Living Room Wallpaper Ideas Monochrome, Colorful, Neutral and More!

Decorating your living room with stylish wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest and transform the look and feel of the space. From bold, colorful patterns to subtle neutral tones, wallpaper offers endless possibilities for creating an eye-catching focal point or complementing your existing decor.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the hottest living room wallpaper trends, from dramatic monochrome motifs to eclectic prints and textures. Whether you’re looking to make a sleek, modern statement or cultivate a cozy, eclectic atmosphere, you’re sure to find inspiration for your next wallpaper project here.

Monochrome Magic: Dramatic Black and White Wallpaper

One of the most popular wallpaper trends is monochrome, using different tones and textures in black, white, and gray to create bold, graphic impact.

Monochrome wallpaper can range from sleek solid colors to abstract patterns, geometric shapes, or modern interpretations of classic damask, herringbone, chevron or toile designs.

Here are some stylish ideas for monochromatic magic:

Statement Geometric Patterns

Bold black and white geometric patterns are a fantastic way to add modern flair and dimension to your living room. Striking triangles, retro zigzags, concentric circles, or overlapping shapes have an eye-catching op art effect.

Geometric patterns with subtle metallic accents, like copper, rose gold, or silver, add a glam touch. Place your statement wall behind the sofa or anchoring a reading nook.

Textural Chevrons

Three-dimensional or flocked chevron wallpaper brings wonderful texture and contemporary style. Pair textural chevrons with mid-century or industrial furnishings for a seriously chic look.

Weave chevron patterns in velvety black and crisp white flocked wallpaper for tactile contrast. Use metallic chevrons, like brushed pewter and silver, for added depth and shine.

Herringbone Heightened

Take herringbone wallpaper up a notch with oversized designs or unique color combinations like gray and white or black and cream. Contemporary herringbone patterns have a nod to tradition but feel fresh and current.

For drama, opt for a herringbone print with varying stripe widths and distressed texture. Complement with leather and wood furniture and accessories for a cozy but refined living room.

Modern Damask Motifs

Damask wallpaper is known for its elaborate scrolling shapes and patterns. Take this classic motif in a new direction with contemporary black and white prints.

Look for damask designs with geometric shapes or Moorish influence for a global flair. Pair damask walls with mid-century or Scandinavian-inspired minimalist furnishings.

Keep it clean and current with a tonal black damask print as your neutral backdrop. Then layer in pops of color with turquoise, chartreuse or coral furniture and accessories.

Chic Paintable Papers

Want to experiment with black and white patterns, but like the option to easily change your mind? Paintable wallpaper is the perfect solution!

These removable peel-and-stick papers mimic high-end wallcovering looks, like flocked damask or textured chevron. But they can be easily painted over later for a fresh look.

Use them as a temporary focal feature or install them on a small accent wall. Then switch them out seasonally or when you tire of the pattern.

Colorful Wallpaper for Maximum Impact

While monochrome makes a bold statement, don’t underestimate the power of color! Vibrant, saturated hues or playful prints can entirely transform a neutral room.

Switch up your color palette with easily changeable wallpaper. Here are some eye-catching ways to energize your space with color:

Tropical Leaf Prints

Nothing evokes a vacation mood like palm fronds, banana leaves, ferns and tropical blooms. Choose colorful jungle prints in fiery hibiscus pinks, lush greens or ocean blues.

For a bohemian vibe, complement leafy walls with wicker, rattan and carved wood furniture. Accent with greenery and exotic accessories.

Muted tonal leaf prints in shades of gray-green are easier to incorporate into varied decor. Mix with botanical and animal prints for an eclectic collector’s cabinet effect.

Retro Pop Art Patterns

If you love color and crave a fun, festive look, pop art patterns are perfect. Opt for psychedelic swirls, abstract florals, geometric squares or overlapping circles in vivid poppy reds, tangerine, lime green, and sunshiny yellow.

For a playful accent, use pop prints on one wall. To immerse yourself in color, cover all four walls. Complete the cheerfully mod vibe with furniture silhouettes from the sixties or seventies.

Chinoiserie Scenes

Chinoiserie wallpaper featuring lavish Asian motifs like cherry blossoms, pagodas, and exotic birds has a timeless, luxurious appeal. Choose a scene with crimson, cobalt, verdant green and golden accents.

For traditional panache, adorn your walls with whimsical Chinoiserie panels or silkscreens. Play up the drama with carved wood furnishings, porcelain accents, and silk floral arrangements.

Contemporary twists on classic Chinoiserie motifs use more stylized, graphic or abstracted interpretations. Pair with sleek, modern decor and a tranquil color scheme for zen-inspired balance.

Modern Floral Patterns

While traditional florals feel frilly, today’s patterns are bolder and more graphic. Contemporary designs feature oversized blooms, solid blocks of color, and strong lines.

Make a vibrant statement with brilliant amethyst orchids, tangerine ranunculus, or teal peonies against a crisp white or black background. Complement with mid-century furniture and sleek metallic accents.

For an exotic look, choose a palm print with accents of fuchsia, chartreuse and periwinkle. Mix and match shapes and colors for a whimsical indoor garden flair.

Soothing Neutrals: Textured & Tonal Wallpapers

Sometimes you want to make a statement that’s more quietly elegant. Neutral wallpaper in soft tones and subtle textures help create a peaceful, welcoming backdrop.

Here are some sophisticated ways to introduce neutral wallpaper:

Natural Elements & Organic Patterns

Bring the outdoors in with organic motifs like leaves, branches, stones, waves or feathers. Sepia prints in beige, gray, tan and cream have a calming, earthy feel.

Textural burlap or grasscloth effects in natural jute and sisal fibers add cozy texture. Pair organic neutrals with wood furniture, cotton textiles, and rattan or wicker accents for a casual chic living room.

Tonal Tapestries

Rich, tonal patterns have an elegant versatility that works in many decor styles. Look for tone-on-tone damask, paisleys, medallions, brocades or geometrics featuring cream, beige, taupe and steel blue-gray.

Silkscreen prints, softly brushed patterns, or raised strie wallpaper add subtle depth and dimension. Complement with antiques, ornate trim, and classic furnishings for a refined traditional look.

Contemporary tonal patterns with a slight metallic sheen feel elegant and urbane. Mixing modern and traditional elements creates a globally-inspired eclectic space.

Minimalist Flocked Wallpaper

For serene, unfussy decor, try textural flocked wallpaper. Velvet flocking techniques create a soft raised texture, similar to suede.

Flocked geometric patterns, organic shapes and mottled textures provide quiet visual interest. Airy cream, beige, gray or light blue colors blend seamlessly with varied styles.

Pair these minimalist neutrals with sleek mid-century or Scandinavian furnishings. Metallic accents and sculptural lighting add a sophisticated modern edge.

Style Ideas for Wallpaper Placement

Wallpaper can transform any living room when thoughtfully placed. Here are some ideas for stylish and strategic wallpaper placement:

Behind the Sofa

Anchoring your seating area with an eye-catching wallpaper print or textured pattern makes this spot a focal point. Place statement monochrome graphics or playful prints here.

Using wallpaper behind the sofa minimizes the amount needed, keeping costs down. Try this placement in open concept spaces to delineate the living area.

Full Accent Wall

Covering one entire wall creates a powerful punch of color or an artistic display. Use boundary-pushing prints like abstract floral, photorealistic jungle or pop art motifs.

In a narrow living room, wallpaper the long rear wall for an enveloping effect. In a wide space, the far side wall or the one behind the seating area make good accent wall candidates.

Mirror Wall

For modern glam, cover an entire wall behind your sofa or sectional with mirror wallpaper. Mirrored walls visually expand small spaces and reflect light beautifully.

Pair with metallic finishes, mirrored accents, glass surfaces, and sleek or acrylic furniture. Keep the look from skewing retro with updated shapes and minimalist details.

Ceilings Too!

Ceilings offer captivating vertical space for wallpaper. Try painterly sky prints, old world maps, or medieval motifs as unexpected ceiling accents overhead.

In cramped living rooms, wallpapering the ceiling creates the illusion of extra height and space. Go for calming celestial patterns or fluffy white textures.

For intimate conversation nooks, use wallpaper to define the space overhead. Try forest canopies, country garden trellises or classic geometric patterns as cozy ceiling prints.

Wallpaper Inspiration for Any Decor Style

The key to choosing wallpaper is finding prints and colors that complement your overall decor. Here are some inspiring ideas:

Modern and Minimalist

Streamlined spaces call for graphic wallpaper patterns like geometric prints or linear designs. Use sparingly as a bold accent against clean white walls and pared-down furnishings.

Try textural materials like grasscloth, metallic flocking, or fabric-textured wallpaper for quieter contrast. Pair with maple, walnut or concrete, and sleek leather for contemporary refinement.

Boho Chic

Eclectic boho spaces demand lively wallpaper prints like ornamental Chinoiserie, tropical foliage, or exotic Indian paisleys. Go for vibrant color palettes and nature-inspired materials.

Mix oversized floral medallions, delicate vines, damask stripes and artful patterns for an exuberantly curated feel. Add back-painted glass, carved wood, and embroidered tapestries for global flair.

Industrial Edge

The key to balancing utilitarian and elegance is contrast. Choose a regal antique scenic print or tactile grasscloth for your accent wall. Then complement with reclaimed wood, weathered leather, steel and glass.

For airy lofts, try bold geometric wallpaper patterns like overlapping circles or diagonal stripes. Pair with furniture in sleek leather, linen, chrome and stone. Statement lighting adds modern personality.

Traditional Elegance

Formal living rooms are the perfect canvas for classic decorative prints like damask, scrolling vines, floral chintz or ornate brocades in rich jewel-toned palettes. Use an accent wall to establish old world grandeur.

Flaunt your style by covering walls in panoramic paintings, antique bookshelf motifs, medieval crests or romantic garden scenes. Then furnish with antiques, carved wood, plush velvets and luxurious layers.

Wallpaper Installation Tips

Once you’ve selected the perfect print, proper installation is key for a picture-perfect wallpapered room:

  • Remove old wallpaper and repair damaged drywall to create a smooth canvas. Prime walls before installation.
  • Take exact measurements and order precisely for the space. Plan the placement of seams carefully to disguise them.
  • Use a level and plum line to draw straight vertical guidelines, especially with patterned paper.
  • Apply adhesive evenly. Use a wallpaper brush or plastic smoother to flatten paper against walls. Eliminate gaps, wrinkles and bubbles.
  • Use a sharp razor blade to trim top and bottom edges cleanly. Score the paper to create precise folds at corners and trim away excess.
  • Be extremely careful when applying wallpaper around electrical outlets or light switches. Turn off power first!
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for surface prep, pasting, installation methods and drying times specific to your wallpaper.

With some planning and care, your new living room wallpaper installation will be smooth and stunning. Then sit back and enjoy your gorgeous handiwork!

Frequently Asked Questions About Living Room Wallpaper

Still have some questions about decorating with wallpaper? Here are answers to some of the most common queries:

Is wallpaper difficult to install and remove?

With peel-and-stick removable papers, installation is a breeze. Just adhere the backing and smooth onto the wall. Traditional wallpaper requires more skill and labor for installing and removal. Hire a professional installer for complex jobs.

How do I choose the right wallpaper?

Consider your decor style, color scheme, and scale of pattern repeat. Busy or small rooms suit small prints. Bold patterns make a statement in large spaces. Follow the 60-30-10 rule – 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color, 10% accent tones.

What’s the best wall for wallpaper?

The wall behind your sofa or sectional makes the most impact. You can also wallpaper the longest wall in the room or the wall opposite the entryway.

How much does wallpaper installation cost?

For DIY using peel-and-stick paper, costs start around $25 per roll. For professional installation of traditional wallpaper, expect to pay $200-500 for an accent wall, depending on labor rates.

Can I apply wallpaper over paint or old wallpaper?

Yes, but the surface must be properly prepped and primed first to create a smooth, clean bonding surface for the wallpaper. Consult a pro for the best methods.

Is wallpaper hard to maintain?

Vinyl-coated wallpapers clean easily with mild soap and water. Avoid abrasive cleaners. More delicate papers require gentle dusting. Use a soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to keep walls looking fresh in between deeper cleanings.

Bring Character to Your Living Room With Wallpaper

Wallpaper offers almost endless possibilities for manifesting your decorating vision, from striking black and white graphics to verdant jungle prints.

Monochrome patterns make modern geometric statements. Global designs like Chinoiserie and tropical motifs infuse eclectic personality. While neutrals and textural grasscloths offer subtle sophistication.

Strategically placed feature walls or all-over print saturation can entirely transform a room. Follow the tips and style ideas outlined to highlight your home’s architecture and showcase your decorating style.

Soon you’ll have a living room as unique as you are. So delve into the wonderful world of wallpaper and start creating your statement walls today!