Over the Toilet Storage Ideas Practical Storage Solutions

Over the toilet storage is an excellent way to maximize space in your bathroom. Installing shelving or cabinetry over the toilet provides practical storage solutions that are functional and look great. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore creative over the toilet storage ideas to help maximize your bathroom storage.

Why Over the Toilet Storage is Practical

Over the toilet storage is one of the most practical and space-efficient storage solutions for any bathroom. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Maximizes Vertical Space: The area above the toilet is often wasted space. Adding shelving or cabinets allows you to utilize this empty wall area.
  • Easy Accessibility: Storing items right above the toilet provides convenient access. Items are within arm’s reach so you don’t have to go searching through vanity cabinets.
  • Organizes Bathroom Essentials: Over the toilet storage is perfect for holding toilet paper, extra towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials you use daily. Keeping these items organized and readily available.
  • Creates Visual Interest: Installing shelving or cabinetry over the toilet breaks up the wall space and adds architectural detail. This makes the bathroom feel more polished.
  • Adds Extra Storage: Bathrooms often lack sufficient storage. Over the toilet storage increases the storage capacity without taking up floor space.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Over Toilet Storage

There are a few important factors to take into account when selecting over the toilet storage:

  • Toilet Tank Depth: Measure from the wall to the outer edge of the toilet tank to determine the depth available. Make sure to account for any baseboards or trim.
  • Toilet Tank Location: The tank may be flush with the wall or protrude out. This changes the depth and area available for storage.
  • Available Height: Measure the vertical height above the tank to the ceiling. Make sure there is enough clearance for the items you want to store.
  • Weight Bearing: Wall-mounted shelving should be installed into wall studs. Ensure the shelf brackets or cabinet can bear sufficient weight.
  • Plumbing Access: Storage should not block access to the toilet shut-off valve or any other necessary plumbing.
  • Door Clearance: If the bathroom door swings open towards the toilet, make sure the door will fully open without obstruction.

Space-Saving Open Shelving Ideas

Open shelving is an excellent budget-friendly option for small bathrooms. The airy, open design feels modern and showcases your decorative toiletries. Here are some great ways to utilize open shelving:

Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves

Floating shelves mounted to the wall above the toilet create an modern, industrial look. Stagger shelves at different heights for maximum storage. Use decorative boxes and baskets to corral toiletries. Make sure to mount directly into studs for security.

Rustic Wooden Crates

For a rustic, cottage-inspired style, arrange old wooden crates in an uneven stack over the toilet. Use the crates to store extra toilet paper, rolled towels, candles, or small decorative items. Opt for raw, unfinished crates or paint them in cheery colors.

Glass Shelves with Lights

Installing glass shelves with integrated lights creates a contemporary designer look. The glass reflects the light to make a small bathroom feel bright and airy. Use acrylic organizing trays and pretty bottles to hold necessities.

Metal Utility Shelves

Basic metal wire utility shelves mounted to the wall provide lots of storage for a low cost. Add tension rods across the bottom shelf to neatly store extra toilet paper rolls. Use fabric bins to keep the look organized.

Closed Storage Ideas for Concealed Items

For those that prefer to keep toiletries concealed, closed storage is key. There are many stylish options to organize your over the toilet storage while keeping items hidden:

Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry

Installing custom cabinetry from floor to ceiling behind the toilet is a luxurious choice. Cabinet doors can completely conceal all contents. Consider open shelves or baskets for every day items and closed cabinets for infrequently used items.

Framed Cabinet with Doors

For a quick DIY solution, build a plywood frame to surround the storage area above the toilet. Attach doors to the front for an enclosed cabinet. Paint or wallpaper the cabinet to coordinate with your bathroom.

Retractable Door Cabinet

An interesting option is a retractable cabinet with doors that slide horizontally to conceal the contents. When closed, the cabinet appears as sleek vertical lines. The retracting doors allow for easy access.

Floor-to-Ceiling Drawer Stack

Maximize every inch by installing drawers from floor to ceiling behind the toilet. Drawers provide easy access to contents and hide items when closed. Label drawers or use dividers to stay organized.

Above Toilet Shelving Styles and Materials

Over the toilet shelving comes in a wide range of materials and styles. Consider the look you want to achieve in your bathroom along with practical factors like budget and durability.

Wood Shelving

Wood shelving has a classic, timeless look and is very durable. Opt for moisture-resistant woods like teak or bamboo that can handle the high humidity. Stain or paint to coordinate with your bathroom’s color scheme. Add texture with reclaimed barnwood planks.

Metal Shelving

Sleek metal wire shelving has an industrial modern vibe and comes in many stains like black, bronze, or chrome. Metal stands up well to moisture and is easy to clean. Ornate wrought iron shelving makes a pretty vintage statement.

Glass Shelving

Glass shelving creates a lightweight, airy look perfect for small bathrooms. Tempered glass is very durable. For safety, choose shelves with rounded corners. Install LED lights for an ultra-modern style.

Wicker Baskets

For natural texture, arrange wicker baskets atop a shelf over the toilet. The open weave allows air circulation to prevent mildew. Use washable fabric liners inside for easy cleaning.

Wall-Mounted Ladder Shelf

Ladder-style shelves mounted vertically on the wall add visual interest. The staggered shelves neatly display rolled towels, toilet paper, and decorative jars. Choose materials like wood, metal, or wire.

Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

One of the most practical items to store over the toilet is toilet paper. Here are some creative ideas for neat toilet paper storage:

  • Stack rolls in a decorative urn, basket, or bin atop a shelf.
  • Use a freestanding toilet paper caddy next to the toilet.
  • Install toilet roll rods or hooks on the wall.
  • Place rolls in a wall-mounted magazine rack.
  • Hide backup rolls in a cabinet or behind retractable doors.
  • Use shelf dividers to neatly separate toilet paper from other items.
  • Incorporate enclosed toilet paper storage into cabinetry built over the toilet.

Over the Toilet Tower Storage Ideas

Narrow floor space in the bathroom? Consider a storage tower over the toilet. Vertical storage towers fit in tight spaces and provide ample storage. Here are some great options:

Freestanding Shelving Unit

A narrow freestanding shelving unit can be situated over the toilet. Choose one tall enough to fit floor to ceiling. Angle shelves to hold more items. Style with baskets, bins, and trays.

Repurposed Ladder

For rustic charm, turn an old wooden ladder into vertical bathroom storage. Secure it to wall studs and add wood shelves or woven baskets to the rungs. Use the ladder treads to hold rolled towels.

Framed Spice Rack

Construct a vertical 4-sided frame around the toilet tank and install shelving between the frame posts. The tall narrow shape maximizes space. This DIY project is easy and inexpensive.

Salvaged Architectural Column

If you can find one, an antique architectural column positioned over the toilet makes a dramatic statement. Add shelves inside the column for expanded storage. A rich finish like mahogany pairs nicely with marble floors.

Small Bathroom Solutions

Limited space in a half bath or powder room? Check out these tips for maximizing your over the toilet storage in tight quarters:

  • Use wall-mounted shelving – Freestanding units take up precious floor space.
  • Go vertical – Stacked, wall-mounted cabinets and shelves reach the ceiling.
  • Multi-task shelves – Look for toilet paper holders, towel bars, and shelves in one.
  • Evaluate every wall – Even the back of the door can accommodate a storage caddy.
  • ** Consider corner shelves** – Unique triangular shelves utilize awkward, empty corners.
  • Install organizers – Use trays, baskets, and dividers to optimize shelf space.

Finishing Touches: Style Your New Over The Toilet Storage

Once your new over the toilet storage is installed, add finishing touches to complete the look:

  • Add lighting – Sconces, undercabinet lights or glass shelves with integrated lights enhance visibility.
  • Incorporate artwork – Hang a decorative mirror or print to give the eye a place to focus besides the toilet.
  • Play with color – Paint or wallpaper the back wall to complement your storage choice.
  • Soften edges – Use fabric skirts or towels at shelf edges to add texture.
  • Maximize every space – Insert corner shelves, extra hooks, adjustable trays – any spot that could use storage.
  • Disguise necessities – Bins, baskets and closed cabinets keep toiletries concealed.
  • Watch the scale – Make sure shelves and accessories are sized right for the space.

Over the Toilet Cabinet Ideas

Cabinetry installed over the toilet provides enclosed storage to keep all your bathroom supplies organized and out of sight. Here are some great options to consider:

Recessed Cabinetry

For a seamless look, recess cabinetry into the wall around the toilet tank. This custom design looks like it was designed specifically for that space. The recessed cabinets blend smoothly into the room.

Framed Mirror Cabinet

A beautiful framed mirror can conceal storage behind it. Cabinets built right into the frame around the mirror hide toiletries. Some even have electric outlets for razors and toothbrushes.

Medicine Cabinet

Mounting a medicine cabinet above the toilet is a space-saver. It provides discreet enclosed storage as well as a mirror in one. Some medicine cabinets have adjustable shelves to accommodate tall bottles.

Wall-Hung Vanity

Installing a narrow vanity over the toilet is a luxurious option. It provides ample closed storage like a standard vanity. Just make sure to coordinate with the toilet tank location during installation.

Sliding Door Cabinets

Sliding cabinet doors save space by not needing any clearance to open. Install cabinets from floor to ceiling and maximize storage with slide-out shelves. Soft-close hardware prevents noisy slamming.

Bathroom Storage Safety Tips

When installing over the toilet storage, keep these safety guidelines in mind:

  • Mount shelving securely into wall studs to bear weight.
  • Avoid sharp corners and edges. Opt for rounded shelves and hardware.
  • Select shatterproof glass shelving or cabinet doors if choosing glass.
  • Make sure plumbing access points are not obstructed.
  • Ensure good ventilation to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Use water-resistant, durable materials to withstand humidity.
  • Install child safety locks if small children have access to the bathroom.
  • Mount towel bars and toilet paper holders safely out of reach of children.
  • Consider earthquake safety and secure freestanding storage units to the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions About Over The Toilet Storage

What is the best height to install shelving over the toilet?

The recommended height is between 66-72 inches from the floor to the bottom shelf. Make sure there is at least 7 inches clearance between the tank and bottom shelf so the toilet lid can open fully.

How much weight can over the toilet shelves hold?

Most high quality floating shelves can hold 20-30 lbs per square foot when properly installed into studs. Cabinets tend to be more heavy duty, holding 50+ lbs per square foot.

Where should I position a freestanding tower or ladder?

Situate a freestanding tower or ladder as close to the toilet tank as possible without obstructing the lid or seat opening. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with knees when sitting on the toilet.

Can I put a cabinet with doors above the toilet?

Yes, a wall cabinet or medicine cabinet will work above a toilet. Just make sure to account for clearance so the doors can fully open. Also allow room for knees between the cabinet and toilet.

What should I not store above the toilet?

Avoid storing liquids or leaky items. Also don’t place decor items that can fall over easily or valuables that could be damaged by steam.

Final Thoughts on Over the Toilet Storage Solutions

Installing storage over the toilet is one of the smartest ways to maximize unused space in your bathroom. With the many stylish and functional shelving and cabinet options available today, it’s easy to find the perfect storage solution to organize your space. Hopefully this overview has provided creative ideas and tips to help you design the ideal over the toilet storage for your needs and bathroom style. Make the most of your valuable bathroom real estate and enjoy the convenience of storage right at your fingertips!