Kitchen Backsplash Same As Countertop Matching Designs

Selecting a kitchen backsplash that matches or complements your countertop is a great way to pull your kitchen design together and create a cohesive look. With so many backsplash and countertop options available, you’re sure to find the perfect match to fit your style and kitchen aesthetic. In this article, we’ll explore popular countertop materials, the best backsplash options to match, and key design tips to make your backsplash and countertop pairing a success.

Granite Countertops

Granite remains one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops due to its natural beauty, durability, and unique patterning. Granite comes in a diverse array of colors from bold and dramatic to subtle and neutral.

When selecting a granite backsplash, you’ll want to find a tile that either matches the dominant color in your granite or provides an interesting contrast. Some great options include:

  • Glass tile – Adds a glossy, glamorous accent and reflects light beautifully. Clear or colored glass can complement granite nicely.
  • Metal tile – Stainless steel, copper, and tin backsplashes pair well with granite, depending on your cabinetry and appliances. Provides shine and texture.
  • Mosaic tile – Small stone or glass tiles arranged in mosaic patterns offer a busy, vibrant accent next to solid granite.
  • Subway tile – Classic white or light gray subway tiles create a clean, crisp look with granite countertops.
  • Stone tile – Match your granite’s finish and pattern with slate, travertine, or marble backsplash tiles.

If your granite has dramatic veining or movement, select a backsplash that won’t compete too much. Clear glass or subway tile often work best.

Quartz Countertops

As a popular manmade option, quartz countertops offer consistent coloring, patterns, and minimal maintenance. Quartz comes in every color imaginable, making it easy to find a backsplash match.

Some excellent quartz and backsplash combinations include:

  • Metallic tile – Paired with a bold quartz, metallic backsplashes in copper, gold, or silver create a glam, modern look.
  • Natural stone – Stone backsplash options like travertine and marble mirror the look of natural quartz patterns beautifully.
  • Patterned tile – Geometric, floral, or artsy ceramic tiles contrast nicely with quartz’s uniformity.
  • Wood plank tile – Brings warmth and nature to a kitchen with wood-look porcelain backsplash tile.
  • Brightly colored tile – Vivid solid colored, handpainted, or mosaic tile backsplashes make a bold quartz countertop pop.

With so many backsplash options that work with quartz, focus on the style you want to achieve. Sleek and contemporary? Choose metal or glass tile. Rustic farmhouse look? Opt for a wood or natural stone backsplash.

Marble Countertops

Luxurious marble countertops bring classic elegance to kitchen spaces with their soft veining and upscale aesthetic. Since marble offers movement and pattern itself, the backsplash mainly serves as an accent.

Some backsplash options worth considering include:

  • Subway tile – White or light grey subway tiles create contrast and work especially well with bold marble veining.
  • Stone mosaic – Small stone tiles in travertine, limestone, or marble colors complement marble countertops nicely.
  • Patterned tile – Arabic, geometric, or artsy patterns paired with marble countertops look upscale and elegant.
  • Mirror tile – For contemporary glam, mirrored backsplash tile bounces light dramatically off marble surfaces.
  • Same marble – Using marble slab backsplash that matches countertops creates a seamless, upscale look.

When pairing backsplashes with marble, keep it simple. Allow the marble to shine and choose backsplash materials that show it off rather than compete.

Concrete Countertops

For an edgy, industrial vibe, concrete makes a unique countertop choice. Concrete backsplashes can mirror that modern style or offer an eclectic contrast.

Stylish backsplash ideas for concrete countertops include:

  • Exposed brick – Real or faux brick backsplashes complement the raw, utilitarian look of concrete countertops.
  • Stainless steel – Sleek sheets of stainless steel backsplash complete the urban industrial aesthetic.
  • Reclaimed wood – Rustic wood planks offer warmth and play off concrete’s cool tones beautifully.
  • Tile mosaic – Vintage tiles or eclectic combinations of stone, glass, or ceramic make an artsy backsplash.
  • Same concrete – Matching your countertop, a poured concrete backsplash makes a seamless statement.

With concrete countertops, don’t be afraid to get creative and funky with your backsplash. This is a great opportunity for bold colors, textures, or designs that make your kitchen unique.

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block offers a wonderful natural wood option for kitchen countertops. Warm and inviting, butcher block pairs well with backsplashes that complement its inherent character.

Attractive backsplash possibilities include:

  • Wood plank tile – Continue the wood look with wood-look porcelain plank tiles on walls. Various finishes from reclaimed to whitewashed offer versatility.
  • Subway tile – Classic white, light grey, or beige subway tiles contrast nicely with wood countertops.
  • Stainless steel – Sleek, modern stainless steel backsplashes work with butcher block’s natural vibe.
  • Stone tile – Honed travertine, marble, or slate backsplash tiles complement butcher block’s organic color tones.
  • Patterned tile – Retro handpainted floral tile or funky geometric patterns play up wood’s earthy feel.

Butcher block’s warm hues and grain patterns pair well with a variety of backsplash materials from wood to tile to metal. Ultimately, it comes down to the look and ambiance you want for your kitchen.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate remains a budget-friendly countertop option with tons of color and pattern possibilities. Playful formica laminate pairs well with equally fun, patterned backsplash tile.

Some recommended laminate and backsplash pairings include:

  • Vintage tile – Retro-inspired tile patterns like patchwork or penny tile designs complement lively laminate colors and textures.
  • Boldly colored tile – Brightly colored or handpainted ceramic tile backsplashes make a lively match for patterned laminate countertops.
  • Funky shapes – Hexagon tiles, fish scale tiles, or triangular 3D tiles add cool geometric shapes that work well with laminate’s playful patterns.
  • Vintage glass – Interesting colored glass or bottle glass backsplashes add a retro diner vibe perfect for laminate.
  • Mosaic tile – Small stone, ceramic, or glass mosaic tile backsplashes beautifully match eclectic laminate countertops.

For a seamless look, select laminate countertops and backsplashes in coordinating retro patterns, textures, and colors. Or get creative with contrasting glass, stone, or art tile backsplashes.

Tile Countertops

Ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile make a practical, economical countertop choice. Matching the countertop and backsplash tile creates a cohesive, uncomplicated look.

Some advantages of using the same tile include:

  • Seamless appearance – Continuous tile avoids distracting seams or color changes between the countertop and backsplash.
  • Efficient installation – Tiling countertop and backsplash at the same time with the same grout and tile is more efficient.
  • Budget friendly – Buying one type of tile is cheaper than purchasing both countertop and backsplash tile.
  • Minimalistic style – Matching tile results in a streamlined, unified look.

While matching tile backsplashes work beautifully, small differences can add interest. Consider pairing your countertop tile with:

  • Different size tile – Smaller or larger backsplash tile of the same type adds subtle contrast.
  • Contrasting grout color – Backsplash and countertop grout in different hues creates distinction.
  • Decorative accents – Tile inserts, borders, or designs make a backsplash pop.

With so many tile shapes, colors, and materials available, it’s easy to design a customized backsplash that works seamlessly with your tile countertop.

Design Tips for Matching Backsplashes and Countertops

When pairing backsplashes with countertops, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Select complementary colors – Make sure backsplash tile and countertop colors coordinate rather than compete. Accent colors in either surface should be repeated.
  • Consider sheen – Matching the gloss levels of the backsplash and countertop creates harmony. For example, steer clear of combining glossy tile with matte granite.
  • Include other kitchen elements – Bring cabinetry, flooring, and accent colors into the backsplash and countertop pairing. Tie the whole space together.
  • Focus on function – Durability and maintenance are especially important for kitchen surfaces. Select materials that can stand up to messes, moisture, and daily wear and tear.
  • Incorporate texture – Interesting countertop and backsplash textures add depth and dimension. Combine polished and rough finishes for contrast.
  • Test samples – View tile, slab, and other material samples together in the space before making final backsplash and countertop selections.
  • Evaluate lighting – The way your backsplash and countertop look under both natural and task lighting may impact choices.

By thoughtfully coordinating your backsplash with your new countertop, you can achieve a put-together, integrated look for your kitchen design.

FAQ About Matching Kitchen Backsplashes and Countertops

What backsplash goes best with white countertops?

White countertops pair beautifully with practically any color backsplash. Popular choices include stainless steel, natural stone, and white subway tile. Grey, black, navy, wood, and patterned tile also look striking against bright white countertops.

Should you match backsplash and countertops?

It’s not mandatory, but matching or coordinating your backsplash and countertop is recommended to give your kitchen design a cohesive, integrated look. Contrasting tones and textures can work with careful selection.

What is the most popular backsplash for 2021?

White subway tile remains the backsplash trend leader, but tile mimicking natural materials like marble, travertine and wood are also quite popular. Bold colors and handmade tile are on the rise too.

What backsplash goes with quartz countertops?

Quartz’s uniformity pairs nicely with contrasting natural stone, metal, glass, and wood-look tile. Vivid solid colored and handpainted tile also complement quartz. Coordinate backsplash and countertop colors.

Should backsplash match cabinets or countertops?

It’s generally best to match the backsplash to the countertop rather than cabinets. Since countertops get more direct visual attention, tying the backsplash to the cabinetry often looks disjointed.


Selecting the ideal backsplash to match or complement your new kitchen countertop is an exciting part of the design process. With the wide range of countertop and backsplash materials and patterns available today, you’re sure to find a combination that achieves the look you envision. Pay attention to colors, textures, sheen, durability, lighting, and overall kitchen aesthetics as you put the perfect backsplash and countertop pairing together. Get creative and have fun designing a cohesive, integrated look that suits both your kitchen and style.