Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas: Relaxing Sense of The Nordic Style

The Scandinavian style, also known as Nordic design, is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. This aesthetic extends beautifully into the bathroom, creating serene and soothing spaces perfect for relaxation. Incorporating elements like light wood, neutral colors, natural materials, and sleek, modern lines results in bathrooms with a peaceful ambiance reminiscent of the Nordic region.

Embracing Minimalism

A hallmark of Scandinavian design is minimalism. Clutter is cleared away in favor of only the essentials. The Scandinavian bathroom adheres to this principle by including just the necessary fixtures and accessories.

Focus on the basics like a toilet, sink, tub or shower, and storage. Skip extraneous decorative items that serve no purpose. Every item should have function. For example, shelves lined with neatly folded towels or baskets holding bath essentials are preferable to cluttered knickknacks.

Stick to including only what you need in the bathroom. This creates a soothing, open feel that allows you to relax and focus on self-care.

Creating Spaciousness with Light

Scandinavian style seeks to make rooms feel open and airy. One way to achieve this in the bathroom is through abundant use of natural and artificial light.

Take advantage of any natural light sources like windows and skylights. Opt for translucent window treatments like light linens or frosted glass instead of heavy curtains that block sunlight.

Supplement with plenty of lighting fixtures like pendant lights, sconces, and vanity lighting. Choose fixtures with a clean, contemporary design rather than ornate, overdone options.

Aim for lighting that provides sufficient illumination but avoids harshness. Soft, diffuse lighting aligns with the calming ambiance of Nordic style.

Opening up the bathroom with ample light makes the space feel more expansive. This contributes to a relaxing setting ideal for self-care.

The Soothing Use of Neutral Colors

Neutrals dominate the Scandinavian color palette. Soft, light, and neutral colors characterize Nordic bathrooms. Stick to a simple color scheme of whites, beiges, greys, and other pale neutrals.

Crisp whites have a clean, bright feel perfect for the bathroom. Off-whites like ecru and ivory provide warmth while maintaining the light Nordic aesthetic.

Cool greys read as soothing and subtle. Pale blues and greens bring in hints of color inspired by nature without overwhelming the serene vibe.

Use neutrals on major surfaces like walls, floors, and cabinetsry. Then layer in pale woods, natural materials, and plants to prevent an overly stark look.

The neutral color scheme keeps the focus on simplicity and tranquility. You can add personality with accessories and textures while maintaining the calming backdrop.

Natural Materials for Organic Texture

While neutrals dominate the Scandinavian color scheme, texture adds visual interest. Natural materials like wood, stone, cotton, and wool provide organic texture.

Light wood is especially prominent, reflecting the Nordic landscape. Bleached oak and maple have a pale warmth that suits bathrooms. Use wood on cabinets, shelving, floors, or accent walls. Distressed, matte finishes maintain the peaceful ambiance.

Natural stone like marble, travertine, and slate bring subtle variation and texture. Keep finishes matte and steer clear of vivid veining or strong patterns. Use stone on countertops, backsplashes, shower floors, or accent walls.

Soft textiles provide cozy textures. Use cotton towels, wool rugs, and linen shower curtains. Look for subdued solids and minimal patterns. Layer in textiles to balance out sleek surfaces.

Clean, Modern Lines

Scandinavian design embraces simplicity not just in color but in lines and shapes. Furnishings have a streamlined, contemporary feel avoiding frilly detailing.

Focus on sleek, modern silhouettes in bathroom furniture. Look for simple, unfussy lines in vanities, cabinets, and shelving. Built-in cabinetry aligns better with the minimalist aesthetic than freestanding furniture.

Select functional fixtures with a clean, geometric look. Round basins, rectangular mirrors, and square shelving maintain the pared-back style.

Accessories also follow the less-is-more philosophy. Choose ceramic vessels, soap dispensers, and trays in simple shapes and forms.

The contemporary sensibility enhances the serene, uncluttered environment for unwinding.

Creating Zones with Scandinavian Style

Even in a small bathroom, you can create zones that each serve a purpose. This organizes essential functions while maintaining an open feel.

Designate specific zones for key areas:

Bathing – Focus this zone around the tub or shower. Use a soft rug, linen curtain, and wall-mounted sconces to create a spa-like ambiance. Include a small stool or wall shelf for bath essentials.

Toilet – Set off the toilet area with a partition or different flooring. Add a wall-mounted magazine rack and artificial plant. A pendant light illuminates the space.

Vanity – The vanity area should have ample task lighting and storage for toiletries. Decorate with a mirror, art print, and ceramic accessories. Use a small tray to corral items.

Storage – Maximize storage with a mix of open shelving, woven baskets, and cabinets. Keep extra towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies organized.

Zoning allows each area to feel uncluttered. And it prevents every feature competing for attention, promoting the relaxed vibe.

Key Elements of Scandinavian Bathroom Décor

Certain décor elements help achieve the chic simplicity of Scandinavian style. Incorporate these details for an authentic, relaxing Nordic bathroom:

  • Pale wood finishes like maple, ash, and oak for warmth
  • Subway tile, marble slab, or concrete for backsplash
  • Floating wood or metal shelves for display
  • Wicker or rattan baskets for storage
  • Fluffy cotton towels in white and pale neutrals
  • Metal or ceramic toothbrush holder and soap dispenser
  • Round or oval wall mirror for soft edges
  • Matte black metal fixtures and hardware
  • Glass vessel sink atop wood vanity
  • Square or rectangular soaking tub
  • Rainfall showerhead for spa-like relaxation
  • Indoor plants like succulents, snake plant, or pothos
  • Candles for cozy, dim lighting

These details incorporate both natural and modern elements for a soothing Nordic bathroom vibe.

Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the essential elements of Scandinavian bathroom style, here are some inspirational ideas to spark your Nordic design.

Woven Basket Storage

Weave texture and function into the bathroom with rattan, wicker, or bamboo baskets for storage. Stack different sized baskets neatly on open shelves. Or hide baskets within cabinetry to keep clutter tucked away while maintaining a streamlined look.

Use baskets to store extra towels, toiletries, and bath accessories. Just be sure to tidy the contents so the baskets don’t become cluttered. The neutral tones integrate beautifully with the tranquil color palette. And the organic texture balances out sleek surfaces.

Woven baskets on shelf

Source: The Spruce

Matte Black Fixtures

Embrace the Scandinavian affinity for black with matte black plumbing fixtures and hardware. Matte finishes ensure the black complements rather than contrasts the light, bright color scheme.

Use black on faucets, showerheads, bathroom sinks, towel racks, and mirrors. Avoid glossy finishes, as you want the black to read as subtle and neutral. The dark fixtures juxtapose beautifully against pale woods and marble.

For a cohesive look, carry the matte black finish throughout the bathroom onto the toilet paper holder, hooks, lighting, vents, and drains. The repeat of this one shade adds harmony.

Matte black fixtures

Source: Pinterest

Natural Stone Shower

Create a spa-like shower experience with natural stone tile or slabs. Marble, travertine, and slate provide subtle texture and color variation, while maintaining the calm Scandinavian aesthetic.

Use large-scale stone slab on the shower walls and floor. This continuous surface has a serene, seamless effect. Ensure the stone features minimal veins and patterning for a subdued finish.

Install a wall-mounted shower head and hand shower. Keep the metal finish matte black and opt for a rainfall-style shower head for a soothing soak.

Finish off the space with understated accessories like a natural wood stool, linen shower curtain, and rattan basket for bath essentials. The natural stone paired with wood and linen creates a relaxing, organic vibe.

Marble slate stone shower

Source: Pinterest

Modern Wood Vanity

Make the wood vanity a focal point with its warm, organic texture. Choose pale wood like maple or birch that has been stained or whitewashed to complement the neutral color scheme.

Opt for a wall-mounted floating vanity or sleek cabinetry built into the wall. This streamlined silhouette aligns with Scandinavian minimalism. Include cabinets and drawers for concealed storage.

Above the vanity, hang a rectangular mirror with rounded edges. Choose a matte black finish on the frame. Keep the counter and backsplash simple—a marble slab and matching stone or tile backsplash suffice.

Finish the look with a ceramic vessel sink, black metal faucet, and sconce lighting. The modern wood vanity creates a soothing yet functional space for starting and ending each day.

Modern white wood floating vanity

Source: Pinterest

Textured Tile Backsplash

While marble and concrete backsplashes align with Scandinavian bathroom style, add visual interest with textured tile. Maintain the neutral color scheme by selecting tiles in soft whites, greys, or pale blues.

Consider glass, stone, or ceramic tiles with subtle patterns and variation. Modern mosaic tiles, river stones, or Moroccan fish scale tiles make unique backsplash options. Just opt for pale neutral colors to complement the serene aesthetic.

To balance out the more vibrant tiles, keep the rest of the bathroom décor minimal. Let the backsplash be a textural focal point against sleek cabinetry, walls, and surfaces. The tile adds just a touch of handmade artistry to the calming space.

Textured moroccan fish scale tile backsplash

Source: Pinterest

Seamless Shower Niche

Recessed shelves seamlessly built into the shower provide pretty and functional storage. Opt for a narrow metal or ceramic shelf large enough to hold shower essentials. Or create a wider niche across a portion of the wall.

Choose finishing materials that match or complement your shower décor. For example, line the niche with marble slab if using marble tile on the walls and floors. Or give the niche a wood interior to contrast against stone.

Installing the niche flush with the wall maintains a streamlined, uncluttered look. The items inside become part of the display. Keep the niche tidy by only storing necessities or decorative vessels. The integrated shelving creates a spa-like shower without disrupting the minimalist style.

Small recessed shower niche

Source: Pinterest

Wood Accent Wall

Add organic warmth with a wood accent wall. Use reclaimed boards, shiplap planks, or tongue and groove paneling. White-washing or lightly sanding the wood gives it the pale, minimal finish suited for Scandinavian style.

A wood accent wall adds texture and visual interest while keeping other walls bright white for an airy feel. Use it behind the vanity, toilet, or tub. The wood provides a welcoming focal point without competing with the serene backdrop.

Incorporate matte black hardware, sconce lights, or cabinets on the accent wall. The pairing of pale wood and black creates depth and dimension while enhancing the rich simplicity.

White wood shiplap accent wall with black sconces

Source: Pinterest

Rattan Mirror Frame

Rattan and other woven materials add tactile texture in the Scandinavian bathroom. Use rattan to frame out a wall mirror for a natural, earthy feel.

Opt for woven strips in a light neutral shade that blends with the calming color scheme. Shape the rattan into a simple rectangular or oval mirror frame. Size it as narrow as possible to maintain the minimalist look.

Hang the rattan-framed mirror above the vanity to complement softer textiles like linen curtains and cotton towels. The organic texture and pale color help soften hard surfaces. Let the mirror be the lone decorative focal point to keep the look uncluttered.

Rattan wrapped mirror

Source: Pinterest

Freestanding Tub

While built-in tubs maintain a streamlined look, a freestanding tub serves as a sculptural focal point. Choose a smooth, contemporary tub in a rounded rectangular or oval shape. Monochromatic white blends right in with the neutral color palette.

Position the tub away from the walls for a design statement. Let the tub take center stage in the bathroom, flanked only by sconces or trailing vines. Keep the space around it clear and uncluttered.

Pair the eye-catching tub with matching minimalist details like white-washed wood floors, linen curtains, a floating wood shelf, and green plants. A few key punches of black on the hardware and accents tie the look together.

White oval freestanding tub

Source: Pinterest

Wood Shelving Ladder

Take advantage of vertical wall space while contributing natural texture. Install a leaning shelving ladder adjacent to the tub, vanity, or toilet area. Opt for a classic criss-cross ladder design crafted from light-toned wood.

Style the ladder shelves with rolled towels, ceramic vessels, or trailing vines in hanging planters. Keep accessories minimal for clutter-free storage and display. The organic shape and material soften without overwhelming the tranquil ambiance.

White wood ladder shelf

Source: Pinterest

Concrete & Wood

The pairing of pale wood and grey concrete complements perfectly. Use concrete on shower or floor surfaces and wood for shelving, cabinets, and accent walls.

For the shower, select a matte concrete in soft grey for the floor and walls. Then add a recessed wood shelf for organic contrast.

On the floor, use large-scale concrete tiles or slabs. Warm it up with a bleached wood vanity atop the concrete flooring. The mix of these two materials creates a stunning, minimalist juxtaposition.

Concrete tile shower with wood shelf

Source: Pinterest

Black Framed Mirrors

Mirrors feel brighter and airier when framed in black instead of blending into the wall. Select matte black framed mirrors in clean-lined rectangular or oval shapes.

Hang them alone above vanities or sinks for impact. Or arrange a trio of different sized mirrors on a shared black frame for gallery wall style.

Keep the black finish consistent on all bathroom hardware, fixtures, and accents for rhythm. The high-contrast pair of black and white embodies Scandinavian minimalism. Let the mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of expanded space.

Trio of round black framed mirrors

Source: Pinterest

Natural Greenery

Work hints of living green into the Scandinavian bathroom for organic texture and purification. Potted snake plants, succulents, or ferns allow you to enjoy plants without humidity concerns.