Open Kitchen Storage Ideas Creative Storages without Doors


An open kitchen design comes with many benefits, such as allowing more natural light into the space and creating an airy, social atmosphere. However, it also presents unique storage challenges, as cabinetry with doors can make the space feel closed off again. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative open storage solutions that keep kitchen items organized while maintaining an open aesthetic.

In this article, we will explore open kitchen storage ideas focusing on creative storages without traditional cabinet doors. From wall-mounted rails and hanging pots racks to multi-level open shelving and rolling carts, there are many ways to store cooking items, dishes, pantry goods and more while showcasing your beautiful kitchenware. Read on for an extensive overview of the possibilities!

Clever Countertop Storage Solutions

Countertop organization is key in an open kitchen. With no upper cabinet doors to hide small appliances, knives, cutting boards and other items, keeping counters clutter-free requires some creative solutions. Here are some door-free storage ideas for maximizing open countertop space:

Utilize Countertop Organizers

  • Acrylic or wire countertop organizers are great for corralling barware, cooking utensils and more. Look for stackable options to save space.
  • Bamboo, acrylic or stainless steel knife blocks neatly store sharp knives in plain sight.
  • Mason jar caddies keep dry goods like utensils, spatulas and cooking spoons handy.
  • Spice organizers neatly arrange spice jars so you can find what you need while cooking.

Install Pot Racks and Rails

  • Ceiling-mounted pot racks and wall-mounted rails allow you to store pots, pans and lids vertically above the counters.
  • Opt for rails with S-hooks to hang utensils, towels and other kitchen tools.
  • A magnetic strip also works wonderfully for knives and commonly used metal tools.

Display Dishes in Glass-Front Cabinets

  • Small glass-front cabinets blend storage and display above counters.
  • Use for beautiful dishware, drinkware and decorative kitchenware.
  • LED lighting illuminates contents and makes a design statement.

Roll Out Tray Dividers

  • Sliding trays and roll-out drawer organizers neatly divide cutting boards, bakeware and other bulky items.
  • Acrylic vertical dividers maximize drawer space while keeping contents visible.
  • Spinning “lazy Susan” turntables provide easy access to items in cupboard corners.

With some clever solutions, you can keep open countertops organized while maintaining a clean, minimalist look.

Creative Open Shelving for Pantry Storage

The pantry is one area where doors and drawers tend to dominate. But you can maintain visibility and access with these creative door-free pantry storage ideas:

Install Wall-to-Wall Shelving

  • Outfit the entire pantry with wall-mounted shelving at different heights to double your storage space.
  • Floor-to-ceiling shelving also removes the need for upper cabinets.
  • Opt for solid shelving or open wire racks depending on the items stored.

Use Tiered Shelf Risers

  • Multi-level risers double or triple shelving space without occupying more floorspace.
  • Risers with built-in rails keep jars and cans from rolling off shelves.
  • Angled risers make items more visible than stacking shelves straight up and down.

Utilize Wall Rails and Ledges

  • Mount rails or ledges to stash bulkier items like large bags of rice.
  • Use S-hook rails for hanging utensils, towels and other small tools.
  • Floating ledges can hold condiment bottles sideways.

Add a Freestanding Pantry Unit

  • A movable open pantry unit on casters functions as extra storage space.
  • Opt for slotted shelves, canvas bins and baskets to corral loose ingredients.
  • Wheels make the unit easily movable for accessing all sides.

By creatively using the vertical space, you can keep a compact pantry tidy and visible.

Hanging Storage for Utensils and Dishware

One versatile storage solution for open kitchens is hanging storage. Wall-mounted racks allow you to display dishware, utensils and pots while freeing up drawer and cabinet space. Consider these hanging storage ideas:

Mounted Pot Racks & Rails

  • Hanging pot racks showcase cookware like saucepans and stock pots.
  • Opt for swiveling racks for easy access to every item.
  • S-hook rails keep lids, utensils and towels handy but out of the way.

Plate Racks for Dishware

  • Display plates, bowls and platters in mounted plate racks.
  • Stagger plates vertically to fit more in less space.
  • Choose materials like wood or chrome to coordinate with your decor.

Under-Cabinet Utensil Racks

  • Hang small utensil racks underneath upper cabinets to maximize space.
  • Use for frequently-used tools like spatulas, ladles and whisks.
  • Mount horizontally or vertically to fit the cabinet configuration.

Wall-Mounted Knife Strips

  • Acrylic or magnetic knife strips keep sharp knives safely stored in plain sight.
  • Choose bamboo strips for an attractive accent.
  • Ensure proper installation so strips don’t loosen or fall.

Hanging racks prevent clutter on countertops while neatly displaying beautiful dishware and cookware.

Clever Carts for Movable Storage

One benefit of going door-free is that you can use movable shelving units and carts to create flexible storage. These carts provide organized storage that can roll wherever you need it:

Rolling Pantry Carts

  • Pantry carts with wire shelving hold pantry staples you use frequently.
  • Opt for deep utility carts to hold bulk goods.
  • Carts with drawer organizers are great for tools like graters and peelers.

3-Tiered Carts on Wheels

  • Three-level carts on casters provide stainless steel shelving for dishes and cookware.
  • Their movable versatility allows you to transport items from sink to stove with ease.
  • Some feature towel bars and paper towel holders for handy access.

Bamboo Baker’s Racks

  • Compact baker’s racks ( Typically around 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide on average) provide open shelving with a slim footprint.
  • Made of bamboo, metal or rattan, they have an airy, decorative look.
  • Use for cookbooks, bulk ingredients, small appliances and more.

Bar Carts

  • A small bar cart stashed under the sink or island neatly holds barware essentials.
  • Roll it out for easy access when prepping cocktails or serving guests.
  • Glass shelves elegantly display glassware while small baskets or trays corral tools.

Carts add stylish storage that can easily move around the kitchen as needed.

Creative Open Shelving for Dish Storage

Open shelving is a common element in door-less kitchens. But how you style the shelving can make it both functional and decorative. Here are creative ideas for open dishware storage:

Mix and Match Shelves

  • Combine glass-front wall cabinets, open shelves and enclosed base cabinets. This allows you to display some items while concealing others.
  • Vary shelf sizes – mix wide shelves for platters with narrow, vertical ones for bowls and mugs.

Style with Bookends

  • Acrylic or decorative ceramic bookends keep plates and bowls neatly stacked. They prevent sliding and tipping.
  • Use bookends to create separate zones for dinner plates, salad plates, etc.

Incorporate Plate Stands

  • Display plates upright in acrylic or wire stands in varying heights.
  • Doubles your plate storage and makes each piece visible at a glance.
  • Integrate plate stands into open shelving or place on countertops.

Opt for Plate Rails

  • Mounted rails with S-hooks hold plates horizontally like in a diner.
  • Allows you to access any plate easily.
  • Combine rails with shelves to quadruple your storage capacity.

With some simple yet clever solutions, it’s easy to neatly store dishware in an open concept.

Maximizing Cabinet Space Without Doors

Removing cabinet doors maximizes visibility and access to contents. But it can also make cabinets appear cluttered. Use these tips to neatly organize open cabinets:

Use Tension Rods

  • Install cut-to-size tension rods across cabinet shelves vertically to double storage space.
  • Creates separate compartments to neatly corral boxes, cans and other items.

Incorporate Slide-Out Trays

  • Sliding trays and drawers provide compartmentalized storage that pulls out for easy access.
  • Helpful for corner cabinets or deep base cabinet storage.

Add Glass Shelving

  • Swapping out opaque shelves for glass ones allows you to see everything while containing mess inside.
  • Use glass canisters and containers to continue the transparent look.

Opt for Open Wire Shelving

  • Wire shelving has an airy, open look while still neatly corralling items.
  • For large cabinets, try combining solid shelves up top with wire racks below.

Take advantage of all your cabinet space while maintaining an organized, uncluttered look.

FAQ About Open Kitchen Storage Without Doors

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about storage solutions for open kitchen designs without traditional cabinetry:

What kind of shelving works best for open pantries?

Adjustable wire shelving is great for open pantries, as it provides visibility, breathability, and customizable storage options. Solid wood or metal shelves also give pantries a clean, streamlined look.

How do I keep my countertop organized if I don’t have upper cabinets?

Use acrylic, bamboo or metal organizers for utensils, cookware and appliances. Mounted pot racks, knife strips and glass-front cabinets provide enclosed storage. Also designate spaces for small appliances.

Where should I store everyday dishware without upper cabinets?

Open shelving works beautifully for everyday dishware. Mix closed lower cabinets with wall-mounted open shelving of varying heights and widths. Plate racks, stands and bookends keep dishes neatly arranged.

What kinds of organizational products help maximize open cabinet storage?

Tension rods, slide-out trays, lazy susans and drawer organizers all help maximize vertical storage space. Glass jars, turntables and risers keep items neatly arranged.

Can I use a freestanding pantry unit instead of built-in cabinetry?

Absolutely! A wheeled pantry cart provides movable storage that can be tucked out of the way or brought bedside your workspace as needed. Opt for open wire or solid shelving to customize.

With some clever solutions, it’s easy to organize an open kitchen design without sacrificing style or function.


While removing upper cabinets creates a bright, inviting kitchen, it does require some creative storage solutions. But as the ideas in this article illustrate, there are many ways to neatly organize an open kitchen design focused on storage without traditional doors.

Wall-mounted pot racks, glass-front cabinets, tiered shelves, hanging racks and wheeled carts all provide smart storage for dishes, cookware, ingredients and more. Combined with compartmentalized drawers, clever countertop organizers and well-designed open shelving, it’s easy to keep everything in its place.

The key is taking advantage of vertical wall space with mounted rails, ledges and shelving. And don’t forget about style – mix materials, colors and shapes to keep utilitarian storage looking elegant and purposeful. With an open concept kitchen, every square inch counts, so make sure to maximize every corner.

With some thoughtful organization strategies and innovative product solutions, it’s entirely possible to do away with bulky overhead cabinets while still enjoying accessible, arranged storage space. The open design will make meal prep more enjoyable by allowing natural light to flood the space while freeing up views to other rooms. Just be sure to incorporate plenty of timeless open shelving ideas to keep your open kitchen tidy, organized and full of rustic flair.