Off White Kitchen Cabinets: Chic and Gorgeous Cabinetry in Off White

Off white kitchen cabinets are a chic and gorgeous way to give your kitchen a light, airy, and sophisticated new look. Unlike stark white, off white cabinetry has a softer, more muted tone that can warm up a space beautifully.

From creamy whites to subtle greiges, off white cabinet colors range from barely there neutrals to bolder hues just a shade away from true white. Paired with natural wood accents and open shelf storage, off white kitchen cabinets create casual cottage charm. Or, matched with marble countertops and modern hardware, they can take on a sleek, contemporary style.

Why Choose Off White Kitchen Cabinets?

Off white kitchen cabinets offer much of the clean, bright aesthetic of crisp white cabinets, but with a more relaxed and approachable elegance. Here are some of the benefits of off white cabinetry:

A Softer Look

Crisp white kitchen cabinets can sometimes feel sterile or cold. Off whites have more depth and visual interest than stark white, lending a warmer, softer look. The slight color also helps disguise everyday dirt and smudges better.

Works With Any Style

From modern to traditional to eclectic, off white cabinets work well with virtually any kitchen decor. Their versatility makes them a perfect choice for open concept spaces that blend multiple aesthetics.

Bright Without Glare

Off whites reflect light well without the harsh glare of glossy white cabinets. This makes the space feel open and airy without being visually fatiguing.

Coordinates Easily

With a foot in both the white and beige camps, off white cabinets complement both warm and cool paint colors, countertops, floors, and accents. They provide a neutral backdrop that lets other finishes shine.

Timeless Sophistication

Crisp whites can read as trendy. Off whites have a classic look with enduring, sophisticated style. Their versatility also prevents them from feeling dated.

Gorgeous Off White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If you’re considering off white cabinets, here are some gorgeous kitchen designs to inspire you:

1. Shiplap Backsplash

Add texture and dimension by pairing off white cabinets with a shiplap wood backsplash. Contrasting navy or black island cabinets create striking visual interest.

2. Marble Countertops

Marble countertops in creamy white or gray are the perfect polished complement to off white cabinetry. For contrast, opt for dark cabinets on the island.

3. Antique Brass Hardware

Warm up off white cabinets with matte black or antiqued brass hardware. Iron knob pulls and cup handles have timeworn charm.

4. Natural Wood Shelving

Soften the look by mixing in open shelving of reclaimed natural wood. A vintage ceiling beam over the island adds even more rustic charm.

5. Subway Tile

For an off white kitchen with timeless appeal, adorn the backsplash in subway tiles. Alternate classic white with a pale off white grout.

6. Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops offer the look of marble with more durability. Pair off white cabs with a white or pale gray quartz with pretty veining.

7. Glazed Finish

Choose a lightly glazed off white cabinet finish for a hint of sheen. Contrast with flat white walls and dark wood open shelving.

8. Carrara Marble Backsplash

Carrara marble backsplashes and apron sinks lend elegance. White open shelves keep the look light and casual.

9. Ocean Blue Accents

Make off whites pop with ocean blue, turquoise, or aqua backsplashes, islands, hardware, and decor accents.

10. Recessed Panel Doors

For traditional flair, opt for off white cabinets with recessed panel doors. A touch of gold trim adds a luxe accent.

Off White Cabinet Color Palette

Off white kitchen cabinets encompass a wide range of gorgeous hues between crisp white and warm ivory. Here are some beautiful off white cabinet shades to consider:

Creamy Whites

  • Chantilly Lace
  • Coconut Cream
  • Eggshell
  • Seashell
  • Buttermilk
  • Vanilla Milkshake
  • Rice Paper

Beigey Tans

  • Fawn
  • Bisque
  • Blonde
  • Buff
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Sandstone


  • Pale Dove Grey
  • Gray Cloud
  • Rockport Grey
  • Grizzly Grey
  • Modest Gray
  • Heathered Grey
  • Light French Grey

Warm Ivories

  • Marshmallow
  • Opal Mist
  • Seaside Villa
  • Bone White
  • Linen White
  • Alabaster White
  • Navajo White

Within each off white subgroup, lighter and darker shades are available. Visit a kitchen design store to view cabinet color swatches. Analyze them at different times of day to see how lighting affects the tones.

5 Design Tips for an Off White Kitchen

Ready to incorporate off white cabinets into your kitchen design? Keep these tips in mind:

1. Sample Natural Lighting

View color samples at home under natural daylight conditions at different times of day. Off whites can read very differently in morning, noon, or evening light.

2. Add Contrast

Prevent off whites from appearing washed out by incorporating contrasting elements like black accents, bold backsplashes, or dark wood shelving.

3. Warm It Up

Balance cool off white tones with unlacquered brass hardware, beige granite countertops, cognac leather bar stools, or pendant lighting with Edison bulbs.

4. Add Architectural Interest

Break up flat cabinet facades using inset cabinet doors, glass front doors, open shelves, wood corbels, or moulding accents.

5. Incorporate Texture

Mix up off white cabinetry with natural stone, wood, or metal textures. Shaker cabinets also add appealing visible wood grain.

By thoughtfully blending contrast, texture, architectural details, and warm metallics, you can create a spectacular kitchen design with chic off white cabinets as the foundation.

Luxury Off White Kitchen Inspiration

For more luxurious off white kitchen inspiration, let’s explore two stunning designs:

Coastal Kitchen

This breezy coastal kitchen features off white cabinets with a lightly distressed antique white finish that reflects the home’s beach cottage vibe.

Cool gray quartz countertops pair beautifully with the off white cabinetry, while navy island cabinets and open shelves in weathered driftwood add striking contrast. A mosaic marble and glass backsplash in soothing aqua blue ties the whole look together.

Pale blue-green glass pendant lights, antique brass hardware, and rattan bar stools lend warmth to the light coastal space. White shiplap accent walls and oak hardwood floors keep the look casual, beachy, and inviting.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

This modern farmhouse design embraces off white cabinetry but in a more streamlined, contemporary way.

Crisp white quartz countertops pop against ultra-smooth off white Shaker cabinets. The modern look extends to the backsplash of elongated white subway tiles.

The off white cabinets here have a lightly greyed undertone that echoes the gray veining in the marble waterfall island and coordinating gray mosaic tile floor. Black metal farmhouse pendants add another modern farmhouse touch.

Brushed brass hardware, nickel gap white shaker cabinet accents, and a rustic wood cutting board atop the island keep the look grounded in the farmhouse aesthetic while still feeling sleek and contemporary. It’s the perfect blend of old and new.

Off White Cabinet Combinations

Now that we’ve explored some inspiring off white kitchen designs, let’s examine some go-to color combinations that look fabulous with off white cabinets.

Off White Cabinets with Black Accents

Nothing makes off whites pop like contrasting black accents. Try a black subway backsplash, black marble countertops on your island or bar, matte black cabinet hardware, or black open shelves or ceiling beams. The dramatic contrast looks designer.

Off White and Wood Tones

Natural wood finishes like oak, walnut, and elm amplify the organic warmth of off whites. Match off white upper cabinets with wood base cabinets or shelving. Wood butcher block countertops also coordinate beautifully.

Off White and Greige

If you love the look of gray and beige greige tones, pair an off white creamy cabinet color with a slightly warmer greige backsplash tile or countertop. The subtle color variation adds quiet interest.

Off White and Bright White

For more contrast, match extra-bright white quartz countertops with off white cabinetry and a pure white subway tile backsplash. Crisp white open shelving keeps the look light and airy.

Off White with Pale Blue

Soft, airy off whites work perfectly with pale sky blue, Tiffany blue, or aqua accents. Add a pop of blue via the backsplash, kitchen island, or accent decor and accessories.

Off White and Green Accents

Infuse your off white kitchen with life through touches of green. Sage, seafoam, mint and avocado green backsplashes, plants, vases, and barstools energize the space.

Off White and Metallics

Warm up off whites with matte black, antiqued brass, or unlacquered brass accents. Metallic finishes lend a hint of glamour and provide beautiful contrast.

5 Off White Cabinet Door Styles

Beyond just color, varying cabinet door styles can dramatically impact the look and feel of off white kitchen cabinets. Here are 5 popular cabinet door styles that look incredible framing off white case pieces:

1. Shaker Style

A kitchen classic, white Shaker cabinets have a clean, versatile look that suits both modern and traditional spaces. Their simple recessed center panel design spotlights the beautiful off white color.

2. Flat Panel

For a streamlined contemporary kitchen, opt for sleek flat panel cabinet doors in off white. Their polished, minimalist look pairs nicely with marble, quartz, concrete, or laminate countertops.

3. inset Cabinet Doors

Inset cabinet doors with an off white finish have a built-in furniture-like look. Their visible outline frames the cabinets like a picture frame, adding architectural interest and dimension.

4. Glass Cabinet Doors

Glass cabinet doors maintain visibility while protecting your favorite dishes. Choose off white frames to let the contents shine. Shelved glass wall cabinets expand the room’s sense of airy openness.

5. Beaded Inset Panel

For a more ornate, decorative take, consider off white cabinets with beaded inset panel doors. Their molded trim frames the cabinet face with elegant geometry.

Keep in mind that door styles, placement, sizes, crown molding and other elements all impact the kitchen’s final style and functionality. Consult a kitchen designer to ensure it fits your needs.

Questions About Off White Kitchen Cabinets

Still have questions about integrating off white cabinets into your dream kitchen design? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are off white cabinets more or less expensive than white cabinets?

Off white and white cabinets are typically priced very similarly, with only a small markup for custom off white hues. The biggest cost impact relates more to door style, finish, and construction quality.

Do off white cabinets show dirt and grime?

Off whites do a better job of disguising dirt and fingerprints than stark whites. However, any light color will require occasional cleaning to keep the cabinets looking pristine.

Can you change white cabinets to off white?

Absolutely! Refinishing or repainting existing white cabinets using an off-white color tint is a budget-friendly kitchen update. Consult a painting pro to ensure proper prep and application.

What wall color goes best with off white cabinets?

Softer off white cabinets suit warm greige, taupe, gray, light blue, or sage green walls. Crisper whites pair well with brighter white, navy, or even black walls for striking contrast.

What backsplash looks best with off white cabinets?

It’s hard to go wrong! Off whites coordinate beautifully with white subway tile, marble, travertine, ceramic, metal, stone, porcelain, and glass backsplashes.

What countertop colors look good with off white cabinets?

Popular countertop pairings include white and gray marble, soapstone, quartz in white and grays, butcher block, and laminate in whites, grays, and woodgrain patterns.

Achieving a Gorgeous Off White Kitchen

Off white kitchen cabinets offer a gorgeous, flexible foundation for chic kitchen designs across any style. From cozy cottage to sleek contemporary, off whites lend light and refinement.

By pairing off white cabinetry with contrasting metals, accent colors, countertops, backsplashes, and unique finishes, you can create a kitchen that’s custom-tailored to your personal taste.

Work with qualified kitchen designers to bring your off white dream kitchen seamlessly to life. With thoughtful planning and expertly executed cabinetry finishing, installation, and detailing, you’ll enjoy an off white kitchen that delights for years to come.