Interior Archway Ideas: Modern Ways to Incorporate Classic Archway

Interior archways are a timeless architectural feature that can add elegance, drama and visual interest to any home. While archways have a classic look, there are many modern ways to incorporate them into your interior design. This article will explore fresh and innovative interior archway ideas to breathe new life into this classic detail.

Blending Old and New Styles

One approach is to blend traditional and contemporary styles together. This creates an eclectic, transitional look.

Metal Accents

Use contemporary metals like stainless steel or bronze to accent a traditional archway. Try framing the opening or adding metal medallions as focal points. This mixes a sleek, modern touch with classic charm.

Textural Contrasts

Consider pairing contrasting textures and materials. For example, an arched opening with rough exposed brick on one side and sleek glass tiles on the other has an edgy, fashion-forward vibe.

Bold Colors

Painting the archway a vivid hue adds a punch of color. For a real statement, use a graphic black-and-white pattern on the wall around or above the archway. This is an eye-catching way to offset a traditional shape.

Creative Shapes

Give a basic archway more personality by playing with unique shapes. Try a flatter elliptical arch instead of a traditional rounded one. Or make it asymmetrical or incorporate interesting angles.

Innovative Design Details

Creative touches and unique design details can give archways a fresh, modern update.

Metallic Finishes

Coating the archway itself in a gleaming metallic finish gives it a futuristic feel. Try gold, silver, copper or bronze leaf for a glam look. A steel finish is industrial.

Unexpected Materials

Use an unexpected material like lacquered wood in a colorblock archway for contemporary contrast. Mirrored or faux mother-of-pearl archways add glitz.

LED Lighting

Install LED rope or strip lighting around the archway to creatively illuminate and accent it. This adds a modern, tech-forward element.

3D and Cut-Out Shapes

Incorporate three-dimensional shapes, floating shelves or cut-out patterns into the design of the archway itself. Geometric and nature-inspired shapes give a very current vibe.

Innovative Placement

Rethinking traditional archway placement also gives it a fresh look.

Unexpected Rooms

Use archways in rooms you wouldn’t expect like a kitchen, bathroom or even a closet. This surprises the eye.

As Focal Points

Place an archway in an unexpected spot like at the top of a staircase as a focal point. Or arch over a desk in a home office instead of a doorway for visual impact.

Within Walls

Incorporate arches decoratively within walls. Try a wall niche, built-in shelving or even a fireplace with an arched surround.

Partially Wall-Mounted

Play with only mounting one side of the archway, leaving the other floating. This creates the illusion of a “disappearing” archway.

Modern Archway Ideas for Specific Spaces

Certain interior archway ideas are well-suited to particular rooms in a home.


A stately foyer archway makes a grand statement in an entryway. For modern flair, paint or wallpaper only the archway itself as an accent.

Living Rooms

In a living room, try framing the television or media center with an arched opening. Or use an archway to creatively separate seating spaces without totally dividing the room.

Dining Rooms

An archway dining nook lined with built-in banquette seating is cozy and inviting. For drama, arch over a bold dining room chandelier.


In kitchens, arched walk-throughs connect spaces practically while adding architectural interest. An arched bar area makes a smart coffee station.


Creating an arched opening between two smaller bedrooms visually expands the space. An arched headboard framed with statement lighting is ultra-glamorous.


Try archways over a tub, between vanities or even around a standalone bathtub for spa-like elegance. Arches bring movement to boxy bathrooms.

Home Offices

Use arched bookshelves or built-ins to soften and add style to an office area. An arched doorway invites you in.

Modern Materials and Finishes

Innovative modern materials and finishes give archways a clean-lined, contemporary look.


Stainless steel, aluminum and even brass lend archways a futuristic feel. Metals come in mirror, matte and other on-trend finishes.


Glass block archways allow light to flow through elegantly. For solid arches, opaque white or colored glass has a soft, ethereal effect.


Poured concrete archways make a bold, modern statement with this raw industrial material. Staining or etching concrete adds additional flair.


Warm, white-washed woods like birch feel airy and modern. Darker exotic woods lend richness. Add LED backlighting for a dramatic glowing effect.


For lightweight divider arches, modern materials like sound-dampening felt or acrylic screens offer textural interest.

Creative Interior Archway Ideas: Final Thoughts

The classic archway gets a fresh modern makeover with unexpected styling twists, innovative placements and contemporary materials. Blending old and new, playing with shapes and textures, adding bold color and lighting, and rethinking traditional arches in creative new ways allows you to incorporate this timeless detail into your modern home décor in style. With so many innovative options, your archway possibilities are wide open!

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Archway Ideas: Modern Ways to Incorporate Classic Archway

Interior archways have endless design potential while still retaining their classic elegance. Here are answers to some common questions about incorporating archways into contemporary home interiors.

What are some easy ways to add a modern twist to an archway?

Some simple modern archway ideas include using bold colors or patterns like black and white stripes, adding metallic accents, incorporating LED lighting or new materials like concrete, or flanking the archway with modern art and accessories.

How can I use an archway in a more unexpected, modern way?

Instead of standard doorways, place an archway creatively as a window frame, at the top of stairs, framing a bed or media center, or even within walls as a niche. Floating or asymmetrical arches also feel contemporary.

What types of rooms are best suited for modern archway design?

While archways work in any room, they make especially strong style statements in entryways, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Use innovative archways to define spaces in open concept homes.

How do I know if my archway design will work with my overall interior décor?

Determine the decorative style you want first, then choose archway finishes and accents that enhance rather than compete with that aesthetic. Keep other finishes cohesive for a pulled-together look.

What are some budget-friendly ideas for modern archways?

Painting or wallpapering over an existing archway is inexpensive. Metallic spray paint and adhesive wallpapers create a luxe look on a budget. Lighting and glass accents also refresh archways at low cost.

Using creative interior archway ideas, you can give this classic detail a modern, stylish twist. Rethink the archway as a unique focal point or unconventional dividing line to take your interior design to the next level. With the right contemporary touches, archways feel fresh and current while still retaining their enduring grace and elegance.


An archway is an architectural feature that transcends style and era. While intrinsically classic in shape, the archway also lends itself to innovative modern interior design. By thinking outside the box, you can incorporate archways in creative new ways for a contemporary look that’s still timeless.

The key is blending old and new. Mix classic materials like wood and brick with modern metallics. Use archways in unexpected places as sculptural style statements. Incorporate dramatic contemporary lighting. Play with proportions and shapes for unusual silhouettes. Employ materials like concrete, glass and fabric for an edgy vibe.

Rethink the archway as a window, headboard, display niche or lighting accent instead of a basic doorway. Floating, asymmetrical and partially wall-mounted arches feel fresh and innovated. Use archways in creative new spaces like bathrooms, closets or the kitchen.

Interior archways offer the ultimate balance of form and function. They elevate interior architecture with elegance and beauty while also serving practical purposes like defining spaces and connecting rooms. You can have the best of both worlds by unifying classic styling with innovative contemporary touches.

Whether your home décor is strictly modern or more eclectic and transitional, there are so many ways to keep the timeless archway feeling current. With limitless potential for customization through color, texture, shape, placement and detail, the interior archway is ready to be reinvented over and over again.