Small Bathroom Vanity Creative and Stylish Vanities for Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom can present challenges when it comes to vanity selection. However, with some creative thinking and smart design, there are plenty of stylish small bathroom vanity options to optimize your limited space. This guide explores tips for choosing the right small bathroom vanity, as well as highlighting beautiful and functional vanities perfect for petite powder rooms and tight toilet spaces.

Choosing the Right Small Bathroom Vanity

Picking the perfect vanity for a small bathroom requires some careful consideration regarding size, storage, and style. Here are some top tips for selecting a vanity that maximizes function and aesthetics in a compact bath.

Optimize Vanity Size

When dealing with limited square footage, vanity size and depth matter. Look for narrow vanities between 24-30 inches wide to fit in tight spaces. depth is also key – choose a vanity no deeper than 20 inches to leave ample legroom. Wall-mounted and pedestal sinks open up floor space, while a corner vanity neatly tucks into odd angles.

Maximize Storage

Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean storage can’t be optimized. Seek out vanities with drawer stacks, pull-out trays, and open shelving for tucking away toiletries. Door styles like soft-close glide or swing-out maximize usable cubby space. Going drawer-less with an open concept bottom saves inches while still stashing necessities in handy canvas bins.

Mind the Materials

Small vanity materials should prioritize a light, airy aesthetic to avoid closing in the space. Painted wood cabinets in soft neutrals or pastels keep things spacious, as do clean-lined laminates and thermofoil finishes. Natural wood tones like whitewashed oak also work well. Glass or metal bases increase visual space.

Style for Small Spaces

Contemporary, transitional, and modern styling keeps a petite bathroom looking fresh, new, and up-to-date. Floating vanities, minimalist hardware, sleek profiles, and sculptural legs all contribute to an airy, uncluttered look. Creative shapes like curves, angles, and asymmetry inject interest while enhancing overall style.

Stylish Small Vanities for Tiny Bathrooms

Here are some beautiful, functional, and creative small bathroom vanities perfect for maximizing style in diminutive spaces:

Space-Saving Corner Vanities

Tucking a vanity into a corner is one of the smartest small bathroom ideas, opening up floor space while still providing storage.

White corner vanity with marble top

Image source

This bright white corner vanity takes advantage of unused angles while the beveled marble top enhances chic style. Soft-close doors ensure whisper-quiet use.

![Rustic wood corner vanity and mirrors]( rustic-modern-bathroom-dwell-design-group-llc-img~c8f1ee8e0344a1a6_9788-1-66d27c3-w312-h312-b0-p0.jpg)

Image source

The rich woodgrain pattern on this corner vanity contrasts beautifully with the modern double sinks. Circular mirrors maximize visual space.

Space-Saving Pedestal Sinks

For the ultimate small bathroom vanity, a pedestal sink frees up valuable square footage. The clean, floating look enhances modern or traditional bathrooms.

![Small black pedestal sink]( bathroom-bertolotto-portobello-img~d091995c0344a248_5383-1-6e1d865-w312-h312-b0-p0.jpg)

Image source

The slim black profile of this pedestal sink adds drama while the cylindrical shape saves space. Sleek chrome fixtures continue the contemporary vibe.

White porcelain pedestal sink

Image source

For traditional charm, this petite porcelain pedestal sink features charming fluted details. Oval handles and a wall-mount faucet optimize space.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Another space-expanding option is a wall-mounted vanity. Floating the cabinetry leaves floor area open while pipework can be hidden inside the wall framing.

![Modern floating wood vanity]( Bertolotto-img~25619600039cde35_1889-1-1e2f0e4-w312-h312-b0-p0.jpg)

Image source

The rich woodgrain on this wall-hung vanity adds organic texture to the minimalist space. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the floating aesthetic.

Small black floating vanity

Image source

For contemporary edge, this wall-mounted black wood vanity has an eye-catching asymmetrical shape. The unseen plumbing maintains a sleek, minimalist look.

Small Double Vanities

Just because space is tight doesn’t rule out his-and-hers sinks. Cleverly designed petite double vanities allow couples to share without clutter.

Modern double floating vanity

Image source

By floating this vanity, the small bathroom squeezes in his-and-her sinks with wall-mounted faucets to save space. Soft-close drawers ensure quiet.

![Petite traditional double vanity]( bertolotto-img~4c3d382303a46566_5343-1-b612b26-w312-h312-b0-p0.jpg)

Image source

The vintage charm of this compact double vanity is enhanced by arched mirrors and ceramic knobs. Privacy is maintained by separating sinks around the corner.

Contemporary Curved Vanities

A curved vanity can maximize a small corner while adding unique modern flair to the bathroom’s look.

![White curved floating vanity]( contemporary-bathroom-pharne-architecture-img~eaf1f8ed02785921_5104-1-691436a-w312-h312-b0-p0.jpg)

Image source

The sweeping shape of this wall-mounted vanity provides ample counter space without crowding guests. Towering ceilings enhance the airy vibe.

Gray wood curved corner vanity

Image source

Nestled neatly into a corner, the woodgrain texture and curved shape of this vanity bring warmth to the sleek modern space.

5 FAQs about Small Bathroom Vanities

Here are answers to five of the most frequently asked questions about buying and styling vanities for petite powder rooms.

1. What is the smallest vanity size recommended for a bathroom?

For a main bathroom vanity, a size of 30 inches wide by 20 inches deep is recommended as the smallest functional size. For powder rooms, a very compact option is a 24-inch wide by 16-inch deep vanity. Sink basins around 22 inches wide work well.

2. How much space should be allowed around a bathroom vanity?

Ideally allow for at least 21 inches of clearance space in front of a vanity for comfortable use. This enables users to sit and stand comfortably at the sink basin. At minimum, have 18 inches of space in front of the vanity cabinet.

3. Should I get a vessel or drop-in sink for a small bathroom vanity?

For a petite vanity, a drop-in sink usually maximizes basin space since width is limited. Vessel sinks take up deck space. However, a wall-mounted or pedestal vessel sink can work well to save floor space in tight baths. Evaluate the look you want and available room.

4. What flooring works best with a small vanity?

Porcelain or ceramic tile is the best small bathroom flooring option. The sleek, water-resistant finish pairs well with both contemporary and traditional vanities. Small mosaics keep floors looking light and spacious. Natural stone or wood-look tiles also enhance vanity style.

5. What lighting works best for small bathrooms?

Slim linear fixtures, pendant lights, and wall sconces save space while amping up style. Lighted mirrors also double the brightness. For contemporary edge, install undercabinet lighting. finally, natural light is key – opt for skylights or windows when possible.


While small bathrooms present challenges, the right vanity selection ensures style and function aren’t sacrificed. Focus on compact footprints, legs for airy spaciousness, and floating platforms to expand floor space. Clever corner tucks and pedestal sinks also maximize room. Storage can still be optimized through smart interior fittings and drawers.

With some creative thinking and compact designs, even the tiniest powder room can house your dream vanity. Use these tips and stylish small vanity inspirations to design the perfect petite bathroom you’ll adore.