Kitchen storage mistakes – 10 errors cramping your kitchen’s style

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so you want it to be stylish, organized, and functional. However, many common kitchen storage mistakes can make your space feel cluttered and cramped. Avoid these 10 all-too-common kitchen storage errors to maximize your kitchen’s potential.

1. Failing to Maximize Cabinet Space

It’s easy to let cabinet space go to waste with ineffective organization. Make the most of your cupboard real estate by:

  • Installing shelves to split deep cabinets into multiple layers of storage
  • Using risers, shelf liners, and other extras to stack items efficiently
  • Storing less frequently used items up high or down low
  • Purging items you don’t use to clear clutter

Taking time to organize your cabinets cleverly can as much as double your available space!

2. Choosing Style Over Function

Pretty canisters and ceramic containers aren’t helpful if they don’t store your food properly. Prioritize function by:

  • Opting for airtight containers to keep food fresh longer
  • Using containers that make efficient use of cabinet space
  • Labelling containers clearly so you can find items easily

You can still add style with pretty labels, chalkboard paint, or by mixing and matching container sizes and shapes.

3. Neglecting Blind Corner Cabinets

Blind corner cabinets can be frustratingly hard to access. But specialized pull out shelves, lazy susans, and other innovations make better use of awkward blind corners. Install one of these handy options to stop struggling with wasted space.

4. Cluttering Counters

Keeping small appliances and kitchen tools on your counters may seem convenient, but it creates clutter and limits workspace. Banish small appliances to cabinets and organize kitchen tools into drawers or on racks mounted inside cabinet doors to clear counters.

5. Ignoring Vertical Space

Pots, pans, and other items can monopolize cabinet space. Utilize vertical space by installing racks on cabinet walls or doors to hold items like cutting boards, cookie sheets, and foil. Hang utensil hooks under cabinets and buy shelf risers for a second tier of storage.

6. Stashing Trash Cans in Back Corners

Storing trash and recycling bins in hard-to-reach spots makes it a chore to toss garbage, encouraging mess. Place bins near food prep zones for easier use. Install under-sink pull-out holders or use bins that fit inside cabinets to keep them out of sight.

7. Undervaluing Drawer Organization

Jumbled drawers filled with a tangled mess of tools and supplies are common. Get organized with divided cutlery trays, foam insert grids, and other innovations to neatly separate utensils and gadgets.

8. Disregarding Cabinet Door Storage

Take advantage of the empty space behind cabinet doors by installing racks, pegs, and holders to neatly organize pot lids, cutting boards, foil, and more. This out-of-sight storage keeps items accessible but hides the clutter.

9. Forgetting About Dead Space

Make use of the awkward gaps between cabinets and appliances with “dead space” organizers. Lazy susans, pull-out vertical spice racks, and multi-tiered organizers fit perfectly in dead spaces.

10. Stashing Infrequently Used Items Under the Sink

The cabinet under the kitchen sink tends to become a disorganized catch-all for random items. Reserve this space for cleaning supplies and garbage/recycling bins. Store infrequently used appliances, extra dishes, and seasonal kitchen tools elsewhere.

Transform Your Kitchen Storage Today

Avoiding these common kitchen storage mistakes helps maximize your space for a tidier, more organized, and stylish kitchen. Audit your kitchen to identify any of these errors or ineffective storage solutions. Invest in some of the many clever organizers and innovations available to make the most of your kitchen’s storage potential. A few simple changes can make your kitchen more efficient, accessible, and gorgeous.

What mistakes drive you crazy when organizing your kitchen? Share your thoughts below!