Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas Bring Mediterranean Glamour


Bringing Mediterranean glamour to your bathroom design is an excellent way to create a soothing and luxurious space. The Spanish style, with its Moorish and old-world influences, effortlessly evokes warmth, charm, and romance.

By incorporating elements like arched doorways, colorful tiles, wrought iron fixtures, and ornate woodwork, you can transform your bathroom into a stunning retreat with a taste of Southern Europe. Whether you want to do a full remodel or just refresh a few details, there are countless ways to work this timeless look.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the defining features of Spanish style bathrooms and provide plenty of inspiring ideas to help you achieve the Mediterranean glamour you desire. From tile work and lighting to furniture and accessories, read on for an in-depth look at realizing this aesthetic in your own home’s bathroom.

Why Choose Spanish Style for Your Bathroom

There are so many wonderful reasons why the Spanish style is perfectly suited to bathroom spaces:

Romantic and Relaxing Ambiance

With its lush, ornate details and nature-inspired color palette, the Spanish style creates a warm and welcoming environment. It feels elegant yet casual at the same time. You can easily relax and unwind in a space with these Mediterranean influences.

Vintage Charm

From antique vanities to patterned tile floors, Spanish style bathrooms are brimming with old-world charm. If you appreciate craftsmanship and want a space with character, this is a great option.

Texture and Visual Interest

From wood beams to wrought iron mirrors and mosaic tiles, the Spanish aesthetic brings lots of unique textures and details into a bathroom. The layers of patterns and materials make for a visually stunning space.

Celebration of Craftsmanship

Between the elaborate woodcarvings, forged metalwork, and handmade tiles, Spanish style puts quality artistry on display. All of the handiwork and custom touches reflect superior craftsmanship.

Timeless Appeal

The hallmarks of Spanish style—arches, mosaics, carvings—have endured for centuries, which is why this look remains forever classic and chic. It’s meant to stand the test of time and won’t ever feel dated.

Defining Features of Spanish Style Bathrooms

Certain decorative elements immediately evoke the Spanish style. Incorporating some of these key details is an easy way to establish the Mediterranean look in your own bathroom:

Arched Openings and Doorways

One of the most distinctive Spanish style motifs is the arched doorway or window opening. The rounded shape and carved trim adds lovely old-world architectural interest. In bathrooms, look for opportunities to add arched openings around mirrors, windows, niches and other spots.

Patterned Tilework

No Spanish style space is complete without the addition of vivid, decorative ceramic tiles. Often arranged in mosaics or repeating borders, the tiles can be used on walls, floors, showers, backsplashes, and more.

Wrought Iron Fixtures and Accessories

Ironwork was heavily used for fixtures and architectural details in traditional Spanish buildings. In the bathroom, add wrought iron accents through mirrors, shelves, towel bars, and other hardware for authenticity.

Ornate Wood Details

Wood carvings that embellish cabinets, walls, ceilings and other surfaces inject Spanish style. Look for bathroom vanities or storage furniture with carved legs, paneling, trim and inlaid designs.

Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Rich, earthy, vibrant hues like cobalt, terra cotta and sunflower yellow are characteristic of the Spanish palette. Patterns like florals, paisleys and geometrics also help set the mood. Use these colors and prints on tiles, rugs, shower curtains, towels and accessories.

Mediterranean Natural Materials

In addition to wrought iron and carved wood, Spanish bathrooms incorporate natural materials like stone, marble, terra cotta, stucco, and clay. Travertine and hand-made subway tiles are also fitting choices.

Top Tips for Achieving Spanish Style in the Bathroom

Looking for pointers on how to seamlessly blend Spanish influences into your bathroom? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Focus the look in one or two areas for the biggest impact, like tiling the shower or choosing a carved wood vanity.
  • Use arched doorways, mirrors or windows to instantly establish the aesthetic.
  • Add authenticity by sourcing key tiles, fixtures or furniture from Spanish brands or artisans.
  • Incorporate plenty of lighting, like pendant lights and sconces, to add drama and ambiance.
  • Tie in small doses of color and pattern with towels, shower curtains, rugs and accessories that can easily be swapped out.
  • Display collectibles like hand-painted bowls, woven baskets and ceramic vases for a curated feel.
  • Finish the room with wrought iron hardware, carved mirror frames and other ironwork accents.
  • Infuse inviting textures everywhere from stone surfaces and wood shelving to embroidered shower curtains.
  • Accent neutrals like white or ivory with bold hues such as navy, sunflower yellow or terra cotta.

Spanish Style Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Now that you know some of the fundamental elements of the Spanish style, it’s time to see how they come together to create a stunning bathroom space.

Here are some inspiring ways to work a Spanish style look in your own bathroom design:

All Out Spanish Style Bathroom

For a head-to-toe Spanish style statement, create a bathroom that employs the look through every element. Here are some ideas:

  • Use patterned encaustic floor tiles laid out in an ornate design. Continue tilework up the wall in the shower with vivid mosaics or listello accents.
  • Select a carved wood vanity with turned legs, raised panels and decorative trim. Opt for a marble or granite countertop.
  • Add drama with a statement light fixture like a black wrought iron chandelier or pendant light over the bathtub.
  • Frame windows or mirrors with custom wood trim and carvings. Include the classic arched top.
  • Display colorful vintage bowls, vases and bottles on open shelving or niches for an eclectic feel.
  • Incorporate plush embroidered towels, shower curtains, bath mats and rug accents that align with the color scheme.
  • Choose sinks, faucets and other fixtures with wrought iron, bronze or weathered copper finishes.
  • Add texture with brick, tile or faux stone walls. Whitewashed stucco is also fitting.

The result is a bathroom imbued with Spanish style from floor to ceiling. Every detail works together to create a cohesive and luxurious Mediterranean oasis.

Spanish Tile Shower

A tiled shower area presents the perfect opportunity to showcase decorative Spanish tiles. To recreate the look:

  • Select handmade artisan tiles in vivid hues and varied patterns for the shower walls and floor.
  • Use complementary solid tiles or listello borders to accentuate niches, shelves, the shower base and other areas.
  • Consider carved pattern tiles or medallions as artistic focal points in the shower or on walls.
  • Install a frameless glass shower door to cleanly show off the entire tile design.
  • Add visual interest by varying the tile layout and incorporating different sizes, textures and shapes.
  • Include a built-in tiled bench or niche for function and more tile real estate.

Vibrant Spanish tiles in the shower area make this space the stunning centerpiece of the bathroom. Keep other elements like cabinets and fixtures simple to let the tiles shine.

Spanish Style Vanity

An ornate wood vanity provides a dose of Spanish style flair. Ideas for achieving the look:

  • Select a wood vanity base with carved legs, panels, trim and inlaid designs for ornamentation.
  • Stain the vanity in a rich mahogany or espresso tone and finish with a glossy top coat.
  • Pair with a natural stone top material like marble or travertine for contrast.
  • Anchor the vanity with matching wood or wrought iron sconces for lighting.
  • Use a vessel sink or unique faucet design to elevate the style even more.
  • Incorporate carved wood or wrought iron on the mirror frame above the vanity too.

With a Spanish style vanity acting as the focal point, keep the rest of the space light and neutral. Vivid tile accents and colorful linens can provide pops of color.

Spanish Bathroom Accessories

Accessories present a simple opportunity to weave in Spanish style motifs. Consider displaying:

  • Vintage glass bottles in cobalt blue, green and other shades
  • Colored glass or ceramic vases and jars
  • Hammered metal pitchers and bowls
  • Patterned and fringed towels
  • Macramé or crochet hangers and organizers
  • Woven baskets for storage
  • Patterned curtains and shower liners
  • Carved wood trays and boxes
  • Wrought iron candle holders and sconces

Mixing handcrafted, vintage-inspired accessories throughout the bathroom adds a curated, collected feel that aligns nicely with Spanish style.

Spanish Bathroom Colors

To embrace a Spanish style color palette, look for:

  • Earthy terracotta, sunshine yellow and cobalt blue
  • Rich greens like emerald and forest tones
  • Deep wine colors and vibrant purples
  • Neutrals like ivory, tan and almond for balance
  • Metallics like bronze, copper and aged brass

Use these colors when selecting fixtures, tiles, fabrics, rugs and other accents. Keep the palette cohesive for the most impact.

Spanish Bathroom Design and Layout Ideas

In addition to decorative details, consider these Spanish-inspired design ideas:

Arched Doorways

Frame the bathroom entrance or shower with a carved wood archway. The arched opening makes a picturesque statement. Flank with sconces or lanterns.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Choose vivid patterned encaustic, cement or hand-painted tiles in Spanish motifs. Use throughout the floor or just define a rug area surrounding the tub.

Statement Lighting

Wrought iron chandeliers instantly elevate the ambiance. Or work in wall sconces, pendant lights and lanterns for character.

Carved Wood Shelves

Add custom wood shelves with ornate brackets and trim for Spanish flair. Open shelving provides lovely display space.

Framed Mirrors

Wood, iron or tile framed mirrors with arches and other embellishments make a statement over vanities.

Curved Back Drapery

Layer patterned curtains along the back wall or tub area. Embroidered fabrics with curved shapes work nicely.

Corner Fireplace

A cozy corner fireplace clad in stone or tile makes a dramatic Spanish style addition.

Freestanding Tub

Make a freestanding tub the visual focus, situated prominently in front of a window or surrounded by tile walls.

By thoughtfully planning the layout and architectural details, you can create a Spanish style bathroom that looks like it’s always been there. Focus on wide open spaces, natural light and areas to showcase ornate details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Spanish Style Bathrooms

Here are answers to some common questions about achieving a Spanish style bathroom design:

What type of tile should I choose for a Spanish style bathroom?

Decorative ceramic or porcelain tiles with colorful glazes, mosaics, moroccan patterns, medallions and other elaborate details are ideal. Handmade artisan tiles offer authenticity.

What colors work well in a Spanish style bathroom?

Rich earth tones like terracotta and creamy neutrals are classic. Vibrant hues like navy blue, sunflower yellow and forest green also align with the Spanish palette.

How can I add Spanish style on a budget?

Focus on small details like framed mirrors, pendant lights, hardware, shower curtains and accessories. Spanish style tiles can also make a big impact in a smaller area or as accents.

How do I add Spanish style to a basic builder-grade bathroom?

Switch out light fixtures, paint the cabinets, replace the faucet, add colorful rugs, install patterned shower tiles, update the mirror and accessorize with baskets, linens and art.

What type of vanity works for a Spanish bathroom?

A wooden vanity with carved panels, legs and trim is ideal. Pair with a natural stone countertop in marble or travertine. Wrought iron or bronze hardware also enhances Spanish style vanities.

Should I add arches or arched windows to my bathroom?

Arched openings instantly lend Spanish flair and are fitting above mirrors and windows or as standout doorways. Just a few key arches go a long way.

What elements clash with the Spanish style?

Sleek, ultra-modern elements like concrete, steel and glass tend to feel at odds with the ornate warmth of Spanish style. Omit contemporary accents for a consistent aesthetic.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Spanish Style in the Bathroom

With its timeless charm and romantic ambiance, the alluring Spanish style brings so much character and luxury to bathroom spaces. By thoughtfully incorporating architectural details, tiles, colors, textures and finishes that align with the Mediterranean aesthetic, you’re sure to realize a beautiful and inviting oasis. Focus on quality craftsmanship and authenticity by sourcing products from Spanish brands or artisans. The end result will be a bathroom retreat that evokes relaxed, vintage glamour through and through. Let the Spanish inspiration transform your space!