These 5 clever new kitchen inventions will help keep your space clean – and hygienic

Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic can feel like an uphill battle at times. From wiping down counters and appliances to sweeping and mopping floors, it’s a never-ending cycle. But staying on top of kitchen cleanliness is crucial for your health and food safety.

Luckily, there are all sorts of clever kitchen gadgets and inventions that make this chore a whole lot easier. These innovative products allow you to cut corners when it comes to sanitizing your space, ensuring your cooking zone stays fresh and germ-free.

From high-tech cleaning tools to hands-free soap dispensers, read on for 5 genius kitchen inventions that will aid your clean routine. With these helpful products in your arsenal, you can wave goodbye to mess and germs!

Self-Cleaning Sink

One brilliant invention that takes the effort out of cleaning is the self-cleaning sink. As the name implies, this futuristic fixture practically washes itself!

Self-cleaning sinks have built-in features that prevent dirt, grime, and bacteria from accumulating in your basin. For example, some models use an antimicrobial copper coating that stops germs from sticking to the surface. Others emit a UV light cycle that kills microscopic organisms.

There are even self-cleaning sinks equipped with hydro-chromic technology. This causes water to sheet off the basin walls, taking food particles and grease along with it. No more scrubbing stuck-on gunk!

Investing in a sink that does the dirty work for you will ensure your basin stays sparkling and sanitary. Look for one with as many self-cleaning capabilities as possible to make your life easier. Your future self will thank you at clean-up time!

Touchless Soap Dispenser

Washing your hands properly is one of the best ways to remove germs and prevent their spread around your kitchen. But did you know that traditional soap dispensers can harbor bacteria and transfer it back to your hands?

Touchless or automatic soap dispensers are a clever fix for this issue. They operate via sensor and pump soap automatically when you place your hands underneath, no need to touch or push anything.

This hands-free design keeps the dispenser nozzle clean and free of contamination from dirty hands. And it ensures you won’t transfer lingering germs back to your mitts after washing up.

Touchless dispensers are available in battery-powered and electric models. For maximum convenience, look for one with adjustable settings for portion control. Installing this small gadget will make a huge difference in kitchen hygiene!

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

Our cell phones can harbor more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat, yuck! We take these devices everywhere, so it’s no wonder they pick up so many microscopic hitchhikers.

The UV cell phone sanitizer is the perfect invention to combat this cleanliness issue. It uses the power of UV-C ultraviolet light to kill up to 99% of germs.

Simply place your smartphone inside and let the sanitizer work its magic. A short 5-10 minute cycle will disinfect your entire device, screen and all.

Some versions even have wireless charging capabilities to juice up your phone while it’s being zapped. Keep one on your kitchen counter to easily sanitize your gadget after grocery shopping or other errands. Give new meaning to the term “cleansing your screens!”

Waterless Sponge

The humble kitchen sponge harbors a startling array of germs, even when it looks clean. Bacteria cling to the damp crevices and rapidly multiply, essentially turning your sponge into a petri dish.

The waterless self-cleaning sponge offers a genius fix to this common kitchen nuisance. It uses antimicrobial technology in the fibers to inhibit 99% bacterial growth.

Rather than soggy crevices, the interior is layered with minuscule quilted pockets. This unique construction allows for effective scrubbing without retaining moisture.

Toss the sponge in your microwave or dishwasher periodically to deep clean. With no damp hiding places for germs, you can rest assured your sponge stays sanitary. A must-have for any germaphobe’s kitchen!

Self-Cleaning Garbage Can

Kitchen garbage cans easily become grimy, smelly hotspots for germs. Cleaning them is an unpleasant chore that often gets neglected. Enter the self-cleaning garbage can!

These innovative wastebaskets use motion sensor technology to open and close the lid automatically. This touchless operation helps prevent the spread of germs from hand contact.

They are also designed with self-cleaning and deodorizing features. Some models have antibacterial inner coatings that inhibit odor-causing bacteria. Many also seal odors and disinfect themselves during the trash bag changing process.

Look for one with a stainless steel construction for lasting durability. Investing in a self-cleaning garbage can will make your kitchen cleaner and more hygienic with zero effort on your part. It’s a hands-off, fuss-free solution for one of the most loathed cleaning tasks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic using clever new inventions:

What are some benefits of a self-cleaning sink?

  • Requires less manual scrubbing and cleaning from you
  • Stays cleaner and more hygienic between uses
  • Prevents buildup of germs, grime, and limescale
  • Uses innovative technology like antimicrobial coatings or UV light to kill bacteria
  • Water sheets off the walls, taking food particles and grease with it
  • Models with hydro-chromic technology prevent stuck-on gunk

How does a touchless soap dispenser improve kitchen hygiene?

  • Hands-free automatic operation prevents spread of germs from touching
  • Sensor-activated pump keeps the dispenser nozzle clean
  • No cross contamination from dirty hands after hand washing
  • Dispenser stays sanitary for the next use
  • Portion control settings prevent waste of soap
  • Easy way to improve hand hygiene without extra effort

What types of germs can a UV sanitizer kill?

  • Kills up to 99% of common household germs and bacteria
  • Effective against E. coli, Salmonella, Streptococcus, Legionella, and more
  • Disinfects microbes like viruses, bacteria, and protozoa
  • Sterilizes surfaces from mold, fungi, and antibiotic-resistant superbugs
  • Makes smartphone screens as clean as the day you took it out of the box!

How does a waterless self-cleaning sponge work?

  • Antimicrobial fibers inhibit 99% of bacterial growth
  • Quilted interior layers provide scrubbing action without retaining moisture
  • No damp environment for germs to multiply rapidly in the sponge
  • Can be disinfected regularly in microwave or dishwasher
  • Stays fresher and more sanitary between uses
  • Provides effective cleaning without spreading germs around

What features make a self-cleaning garbage can hygienic?

  • Hands-free motion sensor opening to prevent germ spread
  • Antibacterial inner can coatings that inhibit odor-causing bacteria
  • Self-cleaning and deodorizing cycles between trash bag changes
  • Seals odors and disinfects itself automatically
  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • No fingerprints, smudges, or dirt on the exterior
  • Keeps your kitchen cleaner with no effort from you!


Keeping the kitchen clean doesn’t need to be an endless chore with the right inventions by your side. From technologically advanced fixtures to innovative cleaning tools, these clever products make sanitizing a cinch.

Invest in gadgets like self-cleaning sinks, automatic soap dispensers, UV phone sanitizers, waterless sponges, and self-disinfecting garbage cans. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they cut down germs in your cooking zone.

Embrace these new kitchen inventions to maintain cleaner, more hygienic surfaces with very little effort. You have enough to worry about trying to get dinner on the table each night. Leave the serious sanitizing to the clever tools designed to do the dirty work for you!

With an arsenal of innovative gadgets supporting your clean routine, you can keep your kitchen fresh, safe, and germ-free once and for all. What ingenious invention will you be bringing home next?