Kitchen Decor Ideas – Top Kitchen Design Trends


The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. As such, kitchen decor has become an increasingly popular way for homeowners to put their personal style on full display. From sleek, modern designs to cozy cottage vibes, there are endless possibilities when it comes to kitchen decorating ideas.

When decorating your kitchen, it’s important to think about both form and function. You want your kitchen not just to look good, but also to be optimized for cooking, socializing, and other activities. The latest kitchen design trends strike the perfect balance between style and practicality.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top kitchen decorating ideas and trends to help you create your dream kitchen. Whether you’re giving your kitchen a mini makeover or doing a full renovation, incorporating a few of these popular kitchen decorating trends can go a long way in making your space both beautiful and highly functional.

Natural Materials and Textures

Natural textures and materials like wood, stone, rattan, etc. are huge right now in kitchen design. Using natural elements brings warmth and texture to the often cold, sleek surfaces of a kitchen. Popular options include:

  • Wood accents – Wooden counters, butcher block islands, wooden shelving, and hanging wooden utensils bring a rustic feel. Opt for lighter stains to keep things fresh and modern.
  • Stone backsplashes – Whether it’s marble, quartzite, or travertine, natural stone instantly elevates a backsplash. Stick to neutral tones for the most versatile option.
  • Rattan furnishings – Rattan chairs, bar stools and even pendant lighting add airy texture. Wicker baskets make charming storage options.
  • Jute rugs – Natural jute rugs bring warmth underfoot in a high-traffic kitchen. Try a braided option for added texture.
  • Potted plants – Greenery is an easy way to inject life and warmth into any kitchen. Opt for low maintenance options like succulents or snake plants.

The key is to strike the right balance between sleek and textured. Too many competing materials can feel busy, so opt for one or two statement textures.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are stealing the show in kitchens both contemporary and traditional. Mixing and matching cabinet colors and finishes creates visual interest and dimension. Some stylish two-tone combinations include:

  • White uppers with navy blue lowers
  • Glossy white uppers with natural wood lowers
  • Matte black uppers with brass or bronze lowers
  • Bright upper cabinets with neutral lower cabinets

When selecting two colors, stick with either complementary hues or shades within the same color family. Keep countertops and backsplashes neutral to avoid an overly busy look. And don’t forget the hardware like knobs and pulls – opt for metallic finishes like brass or black for the most stylish effect.

Maximalist Kitchens

Minimalism has reigned supreme in kitchens for years. But slowly and surely, maximalism has crept back into kitchen design. Think bold colors, patterns, textures and accessories. Key elements of the maximalist kitchen include:

  • Bold wallpaper or paint – Make the backsplash or an accent wall pop with vivid colors or prints. Florals and geometric patterns are striking options.
  • Layered rugs – Stack a jute rug on top of a vintage Persian rug for floors with dimension.
  • Artwork – Don’t be afraid to hang vibrant artwork or prints. Clustered gallery walls make a serious style statement.
  • Colored cabinets – Incorporate pops of color with a marigold yellow island or robin’s egg blue lower cabinets.
  • Textiles – Maximize textiles with curtain valances, table linens and dishtowels in a mix of patterns.
  • Collections – Display your favorite collections like tea tins, cookbooks or ceramic canisters.

The maximalist kitchen isn’t for the faint of heart. But if done right, it exudes old-world charm and personality. The key is to stick to a coherent color palette so that the space feels curated rather than chaotic.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse style continues to dominate the kitchen decorating scene. Today’s farmhouse kitchen embraces traditional farmhouse elements but with cleaner, contemporary lines. Key features include:

  • Shaker cabinets – The quintessential farmhouse kitchen has simple shaker-style cabinetry in bright whites or warm wood tones.
  • Subway tile – Stick to classic white 3″x6″ subway tile for the backsplash. Mix in some blues, greens or greys for a modern touch.
  • Open shelving – Open shelving gives a casual vibe while displaying pretty dishware. Opt for solid wood or metal brackets.
  • Apron front sink – The farmhouse sink is a must. Go for a deep, single-basin cast iron or enamel apron front sink.
  • Exposed beams – Wood beams add architectural interest and reinforce the rustic appeal.
  • Pendant lights – Vintage-inspired pendants with Edison bulbs illuminate in stylish but understated fashion.
  • Hardware – Black iron fixtures, knobs and pulls keep the look grounded. Go for a distressed finish.

Today’s incarnation of the farmhouse kitchen achieves function and charm by blending traditional and modern elements just right. Thinkintage-style touches meets clean, contemporary bones.


For smaller kitchens short on storage space, the porte-pantry offers a smart solution. Porte-pantries are essentially extra tall pantries that attach directly to the refrigerator to maximize vertical storage. Highlights include:

  • Pull-out drawers perfect for organizing cooking tools and small appliances.
  • Adjustable shelving allows customization of storage needs.
  • Glass-front cabinet doors keep contents visible while protecting from dust.
  • Narrow width (typically 12-15″) saves precious floor space.
  • Affordable add-on that provides upscale built-in look.

The porte-pantry is a savvy substitution for a full-sized pantry in apartment, condo, and other compact kitchens. Stylish yet functional models integrate seamlessly next to the refrigerator without compromising your kitchen layout or floorplan.

Matte Black Hardware and Fixtures

Brass hardware has had a great run, but matte black fixtures are taking over as the new “it” look. The dark, muted finish feels modern yet understated. Ways to incorporate matte black hardware include:

  • Cabinet hardware – Swap brass knobs and pulls for matte black versions. Stay on trend with a minimalist bar handle pull.
  • Sink fixtures – A matte black faucet and modern gooseneck pull-down sprayer faucet make a stylish statement.
  • Lighting fixtures – From pendants to flush mounts, matte black lighting keeps things sleek. Go for an industrial metal cage detail.
  • Shelving brackets – For open shelving, opt for matte black metal brackets. They disappear into the backdrop.
  • Accessories – Matte black window pulls, towel bars, hooks and other small accessories blend in.

What makes matte black so appealing is its adaptability. It works equally well in modern, transitional and even traditional kitchens for a classic look witha subtle edge. Matte black fixtures should take center stage against light cabinetry and countertops.

Smart Kitchens

Home kitchens are getting smarter thanks to innovative technology and appliances. Smart kitchen decor embraces the latest high-tech features including:

  • Voice assistant compatibility – Control appliances hands-free with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other AIs.
  • App functionality – Operate your stove, fridge and more right from your mobile device.
  • Smart thermometers – Bluetooth thermometers alert your phone when food is ready remotely.
  • Interior cameras – Keep an eye on what’s cooking via cameras inside your smart oven.
  • Filtration fans – Sensor-activated range hoods keep air pure while you cook.
  • Automatic lighting – Motion sensor under-cabinet lighting illuminates when needed.
  • Smart locks – Keyless smart locks allow touchless entry and remote access control.

While a dizzying array of smart options exist, focus on useful tech that simplifies kitchen tasks. With solutions like hands-free lighting and cooking notifications, smart kitchens allow us to focus on fun – not fuss.

Brass Accents

Brass accents add a lovely vintage-inspired touch to all kitchen styles from modern to traditional. Subtle brass details to include:

  • Barstools – Brass framed stools or legs lend industrial edge. Pair with leather for a retro diner feel.
  • Sconces – Brass wall sconces illuminate in vintage fashion. Go modern with brass and glass combinations.
  • Shelf brackets – Brass brackets support open shelving elegantly. Complement with wood tones.
  • Faucets – A brass faucet or sink handles shine against darker cabinetry or countertops.
  • Knobs and pulls – Swap out silver hardware for elegant brass versions.
  • Range hoods – Brass chimney hoods contrast beautifully with white cabinetry.
  • Accessories – Vases, trays, bins and canisters come to life in warm brass tones.

Balance brass accents by keeping remaining fixtures and furnishings neutral. For a more eclectic effect, mix metals like brass, gold, copper and bronze. Brass gives traditional spaces a fresh facelift and adds warmth in contemporary kitchens.

Custom Shelving

As open concept kitchens move beyond consisting of merely cabinetry surrounding some basic appliances, custom shelving has become quite popular for adding character. Get creative with customized shelving features like:

  • Floating shelves – Suspended ledges are great for storing/displaying light items. Go with wood, glass or metal.
  • Extending shelves – Shelves that pull-out or drop-down maximize use of vertical space.
  • Removable shelves – Interchangeable shelves allow you to modify configurations.
  • Spice racks – Built-in angled shelves keep spices organized and visible.
  • Plate displays – Railings or slotted shelves show off pretty dishware in accessible fashion.
  • Wine racks – Custom racks store wine bottles in optimal conditions.
  • Cookbook stands – Angled holders keep recipes open and readable when cooking.

Getting crafty with shelving is one of the easiest ways to maximize unused nooks and corners in your kitchen. Seek inspiration from places beyond the kitchen. For example, use jewelry display ideas for small gadget storage.

Kitchen Flooring Trends

With kitchens being one of the most high-traffic areas in a home, the flooring requires careful consideration. The latest kitchen flooring trends offer form, function and longevity:

  • Cool tile – From mosaics to subway, tile offers unlimited options for creative, patterned floors that handle spills with ease.
  • Thick-width engineered wood – Wood-look planks with extra thickness provide warmth and withstand heavy use.
  • Polished concrete – Smooth concrete maintains its industrial edge without being painfully cold underfoot.
  • Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) – LVP replicates everything from stone to hardwood beautifully at a fraction of the cost.
  • Quartzite – This natural stone is more porous than granite but handles messes while adding organic texture.
  • Stamped concrete – Concrete stamped with stone, wood or geometric patterns boasts texture without maintenance.
  • Rubber floors – Pressed rubber floors offer unmatched durability and cushioning underfoot.

Aim for water-resistant materials that are low-maintenance and comfortable to stand on for longer periods. And don’t forget to factor in radiant heating capability if warmth underfoot matters most.

Mixing Kitchen Cabinet Styles

If you love the look of mismatched furniture, apply the same concept to your kitchen cabinets. Combining cabinet door styles in one kitchen adds architectural interest. Trendy two-tone pairings include:

  • Shaker + glass front – Timeless Shaker cabinets balance the modern appeal of floating glass-front uppers. Illuminate glass cabinets with puck lights.
  • Flat panel + open shelving – The clean lines of flat panel lowers ground furniture-like open shelves.
  • Shaker + paneled – Contrast minimal Shaker cabinets with intricately molded raised panel doors.
  • Arched + square – The soft curves of arched cabinets play against the sharp edges of square cabinet doors.
  • Color blocking – Use one color on uppers and a contrasting color or finish on lowers.

Mix cabinet styles that share clean lines and complementary finishes like two variations of wood tones. Too many competing details can feel chaotic. And integrate other unifying elements like similar hardware.

Green Kitchens

Echoing the rise in eco-consciousness across all facets of design, green design elements are flooding modern kitchens. Some feel-good green kitchen ideas:

  • Indoor herb gardens – Cultivate herbs and lettuces right on the countertop or windowsill.
  • Upcycled furnishings – Give salvaged materials new life as cabinets, tables and shelving.
  • Energy-efficient appliances – Choose appliances with Energy Star ratings to cut electric and water use.
  • Reclaimed wood surfaces – Source reclaimed wood for floors, beams or shelving with rustic character.
  • Organic/non-toxic materials – Opt for clay, glass or natural stone surfaces free of VOC off-gassing and harmful chemicals.
  • On-demand water heaters – For small kitchens, compact tankless water heaters provide hot water only as needed.
  • Sustainable materials – Seek out FSC-certified wood, recycled glass/metal, VOC-free paints and formaldehyde-free boards.
  • Composting – Keep a small compost bin to minimize food waste. Utilize compost to nourish potted herb gardens!

While green kitchens are healthier for the environment, they’re also healthier for those who use the space and look flawlessly fresh. Even small additions like greenery and composting make a meaningful difference.

Hanging Pot Racks and Plants

Suspending kitchen items like pots, pans and plants above kitchen islands and countertops remains a perennial space-saving favorite. Hanging pot racks and plants make smart use of vertical real estate while contributing greenery and handiness:

  • Hanging potted herbs – Suspended pots keep fresh herbs and greens within arm’s reach while cooking. Go for rosemary, mint and more.
  • Hanging ferns – For low-light kitchens, hanging ferns add organic texture without demanding much sunlight.
  • Hanging succulents – Succulents can thrive with just kitchen lighting alone, adding fresh color and interest.
  • Multi-level pot racks – Staggered racks accommodate everything from stock pots to sauce pans right above your prep space.
  • Swinging arm rack – Search “utensil rack” on Etsy for clever swinging pot racks with vintage character.
  • Hanging wire baskets – Woven wire baskets suspended from the ceiling corral fruits and vegetables.

Aim for plants that aren’t prone to spreading or dripping. And for pot racks, install secure hooks that can handle some weight. Aesthetically, mix metals like black iron, brass, copper and nickel for visual variety.

Exposed Brick

For kitchens craving some vintage character, exposed brick offers affordable industrial edge. The key to rocking the exposed brick look is restraint:

  • Accent wall – To avoid sensory overload, opt for exposed brick on just one accent wall or section of wall. Paint surrounding walls.
  • Minimalism – Counterbalance the grit of exposed brick by keeping surrounding finishes sleek and contemporary.
  • Pops of color – Vivid backsplashes, barstools or small appliances contrast beautifully with worn brick backdrop.
  • Wood pairings – Warm wood shelving, tabletops and floors complement the raw vibe of exposed brick.
  • Metallics – Matte black or brass fixtures and finishes shine against worn brick floors or walls.
  • Clean lines – Stick with furniture and cabinetry with unfussy lines. Save ornate carvings and trims for brick-free spaces.

Exposed and painted brick offer affordable texture when used thoughtfully. For completely seamless results, extend brick onto surrounding walls via brick veneer panels.

Colorful Appliances

Once relegated to retro diners and soda fountains, brightly colored appliances are back in a big way. Vibrant appliances liven up modern and traditional kitchens. Appliance options beyond basic stainless steel and white include:

  • Red – A bright cherry red fridge makes a sensational style statement. Or stick to red accents with a toaster, mixer and other small appliances.
  • Orange – Burnt orange, copper and other warm metallics offer a subtler take on citrus appliance hues.
  • Blue – Navy, cobalt and retro aqua fridges infuse kitschy-cool color. Or stick with blue accents.
  • Green – Sage and emerald fridges and stand mixers lend an eclectic, tropical vibe.
  • Yellow – Sunny turmeric fridges and mixers pop against dark cabinetry. Acid yellow adds retro zing.
  • Pink – Not just for little girls, millennial pink makes a delightful vintage-inspired accent.
  • Black stainless – Black stainless offers cooler contrast to traditional stainless finishes.

Painting appliances is another budget-friendly route to colorful kitchens. With some primer and appliance paint, you can customize any appliance.

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