Modern Dining Room Light Elegant and Glamorous Lightings


A dining room is one of the most important spaces in a home. It’s where families and friends gather together to share meals and enjoy quality time. The lighting in your dining room sets the overall mood and ambiance for entertaining. Choosing elegant and glamorous lighting can transform an ordinary dining area into a gorgeous space that wows your guests.

When selecting dining room lighting, you want fixtures that are striking yet still functional. The lighting should be bright enough for dining but also create a warm, inviting glow. Incorporating stylish chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, and table lamps can elevate the elegance factor. Read on for tips on creating a beautiful modern dining room with elegant and glamorous lighting ideas.

Glamorous Chandeliers as a Focal Point

One of the best ways to make a stunning style statement in your dining room is to install a glamorous chandelier as a focal point. When positioned over the main dining table, a chandelier becomes the centerpiece of the space.

Look for a chandelier with drama, like one with cascading strands of crystals or shimmering glass globes. Brass, gold, silver, and nickel finishes will add glamour. Go for a big and bold chandelier that makes an impact. Make sure it’s properly proportioned for the size of your dining table.

You can also hang two smaller glam chandeliers over the dining table for extra dazzle. Opt for matching chandeliers or two complementary designs.

Place your glamorous chandelier on a dimmer switch so you can control the light levels for different occasions. Turn it up full blast for festive family gatherings or dim it down low for an intimate dinner for two.

Pendant Lights for Stylish Illumination

Pendant lights mounted over the dining table is another elegant option. Space out three or five matching pendant lights at equal distances apart. Position them at a height where the lights hang about 30 inches above the table surface.

Opt for pendant lights with interesting silhouettes, materials, or designs. Choices like bubble glass pendants, rectangular metal lights, or curved teardrop shapes will lend modern style.

Single pendant lights also work well hung over smaller dining nooks or a bistro table and chairs. Choose a pendant light that aligns with your dining area’s size and decor.

Pendant lights provide both form and function. They give focused task lighting for dining while their stylish forms enhance the room’s aesthetic. Dimmer switches let you adjust pendant lights to your preferred brightness.

Beautiful Sconces for Ambient Glow

Strategically placed sconces can provide ambient lighting and decorative accent to your elegant dining space. Sconces work especially well flanking a sideboard or buffet table.

Opt for sconces with eye-catching shapes, like curved arms, orb silhouettes, or cone shades. Bronze, brass, chrome, nickel, and gold finishes give sconces a touch of glamour.

Position sconces at about 60 inches from the floor. Outfit them with dimmers or smart bulbs to control the mood lighting. Sconces with up-lighting or down-lighting options also add versatility.

Candlelight and Table Lamps for Mood

Candlelight and table lamps complement the main overhead lighting. They provide warmth, intimacy, and mood setting.

For romantic candlelight, use tall candles or candelabras as centerpieces. Opt for unscented to avoid interfering with meal aromas.

Stylish table lamps work well placed on sideboards, buffets, or credenzas. Choose table lamps with metallic finishes and shapely bases. Drum lampshades add elegance.

Make sure table lamps are properly proportioned for the furniture height. Place them at a level where the bottom of the lampshade aligns about 30 inches from the floor.

Smart Lighting Controls for Convenience

Take your elegant dining room lighting to the next level with smart lighting controls. Smart bulbs, switches, and dimmers allow you to control your lights via smartphone, voice assistant, or smart home system.

Set lighting scenes like “dinner party” to instantly dim lights to the right mood levels. Schedule lights to automatically turn on right before mealtimes. Control lights remotely so they’re on when you get home from work.

Smart technology delivers both effortless control and sophisticated style perfectly suited for elegant, modern dining rooms.

Tips for Choosing Dining Room Lights

  • Focus on finding lighting fixtures you love that align with your decor style, whether sleekly modern, glamorously ornate, or contemporary.
  • Scale lighting appropriately to the size of your dining space and table. Lights should feel proportional.
  • Mix different fixture types like a glam chandelier, stylish pendants, accent sconces, and table lamps.
  • Place your most eye-catching fixture over the dining table as a focal point.
  • Use dimmers, smart controls, and mix fixture types to layer ambient, task, and accent lighting.
  • Position lights at proper heights above the table, sideboards, and other furnishings.

Create an Elegant Dining Room Glow

The right mix of stylish, glamorous lighting can take your dining room to new heights of elegance. With the right blend of chic chandeliers, gorgeous pendants, accent sconces, and table lamps, you can craft a dining space that’s refined, dramatic, and memorable.

Take time planning the lighting design. Choose pieces that really excite you and reflect your personal taste. The lighting should both illuminate the space properly for dining and also make a bold decorative statement.

Your elegant dining room lighting will set the perfect stage for entertaining and enjoying quality time together gathered around the table. Turn the lights up full for festive family gatherings, then dim them down low later for a romantic dinner for two.

With dramatic glam lighting that wows, you’ll have a dining room that elegantly brings people together. Dine under the glow of gorgeous lighting that creates ambiance, warmth, and timeless style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elegant and Glamorous Dining Room Lighting

Here are answers to some common questions about creating an elegant dining space with glamorous lighting:

What are some tips for choosing a glamorous dining room chandelier?

Focus on chandeliers that make a bold style statement, like those with cascading strands of beads or crystals. Opt for designs and finishes like brass, silver, or gold that have an air of glamour. Make sure the chandelier is properly scaled and proportioned over your dining table.

What pendant light options work well over a dining table?

Opt for three or five matching pendant lights spaced evenly apart over the dining surface. Choose pendant lights with interesting shapes, materials, or detailing to elevate the style. Make sure they hang at the right height for dining, about 30 inches above the table.

Where should I position sconces in the dining room?

Try flanking a buffet, sideboard, or credenza with a pair of sconces, placing them at about 60 inches high. Sconces provide great ambient lighting and accent to the room.

How can I create romantic candlelight for dining?

Use tall taper candles, candelabras, or clusters of pillars as dining table centerpieces. Candles immediately give an elegant, intimate glow. Be sure to go unscented to allow food aromas to shine.

What role do table lamps play in dining room lighting?

Table lamps provide a warmer, cozier light than overhead fixtures. Place them on sideboards, buffets, or credenzas. Choose lamps with metallic finishes and shapely bases for elegance.

How do smart lighting controls add convenience?

Smart bulbs, switches, and dimmers allow you to control lights remotely from your phone, via voice assistant, or through a smart home system. Set customized scenes for everything from dinner parties to romantic meals.


The lighting sets the tone for any dining space. Creating an elegant dining room calls for glamorous lighting ideas like sparkling chandeliers, stylish pendant lights, accent sconces, and warm table lamps. Mix different fixture styles throughout the space for visual interest. Focus on lighting designs with metallic finishes, interesting shapes, and details for an air of refinement. Position fixtures at optimal heights for room illumination and ambiance. Smart controls take convenience even further by allowing you to customize the lighting from anywhere. With the right blend of gorgeous statement lights and supplemental ambient lighting, you can craft a dazzling dining space with timeless elegance and flair.