Latest Kitchen Backsplash Trends – What Are the Newest Trends?

Introduction to Kitchen Backsplash Trends

The kitchen backsplash has come a long way from being just a functional splash zone to protect the walls from cooking messes. Today, the backsplash serves as a key design element that can set the tone for your entire kitchen’s style. With so many materials, colors, textures and patterns to choose from, backsplashes provide an opportunity to add visual interest and wow factor to your kitchen remodeling or redesign.

Staying up to date on the latest kitchen backsplash trends can help ensure your new backsplash is fresh, on-trend, and designed to suit your personal style. From organic shapes and textures to bold colors and geometric patterns, there are countless stylish options trending in backsplashes today.

In this article, we will explore some of the newest and most popular kitchen backsplash ideas and trends for 2023 and beyond. Read on to discover inspiring backsplash designs and creative ways to implement the latest must-have looks in your own kitchen design or remodel.

Large Format Tiles

One of the top emerging trends in kitchen backsplashes today is the use of large format tiles. These tiles are defined as having at least one side longer than 15 inches. Some popular options include elongated subway tiles, large rectangular tiles, oversized polished stone tiles, and wide planks.

The main benefit of large format backsplash tiles is they create a clean, sleek and modern aesthetic. The large tiles lend a spaciousness and continuinity to the design. Fewer grout lines and a streamlined look helps create a seamless, uncluttered appearance.

Large format backsplash tiles can be especially effective in small kitchens where you want to make the space appear larger. The sweeping lines draw the eye horizontally to play up perceptions of width.

Here are some ideas for implementing oversized backsplash tiles in your kitchen:

  • Elongated subway tiles – Extra long 3″ x 12″ or 3″ x 24″ subway tiles laid in a brick pattern make a contemporary statement. Great for modern and transitional kitchens.
  • Giant slate or ceramic tiles – Massive slate, ceramic, or porcelain tiles measuring 12″ x 24″ or larger create an ultra-modern, sleek look. Works well in contemporary spaces.
  • Wide planks – Wood-look backsplash planks 6-12 inches wide add beautiful warm and texture. Set them vertically to accentuate height.
  • Oversized stone tiles – Big square, rectangular or shaped stone tiles like marble, travertine or granite tiles generate an opulent effect. Leave extra wide grout lines for a modern twist.
  • Mural sheets – Large format mosaic tile sheets in stone, glass or porcelain used as a full backsplash tell a visual story.

Creative Shapes and Patterns

Another fresh trend is using uniquely shaped, patterned or textured tiles to create visual depth and interest. Dimensional tiles in geometric, floral, nature-inspired and abstract designs add artistic flair. Mixing and matching tile shapes and laying them in creative patterns adds modern flair.

Some possibilities for injecting shapes and patterns into your backsplash tile designs include:

  • Irregular polygons like triangles, diamonds, hexagons and octagons
  • Fish scale tiles and wave tiles
  • 3D tiles with relief and molded textures
  • Moroccan-inspired tiles with global patterns
  • Artsy freeform stone and ceramic tiles
  • Handpainted tiles with custom designs
  • Metallic mosaics and geometric mosaics
  • Tiles mixing glossy and matte finishes

Get creative by combining complementary patterns or contrasting shapes to design your own artistic backsplash tile collage. Balance busier patterns with simple tiles and negative space. Continue the shapes into the rest of the kitchen with accent tiles on walls or floors.

Bold, Dark Colors

White and neutral backsplash tiles are still popular, but dark, bold colors are on the rise. Deep hues like navy, emerald, black, charcoal grey and even black add drama and sophistication. Contrasting grout provides definition and helps colors pop.

Here are inspiring ideas for adding rich, moody color with your backsplash tile:

  • Inky blues – From bright navy to dark teal, blue glass, ceramic or mosaic tiles give off an enticing, deep water vibe.
  • Sultry black – Make a glamorous statement with luxury backsplash materials like black marble or black granite.
  • Charcoal grey – Grey slate or ceramic tiles look sleek and modern against cool silvery countertops like quartz.
  • Jewel tones – Deep purple, ruby red or emerald green glass or polished stone tiles lend an exotic, regal air.
  • Bold patterns – Use dark colors for dramatic checkerboard, arabesque or Herringbone backsplashes.
  • Metallic mosaics – Shimmery mixes of black, bronze and metallic tiles add old Hollywood ambiance.

For maximal design impact, match your dark backsplash tiles to countertops, cabinets and flooring. Or make it pop by pairing with lighter surfaces.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles and slabs like marble, travertine, granite and slate continue to reign supreme in kitchen backsplash applications due to their beauty and versatility. Each stone type offers its own distinctive veining, movement and tonality. Sleek polished finishes and textured surfaces are both on trend.

Here are some striking ways to incorporate natural stone into a chic kitchen backsplash:

  • Marble chevron – Marble tiles laid in a classic zigzag chevron pattern make a serious style statement. Use contrasting grout to highlight the shape.
  • Oversized stone slabs – Extralarge slabs of granite, quartzite or travertine used as a minimalist full backsplash create a seamless look.
  • Stacked stone – Linear stacked stone tiles or ledgestone bring an organic, earthy vibe and work great in rustic and farmhouse kitchens.
  • Dimensional stone – 3D stone tiles with chiseled, fluted or mosaic textures add lovely detail. Travertine and limestone are good options.
  • Geodes and fossils – Backsplashes featuring raw geode slices or real fossilized stone embed nature into your design.
  • Mixed stones – Combining different stone types, colors and finishes makes for a harmoniously eclectic blend.

Be sure to properly seal and maintain your natural stone backsplash to preserve its beauty.

Warm Wood Tones

Wood-look backsplash tiles infuse kitchens with natural warmth and texture. From weathered barn wood to polished planks, wood-inspired ceramic and porcelain tiles mimic almost any type of wood grain and coloring. Mix and match wood-look tiles for a harmonious blend of hues.

Creative ways to incorporate wood-look tiles in backsplashes:

  • Vertical planks – Running wood-look planks floor-to-ceiling gives the effect of shiplap siding and draws the eyes up.
  • Herringbone pattern – The classic zigzag herringbone layout adds visual intrigue. Use tonal woods or two colors.
  • Inlaid cutting boards – Inset genuine hardwood butcher blocks into the backsplash as handy cutting surfaces.
  • Range hood cladding – Use wood-look tile as a charming covering for range hoods to tie in with wood backsplashes.
  • 3D tiles – Textured tiles with brushed, wire-brushed or carved surfaces have extra dimension.
  • Mixed materials – Combine wood-look tiles with complementary stones, metals or glass for contrast.

Go for an authentic reclaimed wood look with soft multi-tonal tiles or sleek stained wood-mimicking tiles.

Multicolored Mosaics

Small glass, ceramic or stone mosaic tiles continue to adorn kitchen backsplashes with their dazzling versatility. Mini mosaic tiles set in mesmerizing patterns let you incorporate multiple colors, shapes, styles and textures.

Some eye-catching ways to implement mosaic tile backsplashes:

  • Mermaid colors – Iridescent glass mosaics morph between shades of aqua, seafoam and blue.
  • Geometric mosaics – Interlocking mosaic shapes like hexagons create captivating geometric arrangements.
  • Moroccan-inspired – Colorful mosaic combinations reminiscent of Moroccan design and Spanish tiles.
  • Metallic mosaics – Shimmering metallic and iridescent mosaics add glam and sparkle.
  • Vintage penny rounds – Circular glass mosaics bring an old-fashioned ambiance.
  • Eclectic patterns – Contrasting mosaic motifs like chevron, floral and medallions.
  • Kitchen scenes – Custom mosaic murals depicting food scenes or kitchen items.

For a cohesive look, incorporate mosaic patterns into border insets, kitchen floors or accent walls.

Mixing Materials

Why stick with just one backsplash tile material when you can combine two or more? Mixing complementary textures, colors and patterns creates custom backsplash collages with visual appeal.

Some winning combinations of backsplash materials to mix and match:

  • Stone + glass or marble + glass
  • Wood + metal or wood + stone
  • Subway tile + marble mosaic
  • Stainless steel + porcelain
  • Ceramic + laminate

To pull off a beautifully blended, eclectic backsplash:

  • Repeat colors across the different materials
  • Incorporate similar tile sizes and shapes
  • Use materials with contrasting textures
  • Tie separate materials together with grout color

Get creative and don’t be afraid to mix unrelated materials like metal, stone and glass. Keeping consistent grout lines will help anchor the look.

Statement-Making Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes aren’t just for protecting the walls anymore – they’re also an opportunity to add showstopping style. Using backsplashes as focal features with standout designs is a hot trend for luxury kitchens.

Some ideas for attention-grabbing statement backsplashes:

  • Full-height backsplashes – Take backsplashes from countertop to ceiling for a dramatic look. Great for stone slabs or graphic tile designs.
  • ambitious patterns – Make the backsplash the star with complex patterns like swirling Moroccan designs or artsy mosaics.
  • Leather, metal or glass tiles – Use unexpected luxe materials like leather, stainless steel or textured glass tiles.
  • 3D tiles – Dimensional, custom-molded tiles add artistic sculptural detail.
  • Two-tone designs – Experiment with bi-color or multi-color backsplash patterns.
  • Concave depressions – For a sculptural effect, recess sections of the backsplash wall. Add ledges for displaying items.
  • Special backlighting – Install LED strip lighting behind or within glass, translucent stone or acrylic backsplash tiles to create a glowing backdrop.

Want drama? Opt for darker, bolder backsplashes with plenty of texture, shape and color movement.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas by Style

Now that we’ve covered the latest kitchen backsplash tile trends, let’s look at how to choose the perfect backsplash to match popular kitchen design styles.

Modern Backsplash Ideas

The sleek, minimalist look of modern kitchens calls for simple and understated backsplash tiles. Some top options include:

  • Solid colored subway tile
  • Large format rectangular ceramic or porcelain
  • Glossy mosaic tiles
  • Marble, granite or quartz slabs
  • Metallic stone or glass tile
  • Simulated wood or concrete planks

Keep the look contemporary with matte black fixtures, chrome or nickel accents and recessed lighting.

Rustic and Farmhouse Backsplashes

Rustic farmhouse kitchens need backsplashes with natural, earthy charm. Great choices include:

  • Stone such as slate, travertine and limestone
  • Brick, reclaimed wood or tin tiles
  • Weathered wood-look ceramic or porcelain
  • Terracotta tiles

Enhance the handcrafted vibe with wrought iron fixtures, woven accents and open shelving.

Transitional Backsplash Tiles

For transitional style kitchens, bridge old and new with backsplash tile featuring clean lines mixed with vintage character. Some perfect options include:

  • Classic subway tile
  • Beveled or frosted glass
  • Marble, travertine or limestone

Display plate racks, pendant lighting and ceramic accents for a nostalgic transitional twist.

Mediterranean Style Backsplashes

Transport your kitchen to seaside Europe with backsplashes inspired by Spanish, Italian and Greek architecture:

  • Colorful handmade encaustic tiles
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Decorative ceramic tiles
  • Moroccan-style geometric mosaics
  • Sea glass and ocean-hued tiles

Weave in wrought iron, arched entryways and Mediterranean blue hues for full effect.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas by Color

From bright and cheerful to dark and moody, your kitchen backsplash color choice impacts the entire room’s tone and ambiance. Here are stunning backsplash ideas for popular color schemes.

White Kitchen Backsplashes

All-white backsplashes emanate crisp, clean elegance. Choices like:

  • Classic white subway tile
  • White marble or quartzite
  • White stone mosaic
  • White brick tiles
  • White ceramic hexagons

Pair with any color cabinets, from light grey to navy blue for versatility. Add pops of color with accessories.

Black Kitchen Backsplashes

Make a dramatic statement with deep, dark backsplash tiles like:

  • Jet black marble or granite
  • Matte black ceramic or porcelain
  • Black mirrored glass and tile
  • Charcoal slate stone

Match with black cabinetry and brass accents for a luxe look. Or create contrast with white cabinets.

Blue Kitchen Backsplashes

From pale sky blue to cobalt, blue evokes soothing water. Match the hue to your cabinetry or bring in pops of color with:

  • Sea glass and ocean-colored mosaic
  • Moroccan-style blue artisan tiles
  • Blue marble or glass subway tiles
  • Blue and white Azulejo-style tile

Complement with silver, white or natural wood cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Backsplashes

On-trend gray makes a versatile neutral pairing. Consider:

  • Gray marble or quartzite stone
  • Gray slate or ceramic subway tile
  • Smoky gray mirrored glass
  • Weathered gray wood plank tile

Invite contrasting bright cabinet colors like navy blue, crisp white or canary yellow.

Green Kitchen Backsplashes

Verdant green backsplashes lend a fresh, nature-inspired look. Choices like:

  • Green granite, quartzite or glass tiles
  • Retro mint green subway tile
  • Tropical leaf and frond embossed tiles
  • Mossy green ceramic mosaic

Provide contrast with rich wood cabinets or pair with whites and neutrals.

Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Backsplash Ideas for Small Kitchens

Big on style, small on space? Clever backsplash designs can make tiny kitchens feel larger and more expansive. Strategic ideas include:

  • Horizontal subway tiles, wood planks or rectangular tiles to expand perceptions of width.
  • Mini tiles like mosaics to avoid bulky wide tiles overwhelming the space.
  • Open shelving instead of upper cabinets to create an airier, uncluttered look.
  • Colorful, busy backsplashes to distract from limited square footage.
  • Avoid backsplash designs that “chop up” the space like multi-patterned mosaic collages.

Also utilize mirrors and reflective surfaces to enhance luminosity and the feeling of openness.

Cool DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Want to personalize your space with artsy DIY flair? From painting your own designs to arranging eclectic found objects, a homemade backsplash offers design freedom.

Some creative DIY backsplash project ideas:

  • Paint a mural – Exercise your inner Picasso by handpainting an original tile mural depicting fanciful food art, a focal fruit or veggie, or a peaceful landscape.
  • Arrange colorful bottles – Make a pixelated picture or fun pattern by adhering glass bottles in different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • Show off collections – Mount a meaningful assortment like antique tin plates, spoons or fruit crate labels.
  • Layer on texture – Give tile or drywall depth by adding 3D details like wood beads, sea glass and buttons using liquid nails adhesive.
  • Upcycle items – Turn old items like trays, maps and house wares into one-of-a-kind mosaic tiles using grout.
  • Accent with trim – Use wood trim, rope, beads, stencils or paint to embellish ordinary white subway tiles.

Backsplashes for Rental Kitchens

Renting doesn’t mean you have to settle for builder-basic backsplashes. There are easy DIY and removable backsplash solutions for renters, including:

  • Peel-and-stick tile sheets for quick application and removal.
  • Click-in-place floating tiles needing no messy adhesive.
  • Vinyl stickers and contact paper to apply faux patterns or textures.
  • Magnets applied under backsplashes to hold up metal sheets as makeshift tile.
  • Washable tile paint to add color to existing backsplashes.
  • Temporary wallpaper backsplashes to switch up patterns.

Prioritize your landlord’s requirements and budgets to create stunning temporary backsplashes you can take with you or easily remove.

Choosing Backsplash Materials

With endless options for backsplash tile shapes, colors, patterns and materials, how do you decide? Keep the following backsplash material considerations in mind:

  • Durability – Harder surfaces like stone, metal and glass are better for busy kitchens than softer or porous options which stain and etch.
  • Maintenance – Some materials like natural stone require sealing