Kitchen storage ideas – 35 tricks to a tidier, better space

A well-organized kitchen is the dream, isn’t it? But between all your appliances, cookware, utensils, and food items, it can be tough to keep your kitchen as neat as you’d like it to be. If you need some inspiration for getting your kitchen in order, this article provides plenty of kitchen storage ideas to help you maximize your space and keep things tidy. From clever ways to organize pots and pans to tips for optimizing your cabinets and drawers, read on for 35 tricks that will give you a tidier, better kitchen.

Take advantage of unused spaces

You can find extra storage space in some unexpected places in your kitchen. Look around and take note of any wasted or underutilized areas that could be better put to use.

Use the inside of cabinet doors

The inside of cabinet doors is prime real estate for hanging storage racks, baskets, and other organizational tools. Mount a wire rack designed for cabinet doors to hold cutting boards, bakeware, and other flat items. Or affix sturdy hooks to hang utensils and pot lids on the inside of upper cabinet doors.

Install a tension rod below sinks

Don’t let the space below your sink go to waste. Install a tension rod across the width of the cabinet and use S-hooks to hang spray bottles, cleaning supplies, sponges, and other items to keep them up off the floor and within easy reach.

Add pull-out shelves to blind corner cabinets

It can be frustrating trying to access items stored in the back of blind corner cabinets. Install pull-out shelves to provide easier access and visibility so you can actually see (and use!) everything stored in those hard-to-reach corners.

Use racks on the backs of doors

Hang storage racks, baskets, or bins on the backs of doors to hold items like baking sheets, cutting boards, foil, and plastic wrap. You can find over-the-door racks made specifically for kitchens, or use customizable options like removable Command hooks.

Mount a magnetic knife strip

Clear up drawer and counter space by mounting a magnetic knife strip on the wall to hold your kitchen knives. Just make sure it’s installed safely away from high-traffic areas.

Organize pots, pans, and lids efficiently

Pots and pans can quickly overrun cabinets when stacked haphazardly. But there are many ways to neatly organize all of your cookware and their accompanying lids so you can quickly find what you need.

Use vertical dividers

Vertical dividers or racks that hang inside cabinets are perfect for keeping pots and pans organized. The vertical storage allows you to see everything at a glance and prevents things from getting jumbled up.

Opt for a pan organizer drawer insert

Another handy option is a pan organizer insert that you place inside a drawer to neatly separate and organize stacked pans and lids. Some have tiered racks while others have individual compartments.

Hang pots from ceiling mounts

For a more industrial look, hang frequently used pots, pans, and lids from ceiling mounts for easy access while freeing up cabinet space. Just make sure they’re out of the way of your head!

Store lids on a wall-mounted peg rack

Keep pan lids organized yet accessible by mounting a peg rack on the wall. Then simply place the lids hole-side down over the pegs for easy identification.

File lids away in a slotted organizer

Slotted lid organizers that stand upright inside cabinets are another way to neatly store pan lids of all sizes. The staggered slots make it simple to grab the right lid.

Maximize vertical storage

From floor to ceiling, make use of all the vertical storage space available to you. Installing organizational tools designed to store items upward can dramatically increase storage capacity.

Add shelves inside cabinets

While the shelves that come with kitchen cabinets are adjustable, you can maximize the usable space even more by adding extra shelves. Fully adjustable and removable options are available.

Use wall-mounted racks and rails

Install wall-mounted racks or rails specifically designed for the kitchen to hold everything from utensils and knives to cutting boards, cookbooks, pots, and pans. Great for small kitchens!

Stack containers or baskets

Stacking matching containers or baskets is an easy way to take advantage of vertical storage. Just be sure to place heavier items on the bottom! Labeling helps keep things tidy.

Buy a vertical spice rack

Vertical spice racks are perfect for organizing spice jars neatly in a small footprint while keeping labels visible at a glance. Mount them inside a cabinet or right on the wall.

Use a vertical paper towel holder

Swap out your regular paper towel holder for an upright one to save on counter space. Wall-mounted holders keep paper towels on hand but out of the way.

Optimize drawers and cabinets

Your kitchen likely contains a variety of drawers and cabinets, so make sure each is optimized for smart storage with organizers suited for the contents.

Use drawer dividers

Flexible drawer dividers let you customize spaces to neatly organize silverware, cooking utensils, bakeware, and anything else stored in drawers. Adjust the dividers to fit your needs.

Divide with cutlery trays

Cutlery trays that fit perfectly inside drawers are fantastic for separating and organizing silverware, serving utensils, and kitchen tools into easy-to-find compartments.

Add tiered holders and risers

Tiered holders and risers are useful for creating vertical storage in cupboards. Use them to neatly stack dishes, plates, bowls, food storage containers, and more.

Store spices on a lazy susan

Lazy susans are perfect for corner cabinets and great for housing spices, condiments, canned goods, and other food items so you can easily access everything on the spinning shelves.

Use over-cabinet organizers

Install organizers above your cabinets to hold items that you use frequently but don’t need on the counter. Keep oils, spices, coffee, and baking ingredients close at hand.

Repurpose household items for storage

Look around your home for common household items that could be repurposed to help organize your kitchen. Get creative with the extra storage possibilities!

Turn cake stands into risers

Use glass or metal cake stands to add height and create additional tiers of storage in cupboards and on shelves for a neater appearance.

Repurpose glass jars or tins

Clean glass jars and tins that used to hold pantry staples are ideal for storing dry goods like sugar, flour, pasta, rice, beans, and more. Use chalkboard labels.

Display utensils in mugs

Store cooking spoons, spatulas, whisks, and other kitchen tools attractively by placing them upright in sturdy mugs or cups on the counter or a shelf.

Organize with magazine files

Who says magazine files are only for paperwork? They can corral all those loose paper items like recipes and takeout menus. Store vertically or in drawers.

Contain clutter with baskets

Baskets come in all sizes and styles, so take advantage by using them to contain items on countertops, shelves, or inside cabinets. They’re a great catchall storage solution!

Invest in multi-purpose furnishings

From kitchen islands to butcher block carts, there are many furnishings that provide both extra storage and work space. Consider adding multifunctional pieces that serve your needs.

Add a kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a supremely useful addition, providing ample storage as well as countertop space for food prep and dining. Include drawers, cabinets, open shelving, and rack hanging space.

Bring in a utility cart

A utility cart on wheels can easily be moved around your kitchen to use for extra storage, counter space, or a microwave stand. Some feature wine storage too!

Use a butcher block cart

Butcher block carts provide space for food prep as well as storage below, and many come with drawer compartments and spice racks or towel bars. They’re perfect for small kitchens.

Install a baker’s rack

Baker’s racks have shelving for organization as well as hooks for hanging utensils right within reach. The open design doesn’t obstruct cabinets or counters.

Add an island with seating

For larger kitchens, an island with bar seating gives you a place for dining and entertaining in addition to the organizational benefits of an island.

Keep cleaning supplies accessible but out of sight

You need your cleaning supplies to be easily accessible but don’t necessarily want them cluttering up your countertops and sink area. Use these tips to store them neatly out of plain view.

Mount broom holders inside pantry doors

Keep brooms, mops, and other long-handled cleaning tools neatly stored and easy to grab by mounting holders to the inside of your pantry or closet doors.

Hide spray bottles in cabinets with lazy susans

Keep spray cleaners organized and at your fingertips by storing them on lazy susan turntables inside corner cabinets. Spin to find the one you need!

Use over-sink storage

Utilize the narrow space between studs over kitchen sinks by installing storage designed specifically for the area. Great for stashing sponges and scrub brushes.

Put supplies in pull-out cabinet organizers

Store cleaning products conveniently in pull-out cabinet organizers. Some feature adjustable divisions so you can customize the compartments.

Tuck cleaning kits into drawers

Keep containers of cleaning wipes or reusable rags and spray bottles in a small caddy or bin that neatly tucks away inside a drawer to conceal the clutter.

Create a handy landing zone

It’s nice to have an area close to the entryway to drop keys, mail, grocery bags and other items when you enter from the garage or front door. A designated landing zone keeps things organized.

Use wall hooks for bags, keys, and more

Install hooks along the wall, cupboards, or on a hat/coat rack stand to hold reusable shopping bags, keys, leashes, or backpacks coming through the door.

Add a bench with storage cubbies

An entryway bench provides seating as well as onboard storage for items like shoes, hats, gloves, umbrellas, pet supplies, or recycling bins to keep by the door.

Use an organizer caddy

Place a small organizer caddy on a table, credenza, or countertop near the entry to easily offload items like mail when you first walk in. Contains the clutter in one spot.

Install a rack for coats and bags

Wall-mounted racks in the entryway provide storage for coats, bags, and other carry-items. Some fold flat against the wall when not in use.

Add shelves and hooks

Install floating shelves or a coat rack fitted with hooks near the door to hold essentials. Great for storing pet leashes, reusable bags, and fruit baskets.

Label like items for easy identification

When organizing kitchen items into bins, baskets, drawers, and containers, labeling like items makes it easier to quickly find what you need later.

Use masking tape and markers

Nothing fancy needed – simply use masking tape and markers or reusable chalkboard labels to identify bin and basket contents, shelf items, spice jars, and more.

Invest in chalkboard canisters or jars

For a unified look, purchase canisters, jars, or storage bins that have chalkboard exteriors so you can label contents but easily change as needed.

Stick on vinyl labels

Vinyl labels stick smoothly onto storage bins, shelves, and drawers to clearly identify contents. Easily removed and repositioned as you organize.

Attach magnetic labels

Magnetic labels can be placed on cabinets, shelves, and drawers to label contents. The magnetic backing makes them easy to relocate whenever you rearrange.

Opt for self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels provide an easy and inexpensive labeling option. Great for labeling food containers, freezer bags, spice jars, and anything stored out of sight!

Store breakfast items for morning ease

If breakfast tends to feel rushed and chaotic in your home, storing key breakfast foods and supplies conveniently can help start your mornings off right.

Use a breakfast station cart

A rolling cart creates an easy breakfast station to store essential AM foods like cereal, bread, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, coffee, and tea. Add baskets for organization.

Mount a coffee station on the wall

Keep mugs, coffee, sugar, creamer, and other coffee-making supplies organized yet accessible by mounting wall-mounted rails or floating shelves to create a coffee station.

Add a mini-fridge for cold foods

Having a small refrigerator near breakfast areas lets you easily store milk, juice, yogurt, cream cheese, and other breakfast cold foods so they’re on hand.

Store dry goods in clear bins

Use clear bins or canisters to store breakfast dry goods like cereal, oats, granola bars, and muffin mixes on countertops or in cabinets for quick visibility and access.

Use a paper towel holder for napkins

Designate a paper towel holder in your breakfast nook or banquette specifically for cloth napkins. Easy access for quick breakfast cleanup!

Create zones for food prep essentials

Having key tools and ingredients readily available in food preparation zones helps make cooking feel more streamlined.

Mount pot racks and utensil racks

Install wall-mounted pot racks and utensil racks above food prep areas so essential cookware and tools are always conveniently on hand but not cluttering up counters.

Use wall-mounted knife strips

Keep your best knives safely stored but accessible by mounting magnetic strips or wall-mounted knife blocks in food prep zones for easy grabbing as needed.

Store oils and vinegars in countertop caddies

Keep cooking oils, vinegars, sauces, and other oft-used flavorings neatly organized together in countertop caddies for quick access while cooking.

Display spices in countertop racks

Situate your most frequently used spices, herbs, and seasoning blends in countertop racks near cooking areas so they’re ready to season dishes as you cook.

Stash paper towels on refrigerator door

Use fridge door storage racks to stash paper towels right where you need them, near the stove or prep areas for spills and smudges while cooking.

Organize fridge and freezer contents

It’s easy for the fridge and freezer to turn into a jumbled mess if not organized. Make it easier to locate foods when you need them with these tips for orderly storage.

Use bins to categorize

Clear plastic bins let you neatly separate and corral similar items in the fridge and freezer, like dairy in one bin, fresh produce in another, sauces in a third, etc.

Label food storage containers

Always label food you store in containers with contents and dates before placing in the fridge or freezer so nothing gets lost! Masking tape or chalkboard labels work.

Make lists of what’s inside

Hang a whiteboard inside the fridge or freezer door and keep an updated list of what’s stored inside. Quick reference for what needs to be used up soon!

Use shelf dividers

Add adjustable fridge and freezer shelf dividers to neatly organize similar items on each shelf, prevent tip-overs, and help maintain temperature zones.

Invest in fridge and freezer storage baskets

Storage baskets designed for fridges and freezers make contents easy to see at a glance. Some have ventilation holes and swing-open handles.

Keep tabletops clutter-free

Minimize flat surface clutter with simple storage solutions to keep items contained but conveniently accessible. Your counters will look so much cleaner!

Store napkins and placemats in drawers

Rather than leaving napkins, placemats, and tablecloths out on the table, store them neatly folded in a kitchen drawer to reduce surface clutter.

Contain mail and paperwork in trays

Keep mail, bills, school notices, and other paperwork from piling up and spreading out by containing it all in letter trays or desktop file boxes with compartments.

Cache remotes and devices in a valet tray

Small valet trays corral TV remotes, tablets, phones, and other electronics that would otherwise get strewn about tables and countertops. Tidy!

Use drawer organizers for utensils

Keep utensils, pens, pencils, and other small tools organized in countertop drawer organizers rather than jumbled about in plain view. Just open to access items as needed.

Put snack foods in lidded jars

Decant snacks like pretzels, granola bars, and other grab-and-go nibbles into lidded glass jars on countertops to keep them fresh and concealed.


The kitchen can easily become a catchall for clutter and chaos. But with a bit of planning and some clever storage solutions, you can transform it into an organized oasis. This article provided a wealth of ideas to help maximize your kitchen’s storage potential so you can enjoy a tidier, more functional space. From using vertical space to designating zones for different items, implementing just a few of these tips can make a big difference in keeping your kitchen neat. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get organized and reclaim your dream kitchen!


What are some tips for organizing a small kitchen?

For small kitchens, make the most of vertical storage space by using wall-mounted racks, shelves, and magnetic strips. Multipurpose carts with storage provide extra space. Keep countertops clutter-free with drawer organizers, lidded jars for snacks, and valet trays for remotes and devices.

How can I optimize my kitchen cabinets?

Add extra adjustable shelves and dividers to cabinets to fully utilize interior space. Use vertical dividers for pots and pans. Install spin organizers or lazy susans in corner cabinets. Affix hooks inside cabinet doors to hold utensils and bakeware.

How do I keep my fridge and freezer organized?

Use clear bins and baskets to categorize similar items. Always label leftovers and food storage containers. Make lists of fridge/freezer contents on a whiteboard. Add adjustable shelves with dividers to neatly separate foods. Store like