Marble Chevron Backsplash – Luxurious Marble with Sleek Tile Designs


Adding a backsplash to your kitchen can completely transform the look and feel of the space. And when it comes to beautiful, luxurious materials for backsplashes, marble is hard to beat. A marble backsplash instantly upgrades your kitchen with elegance and sophisticated style.

One of the most popular current trends in marble backsplash design is the chevron pattern. Chevron marble backsplashes feature triangular or zig-zag shaped marble tiles arranged in an alternating V-shape design. This creates a striking visual effect that draws the eye and adds modern flair to both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Below we’ll explore why marble chevron backsplashes are so popular, their luxurious appeal, and how to incorporate this gorgeous backsplash tile design into your own kitchen.

The Luxurious Allure of Marble

Marble has long been prized in interior design for its elegant beauty and luxurious connotations. The luminous veining and smooth texture of natural marble instantly elevates any space. As a backsplash material, marble adds a touch of timeless class and splendor.

Of all natural stones, marble has the most refined and upscale associations. Marble backsplashes lend an air of luxury, wealth, and sophistication to the kitchen. The rich patina and gently worn look of marble tile says “old world charm.”

Beyond just aesthetics, marble is also appealing for its durability and longevity. Though softer than granite, marble is still very resilient to cracking, chipping or breaking. With proper sealing and care, a marble backsplash can last for many decades, becoming increasingly elegant as it ages. The timeless nature and enduring beauty of marble makes it a sound investment.

Marble also has unique veining and color variations that ensure no two marble tile backsplashes will ever look exactly alike. This makes your kitchen backsplash a true one-of-a-kind design statement.

The Striking Impact of Chevron Patterns

The chevron pattern has been around for centuries and is associated with precision, craftsmanship and decoration. Incorporating chevron shapes into a marble backsplash gives this luxurious natural stone an unexpected modern twist.

The strong lines and alternating direction of the marble chevron tiles create a dynamic visual effect. This injects visual energy and makes an eye-catching impact. The resulting look is elegant yet bold.

Chevron marble backsplashes work especially well in both modern and transitional kitchen designs. The repeating zig-zag motif has an innate contemporary vibe. Yet it still pairs beautifully with more traditional decor.

The graphic quality of the angled chevron pattern can make a small kitchen appear larger. The directional lines draw the eye, helping expand the feel of the space. Chevron marble backsplashes can make a powerful design statement even in a modest kitchen.

Compared to subway tiles or uniform marble squares, chevron marble has a more tailored, bespoke look. The crafted, intentional style of the zig-zag tiles says “high-end.” For those desiring a backsplash that is anything but cookie-cutter, a marble chevron pattern will bring personalized artisanal flair.

Designing With Marble Chevron Backsplashes

When planning a marble chevron backsplash for your kitchen, there are a few helpful design tips to keep in mind:

Choose the Right Marble Color

Marble comes in a range of natural earth tone colors from crisp whites to beiges, greys, goldens, and even blues and greens. The marble color you choose can complement your cabinetry, countertops, appliances and overall kitchen color palette.

White Carrara marble has an elegant neoclassic appeal that works with almost any kitchen style from modern to traditional. Dark charcoal grey marbles add striking contrast and drama. Soft beiges or whites with grey veining have an understated warmth.

Consider the other materials already in your kitchen when selecting a marble chevron backsplash color. Try to strike a balance between contrast and blending.

Size of the Chevrons

The size of the marble chevron tiles will impact the look and feel of the backsplash design. Large chevron tiles (6 inches or taller) make a bold statement, optimal for a spacious kitchen. Smaller chevron marble tiles (3 inches or under) have a more refined, delicate effect even in a small kitchen.

Bigger chevrons will translate to fewer grout lines overall in the backsplash. Smaller chevrons provide more opportunity for the alternating color pattern to show. Mixing up chevron sizes can add even more interest.

Horizontal or Vertical?

Marble chevron backsplashes typically follow either a horizontal or vertical layout. Horizontal chevron designs feature zig-zag tile rows stacked on top of each other. Vertical chevrons have the V-shapes running diagonally from floor to ceiling.

Vertical marble chevron backsplashes deliver that strong directional effect, drawing the eye up and giving the illusion of a taller space. Horizontal chevron designs have more subtle movement, expanding the space visually side-to-side.

Consider the existing lines and proportions of your kitchen when deciding between horizontal or vertical chevron marble tiles. You want the pattern to enhance, not compete with the overall layout.

Incorporate Other Materials

While marble chevron tiles can make a statement all on their own, don’t be afraid to incorporate other materials into the backsplash design. Mixing natural stone, metal, glass, porcelain or ceramic tiles with the marble chevrons can provide texture and contrast.

For example, a border of small glass subway tiles along the top and bottom of the chevron backsplash can frame it beautifully. Or adding a strip of decorative mosaic tiles between the marble chevrons and countertop can really make them pop.

Combining materials, shapes and tile sizes results in a more layered, designer look. Just be careful not to create a cluttered look by mixing too many disparate elements.

Extend Backsplash to Ceiling

Backsplashes typically end at the wall cabinets. But extending the backsplash design all the way up to the ceiling can create a showstopping effect. This works especially well in contemporary kitchens with high ceilings.

A marble chevron backsplash that stretches from countertop to ceiling becomes a true focal feature of the whole kitchen. This application allows those dramatic zig-zag marble tile shapes to really shine.

Marble Chevron Backsplash Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of working with marble chevron backsplash tile, here are some gorgeous kitchen examples to spark inspiration:

Statement White Marble Chevrons

Creating contrast against dark cabinetry, bold white Carrara marble chevrons in a horizontal formation pack visual punch. The bright white marble paired with the kitschy pop art wallcovering creates an edgy but elegant juxtaposition.

White marble chevron backsplash against dark cabinets creates contrast:strip_icc()/GettyImages-643764515-5c6903b546e0fb0001721f58.jpg)

Image by The Spruce

The finishing touch is the extra-thick waterfall edge marble countertop that makes everything feel luxe. Extending the white chevrons to the ceiling and pairing with glossy subway tiles along the base of the counters keeps everything fresh.

Double Chevron Pattern

This gorgeous kitchen features stacked white Carrara marble chevron tiles paired with longer gray marble rectangular subway tiles. The alternating bands of white chevron and grey brickwork create visual rhythm.

Double chevron pattern backsplash with marble

Image by Pinterest

To further enrich the backsplash tile design, bands of small square mosaic tiles in shimmering mother of pearl are placed between the white chevron and grey subway tiles. This layered look results in a backsplash with lots of depth and interest.

Luxurious Dark Chevrons

The bold diamond shape of these large-scale chevrons makes a daring style statement. Made from exotic dark Emperador marble with smoky grey veining, the tiles have a striking and sumptuous look.

Dark marble chevrons backsplash

Image by Pinterest

The dark chevrons pop against the creamy white cabinets and are nicely balanced by the translucent white and grey kitchen island. Incorporating metal finishes on the light fixtures and hardware adds an edgy complement.

Vertical Chevron Marble and Glass

In this airy kitchen renovation, long vertical white marble chevron tiles are nicely complemented by horizontal bands of sea glass tile. The sweeping vertical lines of the chevrons contrast beautifully with the curved marbled Critical SAAS Analysis countertop.

White marble and glass backsplash

Image by Pinterest

The varied tones and distressed imperfections of the mixed glass tiles keep the backsplash looking natural despite the pronounced linear designs. The end result is both visually interesting and relaxed.

Outlined Chevron Pattern

Framing marble chevron tiles in dark grout or tile outlines adds extra emphasis. Here the crisp white chevrons bordered in dark grey have an eye-catching pop art sensibility.

White and grey chevron pattern backsplash

Image by Houzz

Extra detailing like the judiciously placed glass tile accents and the built-in plate rack give this backsplash polish. The dark grout outlines help ground the zig-zagging chevrons, creating a tailored look.

FAQs About Marble Chevron Backsplashes

Is marble high-maintenance for kitchen backsplashes?

While marble requires more frequent sealing than very hardy stones like granite, a marble backsplash is not necessarily high-maintenance with proper care. Use a penetrating sealant made for marble and re-seal every 1-2 years. Avoid abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals. Marble is more vulnerable to acids, so be aware of what you’re cooking!

How much does a marble chevron backsplash cost?

The cost of a marble chevron backsplash depends on the type of marble, tile size, labor complexity and other factors. Expect to budget $50-100 per square foot installed. More exotic marbles will fall at the higher end. Use a tile contractor experienced with stone.

Can you cut marble chevron tiles yourself?

Technically, it is possible to cut chevron shapes into marble tile with a wet saw. But this is an extremely exacting, labor-intensive process best left to a tile pro. The potential for expensive marble to crack or chip is very high. Invest in professionally fabricated chevron tiles for quality and ease.

Should marble backsplash go all the way to ceiling?

Extending marble backsplash tile from countertop to ceiling can create a wow-factor focal point. This works especially well in contemporary kitchens. However, taking marble all the way to the ceiling may not be feasible if your ceiling is very high or awkwardly angled. In traditional kitchens, limiting marble backsplash height can look more balanced.

What tile shapes pair well with chevron marble?

Subway tiles, mosaic tiles and smaller hexagon or square tiles all beautifully complement and frame a marble chevron backsplash. Try alternating bands or borders of small tiles with the chevron sections. Mixing staggered brickwork subway tiles with chevrons also creates visual interest.

Bring Luxurious Style Home

The striking beauty, elegance and modern edge of a marble chevron backsplash can transform your kitchen into a luxurious and inviting space. With proper planning and professional installation, you can bring this gorgeous backsplash tile design into your own home.

The sinuous shape and opulent texture of marble chevron tiles never fails to impress. Whether you opt for a statement wall spanning from counter to ceiling or a smaller backsplash focal area, this look brings high-end style home.