The 15 kitchen lighting trends that will shine bright in 2023 – according to the experts

1. Statement Pendant Lights

Hanging statement pendant lights over islands or dining tables will be a popular trend next year. These dramatic light fixtures act as an eye-catching focal point and cast a warm, ambient glow perfect for prepping meals or enjoying conversation. Opt for pendants with creative shapes, materials like rattan or bamboo, or bold colors to add flair.

2. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems that can be controlled remotely via smartphone, voice assistant, or smart home hub will continue gaining traction in 2023. These high-tech lights allow for customization of color temperature and brightness to set the perfect mood or accommodate different activities. Smart bulbs also enable easy scheduling and automation.

3. Sleek Under Cabinet Lighting

For a clean, modern look, integrate slim LED strip lighting or puck lights concealed underneath upper cabinets. This under cabinet lighting provides ideal task lighting for food prep and cooking zones without competing visually with other elements. Choose warm white tones for a cozy feel.

4. Vintage Filament Bulbs

For a touch of vintage charm, filament light bulbs featuring visible coiled wire filaments will be popular again next year. Their nostalgic glow works wonderfully in pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and Edison-style fixtures. Opt for LED versions to enjoy the aesthetic with improved energy efficiency.

5. Black Light Fixtures

Black finishes on light fixtures and hardware will provide a sophisticated, elegant look in 2023 kitchens. Matching black pendants, ceiling mounts, under cabinet lighting, and even switches/outlets creates a cohesive, contemporary style. Matte black is especially sleek.

6. Natural Wood Accents

Wood finishes add warmth and texture to any lighting design. Next year will see wood details like slab pendants, woven lampshades, organic branch-like fixtures, and wooden brackets or finials increasing in popularity. The natural material pairs perfectly with bushy houseplants.

7. Sculptural Chandeliers

Make a dramatic statement by hanging a stunning metal, glass, or crystal chandelier over your kitchen table. Contemporary sculptural designs with cascading artistic shapes are best suited to make this bold focal point work in modern kitchens. Opt for dimmable bulbs.

8. Colorful Pendants

Brightly colored or multi-colored glass pendants are an easy way to inject vibrant personality into your cooking space. Grouping pendants in complementary tones like emerald and sapphire blue can create an eye-catching display over an island. Opt for matte metallics to tone it down.

9. Image Projection Lighting

Projecting lighting onto surfaces is an emerging trend that will evolve in 2023. Image projection onto backsplashes or walls and undershelf lighting that casts patterns onto work surfaces are innovative ways to decorate with light.

10. Track Lighting

Flexible track lighting systems continue to be a popular choice for kitchen task lighting. Tracks allow pendant, spot, or linear lights to be aimed exactly where needed. Go for highly adjustable designs to maximize functionality.

11. Motion-Activated Under Cabinet Lights

Hands-free lighting options will rise in popularity next year. Under cabinet lights with built-in motion sensors illuminate your work area any time you’re actively using the space. These automatic lights add convenience to kitchen tasks.

12. Italian-inspired Glass Pendants

The handblown glass pendant lights commonly found in Italian kitchens will be a standout in 2023. Their spherical or conical shaped with minimalist, elegant designs add striking visual interest perfect for over islands. Opt for mouth-blown glass for artisanal quality.

13. Gold Finishes

Warm metallics like polished brass, bronze, and light gold will make a welcome comeback next year. Gold finishes give a Traditional or Mediterranean kitchen a cozy, timeless look when used on pendant lights, sconces, drawer pulls, and hardware.

14. Wall-Washing Lights

Grazing wall-mounted fixtures that point upward to “wash” the wall with ambient light will grow in popularity. Placed properly, wall washing illuminates surfaces, showing off materials, textures, colors, and accent walls to great effect.

15. Circadian Rhythm Lighting

As awareness of lighting’s impact on sleep cycles and health grows, circadian-friendly options that provide adequate illumination without disrupting the body’s natural rhythms will shine. Look for tunable white fixtures or smart bulbs that let you adjust color temperature.

The 15 Kitchen Lighting Trends That Will Shine Bright in 2023 – According to the Experts

The lighting experts have spoken – these are the kitchen lighting trends poised to claim the spotlight in 2023. From smart tech to vintage appeal, sleek finishes to artisanal glass, the possibilities are bright. Following these pro predictions can ensure your kitchen lighting design feels fresh, functional and luminous in the coming year. Be sure to incorporate ample layered general, task and accent lighting for optimal use and style. With the right lighting plan, your kitchen is sure to become the star of your home in 2023!

Frequently Asked Questions About 2023 Kitchen Lighting Trends

What are the biggest kitchen lighting trends for 2023?

The top kitchen lighting trends for 2023 include statement pendant lights, smart lighting technology, sleek under cabinet lighting, vintage filament bulbs, black fixtures, natural wood accents, sculptural chandeliers, colorful pendants, image projection, track lighting, motion-activated under cabinet lights, Italian-inspired glass pendants, gold finishes, wall-washing lights, and circadian-friendly options.

Should I add accent lighting to my kitchen?

Yes, incorporating thoughtfully placed accent lighting is highly recommended to enhance kitchen design in 2023. Accent lighting like pendant lights, under cabinet lights or strip lighting highlights key areas and provides visual interest.

What’s the most popular finish for lighting fixtures right now?

Black fixtures with matte, satin, or antique bronze finishes are very on-trend and popular at the moment. Black pendants, sconces, ceiling lights and hardware create a modern, sophisticated look.

Are smart lights worth investing in for my kitchen?

Smart lighting is worth considering if you want the convenience of controlling lights remotely, setting schedules and scenes, checking on status, and customizing color and brightness from your phone. Smart bulbs also integrate well with voice assistants.

Should I choose warm or cool lighting for my kitchen?

The general recommendation is to opt for warm white lighting with a color temperature under 4000K in most kitchen areas. Cool white lighting over 4000K is best reserved for task-oriented spaces where you want crisp, alert ambiance like kitchen islands.


Kitchen lighting design has endless possibilities in 2023 with these on-trend styles offering fresh looks, smart convenience, vintage appeal, and artisanal quality. Layering ample general, task, and accent lighting pinned to the expert predictions above is sure to make your kitchen shine bright all year long. With good lighting, you can highlight your beautiful space while enhancing functionality. Which of these trending kitchen lighting ideas sparks inspiration for your home?