There Is an App for Laundry

Technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives, so it should come as no surprise that apps are now available to help with mundane household chores like doing laundry. As our lives get busier, being able to streamline tasks like laundry is a welcome convenience. Laundry apps allow you to save time, energy, and even money. Let’s explore the capabilities of laundry apps and how they can make this chore a little easier.

How Laundry Apps Work

Laundry apps connect you to laundry and dry cleaning services in your area. Here are some of the things laundry apps can help with:

  • Pickup and delivery – Rather than having to schlep your laundry somewhere, laundry services will pick up your dirty clothes and linens from your home. When they’re clean, they’ll be delivered back to your door. This saves you time spent driving and waiting at the laundromat.
  • Wash, dry & fold – Skip doing laundry yourself entirely by having your laundry washed, dried and folded for you. The laundry service will pick up your dirty laundry, wash and dry everything, fold it all neatly, then return the folded clothes back to you.
  • Dry cleaning – Apps can schedule dry cleaning pickups and coordinate delivery of your dry cleaned items. No more trips to the dry cleaners.
  • Scheduling – Laundry apps allow you to schedule pickups and deliveries. Choose a day and delivery window that fits your schedule.
  • Notifications – Get notifications when your laundry is picked up and delivered so you know when to expect it. Apps also provide status updates.
  • Payments – Laundry apps provide easy payment options. Pay via the app, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand for pickups/drop-offs.

Benefits of Using Laundry Apps

Laundry apps provide a number of advantages that make tackling this chore a little easier:

Saves Time

One of the biggest benefits laundry apps provide is time savings. You avoid having to spend time doing laundry yourself, as well as the time spent driving to and waiting at the laundromat or dry cleaners. With laundry apps, you simply schedule pickups and deliveries from the convenience of your smartphone. The services handle washing, drying, folding and returning your clothes for you.

More Convenient Than the Laundromat

Making a trip to the laundromat can take a big chunk out of your day. Laundry apps eliminate the need to lug baskets of laundry somewhere and wait around. Pickups and deliveries mean you skip the laundromat altogether. Apps also make dry cleaning services more convenient by handling pickup and delivery for you.

Provides Flexible Scheduling

Laundry apps allow you to schedule pickups and deliveries when it’s convenient for you. Morning, afternoon, evening – pick the times that work best with your schedule. The delivery services will work around the times you select. Apps also allow you to track your laundry so you know when it’s expected to arrive back.

Saves Energy

Using a laundry service means you avoid having to handle washing and drying yourself. This saves you the physical exertion of doing multiple loads of laundry. With laundry apps there’s no bending, lifting heavy baskets, or hanging clothes on a line to dry. The services handle the physical work for you.

Potential Cost Savings

Believe it or not, using a laundry app can sometimes be cheaper than a trip to the laundromat. When factoring in expenses like detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, quarters for the machines, gas for the trip, and the value of your time, laundry apps can be cost competitive with DIY laundromats. Delivery apps also frequently offer promo codes and referral bonuses that lower costs.

High Quality Service

Reputable laundry apps carefully vet their laundry and dry cleaning partners. This means your clothes and linens are being cared for by laundry experts who take great care with your garments. They use high quality commercial grade equipment and eco-friendly detergents. Your clothes will come back cleaner and brighter than if you washed them yourself at home.

Popular Laundry Apps

There are a variety of laundry apps to choose from. Here are some of the most popular:


Rinse is a nationwide on-demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery service. Their mobile app offers 24/7 pickup and delivery options for laundry, dry cleaning, garment care, and more. Rinse works with local laundry partners to provide service in over 30 metro areas. The app provides scheduling, status updates, contactless deliveries, and mobile payments. Promos and referrals help lower costs.

Mulberrys Garment Care

Mulberrys Garment Care offers laundry, dry cleaning, tailoring and garment care services. Their app allows you to schedule free pickups and deliveries from their network of local garment care experts. Track orders, make payments, and access exclusive offers right from the app. Mulberrys operates along the East Coast from DC to Boston.


Cleanly is focused on sustainability and using eco-friendly detergents to provide laundry and dry cleaning services. Their app allows you to schedule convenient pickup and delivery windows. Cleanly is growing rapidly across the U.S. and their app makes the service easy to access.


Hampr takes a tech-driven approach to laundry and dry cleaning. Their app provides on-demand scheduling, route optimization, real-time tracking, notifications, and mobile payments. Customers can access additional services like fold & iron through the Hampr app. Service is available in select metro areas.

Laundry Care

Laundry Care offers both self-service laundromats as well as their pickup and delivery service. Customers can use the Laundry Care app to schedule laundry and dry cleaning services from their partner locations. The app also helps you find and access self-service Laundry Care laundromats in your area.

How to Choose the Right Laundry App

With multiple laundry apps to choose from, how do you select the right one? Here are a few tips:

  • Check service areas – Make sure the app services your metro area. Laundry pickup/delivery is only available in certain cities.
  • Compare costs – Prices and service fees can vary across apps. Make sure to factor in any promos, coupons and referral bonuses that help lower costs.
  • Read reviews – Check reviews in the App Store and online to gauge customer satisfaction. Look for consistent ratings and reviews across platforms.
  • Examine features – Consider convenience factors like 24/7 service, same day options, ability to schedule, notifications, mobile payments, etc.
  • Consider services – Laundry, dry cleaning, wash & fold, ironing, etc – select an app that provides the services you’ll use.
  • Check partnerships – Apps partner with local laundry providers. Research partners to ensure quality cleaners are being used.
  • Ease of use – Test the app out yourself. Make sure the user experience and interface of the app is intuitive for you.

Selecting the right laundry app takes bit of upfront research to find the perfect match based on your needs, budget, location and convenience preferences. Take time to evaluate the options.

Tips for Using Laundry Apps Effectively

Once you’ve selected a laundry app, here are some tips to use them effectively:

Schedule around your routine – Pickup and delivery times that integrate seamlessly with your schedule makes using a laundry app much easier.

Group items – Get the most out of pickups by grouping all your laundry and dry cleaning for a single pickup. This prevents multiple trips.

Provide details – Note any special care instructions so clothes are handled properly. Let them know about stains requiring pre-treating.

Utilize notifications – Opt-in for notifications so you know when a driver is en-route for pickup and delivery.

Leave clear instructions – Provide clear instructions on where to collect and return items at your home.

Tip your driver – If you receive great service, tip your driver in the app. Tips help ensure you receive excellent service.

Watch for promotions – Money saving promotions are commonly offered such as first-time user discounts and referral bonuses.

Rate and review – Help other users by rating your experience and leaving a review right in the app. Your feedback helps improve services.

Refer friends – Referral programs allow you to earn free laundry credit as friends sign up. The more referrals, the more free laundry.

Using laundry apps takes a chore off your hands. Follow these tips and with a little practice, you’ll get the hang of seamlessly integrating app-based laundry services into your routine. In no time, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Laundry App Industry Outlook

The laundry and dry cleaning pickup & delivery industry has experienced explosive growth recently. In 2018 alone, on-demand laundry startups attracted over $140 million in venture capital. As the demand for convenient services keeps increasing, the industry is projected to continue its robust expansion over the next several years.

Here are some key trends shaping the future of the on-demand laundry space:

National expansion – Services that were once hyper-regional are now spreading across the country. Apps like Rinse, Hampr and Cleanly are expanding into new markets nationwide. Almost any metro area is now potential new territory.

Market fragmentation – While expansion is rapid, many markets still support multiple competing apps. As national players emerge it may drive consolidation of regional apps.

Business partnerships – Laundry apps are partnering with apartment complexes, universities and businesses to be designated laundry/dry cleaning providers which gives them a source of regular demand.

Blurring industry lines – Traditional laundromats and dry cleaners are jumping into the pickup/delivery space having to adapt their business models to compete with app-based startups.

Technology innovation – Optimized routing, real-time inventory systems and advanced logistics software is allowing laundry apps to handle rapid growth and expansion efficiently.

Home cleaning tie-ins – Some laundry apps are expanding into other home cleaning services creating bundled offerings under a single app.

Sustainability marketing – Eco-friendly practices like reusing hangers, recycling detergent bottles and lower energy use gives laundry apps an extra marketing edge.

Laundry apps have certainly changed the game when it comes to how we handle this household chore. Focus on convenience and efficiency will ensure the industry continues its fast-paced growth for years to come.

Is the Cost of Laundry Apps Worth It?

With all the benefits laundry apps provide, a common question is whether the costs are justified. Laundry pickup and delivery services do come at a price premium versus doing it yourself. However, once factors like time savings and convenience are taken into account, the costs become more reasonable.

Here’s a breakdown of the value laundry apps provide to help determine if the price is worthwhile for you:

Time savings – Hours saved by not having to do laundry yourself has significant value, especially for busy households. Apps eliminate transportation, washing, drying, folding.

Convenience – Having laundry picked up and delivered with no work on your end provides intangible convenience value by freeing up your schedule.

Physical effort – The energy spent doing multiple loads of laundry is eliminated when using a service. This physical effort savings provides value.

Consistent quality – Professional laundry services often do a higher quality job than typical household machines and detergents.

Stress reduction – Having laundry off your plate can relieve mental stress and anxiety over getting it done. This peace of mind has value.

Cost of Ownership – Factoring in detergent, fabrics softener, dryer sheets, utilities, and the cost of your washer/dryer offsets app costs.

Potential cost savings – With coupons and promotions, apps can sometimes be cheaper than coin-operated laundromats.

Productivity boost – Apps allow you to spend time on more value-added activities rather than washing and folding.

Analyzing factors beyond just the cost per pound of laundry shows the intrinsic value having your laundry handled provides. Once all the benefits are considered, the costs become much more reasonable for busy households and professionals.

Risks and Drawbacks to Consider

While laundry apps provide some great advantages, there are also some potential downsides to weigh before using one:

Higher cost – The main drawback is the premium price charged versus doing laundry yourself. Costs can add up for larger households.

Damaged clothes – There is always a small risk of damage to garments from rough handling, equipment issues or chemicals.

Missing clothes – Very rarely items can get lost at the laundry facility. Apps provide insurance but it’s still a hassle.

Limited availability – Most apps only service major metropolitan areas and suburbs. Rural areas often don’t have access.

Busy times – Pickups/deliveries on weekends and holidays can sometimes experience longer delays if there is high demand surges.

Schedules don’t align – Finding convenient pickup/delivery times isn’t always easy if customers have rigid schedules or are out of the house frequently.

Tip expectations – Some drivers come to expect tips which puts pressure on users to add gratuity even when service issues arise.

Privacy concerns – Allowing others into your home raises privacy concerns for some customers. Special accommodations may be needed.

For most people the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks, but these are factors to be aware of as you consider using a laundry app. Being an informed customer helps set proper expectations.

Key Takeaways

Laundry apps provide a convenient way to save time, energy and hassle when it comes to washing and caring for your clothes. Here are the key takeaways around on-demand laundry services:

  • Apps allow convenient scheduling of laundry and dry cleaning pickups and deliveries
  • By handling washing, drying and folding, apps save you considerable time
  • Deliveries and pickups are far more convenient than doing laundry yourself
  • Apps provide flexibility with scheduling and notifications when laundry will arrive
  • Costs are higher but the convenience value and time savings offset the price
  • Reviews, costs, service areas and ease of use help pick the right laundry app
  • Smart scheduling, tipping, notifications and promotions lead to the best app experience
  • The laundry app industry will continue its fast expansion as demand for services grows
  • Weighing factors like time savings helps justify the higher costs of apps for many
  • While risks like damages or privacy exist, the benefits outweigh drawbacks for most

Give laundry apps a try the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by piles of dirty clothes. You may just find yourself hooked on the convenience and time savings they provide. With a few taps on your smartphone your laundry woes can be handled, letting you focus on more positive ways to spend your time.


Laundry apps provide a modern solution to an age-old chore. Their convenience and timesaving capabilities make laundry and dry cleaning services more accessible. As the on-demand economy continues to evolve, laundry apps answer the demand for services that integrate seamlessly into busy lifestyles. While costs are higher, the value provided balances out the price for many consumers. With innovative advances and national expansion plans, laundry apps have solid upside from both a usage and industry standpoint. Give the top laundry apps a try to see if outsourcing this pesky chore is right for you. The benefits may convince you to let these services make laundry hassle free.