Mom-Hacks For Making Your Home Look Nice (Even If It’s Not)

Making your home look nice doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With some clever mom-hacks, you can transform any space in your home into a stylish and welcoming oasis, even on a budget. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for making your home look great, even if it’s not picture-perfect.

Declutter and Organize

Clutter can make any home look messy and disorganized. Spend time going through each room and getting rid of items you no longer need or use. Donate, sell or recycle these items to free up space. For what remains, invest in inexpensive organizational tools like baskets, bins, racks and drawer organizers to neatly store belongings out of sight. A decluttered and organized home immediately looks cleaner and more put together.

Refresh Walls with Paint

Paint can work wonders for refreshing your home’s look. Adding a coat of light, neutral paint to your walls erases scuffs and makes rooms look brighter and more spacious. For an even bigger impact, opt for bold accent walls in dining rooms, bedrooms or living spaces. Paint is an affordable DIY project that packs a decorating punch.

Update Hardware and Fixtures

Replacing outdated hardware like cabinet knobs and pulls or lighting fixtures can give your home a quick facelift. Swap old brass fixtures for simpler nickel or matte black finishes to modernize a space. Consider adding stylish pendant lights above kitchen islands and dining room tables to elevate the look. Updating hardware and fixtures is a simple switch that makes a noticeable difference.

Incorporate Greenery

Bringing plants into your home instantly livens up the space and makes it look fresher. Place potted plants in empty corners, on shelves or windowsills. For low maintenance, opt for succulents, snake plants or pothos vines. The green tones of plants contrast nicely with other decor and add natural texture. Don’t forget to water and care for them so they stay healthy.

Change Up Textiles

An easy way to update any room is by switching out textiles like pillows, throws, rugs and curtains. Replace worn or outdated pillows on sofas with brighter, bolder print and patterns. Hang new curtains in bold colors or styles like eyelet lace. Area rugs can also transform a space – choose a patterned or colorful rug to anchor a seating area. Changing textiles is affordable and customizable.

Style Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are fixtures you see daily, so give them some style. Decorate yours with decor pieces like trays, vases, bowls, candles or baskets. Stack some coffee table books and magazines for color and height. A styled coffee table becomes a focal point rather than just a resting place for remotes. Rotate pieces seasonally to keep it fresh.

Display Meaningful Photos

Personalize your home with framed photos and art. Display family photos you love or get prints of your favorite landscapes and subjects. Arrange collections of different sized frames on walls above furniture or group similar frames in gallery style. Photos add warmth and personality anywhere in the home.

Add Mirrors to Enhance Light

Strategically hanging mirrors can make rooms feel brighter and more spacious. Place a large mirror near a window to amplify natural light. Use mirrored furniture like coffee tables and consoles to expand smaller spaces. Hang a mirror across from a light source so it can reflect more illumination into the room.

With a little creativity and effort, you can transform any home into a stylish space, even on a limited budget. Decluttering, adding fresh coats of paint and incorporating new decorative touches like plants, pillows and art goes a long way towards making your home look its best. Don’t be afraid to flex your DIY muscles – part of the fun is customizing your home in ways that reflect your personal style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Your Home Look Nice

How can I make my home look nice on a small budget?

Some budget-friendly ways to make your home look nice include decluttering, adding inexpensive organizational tools like baskets and bins, painting accent walls with bold colors, styling surfaces with decorative trays and vases from thrift stores, updating lighting with new lamp shades or bulb types, and incorporating plants and greenery. Focus on quick, easy touches that make an impact.

What are some quick home fixes to make it look clean and tidy?

To quickly make your home look clean and tidy, clear all cluttered surfaces, make beds, pick up items laying around, sweep and vacuum floors, clean counters and surfaces, put away clean dishes, wipe down cabinets, mirrors and appliances, clean smudges on walls and light switches, and take out trash and recycling.

How can I decorate my home if I can’t make permanent changes?

If you rent or otherwise can’t make permanent changes, try removable wallpaper, peel-and-stick tiles, tension rods for curtains, freestanding shelving units, area rugs, and decorative window film. Add your own personal touches with throw pillows, bedding, towels, curtains, and artwork that can easily go with you when you move.

What are quick ways to update my home’s style?

Some quick style updates include painting accent walls or door trims, updating lighting and hardware fixtures, replacing textiles like pillows, rugs and curtains, decorating with trendy decorative accessories, mounting new floating shelves, upgrading your faucet or cabinet handles, and adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Small updates make a big visual impact.

How do I decorate my home on a low budget?

When decorating on a budget, check thrift stores, garage sales, Facebook Marketplace and buy/sell apps for furnishings and decor. Prioritize key pieces like an area rug, sofa or armchair first, then accessorize with inexpensive pillows, throws, curtains, wall art and greenery. Use a mix of old and new items for character. Work slowly to find deals on items you love.


With some clever organizational tricks, DIY projects and inexpensive decorative touches, you can make any home look its best, even if you’re working with a challenging layout or tight budget. The key is focusing your efforts where they’ll make the biggest visual impact for your time and money. A clean, decluttered home with fresh accents showcasing your unique personal style will always look its nicest, no matter what the circumstances. With resourcefulness and a dash of creativity, you can transform the look of your home.