Open Concept Bathroom Ideas Bring Hotel Feel into Your Home


Having a bathroom with an open concept and a hotel-inspired design can make getting ready each morning feel like you’re on vacation. An open floor plan helps create a light, airy, and spacious bathroom while hotel-inspired touches add a sense of luxury.

In this article, we’ll explore ways to design an open concept bathroom that provides the ambiance of a hotel retreat right at home. We’ll look at layout ideas, features to include, finishes and materials to select, and decor tips that can transform your bathroom into a sleek, spa-like oasis. With the right combination of intelligent layout, high-end details, and designer touches, you can enjoy a bathroom that feels like an upscale hotel suite every single day.

Choosing an Open Layout

The first step in designing a bathroom that has the open, airy feeling of a hotel retreat is to select a layout with fewer walls and barriers. Here are some open concept bathroom layout ideas to consider:

Remove Unneeded Walls

Look for any non-load bearing walls that can be removed to open up the space. Eliminating walls between the toilet, bathtub, shower, and vanity can make the bathroom feel much more spacious.

Use Glass Partitions

Instead of solid walls, install glass partitions between different zones like the shower and tub. Frameless glass maintains visibility while still providing separation. For privacy, opt for textured or frosted glass.

Choose Open Showers

Skip shower enclosures and opt for walk-in showers without doors. These open showers not only provide easier access but also make the bathroom feel more expansive.

Incorporate Airy Shelving

Built-in open shelving and glass-front cabinets maintain the airy aesthetic instead of heavy wood vanities. Floating shelves also help continue the open look.

Allow Natural Light to Flow In

Large windows flood the bathroom with natural light. Skylights open up the ceiling, while transom windows over partitions let light filter through the entire space.

Use Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Wall-mounted faucets and toilets enhance the feeling of openness. Under-mount sinks also provide a sleeker look than vanity tops.

Select Sliding Barn Doors

If you need separation from adjoining rooms, sliding barn doors take up no floor space. They can disappear completely into the walls when open.

Features That Evoke a Hotel Retreat

Once you have an open concept layout, it’s time to incorporate design elements and amenities that provide hotel-worthy luxury. Here are some features to include:

Spa-Like Relaxation Areas

Build out a separate relaxation nook with a chaise lounge or armchair. This gives you space to lounge pre- or post-bath. Add calming greenery, soft lighting, and even meditative music.

High-End Fixtures

Install elegant wall-mount faucets, rainfall showerheads, and ceiling-mount tub fillers. High-tech Japanese toilets provide the ultimate hotel experience.

Dual Vanities

Long double vanities allow two people to get ready at once. Separate sinks also enable his-and-her customization for a truly personalized hotel suite feel.

Ample Counter Space

Large solid surface counters around the sinks and vanities provide plenty of space for toiletries and getting ready. Granite, quartz, or marble countertops evoke luxury.

Spacious Storage Options

Built-in cabinetry keeps hotel-style neatness easy to maintain. Floating shelves and hidden compartments offer ample storage without clutter.

Heated Floors

Radiant floor heating warms bare feet on chilly mornings. Heated floors help create a decadent, spa-like environment.

High-End Hardware

Sleek metal hardware in polished chrome, nickel, or bronze nods to the refined style of hotels. Drawer pulls, shower heads, and cabinet handles all contribute to the look.

Soft Towels

Stock up on plush oversized towels. Neatly folded stacks bring hotel-style pampering into your own home.

Water Features

The soothing sound of running water enhances relaxation. Indulge in features like rainfall showers, jetted tubs, or even tiny waterfalls.

Selecting Finishes and Materials

Your material finishes will largely define the style and ambiance of your open concept hotel bathroom. Consider these designer options:

Natural Stone Tiles

Large-format marble, travertine, or limestone tiles can provide an ultra-luxurious foundation. Neutral tones feel both modern and timeless.

Wood Accents

Strategically placed wood adds warmth. Teak shelves, bamboo partitions, and wood trim prevent an overload of stone and tile.

Metallic Accents

Brass, copper, and stainless steel finishes glimmer for subtle sophistication. From fixtures to mirrors, metallic provides an elegant touch.

Concrete Flooring

For an urban loft vibe, polished concrete floors add modern style. The gray neutral tone enhances the openness.

Tiles That Flow

Using the same tiles on the floors, walls, and even ceilings creates a seamless flow. This makes the space feel larger.

Porcelain Tile

For a high-end yet understated look, large-format matte porcelain tiles make a refined choice. The uniformity provides a tranquil backdrop.

Gilded Mirrors

Ornate antiqued mirrors and gilded frames lend old-world opulence to offset sleek lines. Avoid harsh reflections.

Natural Textures

Layer in raw, organic textures with wood grain cabinets, linen upholstery, handwoven rugs, or woven lampshade material.

Designer Decor Touches

Finish off your hotel-worthy open concept bathroom with interior decor elements tailored to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Soothing Neutral Palette

Stick to an inviting scheme of creams, taupes, grays, and light woods. Crisp whites combined with soft neutrals achieve a calming spa-like ambiance.

Tactile Natural Elements

Potted leafy plants, woven baskets, and travertine sculptures bring life to the space. Integrate ceramics, minerals, and glass for zen tranquility.

Aromatherapy Candles

Infuse the air with soothing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, or vanilla to relax the senses. Group candles of varying heights for impact.

Plush Robes and Slippers

Up the pampering with robe hooks, slipper baskets, and folded Turkish cotton towels. This transforms your bathroom into a personal escape.

Adjustable Lighting

Layer ambient, task, and accent lighting for flexibility. Dimmer switches provide control over the ambiance at all times of day.

Privacy Film

If desired, apply opaque film on glass walls or partitions. This still allows light to stream through while obscuring views.

Minimal Clutter

Maintain a tidy, hotel-inspired look with hampers, cleaning supplies, and toiletries organized neatly behind cabinet doors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Concept Bathroom Design

What defines an open concept bathroom?

An open concept bathroom has a layout free of walls and barriers between different zones like the toilet, tub, shower, and vanity. Open sightlines, minimal partitions, and wall-mounted fixtures all lend to an airy, expansive feel.

What are the benefits of an open bathroom?

Benefits include better airflow, more natural light, easier cleaning and maintenance, accessible walk-in showers, and flexible furnishings arrangements. Open designs also feel more modern and luxurious.

Should I install a door or leave the bathroom open?

It depends on your privacy needs and style preferences. Some open bathrooms use sliding barn doors, linen curtains, or no divide at all from adjoining bedrooms. Doors maintain privacy and sound separation if needed.

How do I create an upscale hotel vibe?

Focus on high-end materials like stone, glass, and metals. Built-in storage, ample counter space, dual vanities, and tech-forward toilets also emulate luxury hotels. Don’t forget plush towels and robes!

What if I don’t have room for a double vanity?

Floating single vanities can still provide modern elegance. Or install two wall-hung sinks on a shared counter for his-and-her stations. The key is keeping sightlines open.

Should I choose tiles or natural stone?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles provide a sleek, uniform look that flows beautifully in open concept baths. Natural stone like marble lends high-end organic texture but requires more sealing and care.

How do I incorporate warmth into a bathroom?

Natural wood accents integrated sparingly prevent an overly sterile look. Also use woven textures, greenery, candles, and vintage-style lighting. Radiant heated floors can make stone tile feel cozy underfoot.


With an intentional layout, luxury materials, and high-end details, you can create an open concept bathroom with all the ambiance and amenities of a soothing hotel retreat. Removing unnecessary walls, adding glass partitions, and opting for wall-mounted and floating fixtures maintains an airy aesthetic. Include hotel-inspired features like relaxation nooks, dual vanities, ample storage, and spa-like elements. Sophisticated finishes give the space refinement, while designer decor personalizes your own private oasis. With the tips above, you can enjoy a bathroom that makes you feel pampered daily.