Marble Look Porcelain Tile Backsplash: Luxurious Look with Affordable Prices

A marble look porcelain tile backsplash can add luxurious style and visual interest to your kitchen, while still being an affordable and practical option. Porcelain tile has emerged as a popular backsplash choice, offering the look and feel of natural stone with greater durability and easier maintenance. Let’s explore why a marble look porcelain tile is an excellent backsplash choice and how you can get the luxurious aesthetic you want without breaking the bank.

What is Marble Look Porcelain Tile?

Marble look porcelain tile mimics the visual qualities of natural marble, with realistic veining, swirls, and shading. However, porcelain tile is engineered from clay and fired at high temperatures, making it tougher and more stain resistant than real marble.

Manufacturers are able to recreate the elegant beauty of marble in porcelain tile through details like:

  • Subtle color variations
  • Intricate veining patterns
  • A gently textured surface with movement and depth

The resulting porcelain tile provides the luxurious visuals of marble with greater durability at a lower cost. These marble look porcelain tiles come in a array of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes to match any design aesthetic.

Benefits of Choosing Marble Look Porcelain for Your Backsplash

There are many advantages to using marble look porcelain tile for your kitchen backsplash, including:


Porcelain tile is generally more affordable than natural stone options like marble, granite or travertine. You can achieve the high-end look you want for your backsplash without the high price tag.


Porcelain is less prone to chipping, cracking or staining than real marble. The dense fired clay material can stand up to heavy use, splatters and moisture in a busy kitchen environment.

Low Maintenance

Porcelain tile requires very little ongoing maintenance compared to natural stone. Just use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe clean – no need for special cleaners or sealants.

Stylish and Elegant

Marble look porcelain backsplashes are available in stunning colors and patterns that convey sophistication. From dramatic veining to subtle marbling, you can find styles reminiscent of iconic marble varieties.

Design Flexibility

Porcelain tile comes in diverse sizes like large format tiles, mosaics, and long slim subway styles. This allows for creativity in backsplash designs – mix and match sizes, patterns, textures and colors.

Easy Installation

Porcelain tile is lighter and easier to cut and work with than natural stone. This makes DIY installation more manageable. Be sure to follow proper techniques for prep and application.

For all these reasons, marble look porcelain tile is an excellent backsplash option that offers luxury, practicality and versatility.

Choosing Your Marble Look Porcelain Backsplash Tiles

There are a few considerations when selecting marble look porcelain tiles for your backsplash:


Look for a tile color that complements your cabinetry, countertops, appliances and overall kitchen decor. Whites, grays and soft beiges are versatile neutrals. Blues and greens emulate soothing, watery marble tones. Warm taupe, caramel or buff shades pair well with brown and tan kitchen elements.


Do you want bold, dramatic veining or a more subtle marbled effect? Browse various patterns and vein densities to find the right style for your kitchen. Varying the direction of veining from tile to tile adds visual interest.


Matte or honed finishes better emulate the classic satiny look of marble versus high-gloss. However, polished porcelain can provide a sharper reflection and greater tile pattern visibility.


Standard 3×6 inch subway tiles make for simple clean lines. Mix with mosaics or large tiles for contrast. Plan tile layout to avoid slivers and maximize pattern alignment.


Look for porcelain tile rated PEI 4 or 5 for best durability and stain resistance in kitchen settings. Check that porcelain contains minimal iron oxide, which can cause discoloration over time.


Marble look porcelain tile is available at a wide range of price points. Compare pricing between big box stores, tile specialty shops and online retailers. Factor in total project tile needs and installation costs too.

Be sure to inspect tiles carefully before purchase. Subtle differences in color, pattern and texture can emerge between batches. Blend tiles from multiple boxes during installation to distribute variation evenly.

Design Inspiration for Marble Porcelain Backsplashes

From traditional to trendy, here are some gorgeous kitchen designs featuring marble look porcelain backsplashes:

Modern Farmhouse

A classic white subway tile marble porcelain backsplash contrasts beautifully with natural wood cabinetry and stainless steel appliances in this fresh farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Photo

Transitional Gray Tones

Long gray marble porcelain tiles in multiple sizes create contemporary contrast on this backsplash and complement the warm walnut cabinetry.

Transitional Gray Tones Kitchen Photo

Traditional Elegance

A polished marble subway tile backsplash provides timeless appeal paired with ornate white cabinetry and brass fixtures in this elegant kitchen.

Elegant White Kitchen Photo

Soft Tones

Subtle blue and gray marbled porcelain in a mix of tile sizes creates a soothing, watercolor look against bright white cabinetry.

Blue Tones Kitchen Photo

Pattern Play

A mosaic marble look porcelain tile in multiple colors enlivens this contemporary backsplash design with strong veining and vivid personality.

Patterned Backsplash Kitchen Photo

The possible backsplash designs with marble look porcelain tile are endless! Use these ideas as inspiration while keeping your own kitchen style in mind.

Tips for Installing Your Marble Porcelain Backsplash

Installing marble look porcelain tile on your backsplash is best left to experienced professionals – attention to detail is key for a quality finished product. However, with careful planning and prep, DIY installation is achievable. Here are some top tips:

  • Invest in the proper tools like a wet saw for accurate cuts. Use painter’s tape rather than adhesive for layout.
  • Thoroughly clean the surface and apply appropriate backerboard if needed.
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions for subfloor, adhesive, grout and sealant products.
  • Double check measurements and use spacers for even grout lines. Cut tiles neatly to fit outlets and fixtures.
  • Maintain consistent directionality in tile pattern. Dry fit tiles before applying adhesive.
  • Apply sealant if recommended and utilize proper grouting techniques. Avoid sealing before grouting is complete.
  • Clean any adhesive residue immediately and wait the full cure time before using newly tiled backsplash surface.

Get professional help if unsure about any part of the installation process. Their experience can save you from headaches down the line!

Caring for Your Marble Porcelain Backsplash

The durability and low maintenance of porcelain tile makes caring for your new marble look backsplash simple:

  • Use a soft, damp sponge or microfiber cloth for regular cleaning. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry tiles after cleaning to prevent buildup of soap scum or hard water deposits.
  • Re-apply grout sealant annually or as needed to protect from moisture and staining.
  • Immediately wipe up any spills, splatters or messes on the backsplash. Avoid abrasive scrubbing.
  • Use a gentle cleaner formulated for porcelain or natural stone if needed for stubborn stains.
  • Check for any cracked, loose or missing grout over time and repair as needed to keep backsplash looking fresh.

Follow these tips and your marble look porcelain backsplash will maintain its beauty and function for many years before needing replacement.

Marble Look Porcelain Backsplash FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about marble look porcelain tile backsplashes:

Is marble look porcelain tile cheaper than real marble tile?

Yes, porcelain tile is generally 50-75% less expensive than marble tile while still providing an elegant, upscale look. Durability and ease of care also make it more cost effective long-term.

How durable is marble look porcelain tile?

Porcelain tile is very durable thanks to its fired clay composition. It rates a PEI of 4-5, higher than natural stone. It resists moisture, stains, scratches and chips much better than real marble tile.

Does marble porcelain need to be sealed?

Sealing is often recommended for porcelain tile backsplashes to prevent grout staining and increase water resistance. Use a penetrating sealant formulated for porcelain or natural stone. Reapply annually.

Can you use subway tile for a marble porcelain backsplash?

Absolutely! The classic 3×6 inch subway tile look works beautifully in marble porcelain. Offset the direction of rectangular tiles or alternate between brick and stacking patterns.

What color grout should I use with marble look porcelain backsplash tile?

Use a matching colored sanded grout for wider grout lines or non-sanded for narrow joints. Contrasting grout can look nice but will make the grout more visible and prone to staining. White and gray are versatile choices.

Get the Marble Tile Look You Want Affordably

Marble look porcelain tile provides an opportunity to achieve a luxury backsplash aesthetic without stretching your budget. Take advantage of porcelain’s realistic marble visuals, durability and vast style possibilities for your kitchen design. With the right prep and installation techniques, you can install this forever-classic backsplash look yourself or have a pro tackle it based on your skill level and time constraints.

Whatever your kitchen decor, embrace the elegance and texture of veined marble porcelain. Let this timeless yet trendy backsplash material provide the perfect finishing touch to your cooking space.