Pan Storage Ideas – Neat and Tidy Ways to Store Your Cookware


Having a tidy and organized kitchen with easy access to all your pots, pans and other cookware can make cooking so much more enjoyable. However, finding sufficient and practical storage solutions for all your pans, pots, lids and baking trays can be a challenge in many kitchens.

Proper pan storage helps protect your cookware investment by reducing scratches and dents while also keeping your kitchen neat and clutter-free. This article provides plenty of clever and creative pan storage ideas to keep your cookware collection organized and within easy reach – from wall-mounted racks and hanging pot racks to pull-out drawers, cabinet inserts and more.

Hanging Pot Racks and Wall-Mounted Pan Racks

One of the most popular solutions for keeping pans organized and accessible is to install a hanging pot rack or wall-mounted pan rack. Here are some tips and options:

Consider the Location

When installing a wall-mounted pot rack or pan rack, consider the amount of space you need to access the cookware. Mount above an island, peninsula or range for convenient access from multiple sides. For better ergonomics, mount the rack approximately 15 inches above the counter.

Choose the Right Size

Measure your cookware collection to determine the length and width you need for your hanging pot rack. Allow at least 3 inches between pans for easier access. Iron, bronze or wood racks can handle heavy pans while stainless steel or plastic works for lighter pans.

Include Sturdy Anchors

Use strong anchors suited for your wall type to securely mount the pot rack into wall studs or blocking. This prevents accidents and damage from the rack pulling out of the wall under heavy loads.

Opt for Swinging Articulated Designs

Look for wall-mounted pot racks that have arms that swing out and pivot to make reaching your cookware quick and easy. Models with adjustable arms provide maximum flexibility.

Utilize Space Efficiently

Optimize the space above your island or peninsula by selecting a hanging pot rack with multiple levels to double your storage capacity without taking up more wall space.

Display Your Prettiest Pans

A hanging pot rack above your stove or island provides a great opportunity to display your trendiest or copper cookware like a professional chef!

Consider Ceiling-Mounted Racks

For kitchens with high ceilings, a ceiling-mounted rack can maximize your storage space. Just make sure it’s installed securely into ceiling joists.

Pull-Out Cabinet Drawers and Shelves

Adding pull-out drawers to your cabinets provides an efficient way to neatly organize pots, pans and lids while keeping them out of sight but within easy access.

Full Extension Drawers

Look for full extension drawers that pull all the way out for full access to your cookware. Soft-close mechanisms provide a smooth, quiet closure.

Customize with Dividers

Use adjustable dividers to create custom spaces for pots and pans of different sizes. This prevents them from sliding around when you open and close the drawers.

Designate a Pots and Pans Drawer

Devoting a wide, shallow drawer just for pots and pans helps keep them organized but easy to access. Configure the dividers to fit your specific collection.

Consider Vertical Dividers

Vertical dividers are great for organizing baking sheets, cutting boards and other wide cookware that can be stood up vertically in the drawer.

Store Lids and Cutting Boards Too

Pull-out shelves with integrated storage for lids, cutting boards and baking trays helps you keep all your cooking gear in one place but tidy.

Add Protective Liners

Help prevent scratches by lining your pull-out drawers with non-slip shelf liner or soft materials. Felt or foam sheets work well for delicate bakeware.

Maximize Corner Cabinets

Take advantage of hard-to-reach corner cabinets by installing pull-out shelves on corner cabinet lazy susans to create easy access storage.

Pull-Out Cabinet Racks

For deep pantry cabinets, pull-out metal racks allow you to efficiently use all the vertical storage space while still being able to easily access items in the back.

Slide-Out Cabinet Organizers and Inserts

Another great option for hidden but accessible cookware storage are the various slide out organizers, trays and inserts designed specifically for kitchen cabinets.

Try Tiered Designs

Tiered and stacked pull-out cabinets like Rev-A-Shelf allow you to add multiple layers of storage vertically for storing pots and pans.

Avoid Cabinet Clutter

Slide-out trays and vertical storage racks can be installed right in your cabinets to neatly organize pots, pans and lids of different sizes.

Protect Your Cookware

Felt-lined inserts not only protect your expensive pots and pans but the felt grips them in place and absorbs sound.

Maximize Deep Cabinets

For deep pantry-style cabinets, install slide-out trays on drawer glides to access items in the back without the hassle of reaching way in.

Store Lids Conveniently

Specialized lid organizers with tilted racks slides out of cabinets to neatly store lids upright and visible so you can easily find the right size.

Take Advantage of Wasted Space

Blind corner cabinet organizers with lazy susans provide storage for cookware in that hard-to-reach corner spot.

Add Storage Inside Doors

Door-mounted storage racks utilize the backside of cabinet doors to store cutting boards, baking sheets, pans and other flat cookware vertically.

Wall-Mounted Pegs and Rails

Another space-saving pan storage solution is to mount pegs or rails horizontally on your walls or inside of cabinets.

Use Durable Hardware

Ensure pegs are screwed securely into wall studs. Stagger the height placement for easier access. Opt for heavy duty metal rails.

Hang Pans by their Handles

Pots, pans and lids can hang neatly by their handles from pegs or rails to keep them accessible but out of the way.

Take Advantage of Narrow Spaces

Pegs or rails allow you to take advantage of narrow spaces between cabinets and appliances where you can’t fit shelves.

Keep Lids Accessible

Small S-hooks installed underneath the pegs or rails provide a perfect spot to hang pot lids right next to the pan they belong with.

Maximize Vertical Space

Stagger peg or rail placement at multiple heights along a wall to double or triple your vertical storage capacity.

Get Creative with Materials

You don’t have to stick with plain metal pegs and rails. Get creative using materials like copper pipes, bamboo sticks, dowels or salvaged barn wood.

Store Inside Cabinet Doors

Installing pegs and small racks on the inside of cabinet doors utilizes wasted space for vertical storage of pans and cutting boards.

Magnetic Wall Strips and Pan Bars

Magnetic strips and pan bars offer convenient, adaptable storage for steel cookware.

Choose Durable Magnets

Look for magnetic strips and bars made with high-quality rare earth magnets that can hold up to 50 pounds to securely support heavy pots and pans.

Cut to Fit Your Space

Many magnetic strips come in long rolls that you can cut to any length to perfectly fit in your space – great for use between cabinets or appliances.

Label Clearly

Use chalkboard-style magnetic strips to create labeled sections – for example – pans, lids, utensils. This keeps everything organized.

Prevent Scratches

Opt for felt-lined magnetic strips to protect your pans from getting dented and scratched at the contact points.

Hide Inside Cabinets

Install magnetic strips inside cabinet doors and on vertical surfaces to keep walls clutter-free while safely storing pans out of sight.

Mount Strategically

Position magnetic pan racks near cooking areas for quick access. Mounting above the range provides easy access while cooking.

Reduce Cabinet Clutter

Horizontal mounting under cabinets keeps pans up off the counters but still readily accessible right where you need them.

Over-the-Cabinet Storage Solutions

The space over your wall cabinets is valuable yet often underutilized real estate. Take advantage of this with these great storage options.

Cabinet-Top Lid Racks

Lid racks that sit on top of wall cabinets keep lids organized and provide easy access to the exact size you need.

Over-Cabinet Shelving

Open wire shelving mounted above wall cabinets creates perfect storage for oversized items like stock pots, trays, roasting pans and woks.

Make Use of Blind Corners

Blind corner cabinet racks mounted over the corner cabinet maximize your valuable but hard to reach corner space.

Multi-Tier Organizers

Over-the-cabinet organizers with multiple shelves and racks provide vertical storage for pans, cutting boards, baking sheets and more.

Mount Wire Baskets

Hanging wire baskets from overhead mounts allow you to stash bulky or awkward items like colanders, steamers and splatter screens.

Maximize Space Efficiently

Angled over-cabinet organizers and pan lid racks help you take advantage of that wasted vertical space above cabinets.

Increase Visibility

Clear or mesh over-cabinet storage solutions keep items visible so you can easily grab what you need while cooking.

Under-Cabinet Pan Racks

Rather than crowding your countertops, utilize the vertical space beneath your wall cabinets with specialized under-cabinet racks.

Opt for Anchor Mounts

Under-cabinet racks that mount onto L-anchors screwed into the cabinet bottom provide adjustable and removable storage.

Choose the Right Depth

Measure the depth of your wall cabinets and find under-cabinet racks no more than 3 inches deep to keep items flush with the cabinet face.

Prevent Grease Build-Up

For lid storage, look for racks with steeply angled tiers which prevent grease from accumulating compared to flat racks.

Take Advantage of Wide Cabinets

For large pantries, use the underside of extra deep cabinets to mount wide racks for vertically storing large pots and pans.

Keep Items Visible

Open wire racks mounted horizontally under cabinets provide easy accessibility while keeping items visible at a glance.

Install Between Appliances

Make use of the space between cabinets and appliances by mounting racks for vertical storage of pans and cutting boards.

Freestanding Storage Carts and Racks

Freestanding cookware organizers provide accessible storage that can easily be moved wherever you need extra space in your kitchen.

Carts with Wheels

wheeled carts with multiple shelves and drawers allow you to conveniently roll pans, pots and utensils directly to your workspace.

Space Saving Racks

Collapsible and nesting racks stow away neatly when not in use but provide vertical storage for pans, lids and cutting boards when needed.

Multi-Purpose Utility Carts

Open utility carts and bakers racks provide lightweight, affordable storage for bulky or oversized cookware that can be moved and repurposed as needed.

Rack Storage Near Work Areas

Position freestanding racks near your stovetop or prep areas for handy cookware storage right within arm’s reach while you cook.

Create a Baker’s Station

Designate mobile carts just for baking needs with drawers for pans, shelves for supplies and fold-down work tables.

Maximize Wall Space

Floor-to-ceiling freestanding racks on wheels utilized in narrow spaces, corners or against walls maximize vertical storage.

Store Seasonally

Roll cookware racks into closets or basements during the off seasons to free up space in your kitchen the rest of the year.

Alternative Methods for Unique Situations

If you’re dealing with an unusually small kitchen or odd cookware, get creative with these unique pan storage solutions.

Use Lid Organizers Creatively

Adhere lid organizers inside cabinet doors or vertically on walls as handy storage for round pans, pot lids and appliance covers.

Repurpose Dish Drainers

Plastic dish drainers mounted vertically make perfect holders for handheld pans and lids in cramped spaces.

Take Advantage of Appliances

Use the sides and top of your refrigerator for extra magnetic strips, racks and baskets to hold bulky or overflow items.

Think Outside the Cabinet

Install hooks along the sides of kitchen islands and peninsulas to hang frequently-used pans and utensils within quick reach.

Unused Spaces Under Sinks

Utilize the unused space under your kitchen or prep sink to mount DIY wooden racks to hold pans, colanders and baking pans vertically.

Improvise with Household Items

Shower caddies, cutlery trays, shoe organizers and wall hooks can all be creatively adapted into DIY pan storage solutions in a pinch.

Optimize Narrow Spaces

In galley or apartment kitchens, wall-mounted racks above the stove maximize space for vertically storing stacks of pans and lids.

Take Advantage of Appliance Alcoves

Make use of the narrow recessed spaces alongside stoves and refrigerators by installing tall, narrow racks for vertical pan storage.

Key Takeaways and Summary

  • Hanging pot racks, wall racks and ceiling racks provide accessible open storage for pans.
  • Pull-out drawers and slide-out inserts allow you to neatly organize pots and pans hidden inside cabinets.
  • Wall-mounted pegs, rails and magnetic strips keep pans accessible but out of the way.
  • Over-cabinet and under-cabinet racks fully utilize vertical storage space.
  • Carts and freestanding racks can be moved wherever extra storage is needed.
  • Get creative repurposing household items or using small spaces for pan storage in tiny kitchens.

Proper cookware storage using these clever solutions not only keeps your kitchen organized, but also makes cooking easier and more efficient. Find the options that work best for your unique space and cooking style. With a well-organized pan storage strategy, you can spend less time hunting down the right lid or pot and more time enjoying cooking delicious meals!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pan Storage Ideas

Pan storage can be a challenge, especially for home cooks with large cookware collections. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about keeping pots, pans, and lids neatly organized:

What are some tips for organizing pots and pans in cabinets?

  • Use racks or dividers to separate pans of different sizes. This prevents them from scratching each other.
  • Place delicate items like nonstick pans on bottom shelves and heavier pans on top shelves.
  • Install slide-out trays or wire racks to neatly arrange pans front-to-back and provide easier access.

What’s the best way to store pan lids?

  • Vertical lid organizers that store lids upright take up less space and make lids easier to grab than stacking.
  • Mount lid racks on walls, cabinet doors or under cabinets to keep lids accessible but out of the way.
  • Magnetic strips allow you to store lids flush against walls or cabinets. Label sections for organization.

Where is the best place to store pans in a small kitchen?

  • In small kitchens, wall-mounted pot racks, rails or magnetic strips utilize vertical space without taking up counter area.
  • Racks mounted on the walls, doors or above cabinets in a galley kitchen provide accessible storage.
  • Under-cabinet lid racks and vertical pan storage on the backs of cabinet doors maximize space.

How do you prevent pans from getting scratched in storage?

  • Use liners or felt pads in pot and pan drawers to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid tossing pans into a crowded drawer or cabinet. Nest them carefully with padding between pans.
  • Install racks and organizers to give each pan its own designated spot separated from other pans.
  • For hanging racks, hook pans through handles rather than stacking them directly on top of each other.

What kind of hooks or racks can be used to hang pots and pans?

  • Sturdy metal peg rails and wire pot racks hold heavier cast iron and stainless steel cookware.
  • Decorative cup hooks work for lighter nonstick pans and pots. Stagger them at varying heights for more storage.
  • The key is using hooks strong enough and anchored securely so they don’t rip out of the wall or cabinet.


Having an organized pan storage strategy tailored to your kitchen layout and cooking needs saves time and frustration in the kitchen. Whether you prefer open racks for easy access or inserts to hide cookware clutter, the options provided give you plenty of ways to keep pots, pans and lids neatly stored but within easy reach.

Remember to fully utilize vertical areas with wall mounts, under-cabinet and over-cabinet storage solutions. And incorporate specialized organizers to keep lids, baking pans and cooking utensils right where you need them.

With a little planning and these clever pan storage ideas, you can transform your chaotic cookware collection into a model of efficiency. Just think how much more you will enjoy creating culinary masterpieces in a tidy, well-organized kitchen!