I wouldn’t use my air fryer without these 7 accessories, and you shouldn’t either

Air fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances in recent years. They allow you to make crispy fried foods like french fries, chicken wings, and more with little to no oil. This makes them a much healthier cooking option compared to deep frying.

While an air fryer is great on its own, there are some accessories that can make them even more versatile and convenient to use. Here are 7 air fryer accessories that I wouldn’t want to live without:

1. Air fryer cookbook

An air fryer cookbook is invaluable for learning how to truly get the most out of your appliance. A good cookbook will have recipes that are specifically designed for the air fryer, taking advantage of its unique capabilities.

There are many great air fryer cookbooks out now from authors like America’s Test Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, and Gina Homolka. Look for one with a wide variety of recipes from snacks to full meals and clear instructions tailored for the air fryer.

Some key recipes I love making from my air fryer cookbook include:

  • Air fried chicken wings – so crispy outside and juicy inside
  • Air fried french fries – healthier than deep fried with that perfect crunch
  • Air fried fish – flaky and fresh without all the oil
  • Air fried brussel sprouts – caramelized and chewy
  • Air fried apple hand pies – perfectly warm and gooey

Having an air fryer cookbook helps open your eyes to just how many dishes you can make easily in the air fryer. I use my cookbook at least a few times a week to try new air fried meals and sides.

2. Oil sprayer

While the air fryer uses little oil, you’ll still need a bit to help get foods crispy and prevent sticking. An oil sprayer is a game changer for easily and evenly coating food.

A few pumps of oil spray ensures even coverage without having drenching food in oil. And less oil means your food will taste less greasy. Look for a high heat safe sprayer that can be used safely inside the air fryer.

I like to spritz a light coating onto proteins like chicken and fish before air frying. It helps achieve a crispy skin. An oil sprayer is also great for misting vegetables with olive oil or avocado oil before roasting in the air fryer. Even just a couple pumps of oil makes a big difference in the final texture.

3. Baking pans and liners

Having some baking accessories like pans, liners, and perforated sheets expands what you can make in your air fryer.

Silicone baking pans are lightweight and withstand high heat so they’re perfect for the air fryer. I use them for baking muffins, corn bread, frittatas, and more. It’s also handy to have a baking pan for catching any oil or crumbs at the bottom of the fryer basket.

Perforated parchment liners allow air flow all around food so they cook evenly. I use liners when making French fries, fish sticks, and other battered foods. The food releases easily off the liner so cleanup is a breeze.

Perforated metal sheets or inserts are also useful. They elevate foods from the greasy bottom of the fryer basket allowing 360 degree air circulation. This is great when cooking fatty meats like bacon.

Having the right accessories opens up possibilities for baking in your air fryer just like a regular oven.

4. Grill pan

A grill pan turns your air fryer into an indoor grill for getting grill marks and char lines on meat, chicken, vegetables, and more.

The ridges of the grill pan sear in those delicious barbecue flavors, textures, and aromas. I love using my grill pan to make barbecue chicken, steaks, shrimp, stuffed peppers, panini, and so much more. It cooks food with that quintessential grilled taste.

Most grill pans designed for air fryers are made of cast aluminum for excellent heat transfer. The raised ridges allow oils and fats to drain away from foods for healthier cooking.

Just be sure to get an air fryer grill pan made by the same brand as your fryer for the proper fit. It’s a worthwhile investment for year-round indoor grilling.

5. Skewers and racks

Skewers and racks allow you to take on more elaborate recipes and cook food even more evenly.

Metal and bamboo skewers are perfect for making air fried kabobs packed with vegetables and meats. The skewers hold everything together while allowing air flow for crispy results.

Racks elevate foods from the basket allowing air to circulate underneath. Having multiple layers and tiers means you can cook more food at once. Racks are great for larger items or food that releases a lot of oil like chicken wings, French fries, and bacon.

I use a rack when making big batches of kale chips or roasted vegetables. And rotating the racks midway through cooking ensures everything browns evenly. The key is finding racks that fit the inside of your model air fryer.

6. Tongs and oil brushes

Having proper utensils makes cooking with the air fryer much simpler.

A good pair of tongs allows you to easily toss and turn food in the air fryer basket. I like silicone tipped tongs that are gentle on nonstick surfaces. Tongs help you lift and move items with burning your fingers on the hot basket.

Small silicone brushes are perfect for brushing oil, glazes, or sauces onto food in the air fryer. The silicone withstands high heat and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Don’t try to substitute these tools with forks or other improper utensils. The right accessories make air frying much easier.

7. Digital thermometer

An instant read digital thermometer takes the guesswork out of determining doneness when air frying.

The thermometer will tell you exactly when your meat, fish, chicken, and other proteins have reached the proper internal temperature. This prevents over or undercooking.

It’s much more accurate than trying to eyeball if something is fully cooked in the air fryer. A thermometer helps ensure your air fried food is always cooked properly for both taste and safety.

Look for a thermometer that’s thin and fast reading. I use my thermometer for nearly everything including roast chicken, pork chops, salmon fillets, steaks, and more. It’s a must have!

Get the most out of your air fryer with these accessories

While an air fryer is an excellent investment for your kitchen on its own, accessorizing it pays off with added functions, convenience, and versatility.

All the accessories listed above have become essentials for me in making the most of my air fryer. Here are the key benefits the accessories provide:

  • Cookbooks – Learn air frying techniques and find tons of recipe ideas. Discover just how much you can make.
  • Oil sprayers – Evenly and lightly coat foods for crisping without drenching in oil. Achieve the perfect texture.
  • Pans and liners – Expand your options for baking in the fryer. Avoid sticking and messy cleanup.
  • Grill pans – Get grill marks and char flavor with indoor “grilling”. Make anything from meats to paninis.
  • Skewers and racks – Take on more elaborate recipes and cook larger batches evenly.
  • Utensils – Safely toss, flip, and brush foods. No more burned fingers.
  • Thermometers – Eliminate the guesswork and over/undercooking. Ensure perfectly cooked meals every time.

Don’t think of your air fryer as just a single task appliance. With the right accessories, it can be one of the most versatile and used appliances in your kitchen.

The accessories open up so many possibilities beyond basic frying:

  • Bake muffins, breads, and more
  • Make kabobs and layered meals
  • Roast vegetables and protien
  • Grill indoors year-round
  • Safely cook large batches

And they make the air fryer more convenient to use:

  • Even oil coating without the mess
  • No sticking means easier cleaning
  • Cook everything thoroughly and properly
  • Get great textures and flavors

Your air fryer has the potential to be your new go-to appliance. With these must-have accessories, you can achieve excellent results and make the most out of this handy kitchen gadget.

Must-Have Accessories for Every Air Fryer Owner

Here is a quick summary of the 7 air fryer accessories I recommend having:

Air Fryer Cookbook

  • Find recipes designed specifically for the air fryer
  • Instructions tailored for your model
  • Tips and tricks for best results

Oil Sprayer

  • Lightly mist foods with oil evenly
  • Prevent sticking and burning
  • Less oil = less greasy taste

Baking Pans and Liners

  • Allow you to bake in your air fryer
  • Help foods cook evenly
  • Prevent sticking for easier cleaning

Grill Pan

  • Get grill marks and char flavor indoors
  • Drains away fat for healthier cooking
  • Fit inside your fryer for easy grilling

Skewers and Racks

  • Make kabobs and layered meals
  • Allow air flow all around food
  • Cook more food at once

Heat-Resistant Utensils

  • Toss, flip, and turn food easily
  • Brush oil or sauces without burning
  • Makes air frying more convenient

Digital Thermometer

  • Check doneness accurately
  • Prevent under or overcooking
  • Ensure properly cooked and safe meals

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Fryer Accessories

If you’re wondering if air fryer accessories are really worth getting, here are answers to some common questions:

Are air fryer accessories necessary?

Air fryer accessories are not absolutely necessary but they can certainly make your air fryer more versatile and easier to use. Accessories expand what you can cook, allow you to cook food more evenly, prevent sticking, and more. They allow you to get the most out of your appliance.

What are the most useful accessories to get?

The most useful accessories in my opinion are an air fryer cookbook, oil sprayer, baking pans/liners, grill pan, utensils, and digital thermometer. Having this arsenal allows you to tackle nearly any recipe with great results.

Do I need special pans for my air fryer?

You don’t necessarily need special air fryer pans. But having pans and liners designed for air fryers makes cooking easier. Air fryer accessories are made from high heat safe materials and are sized to fit in your fryer properly.

Can I use aluminum foil in an air fryer?

It’s not recommended to cover entire racks or basket surfaces with foil. This can interfere with air flow. But you can use small foil liners or foil packets for certain foods. Just avoid large sheets blocking airflow.

How do you clean air fryer accessories?

Most air fryer accessories like pans, liners, and grill pans are non-stick and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Utensils can be cleaned in the dishwasher as well. Always check manufacturers cleaning instructions.

Don’t Wait – Upgrade Your Air Fryer Today

If you’re ready to start cooking like a pro and getting the most out of your air fryer, pick up a few of these handy accessories.

They’ll open new possibilities, make air frying easier, and improve your results. Before you know it, your air fryer will be your most reached for appliance.

Here’s a quick recap of my top recommended accessories:

  • Cookbook – Unlock the full potential of your air fryer
  • Oil sprayer – Even, light coating for the perfect crisp
  • Grill pan – Indoor grilling with char and grill marks
  • Baking pans/liners – Bake as well as fry in your air fryer
  • Racks and skewers – Cook more food more efficiently
  • Utensils – Safely handle air fryer foods with ease
  • Thermometer – Eliminate the guessing for perfect doneness

Don’t settle for basic air frying when you can make almost anything with restaurant quality results. Upgrade your machine today for more versatility and convenience in the kitchen.


Air fryers are revolutionary kitchen appliances that can perfectly cook just about anything with minimal oil for amazingly delicious yet healthy results. But the right accessories make air fryers even more useful.

Essentials like cookbooks, grill pans, oil sprayers, baking tools, skewers, utensils, and thermometers allow you to truly unlock all the capabilities of your air fryer. They provide more versatility for cooking, make the appliance more convenient to use, and help you achieve sensational results with every recipe.

If you love your air fryer now, just wait until you accessorize it! With the right tools, you’ll be able to grill, bake, broil, roast, toast, and fry with your air fryer. It will become your new go-to for making everyday meals, sides, snacks and more.

Don’t wait to upgrade your air fryer. Pick up some handy accessories and start cooking like a pro! You’ll open up a whole new world of quick, easy, and healthy meals made conveniently right at home.