a tile to see if it is securely attached.

Apply and Clean Grout

Spread grout over the tile with a rubber grout float. Wipe away excess grout with a damp sponge in diagonal motions. Allow to cure per product instructions.

Seal the Grout

Once grout has fully cured, apply a grout sealer to protect from moisture and make cleaning easier. Allow sealer to dry completely.

And with that, your new Tiled Range Hood is complete! Enjoy this gorgeous focal point every time you cook. Don’t forget to seal and regularly clean your tiles to keep them looking like new for years to come.

FAQs about Tiled Range Hoods

Still have some questions about installing a Tiled Range Hood? Review these frequently asked questions for helpful answers:

What type of tile is best for a range hood?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles rated for heat, moisture, and grease are best since they are durable, easy to clean, and withstand the range hood environment. Natural stone can also be used if properly sealed.

Should tile go all the way up the wall behind the range hood?

It depends on personal preference, but many homeowners do continue tiling up the wall beyond just the hood itself for a more seamless, built-in look. Use moisture resistant backer board behind the tiles.

What about the underside or interior of the range hood?

Most homeowners just focus on tiling the exposed exterior portion of a range hood. It is not necessary to tile inside the hood, but you can if desired. Be sure to use heat tolerant tile.

Is it easier to remove an existing range hood rather than tile over it?

Generally, yes. Removing the hood provides the best surface for adhereing new tile. It also allows you to inspect the ductwork and make any needed repairs before installing the new tiled hood.

How heavy is too heavy for a tiled range hood?

Check your range hood manual for the maximum weight capacity. Hoods are not typically designed to support extremely heavy materials like natural thick stone. Mosaic tiles are lighter.

Should I hire a pro to tile my range hood?

An experienced tiling professional can ensure a quality, long-lasting installation, but many DIYers can successfully tile their own range hoods with proper planning and patience. Watch tutorial videos to learn.

How can I make my tiled range hood fit my kitchen’s style?

Choose tile colors, textures, and designs that coordinate with your existing kitchen finishes for a cohesive look. For example, match your backsplash tile or cabinet hardware finish.

Get Inspired by These Beautiful Tiled Range Hoods

If you need a bit more inspiration before embarking on your own Tiled Range Hood project, check out these style examples from talented designers:

![Black and white geometric tile range hood]{Modern black and white geometric tile hood} The tile pattern gives this range hood major visual impact against crisp white cabinets.

![Blue handmade tile range hood]{Rustic range hood covered in multi-colored handmade tiles} Mismatched handmade tiles in shades of blue create a one-of-a-kind work of art.

![Large subway tile range hood]{Large white subway tiles on expansive stainless steel range hood} Oversized subway tiles add interest but still keep the look classic.

![Copper tile range hood]{Contemporary copper penny tile range hood with wooden accents} Warm copper penny tiles contrast nicely with the cool stainless steel body.

![Moroccan fish scale tile range hood]{Blue and white fish scale patterned tile on arched range hood} The Moroccan tiles’ unique shape catches the eye against neutral tile backsplash.

![Green tile range hood]{Retro mint green tiled range hood and coordinating kitchen wall} Go bold with glossy mint green tiles that tie in the wall color.


As you can see, installing a Tiled Range Hood is a great way to add visual interest, personality, and your unique style to your kitchen. With so many tile materials, colors, shapes, and designs to choose from, you can certainly create a range hood that reflects your personal taste. Just be sure to select durable, moisture-resistant tiles rated for high heat, and carefully follow installation instructions. A tiled range hood is an affordable DIY project that can completely transform the heart of your kitchen. Embrace your inner artist to design a gorgeous focal point you’ll love admiring and showing off for years to come!