Small Laundry Room Ideas Creative Small Spaces with Big Style

Having a small laundry room doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or functionality. With some creative small laundry room ideas, you can transform even the tiniest space into an efficient and aesthetically pleasing laundry area. This article explores ingenious small laundry room design concepts to help maximize your compact laundry zone. From clever storage solutions to space-saving appliances and chic decorative accents, discover clever ways to get big style from your small laundry room.

Make Use of Every Inch

The key to optimizing a small laundry room is to take advantage of every inch of available space. Look for wasted areas you can reclaim such as the walls, under cabinets, and the back of the door.

Install Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall mount your washer, dryer, drying rack, ironing board, and other laundry room staples. This opens up precious floor space so you can move about with ease. For a seamless look, choose matching appliances with coordinating finishings and hardware. Stainless steel tends to suit small laundry rooms well with its sleek, modern aesthetic.

Add Shelving Above Appliances

Install shelving over your washer and dryer to double your storage potential. Opt for open shelving to prevent confined feel or choose cabinets with doors to conceal laundry products. Make sure shelving is high enough above appliances for ergonomic access and ventilation. Sturdy metal shelving looks chic and can handle the weight of laundry supplies.

Use Wall Space for Storage

Take advantage of vertical wall space to increase storage. Mount floor-to-ceiling shelving on available walls to neatly organize laundry, cleaning supplies, and other items. For a custom look, build fixed shelving spanning the whole wall. Make smart use of corner space with angled shelves or cabinetry.

Hang Items from the Door

A over-the-door hanging rack or shelves are perfect for stashing irons, delicates bags, and other laundry room accessories. Hang a small shoe rack on the back of the door to neatly store lint rollers, stain removers, and spare buttons.

Opt for Slim Retractable Counters

Having a dedicated folding area is useful but counter space is limited in a petite laundry room. Install a slim, retractable counter that folds back into the wall when not in use. Choose one with a built-in ironing board for extra efficiency.

Clever Storage Solutions

Strategic storage is key to keeping a small laundry organized and clutter-free. Look for dual-purpose furnishings and innovative laundry room storage ideas.

Use Tiered Storage

Tiered shelves, racks, and other vertical storage solutions are ideal for compact laundry rooms. Floor-to-ceiling étagères with multiple shelves and baskets enable you to neatly stack and sort laundry. For hanging storage, install a retractable drying rack that folds vertically to save space.

Add Hidden Storage

Take advantage of the room’s nooks and crannies for discreet storage space. Place narrow rolling carts in unused gaps between appliances and walls. Look for stackable washers and dryers with storage drawers built into the pedestal. For extra hidden storage, build a customized cabinet for the laundry machines with drawers and doors.

Choose Multipurpose Furnishings

Make every piece of furniture work double duty. Opt for a counter-height table rather than standard size to serve as a folding station and extra counter space. Look for small storage ottomans you can use for folding laundry or bonus seating. A rolling cart can conveniently store laundry supplies and double as an extra surface for folding clothes.

Use Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins help corral laundry, supplies, and accessories while keeping everything visible. Stackable options conserve space. Label baskets to sort delicates, lights, darks, towels, socks and other laundry categories. Clear plastic bins work well for organizing detergent pods, dryer sheets, stain removers and other supplies.

Space-Saving Appliances

Appliance selection plays a key role in optimizing functionality in a small laundry room. Seek out compact, stackable styles scaled to modest spaces.

Choose Top-Load Laundry Machines

In tight quarters, top-loading washers and dryers have distinct spatial advantages over front-loaders. They can be stacked to double capacity without occupying more floor space. Their controls are conveniently located on the backsplash, rather than on the front panel. For added flexibility, select models with reversible doors to accommodate your room configuration.

Install Slimmer Machines

If your laundry room layout permits, consider sleek,narrow-width laundry machines. Typical washers and dryers measure 27-inches wide while some companies like Blomberg and Equator offer 22 to 24-inch models for small spaces. Just ensure shortened drums and tub capacity meet your household needs.

Invest in Multi-Function Machines

Combination washer-dryer units are ultimate space-savers, providing two vital appliances in one. Some operate as a washer and dryer while others work one function at a time. Make sure to compare cycle options to meet your laundry demands. Portable washing machines with a built-in drying spin cycle are another good option for tiny laundries.

Add Laundry Pedestals

Pedestal drawers are a smart way to raise front-loading machines for more comfortable access while gaining storage space underneath. Look for stacking kits so the pedestals securely align your washer and dryer. Cushioned bench-style laundry pedestals offer added seating.

Stylish Laundry Room Décor

Just because your laundry room is small doesn’t mean it has to look messy or boring. A few key design choices lend loads style even to the most modest little laundry nook.

Use Appealing Flooring

Durable, low-maintenance flooring suited to wet, high-traffic laundry rooms also provides the perfect blank canvas for decorating. Luxury vinyl plank flooring comes in chic wood looks. Bold patterned vinyl flooring adds visual interest. For a polished look, opt for porcelain tile flooring with decorative accent tiles.

Incorporate Tasteful Wallpaper

Creative wallpaper adorns the walls with color, prints, or charming motifs while concealing inevitable laundry room wear and tear. Choose pre-pasted washable wallpaper for fuss-free application and maintenance. For a bold touch, decorate an accent wall behind appliances. Opt for a cheery print or sophisticated damask design.

Add Pops of Color

Bright, happy color combats the utilitarian vibe of most laundry rooms. Energize plain white walls with a fresh coat of cheery turquoise, sunny yellow, or vivid green paint. Coordinate your wall color with patterned contact paper lining the wall inside open shelving. Add colorfulaccents with baskets, bins, and patterned rugs.

Install Special Lighting

Good lighting transforms even the humblest small laundry room. For task lighting, under-cabinet puck lights illuminate folding and ironing areas. For soft ambient lighting, hang a pendant fixture centered over the room. Sconces flanking a decorative mirror provide flattering illumination.

Declutter and Organize

Clutter makes any small space feel more confined. Keep laundry products and tools neatly organized via bins, baskets and storage containers. Ensure items have a designated storage spot so surfaces stay clear. Pare down to essential laundry room items and donate or relocate overflow to other areas of your home.

Big Style on a Small Budget

Creating a stylish laundry room doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Follow these savvy tips to maximize your design dollars:

  • Source baskets, shelving, and storage items from budget-friendly retailers like IKEA, Target, and Dollar Tree. Matching pieces create a pulled-together look.
  • Search clearance sections and buy secondhand for major appliances. Scrub, paint, or rewrap to refresh.
  • Use peel-and-stick wallpaper or contact paper rather than costly new cabinetry to transform existing furnishings.
  • Freshen walls with new paint in an on-trend hue rather than pricey new tile or laminate.
  • Dress windows with budget window film or cafè curtains instead of expensive window treatments.
  • Update lighting with affordable new fixtures and bulb rather than a costly electrician rewiring job.
  • Sew your own laundry sorters and ironing board covers using charming printed fabrics on the cheap.
  • Seek out freebies. Cabinetry, countertops, or shelving given away on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace just needs some TLC.

With a little ingenuity, even the humblest small laundry room can reach its maximum potential for functionality and style. Make the most of the space you have using these clever design ideas and affordable revamp solutions. Soon you’ll enjoy a dreamy petite laundry room boasting loads of smart storage, efficiency, and chic character.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Laundry Room Ideas For Creative Small Spaces

Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a small laundry room, it can be a challenge figuring out how to maximize your space. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about designing a functional, beautiful laundry room in a tight footprint.

What are some general tips for a small laundry room?

  • Prioritize efficiency. Every item should have a place and purpose. Get rid of bulky appliances and extras you don’t need.
  • Take advantage of vertical space with wall-mounted cabinets, shelves, and hanging racks.
  • Choose space-saving appliances like narrow-width or stackable washer/dryers.
  • Use multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans or fold-down counters.
  • Visually expand the room with light colors, mirrors, and glass cabinet doors.

How can I add more laundry room storage?

  • Use baskets, bins, and wall racks to triple vertical storage space.
  • Install over-the-door hanging racks, shelves, and shoe organizers.
  • Build customized cabinetry with adjustable shelves and hidden compartments.
  • Choose pedestal washers and dryers with storage drawers built into the base.
  • Use the back of cabinet doors to mount laundry sorters, ironing boards, or magnetic strips.

What are some good organizational ideas for a small laundry room?

  • Clearly label bins and baskets for sorting clothes, linens, and supplies.
  • Corral laundry tools like stain removers in caddies mounted inside cabinet doors.
  • Store delicate items in pop-up hampers that collapse flat when not in use.
  • Mount an ironing station on the wall or the back of a door.
  • Use over-the-door clear plastic shoe holders for small laundry items.

What are space-saving folding ideas?

  • Opt for a narrow fold-down wall mounted counter.
  • Install a freestanding counter on casters that can move where needed.
  • Use a sturdy storage ottoman that doubles as extra seating.
  • Fold clothes directly out of a rolling laundry cart with a large top shelf.
  • Get a compact mini ironing board that folds down from the wall or fits inside a cabinet.

How can I make my small laundry room more attractive?

  • Paint the walls a happy, energizing hue. Aqua and sunshine yellow are popular picks.
  • Adhere colorful patterned contact paper to shelves for a custom look.
  • Decorate with art, plants, and cheerful laundry-themed accents.
  • Add special lighting like pendant lamps or LED light strips.
  • Install floor tile, luxury vinyl plank, or linoleum in fun patterns.

What are some budget-friendly laundry room makeover ideas?

  • Give cabinetry or the washer and dryer a fresh coat of paint in a modern shade.
  • Use peel-and-stick wallpaper to transform existing shelving and furnishings.
  • Change up knobs and handles on cabinets and drawers for an instant update.
  • Repurpose furniture pieces like dressers and hutches to gain storage and a style boost.
  • Refresh lighting by spray-painting existing fixtures. Swap out bulbs for brighter task lighting.

Optimizing a petite laundry room is all about making smart use of every inch. With the right space-saving furnishings and design choices, you can create a highly efficient and envy-worthy laundry zone even in the most compact footprint.


A small laundry room doesn’t have to limit your design dreams. With inventive storage solutions, compact appliances, and a few style-boosting touches, you can create a laundry oasis tailored to your needs and tastes. Focus on maximizing what you have rather than mourning a lack of space.

Take advantage of vertical real estate to double shelving and hanging storage. Seek out narrow, stackable laundry machines or versatile combination units. Make multipurpose pieces like storage ottomans and retractable counters work overtime. Include clever and unexpected storage spots like the back of doors or under appliances.

Infuse loads of character through cheerful paint colors, creative wallpaper, custom cabinetry, and special lighting. The finishing touches make all the difference in transforming a cramped laundry zone into a highly functional and fabulous space you’ll truly enjoy using every day. With the right small laundry room ideas, you can get big style even in the most petite footprints.