IKEA’s Fix and Finish Pantry Makeover | After


A pantry makeover can completely transform the functionality and aesthetic of your kitchen storage space. With some strategic fixes and finishing touches, you can take a drab, disorganized pantry and give it a gorgeous, organized new look. IKEA is a fantastic resource for affordable and stylish organizational solutions to make your pantry dreams a reality.

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk through an inspiring IKEA pantry makeover and provide tips to apply these fixes and finishes in your own space. Read on for an overview of the makeover process and result, along with specific product recommendations and DIY steps to recreate this stunning “after” pantry yourself. With a mix of IKEA cabinetry, adjustable shelves, durable bins and baskets, and other organizational additions, you can build a pantry that’s both beautiful and highly functional.

Overview of the IKEA Pantry Makeover

This IKEA pantry makeover completely transformed a small, cramped space into a light, airy, and efficiently organized storage area. The homeowners started with a narrow pantry closet with plain white walls and flooring. The interior consisted of a jumble of mismatched shelves and flimsy plastic organizers.

To optimize the layout, the first step was installing new IKEA SEKTION cabinetry units in a crisp white finish. Adjustable shelves, cabinets, and drawer inserts maximized vertical storage space. For a custom built-in look, the cabinetry was secured to the walls and trimmed out with matching molding.

To neatly corral pantry essentials, IKEA offered plenty of storage options. Bins, baskets, and boxes in an array of sizes slid right into the cabinet spaces. Clear canisters made it easy to identify foods while keeping them dust-free. TURNING shelving created extra storage for small spice jars.

The finishing touches elevated the overall aesthetic. Bold black hardware and accents added modern flair. LED lighting illuminated every shelf for visibility. Chalkboard labels and signs gave the space a personalized, homey feel. The light wood flooring brightened up the previously dark and closed-in closet.

In the “after” reveal, the pantry was utterly transformed into a highly-functional and gorgeous space. The homeowners gained plenty of smart storage for food and cooking supplies, with everything neatly stowed away behind cabinet doors. The interior was light, bright, and beautiful – completely pin-worthy and envy-inducing!

Recommended IKEA Products for Your Own Pantry Makeover

IKEA offers an array of products to help organize and beautify your pantry for a fraction of the cost of custom built-ins. Here are some of the specific items used in this inspirational makeover:


  • SEKTION Base Cabinets – These come in a range of sizes to fit your space. Choose from cabinets with adjustable shelves, drawers, or a mix. White maximizes the light and bright look.
  • MAXIMERA Drawer Inserts – These are perfect for organizing smaller items like spices. They fit neatly into SEKTION base cabinets.
  • FÖRVARA Drawer Fronts – Use these sleek drawer fronts to hide clutter. Available in colors that coordinate with SEKTION cabinets.
  • MÖRKNAD Molding – Trim out cabinets with this coordinating white molding for a built-in look.

Storage Solutions

  • SAMLA Bins and Boxes – Durable plastic bins in a variety of sizes and shapes to corral everything neatly.
  • STUK Baskets – Woven baskets add warmth and come in sizes ideal for bulk foods.
  • GLADOM Canisters – See contents easily through these clear canisters with bamboo lids.
  • VARIERA Containers – Clear plastic containers help organize odds and ends of all sizes.
  • TURNING Shelving – Get extra storage with these racks for spices and small jars.
  • FORVARA Storage Bags – Use these breathable cotton bags to organize and contain bulk dry goods.

Finishing Touches

  • ENERYDA Cabinet Pulls – Sleek black hardware pops against white cabinets.
  • OMLOPP LED Lighting – Light strips illuminate every shelf and eliminate dark corners.
  • SMAKRYP Frames – Display pretty divider labels in these clip frames.
  • ENJE Chalkboard – Use a mini chalkboard for a personal touch.

Step-by-Step Guide to an IKEA Pantry Makeover

Ready to tackle an IKEA pantry makeover of your own? Follow these steps to fix up and finish your pantry like a pro:

Prep the Pantry

First, empty out your existing pantry completely so all surfaces are clear. Give the space a deep clean – vacuum floors, wipe down walls and surfaces. Patch holes, repaint, or install new flooring if needed. For a light and airy look, white walls and light wood or vinyl flooring are ideal.

Add Cabinetry

Take measurements of your pantry space including the height, width, and depth. Create a layout plan for installing SEKTION cabinets based on your specific storage needs. Optimize vertical space by using floor-to-ceiling tall cabinets.

Install the cabinets securely, following IKEA’s instructions. Attach cabinets to walls using screws into studs for sturdiness. Install drawer inserts and adjustable shelves at custom heights. Use MÖRKNAD molding to trim out cabinet edges for a built-in look.

Maximize Storage

Take an inventory of everything you need to store in your pantry. Use SAMLA bins, STUK baskets, VARIERA and GLADOM containers in sizes that suit your items. Group like foods and supplies together.

Utilize TURNING racks inside cabinetry for spices and small jars. Use MAXIMERA drawer inserts for organizing smaller supplies. Keep bulk grains and flours contained in FORVARA storage bags.

Add Special Touches

Install OMLOPP LED lighting strips to illuminate all shelves and eliminate dark corners. Attach sleek ENERYDA hardware for modern appeal. Add personalized framed labels or an ENJE mini chalkboard.

Style up your pantry by displaying baskets, containers, and canisters in an organized yet aesthetic way. Add pops of color with cookbooks, colored bins, or faux greenery.

IKEA Pantry Makeover Ideas and Tips

Beyond using IKEA’s practical organizational products, there are endless creative possibilities for your pantry makeover. Here are some additional ideas for taking your space from drab to fab:

Creative Touches

  • Decorate shelves with wallpaper or contact paper lining for a pop of pattern.
  • Install small hooks along the walls for hanging utensils and pots.
  • Paint or stencil an accent wall at the back of the pantry.
  • Use decorative screws or brackets for extra flair.
  • Add a focal point like a framed gallery wall.

Storage Solutions

  • Incorporate tiered racks or risers for displaying items.
  • Use tension rods or hanging racks for vertically storing baking pans.
  • Attach pegboard to the back of a door for hanging tools.
  • Utilize over-the-door storage for additional supplies.
  • Install pull-out drawers for hiding away bulky appliances.

Functionality Upgrades

  • Include electrical outlets inside the pantry for convenience.
  • Purchase a small step stool to reach top shelves easily.
  • Upgrade lighting to energy-efficient LEDs for better visibility.
  • Add child safety locks to lower cabinets.
  • Install rollout trays in deep cabinets for easier access.

The Results: A Gorgeous and Functional Pantry

With IKEA’s organizational offerings and some creative DIY solutions, you can create the pantry of your dreams. An IKEA pantry makeover allows you to gain optimized storage, functionality, and style.

Some of the benefits of a newly organized pantry include:

  • Smart storage with a place for everything. No more rummaging to find ingredients!
  • Easy access to contents with adjustable shelves and drawer inserts.
  • Visibility of all foods and supplies with open storage and clear canisters.
  • A lighter, brighter, more spacious interior with LED lighting.
  • A clean, clutter-free space thanks to closed cabinets hiding all the mess!
  • Aesthetic appeal with personalized chalkboards, frames, and stylish hardware.
  • Improved functionality like rollout trays and step stools for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cost savings from avoiding duplicate purchases of misplaced foods.

By implementing IKEA’s versatile organizational products and creative custom touches, you can build the ultimate dream pantry. With maximized storage, efficiency, and beauty, your revamped pantry will be a space you’re excited to show off and use everyday!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good IKEA items for organizing a small pantry?

For small pantries, great IKEA organizing products include narrow SAMLA bins and boxes, TURNING spice racks, MAXIMERA drawer inserts, skinny STUK baskets, tension rods for vertical storage, and customized SEKTION cabinetry to maximize every inch.

Should I replace or paint my pantry shelving during a makeover?

It depends on the condition of your existing shelves. Keep shelves that are sturdy and fit your space well. Replace flimsy, poorly installed, or damaged shelving. Use high-quality IKEA SEKTION cabinets for built-ins. Painting can refresh shelves, or use contact paper for an easier update.

What kind of lighting works best for illuminating pantry shelves?

Install LED lighting like IKEA’s OMLOPP strips to brightly and evenly illuminate all shelves. LEDs give great visibility without harsh glare. Place lights near the front of shelves or cabinets so items at the back are visible.

How do I create a built-in pantry look with IKEA products?

Using SEKTION cabinetry trimmed out with matching MÖRKNAD molding gives a customized built-in appearance. Secure cabinets directly to studs in the walls for sturdiness. Continuously lining cabinets along the perimeter enhances the built-in look.

What are some ways to decorate and accessorize a pantry?

Fun touches to personalize your pantry include chalkboard labels, framed prints or faux greenery on shelves, wallpapered backs, hooks for hanging utensils, over-the-door racks for appliances, tension rods for extra storage, and pops of color from bins and canisters.


With clever fixes and finishing touches using IKEA’s organizational solutions, you can create the pantry of your dreams. An IKEA pantry makeover allows you to gain optimized storage, efficiency, visibility, and beauty. The result is a gorgeous, envy-worthy space you’ll be excited to show off and use. With the tips and recommendations provided, you’ll have all the inspiration and information needed to tackle your own pantry transformation. Just think—in a weekend’s time, you could have a Pinterest-worthy pantry that’s as functional as it is fabulous!