Kitchen Backsplash for Metal Cabinets Complete the Cool Stance of Metal


Choosing the perfect backsplash to complement your metal kitchen cabinets can seem like a daunting task. However, the right backsplash can complete the cool, sleek look of metal cabinets and make your kitchen truly stand out. In this article, we’ll explore how to pick the ideal backsplash for metal kitchen cabinets, provide design ideas to complete the stance of metal, and give recommendations for materials and styles that work best with metal cabinetry. Read on for insights and inspiration to help you finalize your kitchen design with confidence!

Consider the Style of Your Metal Cabinets

The first step is determining the look and finish of your metal cabinets, as this will help guide the backsplash selection. Here are some of the most popular metal cabinet styles and the backsplashes that pair well with them:

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets have a modern, industrial feel. Stainless steel backsplashes complement this look perfectly. Full sheets of stainless steel or metal tile are ideal. The matching shine plays up the sleek, metallic aesthetic. Glass, stone or ceramic tile in cool neutrals like gray also work nicely.

Black Metal Cabinets

Black metal cabinets have a bold, dramatic flair. For these, consider a contrasting backsplash in crisp white. Subway tile, ceramic tile or marble with white veining add light and dimension. Warm metals like copper or brass are also striking against black. Mix metal tiles or install a solid metal sheet for sheen.

Bronze or Copper Cabinets

Warm, brownish metals like bronze and copper give off rustic yet refined elegance. Natural stone backsplashes in tan, brown and beige hues enhance this palette. Travertine, limestone and granite pair attractively. Also consider concrete, textured ceramic or porcelain tile for an organic feel.

Hammered Metal Cabinets

Textured, hammered metal finishes lend visual interest and depth. Choose a backsplash with movement and pattern to complement this like handmade ceramic tile, Moroccan-inspired glass tile or subway tile with an artful herringbone design.

Keep the finish of your metal cabinets in mind, and select a backsplash that matches or balances out the look. This creates cohesion among all elements for a stylish, pulled-together kitchen.

Backsplash Materials for Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Beyond just color and style, the material you choose for the backsplash is also important for achieving the right look with metal cabinetry. Here are some top options:


As mentioned, metal backsplashes are ideal for stainless steel cabinets to really amplify the contemporary metallic vibe. Metal also pairs well with black cabinets. Go for solid stainless steel sheets or tin ceiling tiles. There are also some gorgeous hammered and embossed metal tiles that can add beautiful texture.

Metal backsplashes offer great durability too. However, some metals can show scratches or need re-sealing over time. Copper and brass will also patina, developing an aged look some love. Factor in maintenance when selecting a metal backsplash.


Glass tile is another excellent choice for backsplashes behind metal cabinets. Sleek, shiny glass has an elegant sophistication complementing the modern metallic look. Glass tile comes in an array of colors, finishes and designs too. Clear, frosted, iridescent and hand-painted options allow you to add personality. Just take care to select tempered glass tile for safety.

The downside is glass can be more prone to cracking or chipping versus other backsplash materials. Handle it with care during installation and everyday use. Glass is also not the best choice for moisture-prone areas behind a sink or range.


Natural stone like marble, travertine, slate, limestone and granite not only pair beautifully with metal cabinets aesthetically, they also share similar durability. The high-end look of stone echoes the luxurious feel of metal cabinets. Both materials bring a sense of timelessness and value to a kitchen.

However, some stones can be porous and require sealing to prevent stains and discoloration. Also consider how the veining or pattern will flow with the cabinet design. Ultimately, natural stone backsplashes add organic texture and interest to a sleek, cool metal kitchen.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

For a crisp, clean look, ceramic or porcelain tile make splendid backsplashes for metal cabinets. The color options are nearly endless, so finding hues to match or contrast your cabinets is simple. Matte finishes have a subtle elegance while high-gloss tile amps up the shine factor.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are budget-friendly too. Just be aware, the grout lines need occasional sealing to prevent staining or mold growth. But properly cared for, tile backsplashes maintain their beauty for years behind trendy metal cabinets.

Consider the pros and cons of each material to determine the best fit for your kitchen vision, lifestyle and budget. With the right backsplash, your metal cabinets will really stand out in stylish fashion.

Backsplash Ideas for Popular Metal Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Now that we’ve covered materials, let’s explore some specific backsplash design ideas for popular metal cabinet finishes:

Bold Backsplashes for Stainless Steel Cabinets

  • Full stainless steel sheet
  • Oversized stainless steel subway tile
  • Gray, white or black glass tile
  • White marble or quartz slab
  • Mirror tiles for depth and shine

Elegant Accents for Bronze Cabinets

  • Creamy travertine tiles
  • Multicolored slate tile mosaic
  • Neutral granite with brown/gray veining
  • Rustic wood plank backsplash
  • Tile with bronze accents

Vintage Touches for Copper Cabinets

  • Mint, sage or teal ceramic tile
  • Natural stone with copper hues
  • White subway tile with copper trim
  • Weathered tin ceiling tiles
  • Mosaic tile in retro pinks and turquoise

Crisp Complements for Black Metal Cabinets

  • White marble herringbone tile
  • Bright white subway tile
  • Geometric black and white ceramic tile
  • Brass metal sheet or penny tiles
  • Frosted or iridescent glass tile

Organic Textures for Hammered Metal Cabinets

  • Moroccan cement tile designs
  • Clouded or cracked glass tile
  • Travertine with rough-hewn finish
  • Herringbone wood plank tiles
  • Multicolor handmade ceramic tile

Look to combinations like these when designing your kitchen backsplash with metal cabinets. The materials, colors, shapes and textures play up the finishes for stunning style.

Design Tips for Backsplashes with Metal Cabinets

To make the most of your metal kitchen cabinets, keep these backsplash design tips in mind:

  • Extend the backsplash to the ceiling for a complete look. This also prevents dust and grime accumulation between countertops and upper cabinets.
  • Use the same backsplash tile on the walls between cabinets. Continuing the backsplash design achieves seamless cohesion.
  • Select tile or sheets sized appropriately for the space. Oversized tile helps small kitchens feel more expansive. Mosaic tiles suit larger expanses best.
  • Include a focal point like an ornate decorative tile, medallion or border to enhance the design.
  • If choosing mixed metals, opt for backsplash and cabinet finishes differing in sheen, like polished nickel faucets with satin bronze cabinets. This prevents clashing.
  • Consider inset lighting like LED strips to illuminate pretty glass, stone or metal backsplashes. This adds ambiance and visual interest.

By thoughtfully designing for proportions, lighting, balance and flow, your backsplash and metal cabinets can combine into a harmonious statement-maker.

How Much Does a Backsplash Cost for Metal Cabinets?

Backsplash costs vary based on the materials and labor involved:

  • Metal backsplash sheets or tile – $15 to $50 per sq. ft. installed
  • Glass tile or mosaic – $20 to $70 per sq. ft. installed
  • Stone slab or tile – $40 to $100 per sq. ft. installed
  • Ceramic or porcelain tile – $10 to $25 per sq. ft. installed
  • Wood plank tiles – $20 to $80 per sq. ft. installed

Factors like intricate designs, specialty tiles, natural stone, and professional installation increase costs. Average costs range from $2,500 to $5,000 for a full backsplash installation.

To cut costs, use budget-friendly ceramic tile or smaller backsplash area focused just behind the cooktop or sink. Clean-lined subway tile and simple designs are also more affordable and still complement metal cabinets elegantly.

DIY Installation Tips for Metal Kitchen Backsplashes

Installing a backsplash yourself can lead to significant cost savings versus hiring a contractor. If tiling small areas with basic tile materials, DIY installation is manageable. Follow these tips:

  • Gather all materials and tools needed beforehand like tile, grout, adhesive, spacers, grout sealer, utility knife, etc. Rent additional tools like a tile cutter or wet saw if needed.
  • Remove existing backsplash material completely and re-seal walls. Smooth any uneven areas.
  • Mark tile layout on walls accounting for outlet placement and cabinet dimensions. Cut border tiles as needed.
  • Spread thinset adhesive using proper trowel size, firmly press tiles into place. Use spacers and level lines to keep tiles even.
  • Allow tile to set according to adhesive dry times before grouting. Apply grout with grout float, wiping away excess.
  • Seal grout once fully cured, typically 24-48 hours. Use caulk between countertops and backsplash.
  • For glass, metal or stone backsplashes, have a professional installer cut and mount the materials to ensure proper support and alignment.

With the right planning and patience, installing a basic backsplash behind metal kitchen cabinets can be a DIY possibility. Seek contractor bids for more complex designs.

Enhance Your Metal Kitchen Cabinets with the Perfect Backsplash

The pairing of metal kitchen cabinets and backsplash demands attention – together they create show-stopping style. By choosing materials and designs that complement your cabinet finish, the look comes full circle. Use the ideas in this article to help select an eye-catching backsplash for your stainless steel, bronze, copper or black metal cabinetry. With coordinated elements and expert tips, you can complete the cool metallic kitchen of your dreams. Let your backsplash be the final polish enhancing your metal cabinets for maximum visual impact. Soon you’ll have a cohesive, captivating kitchen space to enjoy for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Backsplashes for Metal Kitchen Cabinets

What backsplash goes best with stainless steel cabinets?

Stainless steel, metal tile, glass, stone or ceramic tile in cool grays, whites and silvers beautifully complement stainless steel’s modern look.

Should you match cabinet and backsplash metals?

It’s recommended to use matching metals in order to create a cohesive look. However, mixing metals can work if their finishes differ, like pairing brass hardware with matte nickel cabinets.

What color backsplash is best for bronze cabinets?

Warm, earthy backsplash materials like granite, travertine, slate and wood plank tiles in tan, brown and beige hues pair attractively with bronze cabinets.

Can you use subway tile with metal cabinets?

Absolutely! White subway tile provides a clean, classic contrast to bold metal cabinets in black, stainless, bronze and more.

What backsplash goes with copper cabinets?

Vibrant green, blue and aqua ceramic tile, natural stones with copper coloring, and backsplashes with copper accents complement copper cabinets nicely.

Should backsplash match countertops?

It’s not essential, but matching backsplash and countertops creates a seamless look. If counters and backsplash don’t match, ensure they at least complement each other.

What size backsplash tile is best?

Larger format tiles like 4×8” or 6×6” help small kitchens feel bigger. Mosaic tiles and smaller sizes work great in larger kitchens.

Can you DIY a metal backsplash?

DIY metal sheet installation is not advised as it requires special cutting and mounting. For metal backsplash tile, have it professionally installed for proper support.

How do you attach a backsplash to metal cabinets?

Use construction adhesive along with screws into the cabinet frames to securely fasten any backsplash material to metal cabinets. Follow manufacturer instructions.

How do you cut metal backsplash?

Metal backsplashes require a snap shear metal cutter or angle grinder with a metal cutoff wheel. Allow a contractor to fabricate metal backsplash materials for best results.