Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas: Pretty, Fun, and Unexpected Ways to Decorate

Kitchen wallpaper can totally transform the look and feel of your cooking space. From pretty floral prints to geometric patterns and nature-inspired scenes, wallpaper offers a fun, unexpected way to decorate the heart of your home. Keep reading for lots of amazing kitchen wallpaper ideas to inspire your next remodel or decorating project!

Why Choose Wallpaper for Your Kitchen?

Wallpaper has made a major comeback in recent years as homeowners move away from sterile, all-white kitchens in favor of cozier, more personality-filled spaces. Here are some of the benefits of using wallpaper in your kitchen:

  • Adds visual interest. Plain painted walls can feel uninspired. Wallpaper brings color, texture and pattern to create a focal point.
  • Easy to change. Tired of your current wallpaper? Swap it out for a whole new look in no time. Much simpler than repainting.
  • Durability. Today’s wallpapers are designed to withstand moisture, grease and daily wear-and-tear in busy kitchens.
  • Affordable. With so many choices available, you can find stylish wallpaper for every budget.
  • DIY friendly. Many papers have pre-pasted backs for easy application. No special skills needed!

Pretty & Feminine Kitchen Wallpapers

Floral prints, delicate prints, pastels and other pretty designs are a lovely choice for vintage-style and cottage kitchens. Here are some top picks:

Fresh Florals

What’s prettier than fresh flowers? Choose wallpaper splashed with colorful blooms, botanical prints or subtle floral textures to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Pretty pink peach roses wallpaper

Pretty in pink! Peachy pink roses look gorgeous against white cabinetry. Source

Blue floral wallpaper border

A blue floral wallpaper border brings a taste of nature to this sunny kitchen. Source


With their signature busy prints and vibrant colors, chintz wallpapers are the perfect way to create an English cottage-style kitchen.

Red chintz wallpaper kitchen

This red chintz print looks positively cheery against the bright white cabinetry. Source

Blue chintz wallpaper

A classic blue and white chintz print coupled with antique-inspired furnishings gives this kitchen charming vintage appeal. Source

Delicate Prints

Subtle tone-on-tone prints, embroidered designs, textured patterns and more delicate options add a hint of femininity without overpowering the space.

White embroidered wallpaper

The embroidered medallion design of this wallpaper is pretty without being too busy. Source

Purple embroidered wallpaper

A textured paisley wallpaper in soft purple and gray is an elegant choice for a feminine kitchen.Source


From minty greens to dreamy lavenders, pastel wallpaper colors feel perfectly at home in romantic kitchens. Consider layering pastels with white cabinetry for a light and airy look.

Mint green floral wallpaper

This mint green floral wallpaper pairs nicely with the marble countertops for a soft, feminine look. Source

Lilac painted wallpaper

Pale purple painted wallpaper let’s the adorable kitchen accessories shine. Source

Fun & Quirky Wallpapers for Kitchens

Why choose boring kitchen wallpaper when you can have fun? From bold graphic prints to playful themes, quirky and contemporary wallpapers are a great choice for modern kitchen designs.

Geometric Patterns

From triangles to zig zags and every shape in between, geometric wallpaper patterns add eye-catching visual impact to kitchen walls.

Green geometric wallpaper kitchen

Make a bold statement with a zig-zag or chevron pattern. Here, a kelly green design gives the traditional kitchen a major pop of color. Source

Blue geometric wallpaper

Love hypnotic patterns? Try a cool geometric print like this one. The vibrant blue looks fantastic against the bright white cabinetry. Source

Pop Culture Prints

Let your personality shine with a pop culture wallpaper featuring fun icons, famous quotes or characters from your favorite TV shows and movies.

Pop art wallpaper kitchen

Pop art-inspired wallpaper like this comic book design is a fun, unexpected choice for kitchen walls. Source

Retro TV quote wallpaper

For a dose of nostalgia, try wallpaper with retro TV or movie quotes and images, like this one referencing _The Brady Bunch. Source

Contemporary Prints

Bold, graphic prints in black, white and pops of color have a modern, trendy feel perfect for contemporary kitchen designs.

Black and white abstract wallpaper

Make a bold statement with an abstract black and white print like this one. Contemporary meets glam! Source

Teal abstract wallpaper

For a punch of color, opt for graphic wallpaper in shades like teal, chartreuse, violet or mustard yellow. This large-scale abstract design really makes a statement! Source

Wallpaper Ideas for Small Kitchens

Don’t let a tiny kitchen deter you from using gorgeous wallpaper! You can help make a small space feel open and airy with these tips:

  • Go light and bright. Choose pale wallpaper colors like white, cream, light grey or pastels.
  • Skip large-scale prints. They can be overwhelming. Opt for smaller patterns instead.
  • Add visual interest at eye level. Use a wallpaper border or decorative tiles to draw the eye up.
  • Highlight one wall. Wallpapering every wall in a small kitchen can make it feel boxed-in. Stick to just one focal accent wall.
  • Use clever illusions. Place a mirror or reflective wallpaper to add depth.
White ceramic tile kitchen wallpaper

Wallpaper that mimics 3D ceramic tiles makes this small kitchen feel light and spacious. Source

Wallpaper border small kitchen

A striped wallpaper border draws the eye upward in this petite kitchen. Source

Unexpected Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas

Looking for something truly unique? Get inspired by these unexpected, creative wallpaper ideas for one-of-a-kind kitchen style:

Blackboard Wallpaper

Chalkboard wallpaper lets you write fun messages, scribble down grocery lists or get creative! Use chalk to constantly change up the look.

Blackboard wallpaper kitchen

Blackboard wallpaper provides the perfect space for playful scribbling and fun. Source

Faux Brick

Want exposed brick charm but can’t remove plaster walls? Faux brick wallpaper offers the look without the hassle. Go modern with white painted brick or traditional with red.

Exposed white brick wallpaper

White brick wallpaper gives this kitchen warmth and an urban loft vibe. Source

Wallpaper “Rug”

Use wallpaper that mimics an area rug to zone your kitchen and give it a cozy feel without taking up valuable floor space.

Checkerboard wallpaper rug

This graphic black and white design resembles an area rug for a fun modern twist. Source

Faux Molding

Add architectural detail with wallpaper that mimics sculptural molding and trimwork. A budget-friendly alternative to the real thing!

Green striped faux molding wallpaper

This wallpaper creates the look of bold molding and shiplap for only a fraction of the cost. Source

“Open Shelving” Trompe L’oeil

Clever wallpaper creates the convincingly real look of floating open shelves stacked with dishes, cookbooks and cute kitchenware!

Trompe l'oeil open shelving wallpaper

This wallpaper mimics builtin shelves and fun accessories without the work! Source

Tips for Installing Kitchen Wallpaper

Wallpaper can totally transform your kitchen, but it’s important to first prep your space properly. Follow these pro tips:

  • Remove existing wallpaper and repair any damaged areas. Smooth textured walls for best results.
  • Wash walls thoroughly then apply primer-sealer to prevent stains bleeding through wallpaper.
  • For moisture-prone kitchens, use mold-resistant wallpaper and adhesive made for bathrooms/kitchens.
  • Take exact measurements and cut wallpaper to fit each wall, allowing for pattern repeat and trimming.
  • Always follow wallpaper manufacturer’s prep and installation instructions carefully.
  • Use a plastic smoother to press out any air bubbles as you go to reduce wrinkles.
  • For corners and edges, wrap wallpaper seam under and trim for a neat finish.

With the right prep and technique, wallpapering your kitchen is very doable! But if you prefer to leave it to the pros, hire an experienced wallpaper installer for optimal results.

FAQs About Kitchen Wallpaper

Still have questions about choosing and installing kitchen wallpaper? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is wallpaper durable enough for kitchens?

Yes, when properly sealed and cared for, today’s wallpapers are formulated to stand up to moisture, grease splatters and heavy activity in kitchens. Choose washable papers with a protective overcoat.

What’s the best wallpaper for kitchens?

Vinyl-coated papers clean up easily and resist water and stains, making them a great choice for kitchens prone to grease and food splashes. Pre-pasted papers are also handy for easier DIY installation.

Should I wallpaper just one kitchen wall?

A single accent wall with wallpaper can provide plenty of visual impact while keeping the look from getting too busy. But don’t be afraid to paper multiple walls if you want a cohesive patterned motif throughout the kitchen.

Should wallpaper match my kitchen countert