This $6 Air Fryer Addition is Considered a ‘Must-Buy’ – Here’s Where to Find it in Stock


Air fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances in recent years, allowing home cooks to quickly and easily make crispy, fried favorites like chicken, french fries, and more using little to no oil. But did you know that there is a super affordable $6 accessory that can maximize the potential of your air fryer even further?

This This $6 air fryer addition is considered a ‘must-buy’ – here’s where to find it in stock is a game-changing addition that air fryer owners say takes the appliance to the next level. From cooking multiple foods at once to preventing mess, it unlocks extra functionality and convenience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover exactly what this $6 air fryer accessory is, why it’s deemed a must-buy for air frying fanatics, and where you can get your hands on it – even when sold-out. Read on for the details on boosting your air frying with this budget buy.

What Is This $6 Air Fryer Must-Have Accessory?

The $6 air fryer addition causing such a frenzy is an air fryer cooking basket insert or air fryer liner. Shaped to neatly fit inside the fryer basket of most standard-sized air fryer models, this insert acts as a divider to section off the cooking area.

It allows you to cook two different foods at once, keeping them separate. For example, fries on one side and chicken nuggets on the other. It also means you can toss in fresh food halfway through the cooking cycle without impacting items already in the basket.

The insert is made from perforated aluminum or steel, like the air fryer basket itself. Holes throughout allow for optimal air circulation to achieve that crispy exterior.

Most air fryer basket inserts retail for only $5 to $6 on sites like Amazon. It’s also sometimes referred to as an air fryer divider, separator, or dual layer rack.

Why This Accessory is Considered a Must-Buy for Air Fryers

While cheap in price, this insert offers tremendous additional value and utility to any air fryer. Here are some of the key reasons it’s lauded as a must-have:

Cook Two Foods at Once

The main benefit of the insert is that it allows you to cook two foods simultaneously. The divider lets you keep foods separate, so flavors don’t transfer and cooking times can vary.

You can cook fries and chicken without the chicken absorbing any oil or grease from the fries, for example. The insert is a major time saver, maximizing the potential of the appliance.

Prevent Food Messes

The insert also helps contain mess since oil and grease will be blocked from dripping down into the bottom of the air fryer basket. This keeps the fryer cleaner for less hassle cleaning.

Divide Cooking Cycles

Since you can separate foods in the compartments, you’re able to add fresh food part way through the cooking process as well. Simply open the basket halfway through, quickly toss in a second round of food on the other side.

For instance, cooking frozen fries first, then adding in fresh chicken tenders to the other side for the remainder of cook time.

Make Snacks and Side Dishes Simultaneously

Using the divider is a shortcut to preparing snacks and side dishes at the same moment. You can air fry mozzarella sticks in one section and fries, onion rings or veggies in the other. It’s a handy way to get appetizers and accompaniments table-ready fast.

Allows for Different Cook Times

Foods that cook quicker can go on one side, while those needing more time can be placed on the other. This prevents over or under-cooking when items vary in cooking duration. For example, fish in one compartment and Brussels sprouts in the other.

Greater Capacity for Small Items

Small foods like tater tots, wontons, jalapeño poppers, etc. can flip and tumble during air frying, making them tricky to cook alone in a big basket. The insert lets you load up many more at once since they’ll stay contained.

Customized Flavorings

Use divided Seasonings or coatings to customize each side differently. Like Cajun shrimp in one section and lemon-pepper chicken in the other. The insert prevents flavor transfer.

Allows for Air Fryer Layering

Some air fryer models recommend layering thinner items in a staggered “air fryer lasagne” to maximize capacity. The insert makes it easier to separate layers, keeping them neat.

Can Stack Inserts for Additional Divisions

Those wanting even more compartments can use multiple inserts stacked. This lets you divide into three or even four sections for broader food separation.

Protects Against Burns

The insert provides an extra layer between heating elements and food. The added protection can reduce risk of burns from accidentally grabbing the hot fryer basket.

Easy to Use and Clean

Air fryer inserts simply lift in and out of the basket seamlessly. Clean-up is just as easy as wiping down or tossing it in the dishwasher.

As you can see, this accessory packs a punch when it comes to enhancing your air frying. It takes the appliance’s convenience to the next level while also keeping your cooktop and oven free for other cooking tasks.

Where to Find the Air Fryer Insert in Stock

Now that you know why this $6 add-on is so popular, where can you get your hands on it?

Despite the low price, the accessory does sell-out frequently due to high consumer demand. Here are some tips for finding it in stock so you can start reaping the benefits:

  • Check Amazon: Retailing for $5.99 with free shipping for Prime members, the This $6 air fryer addition is considered a ‘must-buy’ – here’s where to find it in stock is frequently the most in-demand. Sign up for email alerts to get notified upon restocks.
  • Try big box stores: Walmart, Target and others typically carry air fryer inserts either online or in-store. Browse the kitchen gadget aisles or order online for store pick-up.
  • Look for universal fits: Rather than an insert sized for a specific brand, universal fits are more likely to be available since they work for all oval-shaped fryer models.
  • Search for off-brand versions: Lesser-known brands offer very similar inserts that provide the same function for usually the same $5 to $6 price range on sites like eBay and Etsy.
  • Expand your search terms: Try searching for “air fryer divider”, “basket insert”, “rack”, “air fryer 2-in-1” or “split basket” to uncover more options.
  • Sign up for stock alerts: Many retailers let you enter your email to get notified when the hot item is back on virtual shelves. Take advantage of these to grab one right away.
  • Have some patience: If not urgently needed, wait a week or two for the frenzy to die down and for ample inventory to be restocked. Monitoring and pouncing during a restock is key.

Get the Most Out of Your Air Fryer Insert

Once you’ve managed to get your hands on the must-have accessory, here are some tips for utilizing it to get the most value:

  • When cooking foods with very different cook times, put the item needing longer cook time in first. Then add quicker cooking items to the open side halfway through. They’ll finish at the same time.
  • To prevent cross-flavoring, avoid fatty meats on one side and lighter foods on the other. The splatter could impact taste. Pair meats with roasted veggies instead.
  • Preheat the air fryer before adding food to both compartments to ensure even cooking. Most air fryers require 3-5 minute preheating.
  • Lightly oil or spritz both compartments before adding food for optimal crisping and preventing stickage.
  • Don’t overload either side with food. Crowding prevents proper air circulation.
  • When cooking items that expand like dough or puff pastries, leave extra room so they don’t overflow into other compartments.
  • Set the timer for the longer cooking food item to avoid undercooking. You can remove quicker done items as needed.
  • Rotate the insert halfway through cooking to promote even browning, especially for frozen foods like fries and nuggets.
  • Insert and remove with oven mitts to avoid burns from residual heat, especially when removing and reinserting mid-cooking.
  • Let the insert fully cool before immersing in water when cleaning to prevent warping the metal.

FAQs About the Air Fryer Insert

For those considering purchasing the multi-tasking air fryer insert, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Does the insert come in different sizes?

Yes, the insert comes in sizes to fit the major air fryer brands (Phillips, Cosori, Instant, etc.) It’s important to verify your model size before ordering, especially if choosing a brand-specific insert vs. a universal version. Most are around 9 x 9 inches.

What are air fryer inserts made of?

Inserts are typically made of perforated aluminum or stainless steel, like the fryer basket itself. This allows for optimal airflow and conducts heat effectively. Some may have an added nonstick coating for easy release and cleaning.

Can you put an insert in any air fryer?

While inserts are designed to work with most oval-shaped basket air fryers, you’ll want to double check dimensions to ensure proper fit and function. Non-standard extra-large or specialty fryers may not accommodate inserts.

Do you really need an insert for air frying?

An insert is not an absolute necessity but provides extra functionality that maximizes the appliance’s potential. It’s useful for larger families and frequent air fryer users who want to multi-task. More casual users may find it non-essential.

Can I cook wet batters like fish or meatballs with the insert?

Inserts are best suited for greasy foods and dry-style batters. Excessively drippy, wet foods can leak through perforations. It’s not ideal for meatballs, fish fillets, etc. Stick with drier items.

How do you clean an air fryer insert?

inserts clean just like the fryer basket – by handwashing or placing in the dishwasher. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. For stubborn residue, soak in warm soapy water before scrubbing.

Key Takeaways on This Must-Have Air Fryer Accessory

In summary, the wildly popular $6 This $6 air fryer addition is considered a ‘must-buy’ – here’s where to find it in stock unlocks extra functionality and convenience for air fryer owners. It cooks two foods at once, prevents mess, and facilitates customization.

Despite the low price tag, it sells out fast due to skyrocketing demand. With some persistence and savvy shopping, you can snag one by checking major retailers, expanding search terms, or signing up for restock alerts.

Once acquired, properly preheating, lightly oiling, and avoiding overcrowding ensures you’ll get the most from the handy insert. Follow use and care tips to maximize its performance.

Outfitting your air fryer with this multi-tasking insert takes its abilities to the next level. The small price brings big value, convenience, and efficiency. Add one to your cart and shopping list to elevate your air frying game.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Air Fryer Divider Insert

Cooking two foods at once, avoiding mess and customizing flavors are just some of the reasons the air fryer divider insert has caused such a buzz. Here are answers to some other common questions users have about this must-have accessory:

How does the air fryer insert work?

The insert works by fitting down into the air fryer’s cooking basket, dividing it into two sections. Air flow is directed into each compartment through the perforations so food crisps on all sides. It allows two foods to cook simultaneously.

What are the best foods to cook using the insert?

The insert works great for foods of similar cooking times and textures like fries and nuggets. Wet foods or those releasing a lot of liquid aren’t ideal since juices can seep through. Stick with drier, crispy favorites.

Is there anything you shouldn’t cook using the insert?

Avoid exceedingly greasy items like sausages, bacon or fatty meats on one side and lighter foods on the other. Drippings can leak through perforations and impact taste. Also skip batters or dough since they may rise up over the divider.

How do you know which size insert to get?

Measure the length and width of the inside of your air fryer cooking basket to determine dimensions needed. Some inserts are universal fits but brand-specific sizes for major manufacturers like Phillips and Cosori are available too.

What material should you look for in an air fryer insert?

Perforated aluminized or stainless steel offers durability and allows for optimal airflow. Avoid flimsy metals prone to warping. Some may have a nonstick coating for easy release of cooked foods and simple cleaning.

Can you cook a whole chicken using the divider?

You can cook smaller Cornish hens or chicken pieces with an insert but most are not large enough to accommodate a whole chicken. It’s better suited for smaller, single-serving foods rather than full chickens or roasts.

How do you clean an air fryer insert?

Hand washing with warm soapy water or placing in the dishwasher are the simplest cleaning methods. Avoid abrasive scrubbers. For stubborn residue, soak in hot water and scrub gently before washing. Be sure to fully dry to prevent moisture damage.

How can you prevent food from falling through the holes?

Lightly oiling or spraying the compartments helps food release easily. Avoid overcrowding so there’s room for tossing and turning during cooking. Breaded or battered items will adhere better than plain. Marinating meats can also help them stick.


This wildly popular $6 air fryer insert offers outstanding utility for maximizing the potential of a standard air fryer. With the ability to cook two foods at once, prevent mess, and customize each section, it’s easy to see why it flies off shelves.

While inexpensive, the insert does take some savvy shopping to snag when continuously sold out. With persistence across retailers, expanded search terms, and alerts for restocks, grabbing one is within reach.

Once obtained, this accessory can elevate home air frying for quicker, easier meals and snacks with less fuss. Follow proper usage tips to get the most efficient performance.

Outfitting an air fryer with this multi-tasking insert is a budget buy that can seriously level up your cooking convenience and results. The small price tag brings big functionality. Grab one to take your air frying finesse to the next level!