Mudroom Ideas Smart Storage Solutions & Stylish Look


A mudroom is an essential part of any home. It provides a space to remove dirty or wet outerwear and gear before entering the main living areas. With the right organizational solutions and stylish décor, your mudroom can be functional and inviting. This article explores creative mudroom ideas to maximize your storage, create a smooth traffic flow, and achieve a polished look that matches your home’s style.

Where to Put the Mudroom

The ideal location for a mudroom is between the entrance of your home and the living areas. This allows you to contain the clutter to one transition space. Consider the following placement options:

  • Entryway mudroom – Install cubbies, hooks, and benches in an existing foyer or hallway near the front door. This is great for small homes.
  • Standalone mudroom addition – Construct a separate room with custom storage off a side or back entrance. Beneficial for managing high traffic flow.
  • Under the stairs – Use awkward under stair space to tuck away coats, shoes, and sports gear out of sight.
  • Garage entry – Outfit a corner of the garage or a short hallway from the garage with storage solutions. Helpful for eliminating vehicle mess from entering home interior.

No matter where you put your mudroom, make sure it’s easy to access from driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas. Having everything right inside the entry door will promote actually using the mudroom.

Smart Cubby and Locker Storage

Cubbies and lockers are ideal for compartmentalizing coats, bags, shoes, and sports equipment in a mudroom. Consider these smart storage solutions:

Wall Cubbies

  • Wooden cubbies – Stained wood cubbies add warmth and coordinate with many decor styles from modern to farmhouse. The compartments neatly conceal contents.
  • Metal and wire cubbies – Sleek metal or wire baskets work well for more industrial or modern aesthetics. Some have hooks for hanging items.
  • Cubbies with doors – Enclosed cubbies keep everything hidden away while retaining easy access. Doors can feature mirrors, chalkboard surfaces, or pegboard for hanging frequently used items.
  • Brightly colored cubbies – Vibrant cubby bins are great for assigning spaces to each family member or designating zones for items like gloves and hats.

Freestanding Lockers

Lockers are perfect when you need more separation or security for personal storage spaces.

  • Metal lockers – These are the traditional style used in schools but painted fun colors to liven up your mudroom. Coordinate combinations provide security.
  • Wooden lockers – Made of attractive hardwoods like oak or maple, wooden lockers with latching doors add warmth and charm. Some include shelving.
  • Sports lockers – Lockers designed for athletic equipment often feature ventilation slits and extra space for large or dirty gear. Assign one per family member.
  • Industrial lockers – Large metal lockers sourced from commercial suppliers have an edgy, urban look. Great for teenage hangouts.

Maximizing Vertical Space

Take advantage of vertical real estate to gain storage in small mudrooms:

  • Tall open cubbies – Floor to ceiling open cubbies maximize space for family members to have their own landing spot for everyday essentials.
  • Wall mounted garage storage – Install wall cabinets traditionally used in garages to hold sports balls, helmets, and bats on high shelves.
  • Racks for hanging bags and backpacks – Wall mounted racks create instant space for daily use bags and free up floor area.
  • Floating shelves – Staggered floating shelves above cubbies or benches provide display space for baskets, decorative objects, or extra storage boxes.

Craft a Mudroom Bench

An essential item for any mudroom is a bench to sit on while removing muddy boots or putting on coats. Well-built mudroom benches incorporate smart storage too.

Bench Materials

  • Wood – A classic wood bench is easy to build or customize with your choice of stain. Add a coat rack above.
  • Storage ottomans – Upholstered bench ottomans flip open to store shoes, gloves, hats, and other oft-used items.
  • Concrete and stone – For a modern, industrial vibe, try a concrete or stone bench. Built-ins like recessed shelves add function.
  • Repurposed furniture – Benches made from antique chests, drawers, or cabinets integrate charming storage and character.

Comfort Features

Don’t neglect comfort while focusing on function. Cushions and upholstery make a mudroom bench more inviting:

  • Add a cushion – Top a wood or concrete bench with a removable cushion for cozy seating. Use moisture resistant outdoor cushions.
  • Cover with weatherproof fabric – For easy clean-up, have your bench professionally upholstered in outdoor-rated or performance fabrics like Sunbrella.
  • Include a backrest – Back support makes putting on muddy boots more comfortable. Attach a wood plank to the wall behind bench.
  • Allow space to remove shoes – Make sure bench length allows family members to sit and easily slip shoes on and off.

Extra Storage Underneath

Maximize hidden storage areas in your custom mudroom bench:

  • Shelves – Great for sports gear, stacks of extra shoes, or bulky items like hats and gloves.
  • Drawers – Perfect for organizing pet leashes, masks and gloves, flashlights, or other small necessities.
  • Cabinets – Enclosed storage keeps items tidy but easily accessible through doors and compartments.
  • Coat racks – Install pull-out coat racks under bench tops to utilize wasted space below seating.
  • Baskets – Wire baskets slide effortlessly in and out to corral loose items. Label contents for easy return.

Mudroom Flooring

Choosing the right flooring is key for both form and function when designing a mudroom space. Here are top options to consider:

Waterproof Vinyl

Vinyl floors stand up to high traffic, messy kids, pets, and inclement weather.

  • Luxury vinyl plank – Mimics hardwood or tile but is 100% waterproof and scratch resistant. Easy DIY installation.
  • Sheet vinyl – Seamless and affordable, sheet vinyl comes in creative patterns and solid colors to suit any style.
  • Tile vinyl – Realistic stone and ceramic tile looks without the heavy maintenance. Groutable vinyl tiles install like traditional tile.

Easy-Clean Stone and Concrete

Naturally waterproof and ultra-durable surfaces for heavy use mudrooms:

  • Polished concrete – Sleek and modern, colored or stamped concrete is indestructible. Add radiant floor heating.
  • Porcelain tile – With endless options for realistic stone, wood, and marble looks, large format porcelain tiles are virtually stain proof.
  • Natural stone – Honed finishes on granite, limestone, and travertine withstand wet, muddy paws and boots. Avoid slippery polished stones.
  • Brick flooring – Classic brick pavers or thin brick veneer tiles lend vintage character to a mudroom space.

Warm, Water-Resistant Wood

Wood infuses style while engineered hardwoods add durability:

  • Engineered hardwood planks – Made with real oak, maple, or exotic wood veneers adhered to a waterproof core, engineered wood floors handle moisture.
  • Bamboo – A resilient grass material, bamboo has a pleasing grain pattern. Opt for low-maintenance stranded woven bamboo which hides scratches.
  • Wood-look porcelain – Enjoy the beauty of wood grain patterns on durable, easy-clean porcelain planks. Great for pet owners.
  • Rubber floor tiles – For serious durability and sound dampening, rubber tiles interlock for a custom mudroom floor. Remove and hose off.

Rugs Over Mudroom Flooring

Use large area rugs to warm up any hard flooring surface while protecting it:

  • Wool rugs – Naturally soil and moisture resistant wool area rugs hold up to heavy use. Trendy patterns and muted solids help hide stains.
  • Outdoor or indoor/outdoor rugs – Specifically designed for high traffic areas, these machine washable rugs are ideal for mudrooms.
  • Rubber-backed or no-slip rugs – Prevent slips and falls with rubber-backed rugs or those made with no-slip pads built into the backing.

Mudroom Wall Treatments

It may be a high-use transit area, but your mudroom still deserves stylish wall finishes. The key is choosing durable, easy-to-clean options:

Waterproof Paint

Repainting walls is an affordable way to refresh the look of a mudroom. Use high quality paint with specialized formulas:

  • Epoxy paint – Extremely durable 2-part epoxy paints create a glossy, impermeable finish for moisture and stain resistance. Easy to clean.
  • Outdoor paint – Formulated for exterior use, outdoor acrylic paint withstands humidity and resists fading and stains.
  • Mold resistant paint – Containing EPA registered antimicrobial additives, mold resistant paint helps prohibit mold growth in damp entry areas.

Hardworking Wall Panels

Panels designed for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and laundries are ideal for mudroom walls:

  • Tileboard panels – Lightweight PVC panels look just like ceramic tile but install with adhesive and caulk for an impervious surface.
  • FRP panels – Durable, moisture-proof fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panels are economical, low maintenance, and come in colors.
  • Beadboard – Traditional beadboard paneling installs easily with nails or adhesive. The raised bead design hides scuffs and stains. Use mold resistant wood composites.

Character Finishes

Consider statement walls or accents to give your mudroom personality:

  • Shiplap planks – Rustic wood shiplap offers textural appeal. Use mold and moisture resistant MDF or pine boards.
  • Brick or faux brick – Brick veneer tiles or weatherproof brick-look wallpaper establishes an architectural feel.
  • Removable wallpaper – Self-adhesive, reusable peel & stick wallpaper allows you to refresh your mudroom look without painting. Wipe clean with mild soap and water.

Easy Cleaning Tip

No matter your wall treatment, apply a clear acrylic sealer. This creates a protective barrier that allows you to easily wipe away dirt, mud, and wet dog shakes!

Mudroom Organization Solutions

Keep your mudroom tidy with these clever organizational additions:

Sort Accessories by Person

  • Assign a cubby or hook to each family member. Use personalized labels or photos for easy identification. Store daily items like bags, coats, hats, gloves, and umbrellas.
  • Mount a shelf above cubbies for baskets. Use one basket per person to corral smaller items like scarves, headphones, sunglasses, or face masks.
  • For older kids, consider lockers to secure their personal possessions. Let them decorate lockers to take ownership.

Sport Gear Racks

  • Use wall hooks near the door to hang sports bags, cleats, or golf shoes for immediate clean-up upon entry.
  • Install wall grids or slat racks to neatly store bats, tennis rackets, skateboards, lacrosse sticks, and other bulky gear vertically.
  • For drying gear, keep a portable gear rack in the mudroom. Set wet shoes, pads, lifejackets, or helmets on it to drip dry.

Leash & Supply Station

  • Attach leash hooks by the door for quick dog walks. Install at kids’ heights for independence.
  • Use a wall-mounted file sorter to stash spare waste bag rolls, dog treats, plastic bags, cat toys, and other pet essentials.
  • Include no-spill water bowls and towel racks to contain damp pets before entering main rooms.

Gardening Must-Haves

  • Use lidded buckets to organize gardening gloves, hand tools like trowels and pruners, and bottles of sunscreen.
  • Add a wall-mount hose reel and shelf to neatly stash hoses, spray nozzles, and watering cans.
  • Use a boot tray to corral muddy shoes. Store underneath gardening bench.

Seasonal Items Closet

  • Designate a closet or large wall cabinet to store items by season like sun hats in summer and mittens in winter. Rotating organized zones prevents overflowing clutter.
  • Use stacking baskets or storage bins labeled for each season. Pull out and restock the current season.
  • Install cubby organizer inside the door for umbrellas, bags, water bottles, or anything needed on the go each season.

Mudroom Décor Ideas

A mudroom doesn’t have to look purely utilitarian. Incorporate style with décor that also functions in the space.

Rustic Gallery Wall

  • Arrange a collection of nature-inspired art like framed leaves, shadowboxes of seashells or pinecones, and woodsy prints.
  • Add wall hooks and floating shelves to integrate functional storage for coats and bags into the gallery wall.
  • Use an nature-edged wood plank as a rustic bench anchored underneath. Place a boot tray filled with greenery underneath.

Urban Industrial

  • Concrete or wood plank walls and recycled locker storage establishes utilitarian charm.
  • Incorporate raw materials like plumbing pipes, galvanized metal, and chicken wire to craft custom hooks and open shelving.
  • Exposed brick and ductwork contributes character. Leave some bulbs exposed for edgy accent lighting.

Farmhouse Chic

  • White shiplap walls, beadboard wainscoting, and antique-inspired hooks and benches create a cottage feel.
  • Paint or stencil quaint motifs like flowers above cubbies. Frame black & white family photos for timeless appeal.
  • Add baskets overflowing with textiles like blankets, quilts, or craft yarn stacked on open shelves.

Coastal Style

  • Use shades of white, sand, and sea glass colors on walls. Add beadboard trim or tongue and groove paneling.
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood, seagrass baskets, and furniture with a wraparound porch look.
  • Decorate with hooped life preservers, oars, whale silhouettes, or anchor graphics. Display shells in glass cloches on shelves.

Locker Room

For diehard sports fans, recreate the locker room:

  • Paint walls school colors or cover with sports decals and memorabilia. Use locker storage cubes.
  • Create custom jerseys with family names to hang by the door.
  • Add motivational phrases and team posters. Install pictures of family members playing sports.
  • Display game balls, trophies, medals on shelves.

Life-Sized Games

Make time fly with oversized games on the walls:

  • Paint a chalkboard for tic tac toe, hangman, or drawing time. Display chalk in holders.
  • Get a large-scale Scrabble board or checkerboard to magnetically attach game pieces.
  • Cover one wall in whiteboard paint to doodle or play Pictionary-style games. Include erasable markers.

Clever Mudroom Upgrades & Accessories

Take your mudroom functionality and style up a notch with these creative extras:

Mirror, Mirror

Strategically placed mirrors visually expand smaller mudrooms and serve practical purposes:

  • Full-length mirror inside locker doors – Check your outfit on the way out the door.
  • Mirror above boot bench – Makes putting on shoes easier, especially for kids.
  • Mirrored cubbies or cabinets – Reflective surfaces give illusion of more space and light. Help find lost items.

Charging Station

Never search for missing devices again with dedicated charging zones:

  • Mounted wall chargers – Attach multiple USB ports in convenient wall location to charge phones and tablets. Label ports.
  • Outlet shelf – Install shallow, narrow wall shelf with integrated power strip to neatly park devices while charging.
  • Locker charging – Buy lockers with built-in electrical outlets and USB plugs for safe overnight charging.

Message Center

Organize your busy family and avoid the endless search for permission slips and keys with a dedicated message zone:

  • Chalkboard wall – Paint a wall-sized chalkboard for leaving notes. Add a ledge to hold chalk and erasers.
  • Dry erase calendar – Hang a large calendar to track activities, practices, and events. Include marker ledge.
  • Key hooks – Numbered key hooks make it easy to identify missing keys. Assign numbered tags to attach to key rings.
  • Mail sorter – Wall-mounted sorters with divided trays or pouches store mail, signed forms, and other papers. Label trays.

Softer Touches

Bring warmth into your mudroom with cozy textiles:

  • Area rug – Ground the space and add softness underfoot with a stain-resistant woven rug.
  • Curtains – Install easily washable curtains on side windows or door windows for a finished look.
  • Towel racks – Prevent wet dog shakes from spreading all over with handy towel racks for damp paws and gear.
  • Baskets – Woven baskets in natural fibers provide character. Use for shoe storage or stashing pillows or spare blankets.

Fun Wallpaper

Lining the back of open cubbies or inside of lockers with removable wallpaper hides contents while adding lively pattern and color when doors open. Try:

  • Feed your interest – Lined with images of food, books, sports, or nature, themed papers personalize each family member’s space.
  • Maps – Line lockers or cabinets with topographical, nautical, or world maps for an explorer spirit.
  • Blackboard – Get creative with chalkboard contact paper to draw or write messages.

Clever DIY Mudroom Projects

Put your DIY skills to work creating customized mudroom solutions:

From Salvaged Shutters

  • Cubbies – Stagger overlapping repurposed window shutters on the wall. Great for narrow spaces.
  • Bench – Attach