Orange Backsplash Ideas Bring Joy with Lovely Orange Hues


An orange backsplash can infuse any kitchen with warmth, energy and vibrancy. From bright citrus tones to deeper terra cotta hues, orange makes a bold and beautiful statement. It pairs wonderfully with many styles from modern to farmhouse chic. Orange backsplashes bring life and personality to your cooking space.

When considering orange backsplash ideas, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. First, assess the overall look and feel you want for your kitchen. An orange backsplash can provide anything from a subtle pop of color to a dramatic focal point. Think about orange undertones that coordinate well with your cabinetry, countertops and flooring.

You’ll also want to consider the finish. Glossy backsplashes reflect light and add dimension while matte finishes give a more subtle effect. Natural stone and ceramic tile offer classic elegance while glass mosaic tiles make for a glittering, radiant statement. Hardware, faucets and accessories in brushed bronze, copper or gold nicely complement the warm glow of orange.

Keep reading for gorgeous orange backsplash inspirations to give your kitchen pizazz and vibrance. From trendy terra cotta subway tiles to polished glass mosaics, there are so many options to bring those lovely orange hues into your home.

Warming Up a Modern Kitchen

Orange is a perfect way to inject warmth, character and vibrancy into a contemporary kitchen. The rich glow of orange backsplash tiles balances sleek cabinetry and stainless steel appliances beautifully.

For a minimalist kitchen, orange ceramic or glass subway tiles arranged in a stacked or herringbone pattern make a big statement. Try combining white grout for greater pop. Extending the tiles to the walls and ceiling creates an enveloping citrus glow.

Handmade artisan tiles in an ombre orange design are another chic option. Blending soft tangerine and coral tones, they provide subtle gradient interest. Their intricate texture makes them ideal for a focal point around the stovetop.

Polished glass mosaics in sunset orange hues add radiant luminosity and dimension. Their reflective sheen contrasts with matte cabinetry and countertops in intriguing ways. Use orange backsplash mosaics sparingly above ranges or around window frames for contemporary flair.

Vivid clementine glass tile with iridescent finish is a stunning choice for modern kitchens. The electrifying color energizes the whole space. Pair with sleek white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances for bold yet cohesive style.

Lively Orange for Eclectic Kitchens

Playful and eclectic kitchens call for vibrant orange backsplash tile. From psychedelic patterns to pop art splashes of color, oranges enhance the fun and creative vibe.

Retro geometric print tiles in sherbet orange hues energize a whimsical kitchen. Their bold repeating design and contrasting grout lines pump up the visual interest. Pair with pastel cabinetry and vintage appliances for a far-out kitchen.

For a funky, artsy kitchen, bright solid orange glass tiles lend an energizing splash of color. Use them selectively on an accent wall by the stovetop or behind open shelving to really amplify the bold citrus tones.

Handpainted and crackle glazed tiles in mandarin orange feature delightful decorative detailing. Scattered across a backsplash or arranged in a frame pattern, they inject playful pops of texture and color. Surround them with neutral tiles or wood for an eye-catching focal point.

Vintage Moroccan tiles look amazing combined on an eclectic backsplash. Vibrant patterned tiles in sunset tones arrange beautifully with plain off-white ones. The fusion creates artistic charm and energy.

Farmhouse Chic with Rustic Orange Tiles

For a cozy farmhouse kitchen, earthy orange backsplash tiles in natural materials create a welcoming warmth. Matte terra cotta subway tiles and Tuscan style stone mosaics pair perfectly with distressed cabinetry and butcher block countertops.

Terracotta subway tiles laid in a classic brick pattern provide a mellow rustic glow. Their raw matte texture and subtle sage green undertones lend organic character and charm. Use white grout for added definition. Extend terra cotta tiles onto walls for a cohesive look.

Tuscan style stone mosaic tiles with tumbled finish in sunset natural hues make a lovely feature for cottage kitchens. Their variegated colors and handcrafted look blend beautifully within whitewashed cabinetry. Use them selectively behind the range or sink.

Natural clay tile in an earthy burnt orange shade has an artisanal handmade look that enhances a farmhouse kitchen’s appeal. For a coordinated backsplash, combine with avocado and mustard yellow clay tiles for an autumnal color scheme.

Handcrafted cement tiles glazed in rich coppery orange tones and intricate patterns marry worldwide charm. Arrange in pretty patterns along with sage, turquoise and sky blue tiles for bohemian character. The eye-catching fusion adds rustic warmth.

Vintage Flair with Orange and Aqua

A vintage kitchen gains amplified charm and personality with an orange and aqua backsplash color scheme. The pairing of bright orange tiles and soft sea glass blues creates retro appeal.

Subway tiles in light aqua blue paired with gleaming orange glossy tiles arranged in whimsical patterns add hopeful vibrancy. Intersperse some complementary mint green tiles for even more retro fun. A cheerful colorblocking effect energizes a vintage cooking space.

For a Mid-Century Modern look, combine pale blue-green ceramic tiles with burnt orange stone mosaic tiles. The color fusion evokes the soft nostalgia of 1960s design. Matte finishes keep the look feeling earthy and organic.

Etched sea glass mosaic tiles have an intriguing translucent glow. Paired with opaque tangerine tiles in a herringbone layout they make a distinctive backsplash. The mix of textures and colors provides dimensional dynamics while exuding vintage coastal charm.

Retro geometric design orange glass tiles lend high-contrast excitement when blended with creamy aqua ones. Laying the tiles in an interlocking basketweave pattern makes for an eye-catching optical illusion effect reminiscent of yesteryear style.

Warm Metallics and Orange for Glamorous Kitchens

Want to give your glamorous kitchen pizzazz? Backsplashes that couple rich warm metallics with vibrant orange hues create an ambiance of opulence. Mirrored tiles amp up the dramatic allure.

Polished brass and copper penny round tiles arranged in bold concentric patterns provide eye-catching shimmer and dimension. Combine them with brilliant orange mirror mosaic tiles for a glitzy backsplash idea. The pairing illuminates and energizes the kitchen.

Intricate gold and bronze Arabesque tiles lend regal old-world elegance and luxury. Cluster them around the range hood or behind open shelving. Then accent them with glossy tangerine ceramic tiles in coordinated decorative patterns for a stunning accent wall effect.

For an ultra-opulent look, install large format orange shimmery glass tiles in combination with antiqued mirrored tiles. The fusion of reflective and matte textures makes a captivating statement. Elegant gold fixtures and hardware complete the glamorous vibe.

A backsplash of rectangular copper penny tiles paired with clementine mirrored mosaics creates ornamental charm. Laying them in vertical rows alternating copper and orange makes a bold striped statement. The look provides both richness and playfulness.

Mellow Orange for Beach Cottage Kitchens

Capture the essence of coastal living with a mellow orange backsplash. Soft muted corals and peachy tones pair perfectly with weathered cabinetry and accents of driftwood.

Subtle white subway tiles with barely-there tangerine coloring arranged in ocean wave patterns evoke tranquil seaside vibrancy. Matte finish keeps the look natural. Pair with reclaimed wood open shelving and rattan pendants.

Tumbled travertine tiles in creamy peach and coral washed hues installed in a mix of sizes lend a soothing lived-in look. Their variegated texture resembles natural stone, bringing organic seaside charm. Accent with starfish and shells for character.

Etched glass tiles in creamy tangerine and cantaloupe tones have an intriguing translucent sheen, reminiscent of sea glass. Installed in oceanic blues and greens for accents, they exude bayside serenity. Their soft glow warms up a breezy cottage kitchen.

Ceramic tiles glazed in misty sunset orange and rimmed with white crackle detailing evoke weathered shutters of a coastal cottage. Use them to frame windows or the stove for subtle pops of color.

Inviting Tangerine Backsplashes

Tangerine is a friendly, welcoming orange hue that creates cheery appeal in a kitchen backsplash. From ultra-glossy to natural stone, there are many lovely options to consider:

  • Polished glass mosaic tiles in a vibrant tangerine shade make a dazzling, energizing statement. Their luminous sheen amplifies the citrus tones beautifully. Use as an accent behind sinks or stoves.
  • Handmade artisan tiles glazed in rich tangerine colors and distressed crackle textures exude rustic warmth and charm. They give the look of Spanish style decorative tilework.
  • For an uplifting pop of color, install vivid glossy tangerine ceramic subway tiles vertically. White grout allows the crisp saturated color to truly stand out.
  • Natural quartzite stone mosaic tiles in sunny tangerine and peach earth tones lend organic vibrancy. Their raw texture gives a cozy handcrafted look.
  • Mirrored tangerine tiles inject radiance and endless dimension. Try framing them with neutral tiles and combining with open shelving to reflect and amplify light.

Invigorating Orange and Green Combinations

Orange color schemes pairing green create an energetic, uplifting vibe. Choosing backsplash tiles in citrus tones that pop against sage, mint and avocado greens is an exciting look for kitchens.

Handpainted floral relief tiles glazed in vivid persimmon and orange hues inject artisanal whimsy and color when blended with creamy pistachio green tiles. Their fusion evokes lush tropical landscapes for a playful escapist design.

For an invigorating pop of color, lay lemon yellow subway tiles vertically on the backsplash and accent with vivid mandarin orange ones placed sporadically. The pairing of citrus tones against creamy mint green cabinetry is fresh and cheery.

Etched opaque glass tiles in zesty lime allow modish mint green stone mosaic tiles to take center stage while vibrant tangerine ones provide punctuation. The mix of colors and textures energizes the whole space.

Retro handmade patterned tiles in psychedelic orange and green designs lend trippy visual impact and dimension. Combining with glossy chartreuse ceramic tiles amplifies the groovy vibes. A kaleidoscopic color-block effect is created.

Vintage styled geometric floral tiles in fiery orange and avocado green evoke the 1960s in a fun way. Their high-contrast pairing against creamy white tiles gives plenty of eye-catching appeal.

Elegant Orange and Blue Combinations

Looking for backsplash ideas that provide understated elegance? Pairing soothing blue hues with warm orange tones creates a gracefully harmonious look. The fusion provides subtle drama and interest.

Textured turquoise ceramic subway tiles serve as a brilliant backdrop for hand-painted decorative tiles in sunset terracotta, burnt umber and ochre tones. Their artisanal designs inject old-world Mediterranean character and vibrancy.

Soft powder blue glass tiles in a herringbone pattern allow warm peach and burnt orange stone mosaic tiles to really stand out. Placed selectively behind the stove or around windows, they lend focal impact.

Cobalt glass penny tiles arranged in diagonal patterns energize the backsplash while maintaining an air of sophistication. Accenting with occasional vivid tangerine glossy tiles provides lively contrast. The pairing is bold yet refined.

Etched sea glass tiles in soothing aqua blues allow earthy terra cotta ceramic tiles to take the spotlight. Combining large and small sizes creates laid-back dimension perfect for cottage styled kitchens aiming for breezy elegance.

Subway tiles in muted sky blue laid vertically make a lovely clean and minimalist backdrop for small clusters of hand-painted floral tiles in sunset orange hues. Their fusion exudes understated charm and artistic spirit.

Questions and Answers About Orange Backsplash Ideas

What are the most popular orange backsplash tile options?

Some of the most popular options for orange backsplash tiles include:

  • Subway tiles – Available in glossy, matte and textured finishes. Great for modern, farmhouse or vintage styles.
  • Glass mosaic tiles – Provide beautiful illumination and dimension. Perfect for contemporary kitchens.
  • Natural stone – Travertine, marble and quartzite mosaic tiles lend organic warmth. Ideal for rustic kitchens.
  • Ceramic or porcelain – Offered in many warm orange hues and designs. Durable and easy to clean.
  • Metal tiles – Copper, brass and bronze add glamorous shine and interest. Nice for upscale kitchens.

What color cabinets go well with an orange backsplash?

An orange backsplash pairs beautifully with white or light gray cabinets for high contrast. Warm wood cabinets like oak also coordinate nicely, amplifying the overall cozy effect. Crisp navy or black cabinets allow the orange tiles to really pop as a dynamic focal point.

What kind of countertops work well with orange backsplash tile?

Countertops that pair attractively with an orange backsplash include white and neutral colored marble, soapstone, concrete and quartz. Wood butcher block also complements nicely with its warm brown and tan hues. Stainless steel countertops create sleek contemporary contrast.

Should the backsplash match the flooring?

It’s generally not necessary to match your backsplash tile to your kitchen flooring exactly. Often a coordinating color scheme with some contrast looks best. However, in small kitchens using the same tile on the backsplash and floor can help the space appear larger.

What orange shade is most relaxing?

Softer muted orange shades like peach, coral and melon tend to be most relaxing and calming. These hues remind us of sunsets and evoke tropics. Vibrant reddish oranges and citrus tones are energizing and great for stimulating creativity and conversation.

How is orange used in kitchen design?

In kitchen design, orange is often used selectively on backsplashes, accent walls or kitchen islands to add energizing pops of color. Orange pairs beautifully with whites, blues, greens, grays and brown cabinetry. It brings cheerfulness, creativity and warmth to kitchens of many different design aesthetics.


With so many possibilities from sleek subway tiles to handmade mosaics, orange backsplash tile ideas are a fantastic way to energize your cooking space with vibrant personality and charisma. Whether your style is modern and minimalist, funky and artistic or warm and rustic, orange backsplashes infuse kitchens with inviting charm.

From muted peach for a calming coastal cottage look to vivid persimmon orange for contemporary pizazz, you can find just the right warm citrus tones to suit your personal taste. Along with coordinating colors like soothing blue, lively green and natural wood brown, orange kitchen backsplashes are a lovely choice to brighten up your home and bring joyful color into everyday living.