Rustic Kitchen Cabinets for a Country Cottage & Farmhouse Decoration


Rustic kitchen cabinets can add delightful country charm to a cozy cottage or farmhouse kitchen. The earthy, weathered finishes and visible wood grain of rustic cabinets complement the laidback lifestyle associated with country and farmhouse decor.

When designing a kitchen with rustic cabinets, key elements include natural materials like wood and stone, vintage accents, and neutral color palettes. Together, these features create a welcoming space perfect for casual family meals and laidback entertaining.

Below we’ll explore the details of pulling off rustic cabinets for a countryside kitchen, from cabinet door styles and finishes to hardware and accent details. With the right combination of elements, your kitchen can embody cozy cottage style with rustic flair.

Types of Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Species

Choosing the right wood species is the first step in creating rustic cabinets. Opt for woods with visible grains like:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Hickory
  • Maple

The pronounced wood grains and sometimes imperfections of these species give a timeworn, rustic feel.

Pine is a top choice because it’s relatively affordable and has a distinctly rustic vibe. Unfinished pine will develop a patina over time, enhancing the rustic look.

Door Styles

Simple, classic door profiles complement the rustic style. Avoid ornate designs and opt for:

  • Shaker
  • Slab
  • Flat panel
  • Plank

Shaker cabinets with a visible wood frame around a flat center panel are timeless. Slab, flat panel, and plank styles also let the wood grains take center stage without distraction.

For extra character, mix up different sizes and shapes of slab or flat panel doors across cabinets.


Rustic kitchen cabinets showcase the wood’s natural colors rather than opaque painted finishes. Consider:

  • Stain – For bringing out wood grain patterns. Choose medium to dark walnut or espresso stains. White-washing is also popular for a timeworn patina.
  • Glaze – Adds a second sheer layer of color over stain for more depth.
  • Distressing – Simulates wear by manually nicking paint or stain to expose wood underneath.
  • Wax – Enhances wood grains and offers light protection. Use natural beeswax or darker ones like briwax.

Avoid glossy finishes, and opt for flat, matte, or rubbed effects instead for understated rustic style. Unfinished pine also develops gorgeous patinas over time.


Rustic cabinet hardware choices include:

  • Wrought iron pulls or handles in black, bronze, or aged metal finishes
  • Wooden knobs in round or square shapes
  • Antique-style ceramic, marble, or glass knobs

Avoid modern metal handles. Instead, seek hardware with patinas, rough textures, or shapes emblematic of old-world style. Mix up different finishes and shapes across the kitchen for eclectic character.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Now let’s explore some full kitchen inspiration showcasing rustic cabinets.

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse style and rustic cabinets go hand-in-hand. A few elements to capture the look:

  • White Shaker cabinets stained or painted in white for a timeworn feel
  • Open shelving for display
  • Pendant lighting over a large farmhouse sink and butcher block countertops
  • Vintage accents like a chicken wire backsplash or enamelware

Rustic farmhouse kitchens have a light and airy quality while still feeling grounded with natural wood elements. Choose white, off-white, or very light blue base cabinet colors and balance with wood open shelves.

Rustic Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchens also pair beautifully with rustic cabinets for a cozy but charming space. Mixing painted cabinets with stained wood adds a pop of color while keeping the rustic charm.

Pull off a cottage kitchen with rustic flair using:

  • Painted base cabinets in a light blue, green, or red. Choose a distressed finish.
  • Stained uppers in a walnut or deep espresso
  • Quartzite or butcher block countertops
  • Floral window valances
  • Woven baskets for storage
  • Vintage signs & canisters

The key is blending woodsy charm with playful, feminine cottage elements for balance. Rustic base cabinets ground the space while painted uppers and vintage accents keep it light.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

For a twist on traditional farmhouse style, a modern rustic kitchen uses contemporary elements while maintaining rustic charm:

  • Mix reclaimed wood slab cabinets with clean white Shaker cabinets
  • Metal farmhouse sink and modern kitchen faucet
  • Large subway or hexagon tile backsplash
  • Marble countertops and brass hardware
  • Adjustable pendant lights over a huge wood island

The balance of contemporary fixtures with substantial wood elements and vintage styling creates a kitchen that’s both laidback and polished. It has the warmth of a rustic kitchen with an updated, modern vibe.

Rustic Glam Kitchen

Don’t be afraid to add a little glitz and glamour to rustic cabinets. Pairing them with chic elements creates a stylish rustic kitchen perfect for entertaining.

Incorporate glam details like:

  • White cabinets with antiqued mirror glass insets
  • Marble slab backsplash
  • Gold hardware and fixtures
  • Crystal chandelier lighting
  • Boujee bar cart styling

Rustic glam kitchens prove woodsy cabin cabinets can look refined and luxurious for an on-trend designer feel. The key is combining rustic elements with opulent finishes like marble and mirrored glass.

Design Tips for Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Now that we’ve covered the basics of materials, finishes, and full kitchen inspiration let’s dive into tips for designing your perfect rustic kitchen:

Mix Up Door Styles

Create visual interest by combining different cabinet door styles like Shaker uppers with reclaimed wood slab base cabinets and open shelving. Mixing it up prevents one style from looking monotonous.

Add Architectural Features

Exposed beams, vaulted ceilings with wood trusses, and reclaimed floors further enhance the rustic vibe. Let architectural elements shine.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Rustic kitchens invite natural elements like wood cutting boards, woven baskets, stone countertops, ceramic tableware, and wrought iron fixtures. Embrace materials that feel organic and textural.

Style Open Shelves

Rustic kitchens often incorporate visible open shelving. Style shelves with gorgeous tableware for an effortless design statement. Rustic ceramics, woven baskets, and white ironstone ware all enhance the rustic shelves.

Use Pops of Black

Black kitchen islands, windows, hardware, or lighting add pleasing contrast and keep the look sophisticated versus just woodsy.

Add Vintage Flair

Incorporate vintage or antique accents throughout the kitchen. Some ideas:

  • Vintage cabinet hardware
  • Reclaimed signage
  • Galvanized metal elements
  • Repurposed tin ceiling tiles
  • Antique wood cutting boards
  • Enamelware mugs and canisters

Vintage goods never fail to add cozy rustic character. Source these items at flea markets, antique shops, or online vintage retailers.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Implementation

Ready to create your own rustic kitchen? Here are key steps for bringing this style to life:

Set a Budget

Rustic kitchens allow for creativity, but also set realistic budget expectations. Pine cabinets offer an affordable wood option while reclaimed slab doors come with a higher price tag. Factor in all finishes, hardware, countertops and backsplashes as you budget.

Hire a Designer

Work with an experienced kitchen designer to translate your rustic vision into a practical layout. Focus the consultation on material choices, cabinet styles, and any unique architectural elements like beams or specialty tilework.

Choose Cabinets and Finishes

Select cabinet door styles, wood species, finishes and hardware. Order any custom work and unique pieces like reclaimed wood upfront to avoid delays.

Address Architectural Details

If adding special features like a timber frame ceiling, exposed brick backsplash, or stone floors work with the necessary contractors early in the renovation process.

Handle Installation

Leave cabinet installation to professionals to ensure proper alignment and function. Provide finishes for staining or distressing on site.

Style and Enjoy

Finally, embrace your design talents to style open shelves, arrange charming vintage accents, and enjoy the welcoming charm of your rustic kitchen retreat!

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets: FAQs

Still have some questions about creating your rustic kitchen vision? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are rustic cabinets outdated?

Rustic kitchens withstand trends and maintain widespread popularity thanks to their comfortable, timeless feel. The look easily adapts to varying styles from modern to farmhouse keeping rustic cabinets current.

How much do rustic cabinets cost?

Like all cabinetry rustic cabinets come in varying price ranges. Expect to invest $100-300 per linear foot for simple Shaker pine cabinets on up to $500-1,000+ per linear foot for custom reclaimed wood options.

How do you weather wood cabinets?

Use wire brushes, chisels, chains, and sandpaper to manually distress cabinets. Apply white paint and sand back to expose wood tones underneath for a timeworn look. For deeper grooves, run a circular saw with the blade set to different depths.

Should you wax kitchen cabinets?

Waxing natural wood cabinets enhances their rustic look while protecting the finish. Use products like paste wax, beeswax polish, or briwax. Avoid wax with polyurethane cabinets.

What is the most popular rustic cabinet color?

Light, neutral wood tones and off-whites suit rustic cabinets best. Popular paint colors include Swiss Coffee, Harbor Grey, and Woodlawn Blue for bases with stained pine or oak uppers. Espresso and gray washes on oak cabinets are also prevalent.

What hardware suits rustic cabinets?

Choose hardware with a timeworn patina like wrought iron, distressed brass, aged bronze, pewter, or copper. Avoid super shiny stainless steel or colorful plastic knobs. Vintage glass, ceramic and wood hardware also complement the rustic look beautifully.


Rustic kitchen cabinets bring delightful character to countryside kitchen designs. Choose woods with pronounced grains that will only get better with age. Keep door profiles simple to let the materials shine through. Mix up finishes like glazing, waxing, and distressing for depth. And don’t forget the importance of hardware and accents to complete the rustic feel.

With an array of door styles and finishes to work with, you can give your kitchen a rustic overhaul on any budget. Just keep the overall design aligned with country cottage charm and you can’t go wrong. Aim for the welcoming, lived-in style of your favorite farm stand cafe.

The beauty of rustic decor is that it celebrates imperfections and everyday living. Your kitchen should invite casual family dinners, hectic morning breakfasts, and everything in between. A touch of rustic flair reminds us what really matters – gathering with loved ones, great food, and taking time to savor all the small moments in our days.