Pastel Kitchen Ideas Joyful & Inspirational Color Schemes

Bring Cheerfulness and Tranquility to Your Kitchen with Soft, Peaceful Pastels

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where families gather to prepare meals and spend quality time together. While neutral color palettes have grown in popularity for kitchen design, there’s something special about embracing soft, joyful pastels to create a warm and inviting space. Pastel hues add a sense of tranquility and cheer to the kitchen, uplifting the mood and spirit.

In this article, we’ll explore beautiful and inspirational pastel color schemes to make your kitchen design full of joy. From minty greens to creamy yellows, these joyful pastel kitchen ideas will help inspire your next kitchen refresh or remodel.

Why Choose Pastels for Your Kitchen?

Before diving into specific color combinations, let’s look at some of the benefits of using pastels in kitchen design:

  • Light and Airy Ambiance – Pastels instantly create a bright and airy feeling in the kitchen. The soft hues make the space feel open, spacious and awash with natural light.
  • Timeless Appeal – While trends come and go, pastels have a classic, timeless beauty. Unlike bold colors that can feel dated after a few years, pastels stand the test of time.
  • Relaxing Vibe – There’s something inherently peaceful and calming about soft pastel hues. The colors promote relaxation while cooking and dining.
  • Uplifting Spirit – Pastels add a gentle vibrancy that lifts the mood and spirit. Minty greens, lavenders and peaches bring joy.
  • Visual Interest – Don’t think pastels are boring. Clever color combinations create plenty of visual interest and depth.

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a joyful new look, pastels are a wonderful design choice to create a tranquil and inviting space.

Pastel Color Combinations for Kitchens

Now, let’s explore some beautiful and inspiring pastel color schemes perfect for kitchen design:

1. Soft Blue and Pale Yellow

A combo of soft sky blue and creamy yellow evokes sunshine and cheer. Sky blue has a peaceful, ethereal quality, while pale yellow brings joy and lightheartedness.

Paint upper cabinets a robin’s egg blue and lower cabinets in a buttery yellow for a striking color-blocked look. Add window treatments in coordinating blue and yellow prints to tie the whole space together.

Accent with white quartz countertops, metal finishes in brushed bronze or antique nickel, and rattan or woven accents for an airy, coastal vibe.

Pastel blue and pale yellow kitchen

2. Lavender and Sea Green

Create a dreamy, romantic kitchen color scheme with soft lavender and seafoam green pastels. Lavender has a gentle femininity, while sea green offers a bit of vibrancy.

Consider painting the kitchen island and lower cabinets a muted lavender. Then, paint upper cabinets and any accent furniture pieces like hutches in a minty aqua green.

White marble or quartz countertops will provide contrast along with metallic accents in matte black or bronze. Add greenery and florals for a cottage feel.

Lavender and sea green kitchen

3. Peach and Sage Green

For a brighter, energizing palette, pair coral peach with soothing sage green. Peach inspires happiness and cheeriness while sage green promotes balance and wellbeing.

Paint base cabinets, island and accent walls a warm peach tone. Then, use a muted sage green on upper cabinets for an uplifting contrast.

Bring in elements of marble, terra cotta tile, rattan furniture and vintage wood finishes to complement the colors. Finish the look with cheerful peach and green accents.

Peach and sage green kitchen

4. Pale Pink and Mint

Feminine pink and invigorating mint green create a playful yet peaceful pastel pairing. For walls, opt for a calming matte pale pink. Then, make the mint green pop on cabinetry and kitchen island.

Add in polished nickel hardware, marble countertops, brass lighting fixtures and vintage painted chairs. For a cottage feel, incorporate floral patterns and plenty of plants.

Pink and mint green kitchen

5. Robin’s Egg Blue and Buttercream Yellow

For a retro, 50s-inspired diner vibe, pair robin’s egg blue with golden buttercream yellow. Use the robin’s egg blue on base cabinets, then paint upper cabinets and island sunny yellow. White countertops will provide separation.

Incorporate a black and white checkerboard tile floor and vintage diner stools. Add pops of cherry red to accessories and décor for a playful, nostalgic atmosphere.

Robin's egg blue and buttercream yellow kitchen

6. Lilac and Pistachio

Embrace two of spring’s prettiest pastel hues with a lilac and pistachio green color palette. Use lilac on lower cabinets to ground the space, then make upper cabinets and accent walls pop with bright pistachio green.

Matte white quartz countertops and antique brass hardware will add lovely contrast. For accents, look for ceramic pieces, floral patterns and greenery in coordinating lilac and green tones.

Lilac and pistachio green kitchen

Design Elements for a Pastel Kitchen

When designing a pastel kitchen, consider these elements to complement the colors:


Opt for vintage inspired lighting fixtures like seeded glass pendants, exposed bulb fixtures, and brass sconces. These will pair nicely with the soft pastel colors versus ultra-modern lights.


Matte black, bronze and antique brass hardware suit pastel kitchens. Silver hardware can come off as too stark. Go for finish that offer contrast but don’t steal the show.


Incorporate textiles that align with the color story. Look for gauzy curtains, table linens, and café curtains in coordinating pastel prints and patterns.


Hardwood floors suit pastel palettes, but also consider black and white checkerboard tile or cement tiles in geometric patterns. The patterns add movement and contrast.


White, light gray or cream marbled countertops pair beautifully with pastels, adding a classic elegance. Butcher block also complements for a vintage farmhouse vibe.


In additional to painted cabinets, consider a light-stained wood finish like birch or ash. The natural wood warms up the pastels in a lovely way.

Q&A on Designing a Pastel Kitchen

Still have questions on designing your dream pastel kitchen? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What colors go well with pastels in kitchens?

Some of the best colors to pair with pastels include:

  • White – Provides contrast and lightens up pastels beautifully. Use on countertops, backsplashes, sinks.
  • Cream/Ivory – Warms up pastels and gives them an antique feel. Perfect cabinet color.
  • Light Wood Stains – Natural birch, maple, and ash provide warmth. Use on cabinets, floors and furniture.
  • Black – Use black window frames, lighting, hardware and accents for contrast.
  • Metallics – Rose gold, brass, bronze and nickel make pastels shine. Great for lighting and hardware.

How do I choose pastel colors?

Consider the mood you want for your kitchen. Soft blues and greens create a peaceful coastal or cottage feel. Corals and peaches are playful and cheerful. Lavenders and pinks are feminine and romantic. Choose 2-4 pastels in the same color family that align with your style.

How do I make pastels feel sophisticated?

Grounded elements like dark flooring, black accents, marble and ornate details make pastels feel more refined. Also stick to soft, muted hues rather than bright, bold pastels. Creamy rather than stark whites also elevate the look.

What can you add to a pastel kitchen to give it character?

Patterned tiles, floral wallpaper, beadboard paneling, molding and brass accents add character to pastel kitchens. Unique lighting fixtures and hardware also add style. Mix modern with vintage elements to give pastels a stylish edge.

Bring Joy and Tranquility Home with Pastels

A pastel kitchen in soft, uplifting hues will bring your home both joyfulness and tranquility. You’ll create a peaceful oasis for cooking, dining and connecting with loved ones.

Use this guide to find your perfect pastel color combination. Whether you love airy blues, cheerful yellows, or romantic lilacs, painting your kitchen in pastels will provide a breath of fresh air.

As you remodel or refresh, avoid bland and boring. Embrace the light, joy and beauty only possible with a thoughtful pastel kitchen design. Let these inspirational and cheerful colors lift your spirit and brighten each day.