Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Creative Storage Solutions

Having a small bathroom can be challenging when it comes to finding enough storage space. With some creativity and clever solutions, you can maximize every inch and keep your bathroom organized. From wall-mounted cabinets to dual-purpose furniture, there are plenty of options to consider when looking for small bathroom storage ideas.

Use Wall-Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets are a great way to utilize vertical space in a small bathroom. Look for narrow cabinets that fit over the toilet or on another empty wall space. Opt for open shelving or cabinets with doors to conceal clutter. Wall cabinets provide extra space for storing toiletries, medicines, towels and other bathroom essentials.

Install Corner Shelves

Corners tend to be underutilized space in small bathrooms. Take advantage of this wasted space by installing corner shelves. Triangle-shaped shelves fit nicely into a corner and have multiple tiers to store and display items. Look for corner shelves with a vertical design to maximize vertical storage. These are handy for keeping toilet paper, extra towels, beauty products and other necessities within easy reach.

Add a Freestanding Cabinet

Freestanding cabinets on legs provide concealed storage without taking up wall space. Look for a tall and narrow cabinet to tuck beside the vanity or toilet. Opt for a cabinet with both shelves and drawers to store a variety of bathroom items. Closed storage keeps clutter out of sight. A freestanding cabinet is also easy to move if you rearrange your bathroom.

Choose Narrow Shelving Units

Narrow shelving units are useful for filling awkward small spaces in a tiny bathroom. Look for an étagère-style shelf with multiple tiers to hold folded towels, toiletries and decorative items. Place a slim shelving unit next to the vanity, next to the toilet or in another tight spot. Floating wall shelves are another option for creating more display space without taking up floor space.

Use Over-the-Toilet Storage

While often overlooked, the area above the toilet is prime real estate for storage in a small bathroom. Over-the-toilet shelving and cabinets maximize the space. Look for one with a towel bar, shelves and closed cabinet space. These double as extra storage and give your bathroom a built-in look. Just make sure it is installed safely and securely.

Opt for a Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is one of the best small bathroom ideas when space is limited. The sink sits atop a single pedestal base, eliminating the need for any storage underneath. This opens up floor space and allows for freestanding storage like a narrow shelving unit or cabinet. The clean lines also enhance the look of a tiny bathroom.

Install Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-out shelves are a clever way to take advantage of often unused space between studs in the wall. Mounted on tracks, they pull out to provide easy access to bathroom toiletries and supplies. Look for pull-out cabinets to install between studs or underneath the sink for hidden storage. Some even have a mirror front to conceal the storage.

Add Multipurpose Furniture

Creative storage solutions for small bathrooms include using multifunctional furniture. A wall cabinet with a built-in mirror saves space. Look for a storage bench that doubles as seating or a stool that opens to reveal hidden storage. Even a rolling cart can hold towels and toiletries and tuck out of the way. Dual-purpose pieces maximize every inch.

Use Ladder Racks as Towel Storage

Take advantage of wall space with ladder-style towel racks or shelves. Mount one horizontally on the wall, parallel to the floor. Then use it to neatly fold and store towels and washcloths within easy reach. A ladder rack maximizes vertical storage in a narrow space. Other options include over-the-door towel racks to hang on the back of the bathroom door.

Install Recessed Shelves

Tuck shelves into unused alcoves and spaces with recessed shelving. This is ideal if you have a nook, cranny or niche in your bathroom. Tailor recessed shelving and cabinets to fit into the available space. Then use them to store extra towels, toilet paper, beauty products and other bathroom necessities. Even a shallow space can accommodate wall-mounted shelving.

Utilize Slim Drawers

If your bathroom vanity doesn’t offer much storage space, consider installing custom drawers to maximize the area underneath. Narrow drawers to fit small spaces allow you to neatly tuck away toiletries, beauty products and medications. Opt for soft-closing hardware so drawers slide out smoothly without slamming. This creates hidden storage areas.

Add Shelves Above Doors

Here’s another clever storage solution for small bathrooms: take advantage of the space above the door by installing shallow shelves. This vertical area is often underutilized. Use shelves to store extra toilet paper rolls, small decor items, or neatly folded washcloths. Just be sure to allow enough clearance so the shelves don’t get bumped by the door.

Incorporate Baskets for Storage

Bathroom storage baskets are both decorative and functional. Group a few on a shelf or stack them in a corner. Use baskets to conceal everyday clutter like beauty products, cleaning supplies, hair tools, candles and more. Opt for baskets with a washable woven texture. The natural look is pleasing and coordinates with any style.

Install Mirror Cabinets

Another space-saving idea is to choose a bathroom mirror that doubles as hidden storage. Look for a wall cabinet with a mirror front that blends seamlessly into your bathroom design. When closed, it looks just like a standard mirror but opens to reveal shelving or cabinets behind. Store toiletries, medications and other small items inside.

AddFloating Wall Shelves

Floating shelves mounted on walls are a quick and easy way to add storage without taking up precious floor space. Look for floating shelves in sleek, simple designs to display decorative items or neatly store folded washcloths and hand towels. Stagger shelves at different heights for a visually appealing look. Floating shelves are also easy to install.

Use Over-the-Door Organizers

Don’t forget about the back of the door when looking for smart places to add extra storage. Over-the-door organizers are designed to hang on the door and provide storage for bathroom toiletries, cleaning supplies, beauty products and more. Look for open shelves, canvas bags, and other accessories. An over-the-door organizer keeps everything in one handy spot.

Stash Items in the Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet offers easily accessible storage space right about the bathroom sink. Take full advantage of this by stashing small items like lotions, cosmetics, medications, dental care essentials, and grooming tools inside. Look for a cabinet with adjustable shelves and storage bins. This allows you to customize the space to suit your needs.

Choose a Sliding Door Shower

A sliding glass shower door can make a small bathroom feel more spacious. Unlike a shower curtain that takes up interior space, a sliding door retracts out of the way. The streamlined design also enhances the look of the room. Make sure to choose sliding doors designed specifically for showers to contain water properly.

Use a Tension Pole Shower Caddy

Instead of drilling into your shower walls to install hooks, use a tension pole shower caddy. Designed for small showers, these fit vertically between the floor and ceiling. Adjustable poles have shelves and removable baskets to hold toiletries. Tension pole caddies avoid permanent holes and provide flexibility if you rearrange your space.

Install Vertical Tile Patterns

Strategically installing vertical tile patterns is an easy trick to make a small bathroom feel taller. Use thin, floor-to-ceiling tile with vertical grout lines in the shower and on walls. You can also get the elongated look with wallpaper or paint stripes. The effect helps draw the eye upward, enhancing the sense of space.

Extend Storage to the Ceiling

Maximize vertical storage space from floor to ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling shelving units, cabinets and towel racks take advantage of every inch. Look for bathroom cabinets and other storage options that reach all the way to the ceiling. Hanging a curtain rod flush to the ceiling also extends the sense of space.

Add Tiered Shelving

Multi-tier shelving makes the most of tight spaces. Look for shelving units, floor cabinets, corner cabinets and other storage options with multiple shelves. These allow you to store bathroom essentials while utilizing all the available space both vertically and horizontally. Tiered shelving lets you stack and organize items.

Consider Clear Storage Bins

Using clear bins and containers is an easy way to add concealed storage without the space looking cluttered. Look for stackable bins to slide onto shelves or place in cabinets. Label bins so you can quickly find everyday items. Clear bins also let you see what’s inside, keeping everything organized. The transparency maintains an open, airy look.

Install Shallow Cabinets

If your bathroom has small areas of unused space, shallow cabinets can maximize them. Look for wall-mounted cabinets approximately 5 to 6 inches deep. These provide just enough space for small items without protruding too far into the room. Use shallow cabinets vertically above the toilet, next to the vanity or in other tight spots.

Hang Baskets Underneath Cabinets

An easy way to create more storage in your bathroom is hanging baskets underneath cabinets. Attach them using cabinet knobs, hooks or small metal braces. Use baskets to stow toilet paper rolls, beauty and grooming products, cleaning wipes and spray bottles. This utilizes space that typically goes unused. Just be sure to leave countertops clear.

Roll Out a Sliding Storage Cart

A rolling cart on wheels can conveniently stow bathroom essentials without taking up permanent floor space. Look for a slender cart designed to slide or tuck into tight spaces. Roll it out of the way when not in use. Carts offer both open and concealed storage. Use it to hold toilet paper, towels, beauty products or cleaning supplies.

Declutter Surfaces for Visual Space

While not a storage solution, clearing counter tops, ledges and other surfaces can make a small bathroom appear more open. Remove rarely used decorative items as well as everyday clutter. Store these items in cabinets, shelves and drawers. The cleaner the surfaces, the more spacious even a tiny bathroom will look. A de-cluttered look enhances visual space.

Store Items Under the Vanity

Maximize the storage potential underneath your bathroom vanity. This out-of-sight area is ideal for stowing items you don’t need daily access to like extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Use vertical dividers, stackable bins and trays to optimize organization. Slide small bins onto shelves to customize the space.

Choose Open Vanity Cabinets

Enhance the sense of openness in a small bathroom by opting for a vanity with open cabinets. This allows you to use the space underneath for folded towels, toilet paper and other necessities while also keeping the room looking airy. Closed cabinets can make the space below the sink feel restricted. Opt for an open vanity instead.

Get Creative with Removable Wallpaper

Add a chic accent wall with removable wallpaper to make a small bathroom feel fresh and spacious. Go for vertical stripes, faux tiles or an airy floral print. Bold wallpaper draws the eye upward for an illusion of height. Removable wallpaper is an inexpensive solution that allows you easily change up the look.

Install a Wall-Mount Faucet

Another space-saving trick is choosing a wall-mount faucet rather than a traditional sink-mounted version. Wall-mounted faucets attach directly to the wall and eliminate the need for a tap deck. This frees up valuable counter space and makes the vanity area feel more open.

Utilize a Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door can save space compared to a standard swing door. Look for a sliding barn door with a sleek, minimalist design to open up a small bathroom. When closed, it tucks out of sight. When open, it saves interior floor space. Make sure to measure carefully so the door can slide across easily.

Add Cubbies for Folded Towels

Built-in open cubbies give you space to neatly fold and display towels without cluttering up precious surface area. Look for wall-mounted cubbies to install near the shower or tub. You can also have cubbies custom built into cabinetry. The divided storage keeps towels organized and makes efficient use of small spaces.

Consider Glass Shelving and Cabinets

Glass is a go-to material choice when designing a small bathroom. The transparency helps maintain an airier, less restricted look. Glass cabinet doors, glass shelves and glass shower partitions allow light to filter through the space. Floating tempered glass shelves add storage without solid walls enclosing the room.

Choose Pocket Doors

If your small bathroom has a swing door, consider replacing it with a pocket door. Pocket doors slide directly into the wall, completely disappearing from sight. Open, they conserve interior floor space. Closed, they tuck out of sight for a sleek look. Just make sure the pocket is deep enough for the door to fully recess.

Install Towel Ladders

Towel ladders provide vertical storage that takes up minimal floor space. Position one near the shower or tub for easy access. Fold hand towels and washcloths over the rungs. Opt for a ladder with shelves or built-in towel bars for additional storage. Freestanding ladders on wheels add flexibility to move them anywhere.

Hang Baskets for Extra Storage

Freestanding wire storage units with hanging baskets are ideal for small bathrooms. Position one near the vanity to hold toiletries, makeup and grooming products. The vertical design provides plenty of storage in a compact footprint. Baskets allow you to neatly organize and conceal smaller items while keeping them easily accessible.

Choose Nesting Tables

A set of nesting tables (smaller tables that can slide under a larger one) provides surface space without taking up much room. Pull tables out when you need to set down toiletries or fold laundry, then tuck them back under the largest table when not in use. Opt for nesting tables with wheels for easy mobility.

Repurpose Ladder Bookcase

Give an old wooden ladder a new life as a bathroom storage solution. Mount horizontally on the wall and use rungs to hold rolled towels, toilet paper, washcloths and decorative bottles or containers. Make sure to space items out for even weight distribution. A ladder bookcase adds rustic charm to a small bathroom.

Use Shelf Risers

You can double your cabinet and shelf storage with risers designed to lift and separate items. Risers raise the height to create space for more items underneath without taking up any additional floor space. They also make it easier to see and access what’s stored. Look for adjustable risers to customize shelf height.

Hang Baskets Under Sinks

Many small bathrooms have awkward hard-to-use spaces underneath sinks. Solve this problem by installing storage baskets that hang from removable cabinet shelves. Sturdy baskets provide an easy way to access items tucked under the sink without having to kneel down. They also allow air to circulate, preventing mold.

Add a Storage Bench

A slim storage bench at the end of the tub takes advantage of empty floor space while providing seating. Look for a bench with lift-up lid or slide-out drawers. Use it to tuck away towels, toiletries and other bathroom items. A storage bench also gives you a place to sit when drying off after a shower or bath.

Use Clever Mirror Storage

Mirrors with built-in storage compartments allow you to see yourself while also accessing items. Look for mirrors with shelves or cabinets behind for holding small toiletries, makeup, styling products and more. Some mirrors flip up or rotate to access hidden storage. Medicine cabinets with mirrors also maximize space.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves mounted on walls create plenty of storage without cluttering a small bathroom. Look for floating shelves made of glass, wood composite, or metal in simple designs that enhance the room’s style. Use them in place of conventional cabinets to maintain an open look in a tiny space. Floating shelves are easy to install anywhere.

Opt for a Pedestal Tub

Like a pedestal sink, a freestanding pedestal bathtub also helps save precious space. The tub sits up on feet, allowing for open space underneath. Without bulky built-in surrounding cabinetry, a pedestal tub avoids a closed-in look. This makes the room appear more open and spacious.

Use In-Shower Caddies and Organizers

Keep essentials within arm’s reach but out of the way with in-shower caddies and organizers. Suction-cup cages hold bottles against the wall. Corner shelves neatly store razors and soaps. Tension pole caddies maximize unused vertical space without drilling. In-shower organizing tools keep things handy but streamlined.

Consider Open-Front Cabinets

Standard bathroom vanity cabinets have doors that close and conceal storage. For a small bathroom, open-front cabinets create a lighter, airier look. The open shelves allow you to access and display items while maintaining a sense of openness. Try combining open and closed cabinets for the best of both worlds.

Install Slide-Out Trays Under Sinks

Slide-out trays and drawers mounted under bathroom sinks provide easy access to the dark, forgotten space. Look for custom trays on tracks that pull out so you can neatly organize toiletries and supplies. Slide trays completely under the sink when not in use. Soft-closing hardware allows a smooth, quiet motion.

Add a Slim Rolling Cart

A slim rolling cart adds portable storage that can easily move around as needed. Look for a narrow metal cart with wheels and tuck it into an unused corner or beside the vanity. Rolling carts have the advantage of both open and concealed storage. Use it to hold towels, toilet paper and other bathroom necessities.

Try Using a Hanging Wall Cabinet

Take advantage of vertical wall space with a hanging wall cabinet. Designed for small bathrooms, slim hanging cabinets mount to the wall above the toilet. Look for a cabinet with doors to conceal contents or open shelving for display space. Wall cabinets maximize often overlooked space.

Install Slim Drawers

Maximize vertical storage beside or under existing vanities by installing custom drawers. Narrow 3 to 5 inch drawers are perfect for tucking into