Moen’s New Bidet Offerings Will Be the Smartest Tools in Your Bathroom

Moen has long been a leader in innovative bathroom fixtures, and their newest bidet offerings are no exception. As smart home technology continues to advance, Moen is bringing high-tech solutions to the bathroom with their line of intelligent bidets. These new products will provide homeowners with the ultimate in comfort, hygiene, and convenience right from their toilet seats.

Key Features of Moen’s Cutting-Edge Bidets

Moen’s new bidets integrate seamless technology to create the most advanced bathroom experience. Here are some of the standout features:

  • Heated seats – Moen’s bidets come with warm water reservoirs and heated seats to keep you comfortable. The temperature is adjustable via remote control or smartphone app.
  • Adjustable water pressure – Multiple settings allow users to customize the water pressure to their preference for the perfect clean.
  • Positionable wands – Self-cleaning, stainless steel wands with multiple angles provide optimal positioning.
  • Ambient lighting – Gentle LED mood lighting illuminates the bowl for nighttime use.
  • Intuitive controls – Remotes, panels, and voice commands through smart home integrations allow easy adjustments.
  • User profiles – Save customized preferences for each family member.
  • Air dryers – Gentle air drying with adjustable temperature leaves you feeling fresh.
  • Deodorizers – Built-in charcoal filters absorb odors and keep the bathroom smelling clean.
  • Auto open/close lids – Lids automatically open when you approach and close when you leave for maximum convenience.

Benefits of Installing a High-Tech Moen Bidet

Upgrading to one of Moen’s new smart bidets provides a host of benefits that will revolutionize your bathroom experience:

Superior Hygiene

Moen’s bidets supply a thorough cleansing with adjustable wands that provide more complete cleaning than just toilet paper alone. This promotes better hygiene for you and your family.

Enhanced Comfort

From the heated seats and air dryers to the adjustable pressures and positions, Moen’s bidets optimize your comfort. The ambient mood lighting also enhances the overall bathroom environment.

Water Conservation

Bidets use significantly less water than flushing multiple times with only toilet paper. This saves water and money while also being eco-friendly.


With programmable user profiles and a variety of adjustable settings, Moen’s bidets allow you to dial in your perfect preferences.

Modern Design

Moen pairs their advanced bidet technology with attractive contemporary styling. Sleek designs seamlessly update the look of any bathroom.

Smart Home Compatibility

Built-in WiFi connectivity allows control through voice assistants or smartphone apps for the ultimate smart home bathroom.

Answering Common Bidet Questions

If you’re considering a bidet, you likely have some questions about what the experience is like and how bidets actually work. Here are answers to some frequently asked bidet questions:

How do you use a bidet properly?

Using a bidet is very simple. Sit on the toilet seat as normal. Adjust the wand position and water pressure to your preferences, either manually or through pre-set options. After using the toilet, press the wash button to activate the bidet wand. Adjust your position to aim the water where needed. When finished washing, turn the bidet off and dry off with toilet paper or the air dryer.

Is using a bidet difficult?

Modern electronic bidets have made using a bidet quite easy. Controls are well-placed and intuitive, while features like self-cleaning wands, adjustable pressures and positions, and user presets make finding your preferences seamless. With a little practice, using a bidet becomes second nature.

Do bidets really get you cleaner than just using toilet paper?

Yes, bidets certainly promote better hygiene. The water’s cleaning action combined with mechanically washing with adjustable wands is far more effective and thorough than paper alone. You feel fresher and cleaner using a bidet.

Are bidets safe for women to use?

Bidets are absolutely safe for women to use. In fact, their adjustable wands and multiple cleaning settings often make them preferred by women for improved hygiene. The wands provide a fresh clean without the need to wipe repeatedly with toilet paper.

Do you still need toilet paper if you have a bidet?

You will likely still use some toilet paper but significantly less. Many people use a little toilet paper to pat dry after using the bidet. You may also want a small amount for added wiping. But the bidet’s water cleaning action decreases the amount of paper needed.

Do bidets save money on toilet paper?

Yes, you can realize noticeable cost savings on toilet paper after installing a bidet since you will use far less paper. The bidet pays for itself over time with the money saved on reduced toilet paper purchases. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

Bringing Smart Tech to Your Bathroom

Moen’s new high-tech bidet offerings bring advanced features like heated seats, customizable cleaning options, ambient mood lighting, and smart home connectivity right to your bathroom. If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your bathroom experience with the latest in intelligent sanitation and comfort, Moen’s sophisticated bidets are the smart choice. With options to fit any budget, you can easily install one of these smart bidets and transform your bathroom into an oasis of cutting-edge convenience.