Kids Bathroom Ideas: Joyful Patterns, Colorful Decors and More!

Decorating a kids’ bathroom can be a fun and creative endeavor. With bright colors, joyful patterns, and whimsical accents, you can transform an ordinary bathroom into a playful oasis for your little ones. From choosing ideal paint colors and prints to selecting bath-friendly fixtures and accessories, there are many ways to incorporate color, texture, and imagination into your kids’ bathroom design.

Why Opt for a Playful Kids’ Bathroom?

Before delving into the details, let’s first explore why a joyful, colorful kids’ bathroom is so beneficial:

Encourages Independence

A thoughtfully designed kids’ bathroom with easy-to-reach fixtures and accessories enables children to take care of their own hygiene and grooming needs, promoting independence and responsibility.

Boosts Mood

Vibrant colors and happy decor uplift children’s moods and make bathroom time more enjoyable. Studies show that color significantly impacts emotions and behavior.

Sparks Creativity

Whimsical patterns, textures, and decor stimulate young imaginations and creativity. The bathroom can become a backdrop for made-up stories and games.

Teaches Responsibility

Giving kids their own special bathroom space teaches them to take care of their belongings and keep the bathroom tidy. Putting away towels, clearing clutter, and cleaning up messes becomes part of their routine.

Fosters Safety

Bathrooms designed specifically for kids allow you to ensure the space is safe for them. You can install rounded corners, slip-resistant surfaces, safety handles, and adjust the height of fixtures.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Color is central to creating a joyful, engaging bathroom for kids. Consider the following when selecting your color scheme:

Personal Tastes

Take cues from your child’s preferences and personality. Favorite colors, toys, shows, and more can inspire the palette.

Age Appropriateness

Younger kids tend to favor primary colors, while older kids lean towards more sophisticated hues. Make sure colors suit your child’s age and stage.

Mood Enhancement

Energizing reds and oranges promote activity. Blues and greens are calming. Pick colors to enhance desired moods and behaviors.

Color Psychology

Each hue elicits specific emotional responses. For example, yellow boosts happiness and purple sparks creativity. Choose wisely.


Opt for a color scheme that can grow with your child over time, adapting as their tastes evolve. Neutrals with bold accents offer flexibility.

Safety Considerations

Supervise young kids around bright whites, which can strain eyes. Soft blues or greens make early morning routines gentler.

With some thoughtfulness, you can select a color palette that delights your child while supporting their growth and bathroom safety.

Creative Kids’ Bathroom Paint Ideas

Paint may seem like a basic design element, but it goes a long way in crafting a fun, engaging kids’ bathroom. Consider these creative paint ideas:

Solid Brights

Coat one wall in a bold, saturated shade like cherry red, lime green or cobalt blue. This supercharges the space with energy and personality.

Checks and Stripes

Alternating painted strips of color or checked patterns add depth, dimension and vitality. Keep stripes thick and bold for a playful look.


Paint a scenic mural like a beach, jungle or aquarium. This adds storytelling to the space that kids can get lost in. Opt for non-toxic paints.

Chalkboard Paint

A chalkboard wall allows creativity, communication, and entertainment during bathroom time. Use removable chalkboard decals instead of full paint for rentals.

Faux Finishes

Add depth with sponged-on, rag-rolled or dragged paint effects. Metallic glazes, layered washes, and mottled textures enliven walls.

Wispy Clouds

For dreamy vibes, paint the ceiling light blue and add fluffy white cloud cut-outs. Glow-in-the-dark paint adds magic at night.

Drip, Splatter and Splatters

Kids will love walls with abstract drips, splatters, and splashes of paint. Focus the action over a textured or painter’s tape backdrop.

With kids’ bathroom paint ideas, you can let color energize and personalize the space while sparking creativity and imagination.

Fun and Festive Bathroom Prints to Brighten Kids’ Spaces

Prints and patterns infuse kids’ bathrooms with energy and individuality. Here are some top options for bringing patterns into the space:

Whimsical Wallpaper

Adorable animal prints, colorful polka dots, sweet floral prints and more on one wall add instant cheer. Use removable wallpaper for rentals and easy changes.

Bold Fabrics

Shower curtains, towels, rugs and valances in joyful prints tie the room together. Opt for stain-resistant and machine-washable fabrics.

Vinyl Decals

Removable vinyl stickers offer infinite pattern possibilities. Create an undersea world, race track, or fairy garden with these affordable accents.

Stenciled Prints

Use stencils and fabric paint to add prints to shower curtains, towels, bean bags or wall art. Even framed “artwork” can sport fun prints.

Contact Paper

Adhesive-backed contact paper allows you to temporarily add bright prints. Use it inside cabinets, shelves, drawers and more.

Patterned Tile

Use boldly printed tiles for the floor, tub/shower surround, or as backsplashes. Glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles withstand moisture.

With smart print and pattern choices, you can craft a kids’ bathroom that’s cheerful, personalized and immersive for kids.

Fun Colorful Fixtures and Accessories

Beyond paint and prints, don’t overlook fixtures and accessories when decorating a joyful kids’ bathroom. Here are some colorful options:

Patterned Sinks

Vessel sinks in the shape of seashells, sailboats, rocket ships or animal shapes add whimsy. Printed ceramic sinks also available.

Colorful Faucets

Faucets come in a rainbow of colors, with coordinating handles and spouts. Let your child’s favorite hue shine.

Themed Toilet Seats

Replace a standard toilet seat with one sporting their beloved cartoon character, color bursts or glittery sparkle.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains lend themselves to colorful prints from stripes to polka dots. Use stain-resistant fabric that is machine washable.

Fun Mirrors

Frame the mirror in colorful painted wood, accessorize with stick-on patterns, or affix colorful clips or pegs along the sides.

Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins and baskets come in every color. Use them to organize bath toys, towels, grooming supplies and more.

The right fixtures and accessories add those all-important finishing touches to a festive kids’ bathroom.

Clever Kids’ Bathroom Storage Solutions

Between bath toys, grooming supplies, towels and more, storage is key in kids’ bathrooms. Here are some smart storage solutions:

Bins and Baskets

Plastic bins and woven baskets in bright colors corral mess while adding playfulness. Label to encourage organizing.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Install shelves securely on the wall for display and storage. Choose different shapes, sizes and colors.

Hanging Organizers

Hang fabric cubbies, mesh pouches and storage totes on hooks to utilize vertical wall space. Great for odds and ends.

Freestanding Units

Multi-tier carts with shelves and drawers provide ample storage. On casters, they can roll where needed.


Cabinets neatly conceal necessary supplies when not in use. Install child safety locks as needed.

Fun Containers

Use oversized food storage containers, buckets, dishpans or DIY options to hold bath toys, soaps, brushes and more.

With some creative storage solutions, you can keep the kids’ bathroom tidy and organized while adding playful personality.

Safety Considerations for Kids’ Bathrooms

While decorating with joyful colors and prints, never overlook critical safety considerations:

  • Use slip-resistant rugs, decals and mats in and out of tub/shower.
  • Install grab bars for stability getting in and out of tub/shower.
  • Mount towel bars and hooks at kid height for access.
  • Ensure electrical outlets have protective covers.
  • Use cord wraps or ties to prevent tripping over appliance cords.
  • Select rounded corner vanities, shelves, wastebaskets and other furniture.
  • Fasten cabinets and freestanding furniture to walls with safety straps.
  • Keep cleaning supplies up high in locked cabinets away from children.
  • Set hot water heater temperature to 120°F or lower to prevent scalds.
  • Consider soft padded covers for sharp faucet and tub/shower edges.
  • Ensure good ventilation to prevent mold and mildew growth.

The right precautions help ensure kids can safely enjoy their whimsical bathroom oasis for years to come.

Inspiring Kids’ Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas

To spark your own kids’ bathroom plans, here are some full design and decor inspiration ideas:

Under the Sea

Create an underwater paradise with fish decals, shell-shaped sinks, and an oceanic wall mural complete with friendly dolphins, octopi and whales. Pale blues and greens keep the mood tranquil.

Dinosaur Adventure

For dino lovers, paint one wall a lush jungle scene and add oversized dinosaur decals, a volcano, trees and more to set the scene. Use interactive dinosaur shower heads for fun.

Race Track

Make bath time feel like race time with a black-and-white checkered tile floor, race car towels, wall decals of crowds in the stands, and sports-themed bath accessories.

Princess Palace

Pretty pink paint, sparkling accessories, chandelier lighting, icicle light dangles, and crown-shaped sink and mirror surrounds plus a jeweled padded seat create a space fit for royalty.

Carnival Fun House

Stripes, dots, plaids and bright colors collide in this festive bathroom. Frameless mirrors, twinkling carnival lights, and peek-a-boo window cutouts amplify the fun.

Camping Adventure

Bring the outdoors in with a wall decal forest and painted mountain, hiking-themed shower curtain and accessories, and rugged touches like a twig shelf and woodsy color palette.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a kids’ bathroom requires lots of color, plenty of patterns, and unleashing the imagination. Keeping your child’s interests, personality and age in mind while focusing on safety helps craft a space they can happily call their own. Imparting whimsy and joy into kids’ bathrooms creates cherished childhood memories while teaching responsibility and creative thinking. With the right touches, this essential room becomes a treasured oasis of playful fun and self-expression.