Metal Sheet Backsplash: Cool & Modern Appearance of Metal


Metal sheet backsplashes are becoming an increasingly popular design choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms. The sleek, industrial look of metal backsplashes provides a cool, contemporary style that can take any room from drab to fab. From stainless steel to copper, metal backsplashes make a bold statement and create an eye-catching focal point.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of metal sheet backsplashes, the different metal options available, how to install them, and tips for choosing the right metal backsplash to match your design aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to renovate your kitchen or give your bathroom a fresh new look, a metal backsplash could be the perfect finishing touch you’ve been searching for. Keep reading to learn all about how to incorporate this on-trend texture into your home.

What is a Metal Sheet Backsplash?

A backsplash is a protective surface installed on the wall behind sinks, stovetops, and other areas prone to splashes and spills. Traditionally, backsplashes were made from ceramic tile, but metal has emerged as a popular backsplash material for modern designs.

Metal sheet backsplashes are thin sheets of metal installed onto the wall behind counters and appliances. Stainless steel is perhaps the most common type of metal used, but other metals like copper, zinc, and aluminum can also be used. Metal sheets come in a range of finishes from bright and shiny to darkened patinas.

Unlike ceramic tile, metal backsplashes are installed as full sheets covering the entire backsplash surface. This gives them a sleek, uniform look compared to the mosaic effect of tile backsplashes. Metal sheets are cut to size and screwed directly to the wall studs.

Benefits of a Metal Sheet Backsplash

There are many great reasons to consider a metal backsplash for your next kitchen or bath remodel. Here are some of the top benefits:

Modern, Industrial Look

The sleek, metallic aesthetic of a metal backsplash creates an eye-catching contemporary style. It’s an on-trend look inspired by modern industrial design. This makes metal backsplashes ideal for urban lofts, contemporary homes, and modern kitchens.

Cohesive Appearance

Since metal backsplashes are installed as full sheets, they have a streamlined, uniform look compared to the patchwork effect of tile. This cohesive appearance can help make a design feel clean, elegant, and put-together.


Metal is incredibly durable, especially compared to tile which can crack and degrade over time. A metal backsplash can hold up to heavy usage and last for many years. This makes it ideal for busy kitchens.

Easy to Clean

Metal surfaces are non-porous, so grease, grime, and splatters can be easily wiped away. There are no grout lines that can discolor or collect grime like with tile. This makes cleaning a breeze.

Customizable Style

Metal backsplashes come in a wide range of metals, colors, and finishes. You can choose a polished mirror-finish, a rustic patina, or bold colors like copper or bronze. This versatility allows you to customize the look to match your unique style.

Adds Visual Interest

The reflective surface and metallic sheen of a metal backsplash instantly become an eye-catching focal point in the kitchen or bathroom. It adds visual flair even to the simplest design.

Popular Metal Choices

If you’ve decided that a metal backsplash is right for your home, the next step is selecting which type of metal to use. Here are some of the most popular options:

Stainless Steel

The go-to choice for many. Brushed stainless steel has a soft, silvery-gray look. It offers a neutral background that pairs well with any cabinetry or countertops. Stainless resists corrosion and is easy to keep clean.


Copper offers a warm, inviting look that works great in traditional, farmhouse, or Mediterranean style kitchens. Natural copper has an antique penny color that will slowly patina to a richer brown over time. Pre-patinated copper is artificially aged for an instant worn look.


Zinc backsplashes have an industrial, weathered steel aesthetic. They have a charcoal gray color and a rough, textured finish. Zinc develops a unique patina over time for more character.


Bright, polished aluminum provides a high-gloss mirrored finish. It almost resembles chrome and gives a sleek, retro vibe. Brushed aluminum has a soft matte texture. Aluminum is budget-friendly and corrosion resistant.

Other Metals

More unique metals like nickel, bronze, pewter, and galvanized steel can also be used. Multi-metal patterns combining copper, zinc, nickel, and more create an eclectic mixed metal look.

How to Install a Metal Backsplash

Installing a metal backsplash is best left to professionals. But here is an overview of the basic installation process:

Gather Materials

  • Metal backsplash sheets
  • screws
  • trim pieces
  • sealant/adhesive
  • drill
  • protective equipment

Prepare the Surface

  • Remove existing backsplash
  • Repair/smooth wall surface
  • Mark stud locations

Cut Metal Sheets

  • Measure space
  • Use tin snips to cut metal to size

Mount Metal Sheet

  • Apply sealant to wall and back of sheet
  • Screw metal sheet into wall studs
  • Use trim pieces to hide edges

Seal Seams

  • Seal seams between metal sheets with adhesive/caulk
  • Let dry fully before use

Pro-tip: Overlap sheets away from cooktop areas to avoid grease seeping into seams.

Design Tips and Ideas

To help you make the most of a new metal backsplash, here are some design tips:

Match Metal Finishes

Try to match the finish of cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures to the metal backsplash—like brushed nickel fixtures with brushed stainless steel. Tone-on-tone metallics create harmony.

Consider the Countertop

Pair naturally patterned countertops like granite, concrete, or butcher block with metal backsplashes to provide contrast. Solid surfaces or crisp white quartz work well to highlight the sleek metal.

Accent with Color

Use colorful glass tile or vibrant painted walls to offset a neutral metal backsplash. This helps balance out the industrial vibe.

Extend to the Ceiling

Running the metal backsplash all the way to the ceiling makes it a full focal feature wall rather than just an accent.

Mix Metals

Combining complementary metals, like stainless steel and copper, allows you to get creative. Try a zinc focal wall with copper-trimmed range hood.

Keep It Simple

Avoid a cluttered look by opting for drawer pulls over knobs and a streamlined faucet. Let the metallic backsplash shine.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about metal backsplashes:

Are metal backsplashes hard to keep clean?

No, metal backsplashes are very easy to keep clean. Unlike grouted tile, there are no cracks or crevices for grime to get trapped. You can simply wipe down a metal backsplash with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. They are resistant to most kitchen stains.

Do metal backsplashes dent or scratch easily?

One of the benefits of metal backsplashes is their durability. Stainless steel and other metals used are resistant to dents and scratches in normal use. However, metals can be scratched by extreme force. Be careful not to drop heavy pots or pans directly on them.

Should I seal a metal backsplash?

Sealing is not necessary for stainless steel. Other uncoated metals like copper or zinc can be sealed to slow down natural patina development if desired. Clear polyurethane is commonly used. An easier option is to choose pre-sealed metals.

Is a metal backsplash a DIY-friendly project?

Installing a full metal sheet backsplash is complex and is best left to professionals. The metal sheets need to be properly cut to size, anchored securely to studs, and sealed properly during installation to prevent moisture issues. If you want to DIY, consider using smaller metal mosaic tiles instead of large sheets.

What’s the best way to cut metal sheets?

Tin snips are the best tool for cutting metal backsplash sheets. Make sure to wear heavy work gloves since the edges of cut metal can be very sharp. Use a ruler and marker to measure and mark cuts accurately. Take care when handling cut metal to avoid injury.


Modern metal backsplashes provide an eye-catching focal point and a dose of contemporary industrial style perfect for today’s trending kitchen and bathroom designs. Stainless steel, copper, zinc, and other metals each offer unique finishes from weathered patinas to sleek polished chrome. Professional installation ensures your metal backsplash is properly cut, mounted, and sealed.

With endless options for colors and styles, you’re sure to find the right metal backsplash to complement your counters, cabinets, and overall design aesthetic. Add an on-trend metallic touch to make your cooking or bathing zone a shining example of your impeccable modern taste.