Purple Kitchen Ideas Incorporate the Rich Hues of Purple

Purple is a regal color that can add a sense of luxury and drama to any space, especially the kitchen. Embracing purple hues in your kitchen design is an excellent way to create a stylish and unique look. From deep plums to light lilacs, purple kitchens are trending for their richness and versatility.

Why Choose Purple for Your Kitchen

There are many great reasons to incorporate purple into your kitchen design:

It’s Unique

Purple kitchens stand out from the typical white, gray, and wood palettes commonly used. The rich, jewel-toned hue brings a touch of the unexpected into the space.

It’s Regal

The color purple is associated with royalty, nobility, and luxury. Using purple cabinetry, backsplashes, or accents evokes a majestic feeling.

It’s Creative

Vibrant purple is an artistic color that encourages you to get creative with patterns, textures, and decor. A purple kitchen is a chance to showcase your imaginative side.

It’s Timeless

Though trendy, purple has a classic, timeless quality as well. Deep purple tones have been used in interior design for centuries, making a purple kitchen design one that will remain stylish over time.

It’s Uplifting

The color psychology of purple suggests it can uplift your mood and energize. There’s no better place to benefit from those effects than in your everyday kitchen.

Best Purple Paint Colors for Kitchens

When using purple hues in your kitchen, you’ll first want to select the perfect purple paint color. Here are some of the best purple paint colors for kitchens in a range of shades and undertones:

  • Purple Rain by Behr – A bold, deep blue-based purple with a punch of color.
  • Iris by Sherwin-Williams – A medium azure purple with playful blue undertones.
  • Majestic Mauve by Valspar – A dusty muted purple with gray undertones.
  • Secluded Plum by Benjamin Moore – A grayish muted plum purple.
  • Royal Orchid by Valspar – A vivid purple with raspberry undertones.
  • Kensington Amethyst by Valspar – A soft purple-gray with cool undertones.
  • Eggplant by Behr – A darker, vivid purple with blue undertones.
  • Ripe Plum by Olympic – A light purple-gray with violet undertones.
  • Wisteria by Benjamin Moore – A light, airy lilac purple.

Keep in mind that the color can look different on the wall than on a paint swatch. Lighting makes a big difference. Test out purple paint colors on a wall before committing to get a true sense of the shade in your space.

Best Purple Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Painting your kitchen cabinets purple is a bold but beautiful way to bring this trendy color into your space. Not only does it make a style statement, but it also transforms the look of your entire kitchen. Here are some inspiring ways to use purple kitchen cabinets:

Vibrant Dark Purple Cabinets

Deep hues like eggplant, plum, and violet can give your kitchen a dramatic and luxurious feel when used on cabinets. Opt for a dark, intense purple paint for maximum impact. Matte finishes will downplay the bold color slightly.

Light Purple Cabinets

For a softer, lighter purple palette, use pale lilac, lavender, or mauve cabinet colors. Painting just the upper cabinets in a light purple is an easy way to incorporate the trend without going overboard.

Purple and Wood Tone Cabinets

Mix natural wood cabinets and drawers with painted purple uppers for a stylish two-tone effect. The contrast of the rich purple against warm wood is eye-catching.

Bold Purple Island

Painting the kitchen island a bold purple is a great way to experiment with the color without painting all the cabinetry. Try using a deeper tone on the island and lighter purple on the wall cabinets.

Purple Accent Cabinets

Alternatively, use purple only on select cabinets for a striking accent. Purple glass fronts or just painting one eye-catching cabinet the color keeps the look fun but not overpowering.

Distressed Purple Cabinets

For a shabby chic, vintage vibe try distressed purple cabinets. Use white or light gray along with the purple and distress it for a timeworn look. Soft pastel purples work best for this style.

Glossy Purple Cabinets

While most purple cabinets have a matte finish, you can also opt for a gloss or semi-gloss paint for a bolder, flashier look. Gloss purple cabinets make the color really stand out.

Purple Cabinet Interiors

Painting the interior of glass cabinets a vibrant purple is a subtle but fun way to incorporate it. Opt for a lighter, brighter purple that makes display items pop.

Best Purple Backsplash Tile Ideas

Tiling your kitchen backsplash in purple is one of the most popular ways to use this colorful hue in the culinary space. Whether you opt for purple tiles or glass, metal or stone, a purple backsplash can transform the entire look and feel of your cooking area. Consider these stunning purple backsplash ideas:

Purple Glass Tile

Glass tile backsplashes allow light to pass through for added radiance and dimension. A vibrant purple or deep plum glass backsplash tile reflects and refracts light beautifully.

Metallic Purple Tile

Mixing purple and metallic is a glamorous combination for a kitchen backsplash. Metallic purple tiles in copper, silver, bronze and more add shine and contrast.

Geometric Purple Tile

Geometric shapes like chevron, hexagon, fishscale and herringbone patterns in purple are eye-catching and modern. The geometric shape adds visual interest to the purple tiles.

Subway Tile With Purple Grout

Choose simple white, light gray or clear glass subway tiles and make them pop with vivid purple grout instead of basic white. It adds a fun, unexpected touch.

Mosaic Purple Tile

Tiny mosaic tiles in all shades of purple can create a colorful, mesmerizing backsplash full of depth and texture. Light bounces around the little tiles for cool effects.

Bold Purple Accent Tile

If you don’t want to commit to an all-purple backsplash, just add a strip of bold purple tile to a neutral field. Use it on the focal area behind the range or sink.

Purple Stone or Marble Tile

Natural stone like marble or travertine in dark purple-gray swirled patterns have an elegant beauty perfect for backsplashes. Pair with white stone countertops or cabinets.

Ombre Purple Tile

From light lilac to deep violet, ombre tile sets blend purple shades seamlessly for a gradient backsplash. The ombre effect adds visual interest and movement.

Best Purple Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Beyond cabinetry, backsplashes and paint, there are plenty of other ways to deck out your kitchen in purple hues. Complement your purple design with coordinating appliances, fixtures, countertops and decor:

Purple KitchenAid Mixer

The iconic KitchenAid mixer comes in a spectrum of colors, including vibrant purple options like violet haze and imperial purple. It pops beautifully on a counter.

Purple Bar Stools

Barstools are a fun place to infuse purple in a small dose. Modern lucite stools with purple cushion seating blends clear and colorful together.

Purple Kitchen Utensil Set

Bring in purple with everyday kitchen tools. Look for purple handle stainless sets or silicone utensils in purple and other bright hues.

Bold Purple Refrigerator

A large statement appliance like a fridge or range is the perfect place to go bold with a deep purple exterior. It makes a eye-catching focal point.

Purple Pendant Lights

Swap your existing lighting for colorful pendant lamps in various purple tones and styles. From pretty chandeliers to modern minimal and geometric, they’re a quick style change.

Purple Kitchen Rug

An easy way to test drive the purple trend is with a vibrant floor rug in plum, violet, lavender or amethyst tones. Layer it over a neutral floor for an instant pop of color.

Purple Kitchen Curtains

Dress up windows with sheer purple curtains that filter in light. Or opt for vivid purple blackout curtains for maximum saturation. Cafe curtains in purple are cute too!

10 Purple Kitchen Ideas to Inspire

Looking for ways to make the color purple stand out in your culinary space? Here are 10 inspiring purple kitchen ideas from wow-worthy dark schemes to pastel designs:

1. Vibrant Purple Kitchen with White Accents

A vivid purple paint or lacquer on the cabinets really pops against a white quartz countertop and backsplash. Stainless appliances and small white tiles keep it feeling fresh.

2. Retro Amethyst & Chrome Kitchen

Try a throwback combination of medium purple cabinets, chrome hardware and fixtures and checkerboard vinyl floors for a fun, quirky purple kitchen.

3. Elegant Purple Gray & Brass Kitchen

A muted purple-gray island and lower cabinets with a marble counter and brass fixtures and lights has a glamorous vibe, perfect for a stylish space.

4. Bright Lilac Kitchen with Navy Blue Accents

Perk up a small kitchen by painting the uppers a light, lively lilac purple and lowers a bold navy. Add in white quartz counters for crisp contrast.

5. Moody Purple & Green Kitchen

Deep eggplant purple island and sage green perimeter cabinets with black hardware and a stone backsplash create a warm, earthy kitchen color scheme.

6. Pastel Purple & Yellow Kitchen

A lively pair! Soft pastel purple upper cabinets and light sunny yellow lowers, plus white herringbone backsplash tile and open shelves.

7. Gray & Purple Galley Kitchen

In a narrow galley kitchen, gray perimeter cabinets and a purple center island and backsplash make the space feel wider and bright.

8. Black & Purple Industrial Kitchen

Exposed brick, black cabinetry, stainless steel and a bold purple mosaic tile backsplash create an urban industrial kitchen vibe.

9. Purple Kitchen with Copper Metallic Backsplash

Warm up a purple themed kitchen by pairing plum colored cabinets with the shine and warmth of a copper penny tile metallic backsplash.

10. Purple Kitchen with Wood Elements

Keep a purple-centric kitchen grounded by adding in wood elements like open shelving, kitchen island or dining table. The contrast is natural yet contemporary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Kitchens

People considering a purple palette in their kitchen often have questions about how to implement it and make the most of this colorful hue. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about purple kitchen designs:

What colors go well with purple in a kitchen?

Purple goes best with “neutral” colors that balance out the intensity of this shade. Good color matches include white, black, gray, beige and wood tones. Accent colors like yellow, green and metallics also work nicely.

Does a purple kitchen seem dark?

It can, which is why bright lighting is key. Use adequate task lighting plus lighter purple hues on upper cabinets or walls to keep things feeling fresh. Avoid an all-dark purple kitchen.

What type of person would want a purple kitchen?

Someone bold and creative who wants a colorful, unique space! Purple kitchens appeal most to artistic personalities who think outside the box of conventional design.

What kind of counter looks best with purple cabinets?

White, black, gray or wood countertops provide contrast against purple cabinets. But creative mixes like yellow, patterned or quartz with purple veining can be fun too.

What flooring options work with a purple kitchen?

Use a light floor like white, bleached wood or medium wood tones to keep a purple kitchen looking light and airy. Bold patterns like checkerboard or colorful tiles are also dynamic options.

What are the disadvantages of a purple kitchen?

It’s not a common color palette so resale value may be lower. And some shades like deep purple can look dated if not done elegantly. Stick to lighter or grayish purple hues for more versatility.

Incorporating Purple for a Unique Kitchen

Purple kitchen designs are trending because they are captivating, creative and give your cooking space a sense of personality. From soft pastels to bold jewel tones, the color purple makes a stunning statement. Use it strategically throughout your kitchen on accents pieces like island cabinets, backsplashes, stools and accessories. painting all cabinets or walls purple can feel overwhelming, so opt for lighter shades and balance it with neutral tones and wood elements. With so many different purple paint colors and materials to work with like glass, tile, lacquer and more, you can easily find ways to infuse purple for a dream kitchen that really reflects your unique style.