RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) Cabinet Suppliers


RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinets have become an increasingly popular option for homeowners and contractors looking to renovate or remodel their kitchens and bathrooms. RTA cabinets provide a more affordable alternative to custom cabinetry, while still offering quality construction and a wide range of customizable options. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of RTA cabinet suppliers, including the benefits of choosing RTA cabinets, what to look for when selecting a supplier, top brands on the market, pricing considerations, and installation tips. Whether you’re a DIYer tackling your first kitchen remodel or a contractor outfitting an entire new development, read on to learn everything you need to know about finding the right RTA cabinet supplier for your unique needs and budget.

What are RTA Cabinets?

RTA stands for “ready-to-assemble,” meaning the cabinets are delivered pre-constructed but not fully assembled. RTA cabinets come packed flat in cardboard boxes, with all the cabinet parts, hardware, and instructions included for assembly. They can be quickly assembled on-site using simple tools like a screwdriver, with no complicated installation or customization required.

There are several benefits that make RTA cabinets an attractive choice compared to custom cabinetry:

  • Cost savings – RTA cabinets are mass-produced, making them more affordable than custom options. You can save 20-50% choosing RTA over custom cabinets.
  • Convenience – With assembly required on-site, RTA cabinets are easier to transport and handle. No need for complicated installation.
  • Customization – Although not fully customized, RTA cabinets can be modified with different finishes, hardware, cabinet sizes, and accessories.
  • Quality materials – Leading RTA brands use durable plywood boxes, soft-close hinges and drawers, and quality finishes. Lifetime warranties are common.

While not as customizable as true custom cabinets, RTA represents an ideal balance of quality, convenience, and affordability. Let’s look at what to consider when choosing an RTA cabinet supplier.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an RTA Cabinet Supplier

Choosing the right supplier is key to getting beautiful, durable RTA cabinets installed on time and on budget. Here are the most important factors to evaluate when comparing cabinet suppliers:

Cabinet Quality and Construction

Focus on RTA cabinet brands that use high-quality materials and durable manufacturing processes. The cabinet box should be made from moisture-resistant plywood rather than lower-grade particleboard. Look for plywood sides, backs, tops, and bottoms. Other marks of quality include:

  • Solid wood dovetail drawer boxes
  • Soft-close doors and drawers
  • Finished interiors
  • Sturdy, adjustable shelves
  • Quality door hinges

High-end metal drawer guides and door hinges will provide the smoothest operation and longest functionality.

Range of Product Lines and Styles

Look for an extensive range of door styles and finishes so you can find the perfect look. At a minimum, the supplier should offer shaker, traditional, and contemporary door designs in multiple colors. Custom staining, painting, and finishing options allow for even more customization.

You’ll also want access to a complete product line including:

  • Base and wall cabinets
  • Vanity and sink cabinets
  • Pantry cabinets, appliance garage, and many more specialty items

This allows you to create a cohesive, integrated look throughout your kitchen or bathroom design.

Order and Delivery Process

Choose a supplier with a streamlined ordering, billing, and delivery process. You’ll want quick turnaround times from order to delivery so your project stays on schedule.

Ask about:

  • Order tracking system
  • Average lead times
  • Delivery costs and range
  • Packaging and protection used in shipping

A rushed, disorganized shipping process can lead to delays, damaged products, and headaches. Make sure your supplier has logistics dialed in.

Customer Service and Support

From your first inquiry through post-installation, you need outstanding customer service every step of the way. Look for:

  • Sales reps that listen and provide solutions for your unique needs
  • Detailed responses to all questions and concerns pre-purchase
  • Proactive order updates and tracking
  • Tech support for any installation or assembly issues
  • Responsive after-sale service for troubleshooting and warranty issues

Knowing your supplier has your back makes the process smoother.

Range of Accessories and Add-Ons

Look for a one-stop shop with a comprehensive range of cabinet installation accessories, organizational products, and storage solutions. This includes:

  • Fillers, trims, moldings, and covers to seamlessly integrate cabinets
  • Interior cabinet storage and organizational systems
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Kitchen and bath hardware like pulls, knobs, and towel bars
  • Matching furniture pieces like islands, hutches, and bookcases

A full ecosystem of cabinet add-ons allows you to customize and complete your space.

Price and Budget

RTA cabinets provide value compared to custom options, but prices can still vary widely. Compare quotes across brands at the same quality level. Keep costs in mind for:

  • Base cabinets vs wall cabinets
  • Door style and material costs
  • Specialty cabinet add-ons like islands
  • Shipping expenses
  • Expected sales, discounts, and close-outs

Aim for the highest quality cabinetry you can afford. Higher price often reflects better materials and construction. Let your budget determine which RTA brand makes the most sense.

Choosing the right RTA cabinet supplier takes research. Keep these factors in mind as we explore top brands on the market.

Top RTA Cabinet Brands

The RTA cabinet market has exploded in recent years, with new brands and options emerging. Here are some of the best RTA cabinet manufacturers to consider across a range of price points and styles:

Barker Cabinets

Barker offers mid-to-upper tier RTA cabinets at moderate price points compared to full custom. Their antique white shaker style cabinets are extremely popular. Highlights include:

  • Extensive style and finish options: 90+ door styles, 50+ paint and stain colors
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF) and solid wood door frames with quality plywood boxes
  • Soft-close hinges and drawers
  • Matching bathroom vanities, islands, and fixtures
  • 25-year warranty

Barker provides affordable quality for the savvy RTA shopper. Home Depot is a major distributor.

KraftMaid Cabinetry

KraftMaid has been producing cabinets for over 50 years, including an extensive RTA line. Known for classic styling and quality construction, they lean towards the higher end of pricing. Notable features:

  • Proprietary finishing process with sheen-matched surfaces
  • 3⁄4” furniture-grade plywood construction
  • Dovetail drawer boxes with soft-close glides
  • Full-extension cabinet storage with soft-close doors
  • Lifetime limited warranty

KraftMaid sells through dealers only, no big box store distribution.

Hampton Bay Cabinets

Exclusive to Home Depot, Hampton Bay is their affordable, value-priced RTA offering. They provide a budget stepping stone to pricier brands. Includes:

  • Streamlined shaker and traditional door styles
  • Melamine and veneer finishes on light MDF frames
  • Matching cabinet hardware and accessories
  • Limited lifetime warranty

While quality has improved, Hampton Bay still sits at the low end for materials and construction. But unbeatable prices make them appealing for tight budgets.

Cabinets To Go

For modern, contemporary styles at affordable pricing, Cabinets To Go is a go-to. Noteworthy features:

  • Sleek flat panel and slab cabinets in trendy finishes
  • Bamboo and thermofoil construction
  • Laser edged technology for seamless cabinet faces
  • Easy hardware-free assembly
  • Lifetime warranty on door hinges

For the IKEA or modern boutique look on a budget, Cabinets To Go has strong offerings. Flat-pack shipping keeps costs down.

Barkalow Cabinets

Barkalow offers shoppers semi-custom RTA designs through local dealers at reasonable prices. Known for:

  • Range of traditional to contemporary styles
  • Customizability: unique sizes, storage options, finishes
  • Kiln-dried hardwood frames with veneer and thermofoil options
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Barkalow lets homeowners mix-and-match styles across a kitchen or bath design. And local dealer support provides design expertise.

This list just scratches the surface of quality RTA brands for homeowners, contractors, and designers. Additional reputable suppliers include Craftsman, CliqStudios, Ready Set Cabinets, and more. Do your research to find the sweet spot between budget, style, quality features, and great service.

RTA Cabinet Pricing and Cost Considerations

Purchasing RTA cabinets involves costs beyond just the retail cabinet price. Make sure to budget for expenses like:

Base vs Wall Cabinets

Base cabinets run 40-50% higher than similar wall cabinets. The larger size, rollout shelves, and more durable base all add cost. Expect to pay:

  • Base cabinets – $200 – $800+ per linear foot
  • Wall cabinets – $100 – $400+ per linear foot

Multiply by your kitchen’s total linear footage for estimated cabinet costs.

Door Style and Materials

Door design and construction impact price significantly. For example:

  • Slab cabinet doors – Thermofoil or laminate finishes. $50 – $250 per door.
  • Shaker cabinet doors – Plywood or MDF. $100 – $300 per door.
  • Raised panel doors – Solid hardwoods. $250+ per door.

Exotic veneers, intricate carvings, glass inserts, and premium finishes add even more cost.

Additional Costs

Remember to account for:

  • Sales tax and shipping charges
  • Installation and assembly labor if not DIY
  • Modifications like extra shelving or spice drawers
  • Needed accessories like fillers, trim, under-cabinet lighting
  • Countertop materials, new flooring, backsplashes

Unexpected costs can balloon a project’s budget quickly. Do your homework upfront.

While not the bargain basement option, quality RTA cabinets provide beautiful, functional kitchen and bathroom storage at reasonable prices for most homeowners. Let your budget guide you to the best RTA brand fit.

RTA Cabinet Installation Tips and Considerations

Once you’ve selected the perfect RTA cabinets, proper installation is key to maximizing their lifetime and performance. Follow these pro tips for a smooth installation:

Carefully Review Instructions

Before starting, carefully read the installation manuals and assemble a game plan. Identify parts, hardware, tools needed, and assembly order. Taking time upfront prevents hiccups down the road.

Assemble Cabinets on a Level Surface

Lay out all the cabinet boxes on a flat, stable surface like a garage or deck. This allows you to assemble them evenly and attach doors and drawers.

Pay Attention to Sequence

Follow the assembly order in the instructions closely. Often you’ll start with base cabinets attached to each other before mounting to walls. Then transition to wall cabinets.

Use Shims Under Cabinets

Shim under the base cabinets during mounting to account for any unevenness in the floor. This prevents rocking cabinets down the road.

Anchor Cabinets Securely

Use provided cabinet screws driven firmly into wall studs or anchors for rock-solid mounting. Don’t risk pull-out over time.

Take Your Time with Adjustments

Fiddle with hinge adjustments, tightening drawer glides, and adding trim until everything operates perfectly. Don’t rush this critical step.

Apply Protective Finishes and Cleaners

Use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaners and finishes once installed to protect cabinet surfaces from grease splatter, UV damage, and more.

With attention to detail during installation and finishing, your quality RTA cabinets will deliver years of flawless performance and enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions about RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets offer a versatile, budget-friendly option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. But if it’s your first time purchasing, you probably still have plenty of questions. Here are answers to some of the most common queries about RTA cabinets:

Are RTA cabinets a good value?

Yes, RTA cabinets offer significant cost savings over custom cabinetry, ranging from 20-50% typically. The tradeoff is you lose some customizability. But quality materials like plywood boxes and durable finishes make RTA cabinets a worthwhile investment.

How difficult are RTA cabinets to assemble?

Assembly is designed to be simple for the average DIYer. With pre-drilled cabinet sections and clear instructions, RTA cabinets can be assembled using basic tools like a screwdriver, with helpers for large base units. Patience is a must, but no specialty skills are required.

Can RTA cabinets be modified or customized?

To an extent, yes. While stock cabinet sizes can’t be altered, you can customize things like door fronts, finishes, hardware and interior fittings. Custom color stains, glazes, and painted distressed finishes help create one-of-a-kind styles.

What quality of materials are used in RTA cabinets?

Leading brands like KraftMaid use 3⁄4” plywood for cabinet sides, frames, doors, and boxes. Better brands eschew particleboard. Dovetail joinery on drawers, soft-close hinges and slides, and durable finishes add quality.

How long do RTA cabinets last?

High-end RTA cabinets will last 15-25 years with proper care and maintenance. Avoid moisture damage, clean regularly, and fix issues promptly to maximize lifespan. Entry-level RTA brands may start showing wear sooner.

Can RTA cabinets support granite or quartz countertops?

Absolutely. Well-made plywood RTA cabinets offer ample sturdiness to support natural stone or quartz countertops up to 2 cm thick. Proper installation ensures base cabinets bear the counter’s weight.

Are there different grades of RTA cabinets?

Yes. As with most products, good, better, and best levels exist. Lower grades use more particleboard and cheaper hinges. Higher grades feature furniture-quality woods, soft-close hardware, and premium finishes. Shop accordingly.

RTA cabinets make renovations affordable and approachable for savvy homeowners. With research and realistic expectations, an RTA kitchen or bath can be beautiful, functional and budget-friendly using this versatile cabinet style.


RTA or ready-to-assemble cabinets offer the perfect blend of quality, customization, and value. Choosing the right RTA cabinet supplier is key to achieving your dream remodel within timeline and budget constraints. Focus on reputation, construction and materials, smart shipping processes, and responsive customer service when selecting a brand.

Leading RTA manufacturers like KraftMaid, Barker Cabinets, and Cabinet to Go use proven techniques like plywood construction, soft-close hardware, and durable finishes to deliver cabinets made to last. Take time to carefully install and finish your new RTA cabinets, and they will provide a lifetime of hassle-free performance.

With the information in this guide, you can confidently tackle your next kitchen or bath project using stylish, affordable RTA cabinetry. Partner with a top brand and supplier to make your remodeling dreams a reality on time and on budget. The difference the right ready-to-assemble cabinets can make is truly remarkable.