How to Shut Off the Main Water Supply in a Mobile Home

Shutting off the main water supply in a mobile home is an important step to take before making plumbing repairs, winterizing your pipes, or in the event of a burst pipe. Taking the proper precautions and following the right steps will allow you to safely turn off the water and avoid costly damage.

Locate the Main Water Shut-Off Valve

The first step is locating the main water shut-off valve for your mobile home. This is usually located near where the main water line enters the home, which may be under the mobile home, in a utility closet, or in the basement/crawl space. The valve itself will look similar to the shut-off found under most household sinks, either a knob or lever that turns 90 degrees.

Once located, ensure the valve is fully operational. Attempt to turn it off and back on to verify it is in working order and not frozen or stuck. Labeling the valve with a tag can make it readily identifiable for emergency shut-offs.

Gather Necessary Tools

Before shutting off the main valve, assemble any tools you may need nearby:

  • Adjustable wrench or valve key to fit the valve
  • Flashlight to see under the home if located there
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • A container to catch any water that may leak out of the pipes
  • Rag or towel to wipe up water

Ensuring you have all supplies on hand will make the process go smoothly.

Turn Off Individual Valves First

If your mobile home has shut-off valves for the kitchen, bathroom(s), washing machine, etc., it is advisable to turn off each one first before shutting off the main line. This prevents pressure build up and allows those lines to drain.

Turn the smaller shut-off valves 90 degrees to close. Check that water is no longer flowing from fixtures on those lines before moving to the main.

Shut Off the Main Valve

Once individual valves are closed, you are ready to turn off the main valve.

  1. Place the bucket or pan under the valve to catch any water.
  2. Using the wrench or valve key, turn the main valve 90 degrees clockwise to the off position.
  3. Open nearby faucets to allow lines to drain fully. Let them run until the flow of water stops.
  4. Check for any leaks coming from the main valve or pipes and tighten as needed.
  5. Once fully off and drained, close the faucets.

The main water supply to your mobile home is now shut down. You can proceed safely with any planned plumbing repairs.

Turning Water Supply Back On

When your work is completed, turn the water supply back on by reversing the process:

  1. Confirm all faucets are closed and valves are open.
  2. Place bucket under main valve, open slowly, and check for leaks.
  3. Once main valve is fully open, systematically open supply valves and faucets starting closest to main and working outward through home.
  4. Check for leaks at all connections and pipes before using water.
  5. Allow air to purge from lines by running all faucets briefly.
  6. Drain and refresh any emergency water supply you may have used.

With the main water supply restored, normal use of plumbing fixtures can resume. Mark your calendar to inspect the main valve annually.

FAQs About Shutting Off Mobile Home Water Supply

How do I winterize the plumbing system in my mobile home?

  • Drain all water using shut-off steps.
  • Open all taps to drain pipes fully, flush toilets.
  • Turn on pump to empty tank lines if applicable.
  • Drain and disconnect hoses, clear exterior fixtures of water.
  • Pour RV antifreeze into sinks, shower, toilet to prevent freeze damage.

Why is my main water valve so difficult to turn?

If the main valve is rusted or stuck, spraying penetrating oil on the valve joints and allowing time to loosen can help free it to turn. Excessive force or over-tightening previously can cause it to bind. Replacing a faulty valve is recommended.

Is there an easier way to drain all the pipes?

You can install a full-system air compressor fitting or drain valve on the main line. Opening it will allow pressurized air to push all standing water out of the pipes rapidly so they drain fully.

What should I do if a pipe bursts somewhere in the home?

Locate and turn off the main water supply valve immediately to limit water damage. Then assess where the leak is coming from. Contain the water safely. Call a plumber to repair burst pipes promptly to restore water service.

How often should the water supply valves be inspected?

Annually inspecting all water supply shut-off valves to confirm they are functioning properly is recommended. Periodically opening and closing the valve can prevent it from seizing up over time.


Knowing how to shut off the main water supply is an essential maintenance skill for any mobile home owner. Locating the main valve and understanding proper procedures for turning off and draining lines allows you to complete repairs safely and minimize water damage risks. Periodically testing the shut-off ensures it remains in good working order when needed both for planned projects and unexpected pipe bursts. Keeping your mobile home’s plumbing system in top shape provides peace of mind.