Open Closet Ideas – Stylish Closet Designs without Doors

An open closet design is a stylish way to showcase your wardrobe without traditional doors. This modern look allows for easy access and creates a seamless flow between your closet and bedroom. With creative open closet ideas, you can design a functional, organized, and beautiful closet that fits your personal style.

Benefits of an Open Closet Design

There are many benefits to choosing an open closet design over a traditional closed closet:

  • Creates an airier, more spacious feel – Removing closet doors makes the room appear larger.
  • Allows you to view everything at a glance – With no doors to open, you can easily see all your clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Makes your closet a decorative focal point – The lack of doors shows off your organizational skills and curated wardrobe.
  • Provides quicker access to clothes – You don’t have to open doors to grab an outfit. Open designs allow for easy reach.
  • Allows more natural light into the closet – Light streams in without barriers, so you can see colors and details accurately.
  • Promotes air circulation – Clothes can breathe without being trapped behind solid doors, preventing odors.
  • Feels modern and sleek – The clean, minimalist look is right on trend with contemporary styles.

For these reasons, open closets have become increasingly popular. The lack of doors creates a seamless transition between spaces and a lighter, airier environment.

Planning an Open Closet

If you’re interested in an open closet design, careful planning is required. Here are tips for executing this look successfully:

Choose the Right Location

The open closet should be placed in a separate space, like a walk-in closet or dressing room. Avoid positioning it too close to the bed, as you don’t want your clothing clutter to be visible while relaxing.

Install Proper Lighting

To fully display your wardrobe, ample lighting is a must. Add lighting to the ceiling and shelves. Consider pendant lights above the closet to cast a soft glow over the space.

Invest in Closet Organization Systems

Without doors to hide clutter, organization is vital for an open closet. Use shelves, dividers, bins, and baskets to neatly store clothes, shoes, and accessories. Hang frequent items on matching hangers.

Incorporate Drawers and Cabinets

For items you don’t want on display, include drawers and cabinets in the closet design. Conceal messier items like undergarments, socks, and pajamas behind closed storage.

Define the Room with Moldings

Add crown molding, baseboards, or decorative trimwork to provide definition between the bedroom and open closet. Moldings give the space polish.

Display Carefully Curated Pieces

An open closet calls for a carefully edited wardrobe. Avoid overstuffing the space. Display favorite, frequently worn pieces to create a curated look.

With strategic planning, an open closet can be both beautiful and functional. The design highlights your personal style.

12 Stylish Open Closet Design Ideas

If you opt for an open closet design, there are many ways to curate a space that suits your needs and showcases your wardrobe. Consider these stylish open closet ideas:

1. Built-In Shelving

Line the perimeter of the closet with built-in shelving for a clean, custom look. The shelving provides plenty of storage for folded clothes, shoes, accessories, and decorative items. Use different height shelves to accommodate various items.

2. Hanging Rods Only

For a super minimalist open closet, include only hanging rods. This allows your clothing collection to make a statement by itself. Space the rods wide enough for air circulation.

3. Ladder Shelf System

Ladder shelves double hanging and shelf storage in a narrow footprint. Position a ladder shelf vertically with multiple horizontal shelves. Alternate hanging rods with open shelving.

4. Mix of Hanging and Folding Storage

Strike a balance by including areas for hanging clothing and folded storage. Use lower shelves for sweaters, jeans, and other folded items. Above, install rods for dresses, shirts, and jackets.

5. Display Shelving

Intersperse display shelving between rods and storage shelves. On display shelves, fold and stack neatly arranged sweaters, jeans, and tees. Add decorative objects like plants, baskets, and framed photos.

6. Mirrored Closet

For a glamorous statement, install mirrored panels on one wall. This visually doubles the space and reflects light. Add subtle lighting on top of the mirror to prevent shadows.

7. Neutral Color Palette

Choose light, neutral colors like white, beige, or gray for the walls, floors, and storage systems. This keeps the focus on the clothes and accessories themselves.

8. Bold Wallpaper Accent Wall

Make one wall bold by covering it with lively wallpaper. Try a chic print or vibrant color as a dramatic accent. Keep the remaining walls neutral to avoid overwhelming the space.

9. Island Storage Unit

Include a large central island for additional storage and surface space. Try open shelves or a combination of open and closed storage. Top the island with drawers as well.

10. Industrial Pipe Rack System

For an urban loft vibe, use a clothing rack system made from exposed iron pipes. This industrial look highlights the bones of the space in an raw, artistic way.

11. Budget-Friendly Closet Makeover

Freshen up a plain closet on a budget with a crisp coat of white paint, new rods and shelves from the hardware store, and upcycled boxes and baskets for storage.

12. Walk-Through Open Closet

Knock down the wall between two closets to create one large walk-through open closet. Double up on rods and shelves to take advantage of the expanded space.

With an open closet, there are endless possibilities for creating a functional space tailored to your storage needs and personal style. Keep the overall aesthetic streamlined by minimizing clutter.

Choosing the Right Open Closet Materials

The materials you choose for an open closet impact both the look and functionality of the space. Consider these material options to execute your desired design:

Wood Shelving and Rods

Wood introduces natural warmth and texture. Stain wood to complement your bedroom style, from light birch to dramatic walnut. Opt for durable hardwoods like oak or maple.

Sleek Metal and Wire Shelving

For contemporary cool, use metal shelves and hanging rods in brushed steel, matte black, or brass. The industrial edge works well in modern spaces.

Natural Rattan Baskets

Incorporate rattan baskets on shelves rather than wire bins or plastic organizers. Rattan makes for breezy, beachy storage that suits relaxed spaces.

Acrylic Storage

Clear acrylic storage looks light and airy, ideal for open closets. Acrylic drawers and shelving disappear into the design rather than standing out visually.

Woven Baskets and Bins

Incorporate baskets made from materials like seagrass, bamboo, jute, or cotton. The organic textures complement boho, farmhouse, or cottage styles.

Sturdy Wire Shelving

Basic wire shelving is affordable and adjustable. Look for heavy-duty systems that can handle the weight of clothing, shoes, and accessories without sagging.

Custom Built-Ins

For a luxe, seamless look, opt for custom built-in cabinetry and shelving. Built-ins can be designed to fit your space perfectly. Choose high-end woods and polished finishes.

Keep your open closet materials cohesive for a pulled-together look. Mixing too many competing textures and styles appears disjointed.

5 Tips for Organizing an Open Closet

Organization is key for an open closet design. Follow these tips to keep your open closet clutter-free and gorgeous:

1. Categorize by Clothing Type

Group tops together, pants together, dresses together, etc. Use shelves or cubbies to divide categories. This makes finding, pulling, and replacing clothing quick.

2. Use Clear Storage Containers

Store items like socks, undergarments, and accessories in clear plastic boxes and bins. The transparency maintains visibility, so you can instantly identify contents.

3. Invest in Slim, Velvet Hangers

Slim velvet hangers keep fabrics sliding off. The slim shape allows more air circulation and creates a streamlined silhouette.

4. Designate Short and Long Hanging Sections

Split the hanging rods into sections for dresses and shirts vs. pants and coats. Position the longer items further away to prevent bunching.

5. Add Closet Accessories

Include space-saving accessories like multi-level shoe racks, accessory trays, and tie or belt racks. Built-in drawers keep items concealed but accessible.

Also be sure to edit down your wardrobe. Donate or sell anything you don’t wear to avoid a crowded closet.

Small Open Closet Ideas

Don’t have an expansive walk-in closet? You can still do an open closet design in a small space. Use these smart ideas:

– Install floor-to-ceiling rods and shelves. This utilizes every inch of vertical space.

– Incorporate stackable cubbies and baskets. They allow compact folding storage.

– Use the back of the door for hanging storage. Add over-the-door hooks and hanging organizers.

– Opt for narrow depth shelves. Shallow shelves prevent objects from getting buried and forgotten.

– Hang a mirror inside the closet. The reflection makes a petite closet appear larger.

– Stick with light colors. White, off-white, or light gray keep a small space looking airy.

– Add lighting. Good illumination prevents you from missing items tucked away in a tiny closet.

With the right storage solutions, even the smallest closet can get an open design makeover. Take advantage of all the available space.

What to Avoid with an Open Closet

While open closets boast advantages, there are a few pitfalls to avoid with this design:

– Disorganization leading to clutter. The lack of doors means mess is visible. Keep things tidy!

– Positioning the closet too close to the bed. You want separation between relaxation and clothing storage.

– Choosing an open layout in a high-traffic area. Too much activity and clutter accumulation can ensue.

– Letting sunlight overexpose clothing. Hang delicate fabrics away from windows to prevent fading.

– Lack of personalization. Make the space uniquely you with touches like accessories, art, or accent colors.

– Skimping on quality materials. Flimsy systems won’t stand the test of time and use. Invest in sturdy materials.

– Overstuffing the space. Edit down your wardrobe to curate a clutter-free closet.

With proper placement and organization, an open closet design can work anywhere. Sidestep these mistakes for a functional and fabulous space.

5 Ideas to Give an Open Closet Privacy

If you like the open concept but want the option for privacy, there are clever ways to give an open closet a touch of concealment. Consider these ideas:

1. Install a Curtain

Hang a curtain rod at the entrance and use a textured linen or velvet curtain to obscure the view. Pull it shut when needed.

2. Add Folding Doors

Accordion-style folding doors can be compressed to allow open access or pulled shut for quick privacy.

3. Use a Room Divider

A decorative screen or sleek room divider placed in the closet entrance creates privacy while still allowing air flow.

4. Install Sliding Barn Doors

Barn-style sliding doors made of wood can shut fully or be left open without taking up space. Choose doors with clean-lined designs.

5. Hang Cafe-Style Shutters

Accordion-fold shutters offer a breezy closet cover. Keep them folded open and pull closed only when you need seclusion.

With these clever ideas, it’s easy to modify an open closet to have the option of shutting it off from the bedroom when desired. Enjoy both worlds!

Inspiring Gallery of Open Closet Designs

If you’re on the fence about trying an open closet design, the following gallery showcases just how stylish, functional, and spectacular this approach can look:

White and wood open closet with drawers, hanging rods, and shelves:strip_icc()/GettyImages-578184097-5779c0cd3df78c1734fccbce.jpg)

A white and wood open closet keeps things bright and airy. Mixing materials adds depth. Drawers keep intimates and smaller items neat yet accessible.

Large walk-through open closet with center island

This spacious walk-through closet boasts a large central island that adds ample storage and surface space. It’s ideal for two to share.

White open closet with bold pink accent wall

A vibrant accent wall adds just enough color without overwhelming this mostly white open closet. The pink makes the clothing pop.

Rustic wood open closet with ladder shelf

The ladder shelf in this rustic closet adds function and charm. Extra storage always comes in handy for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Bright colorful open closet with custom storage cubes

This eclectic open closet uses storage cubes for a spot of color. Vibrant patterns give this organized space panache.

Black and white open closet with industrial pipes

Exposed black piping lends an urban edge to this monochromatic open closet. The industrial vibe keeps things sleek.

As you can see, open closet designs allow for creativity and personalization. There are so many ways to execute this on-trend look in your own space.

9 Special Considerations for an Open Closet

While open closets provide easy access and a seamless aesthetic, there are some special considerations to keep in mind with this design:

Limited Privacy

  • Open layout means your belongings are exposed. If privacy is important, consider adding curtains or shutters.

Accessible Storage

  • Without doors, items can get dusty. Use baskets or lids for delicate clothing like cashmere sweaters.

Rod and Shelf Installation

  • Built-in rods and shelving create a polished look. If drilling into walls, take care to avoid pipes and wiring.

Weight Distribution

  • Proper brackets are important for supporting the weight of storage components and personal items. Don’t overload shelves.

Seasonal Storage Needs

  • Store off-season clothing and accessories elsewhere to keep the open closet from appearing cluttered.

Lighting Approach

  • Adequate lighting is essential. Include task lighting, spotlights, pendant lights and natural light sources.

Neutral Backdrop

  • Vibrant closet contents stand out best against a neutral backdrop. Avoid patterned or dark wall colors.

Air Quality

  • Allow for airflow to prevent mustiness. Space hanging items, use cedar blocks, and clean regularly.


  • If you have pets, take precautions like storing delicate fabrics up high and using enclosed bins.

Think through these special considerations before embarking on an open closet build. Proper planning prevents problems down the road.

5 Common Open Closet Problems and Solutions

While an open closet design comes with perks, there can also be some problems that arise. Here are common issues and fixes:

Problem: Lack of privacy or too much exposure.

Solution: Add curtains, shutters, or sliding doors to conceal when needed. Position the open closet in a private dressing room.

Problem: Clutter accumulation is visible.

Solution: Frequently tidy and edit down possessions. Use baskets to corral messy items.

Problem: Odors or mustiness.

Solution: Allow airflow, use cedar blocks, and clean regularly. Don’t overfill the space.

Problem: Lack of lighting makes it hard to see.

Solution: Add more lighting like LED ceiling lights, pendant lamps, and closet spotlights.

Problem: Rods sag and shelves collapse from excess weight.

Solution: Use heavy-duty brackets and anchors. Abide by weight limits and avoid overloading storage.

With a bit of troubleshooting, common open closet issues can easily be resolved. Proper ongoing maintenance keeps problems at bay.

Style Your Open Closet Like a Pro

Need a bit more design inspiration for your open closet? Steal ideas from celebrity closets and high-end retailers to style your space:

  • Incorporate a glam mirrored wall like celebrity closets. Mirrored panels reflect light and give the illusion of