I swapped my morning coffee for homemade juice – here’s how I felt after one week


I’ve been a coffee drinker for years. I would start my morning with a hot cup of coffee to help wake me up and get me going. However, I recently decided to give up my daily coffee habit and switch to drinking homemade juice instead.

In this article, I’ll discuss my experience swapping coffee for homemade juice over the course of one week. I’ll go over why I decided to make the change, how I felt each day without my usual morning coffee, the juicing recipes I tried, and the effects I noticed by the end of the week. Whether you’re considering cutting out coffee or just looking to add more homemade juice to your diet, I hope my experience provides some insights. So read on to find out what happened when I swapped my morning coffee for homemade juice!

Why I Decided to Switch from Coffee to Juice

I had a few reasons for wanting to trade my coffee for juice. First, I had been drinking coffee every single morning for years and wanted to break the habit. I thought it would be a good challenge to see if I could start my day without the caffeine boost I was so used to.

Second, I wanted to improve my health and nutrition. Coffee wasn’t providing much in terms of vitamins and minerals. I hoped that swapping it for nutrient-packed juices would give me more energy from natural sources like fruits and veggies.

Finally, I was intrigued by the reported health benefits of drinking homemade juices. Things like improved digestion, clearer skin, and detoxification sounded great. I wanted to experience those effects for myself. So I decided to take the plunge!

How I Felt Each Day Without Coffee

Giving up my daily coffee habit wasn’t easy. Here’s a quick look at how I felt during each day of my juice-only morning week:

Day 1

The first morning without coffee was rough. I had a headache and felt groggy as I adjusted to not having my usual caffeine kick. But I powered through by enjoying a refreshing pineapple ginger juice.

Day 2

I was still pretty tired and had some caffeine withdrawal symptoms. My green apple spinach juice gave me some vitality, but I was really missing my coffee!

Day 3

This was the hardest day. I woke up with zero energy. I blended up a carrot apple turmeric juice, but was definitely dragging.

Day 4

I turned a corner on day 4 – I woke up feeling pretty good! I enjoyed a citrus carrot juice and felt fresh and energized without needing my coffee.

Day 5

The morning fatigue was gone and I felt great! My kale apple lemon juice gave me a wonderful vitamin boost. I couldn’t believe I had made it this far without coffee!

Day 6

I officially didn’t miss coffee anymore. This morning I blended up a strawberry banana juice and felt amazing – light, refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Day 7

On the last day, I tried a mango orange juice. The sweet tropical flavors provided the perfect energizing end to my coffee-free week. I was so proud of myself for sticking to my goal!

The Juice Recipes I Tried

Throughout the week, I experimented with all kinds of fresh juice recipes. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Pineapple Ginger Juice – Pineapple, ginger, lemon, mint. Sweet and spicy!
  • Green Apple Spinach Juice – Apples, spinach, cucumber, lemon. Fruity and green.
  • Carrot Apple Turmeric Juice – Carrots, apple, lemon, turmeric. Anti-inflammatory.
  • Citrus Carrot Juice – Carrots, orange, lemon. Bright and refreshing.
  • Kale Apple Lemon Juice – Kale, apple, lemon, ginger. Vitamin-packed.
  • Strawberry Banana Juice – Strawberries, banana, coconut water. Creamy and sweet.
  • Mango Orange Juice – Mango, orange, lemon. Tropical and tangy.

I had a lot of fun trying out new flavor combinations. It was a delicious way to get my juice fix!

The Effects I Noticed After One Week Without Coffee

By the end of my coffee-free week filled with juices, I noticed some positive effects:

  • More Energy – Once I got over the initial hump, my natural energy increased without relying on caffeine.
  • Better Digestion – Juices are easier for your body to break down than coffee. I felt less bloated.
  • More Hydrated – Drinking all that liquid every morning left me feeling hydrated.
  • Healthier Looking Skin – All the nutrients and hydration improved my complexion.
  • Less Anxiety – I felt calmer without all that coffee stimulating my nerves.
  • Better Sleep – I fell asleep quicker at night without caffeine still in my system.

How I Felt After One Week of Homemade Juices vs Coffee

Overall, I was amazed by how great I felt after just one week of replacing coffee with homemade juices. Once I pushed through the initial withdrawal effects, my energy levels stabilized, and I woke up feeling refreshed and motivated each morning.

While I missed the comfort of my hot coffee ritual, I didn’t miss the caffeine jitters, afternoon crash, or other negative effects. And I loved all the new fruit and veggie juices I discovered!

My Plans Going Forward

After completing this one week juice challenge, I don’t think I’ll go back to coffee every single day. I may treat myself to the occasional latte, but I plan to stick with juices as my main morning beverage. I feel so much better physically and mentally without the coffee addiction.

I’ll keep experimenting with new juice recipes and combinations. I may also try alternating juices with other healthy morning drinks like green smoothies and lemon water.

If you’re a fellow coffee lover considering cutting back, I’d definitely recommend trying a juice challenge like mine. With a little persistence, you can successfully kick the habit and discover some amazing new juices you love! The effects on your health and energy levels might just surprise you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Swapping Coffee for Juice

What are the benefits of drinking homemade juices?

Homemade juices provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals from fresh fruits and vegetables. Benefits can include improved energy, weight loss, detoxification, better skin, and anti-inflammatory effects.

What juices are best for energy in the morning?

Good morning energy juices tend to contain fruits along with veggies like spinach or kale. Ingredients like ginger, lemon, turmeric, and apple provide natural energizers. Options include green apple spinach juice, carrot apple ginger juice, and kale apple lemon juice.

How long do caffeine withdrawal symptoms last when quitting coffee?

Caffeine withdrawal effects like headaches, fatigue, irritability, and brain fog can last 2-9 days when quitting coffee. Symptoms peak around 1-2 days off coffee and subside within a week or two for most people.

Can juices help you focus better than coffee?

Once you get over initial withdrawal, juices can provide sustained energy and mental clarity without the caffeine crashes of coffee. Ingredients like lemon, berries, and greens offer brain-boosting benefits.

Is juicing or smoothies better for energy?

Both juices and smoothies can provide good energy, especially when loaded with energizing fruits, veggies, and spices. Juice gives you an immediate boost as nutrients enter your bloodstream quickly. Smoothies offer fiber for longer-lasting energy.

What foods help give you energy in the morning?

Good energizing breakfast options include oatmeal with fruit, eggs with veggies, yogurt with granola, chia pudding, homemade juices and smoothies, vegetables and hummus, and avocado toast.


My week without coffee certainly had its challenges. But pushing through the withdrawal symptoms was worth it to experience the energy and health boost from nourishing, homemade juices. While I may occasionally enjoy coffee again, I plan to stick to juicing as my new morning ritual.

I hope my experience provides some inspiration to try giving up your coffee habit for a week or two. You might just discover some new favorite juices that leave you feeling amazing. Here’s to the power of plants for more natural energy!